progressive humping goes too far
This story was originally written by Oediplex.

Mom's Slippery Slope

Johnny's mother Rita was a raven hair beauty. A former dancer, she still did some aerobics to keep up her figure. Johnny had his dad's athletic build and was filling out nicely, in every way, as he was growing up. His parents were both two very attractive people. But, truth be told, they were not so much attracted to each other now days as when they had been when they were younger and grew up together.

Rita was quite happy with her husband Greg. Aside from his weekly Wednesday commute to the city, where he spent an overnight due to the distance, he was a good spouse and provider. They had been childhood sweethearts, and had never even thought of any other partner, ever. But now, however, the magic had finally worn thin in spots.

Johnny knew his mom and dad were happy with each other and that made him happy. He was a typical young guy that lusted after anything half good-looking and wearing a skirt. But that didn't initially include his mom, though some gals her age did catch his imagination for masturbation. Usually they would be middle age movie stars or a neighbor like Mrs. Kandel; or his best friend's hot blond aunt, who live across town and frequently was visiting when Johnny was over too.

In fact, she was the reason Johnny had a hard-on at the start of this story. His buddy's aunt had been over and sunbathing by his friend's pool. Her untied top and the skimpy bottoms exhibited the fullness of her curves to the two boys, who peaked from a second story window down on her. Their penis pistols were cocked for action, spying on the middle age woman who displayed her charms unawares.

Johnny went home soon after. The image of the near naked lady was fresh in his mind. She had laid on her front most of the time, but when she would adjust the towel or take a sip of her drink, there was some breast exposed and even once, they had glimpsed her left nipple! This was imprinted on his memory, he only wished he had brought his dad's binoculars. He wondered if next time they might hide in the pool shed and get a closer peak.

When he got home the memory of that flash of mammary flesh, that nickel's worth of nipple, the tantalizing tip of tit raised up his erection. So as he came in and was surprised by his mom greeting him with a big hug, his hard-on got squeezed between them. He was just the right height where his head would nestle into his mother's breasts and his dick was level with his mom's mons. Thus, his cock was crushed up against her crotch and his face mushed the pillows on her chest in the embarrassing embrace.

Embarrassing for Johnny, his mother found it amusing that her son had a stiffy. She knew it was likely just hormones, as he was just in the door when she clutched him, no time for that hug to roust his root. He must have come home with it already raised. Still she didn't mind, in fact she found it sweet that her son was growing into a handsome male. Indeed, he had grown quite a man-some handsomely long hard-on as she felt it mash against her pubic area. She had a moment's curiosity to see it grown; it was many long years since she had given him a bath.

Johnny didn't want to hurt his mother's feelings by not hugging her; still he extracted himself quickly, so as to minimize the contact. He knew she had to be aware of his masculine arousal. He blushed bright red and mumbled, "Love ya too, ma!" before he broke the clutch, then sped up to his room. He wondered what his mom thought of his unexpected brush with her pubic area. She hadn't backed away or frowned or said anything disapproving, did that mean she liked it? Would she let him do it again?

Johnny reminded Rita of her spouse at that age, almost the same age as when they two began to have sex. It was inevitable that they should start having intercourse in their early twenties, in love with each other all their lives really, and both with high hormone levels and the intense curiosity of youth. Still, she thought that sex for them even at their age had been okay, since they were a committed and loving couple. They had been cautious though and Johnny was born after they had finished college and were married.

Tonight was a Wednesday evening. Greg would be staying over night in the city as usual. Dinner was just quiet conversation, then Rita went to her bedroom to read and Johnny watched TV until eleven. He usually slept in his underwear, tee shirt and briefs. In this weather, you wouldn't need pajamas and only a sheet, if that. Rita left her tank top and panties on too; the thin cotton did little to conceal her fit form and ample bosom. She had left her sheet off as well.

Her novel was a racy one with very steamy love scenes. Those kind did get her damp and in the mood sometimes. If that happened on Wednesday, she would masturbate since Greg would be in the city overnight. Tonight was shaping into one of those evenings of solo sex. Her thoughts segued into thinking about if her son masturbated and what he looked like when he did. Not just his cock, but how his face looked when he came. She always found that expression of a male having an orgasm to be a most beautiful sight. Would he look like his dad when he spouted? Was his cock going to be as substantial as his father's, now that Johnny was all but full-grown? She wondered.

As Johnny turned off the TV, he thought about the day. The highlight was the spectacular sunbathing display. But almost as good had been the hot hug he had given his mom when he came home. He decided to masturbate to the fantasy of his buddy's blonde scanty clad Aunt, but his thought shifted to his mom. He stopped and considered where his imagination was leading him.

It made him very hot and excited, an adrenaline high surged through his body and made his thinking crazy. If his mother had made no objections, nor resisted his erect and erotic embrace of earlier, perhaps she would not mind another. Perhaps she might welcome it; who knew - only one way to find out! Crazy thinking like that. Then he got and up followed his nose, or rather his nozzle, to his mother's bedroom. He could see by the light that she was still up, well so was he, in more ways than one.

He knocked. Rita heard the tapping and glanced at the clock. "Come in Johnny, but it's past your bed time . . ." She pulled the sheet over her for propriety, though she wasn't usually this shy around her son. She wondered why she had acted so modestly. Johnny stepped in to the room then went to the side of the bed. Rita realized that he was hard again; her nipples raised themselves with a mind of their own in a feminine response to a male arousal signal. She was glad the sheet covered her breasts.

"Okay, young man, what do you want?" the pretty mother asked.

"Could we just snuggle and huggle? Like when I as little?" Worth a try, he thought, sympathy - mothering instincts ploy usually works if you haven't been caught with the proverbial "hand in the cookie jar" lately.

"You're not so little anymore, I've seen you working out with your weights in the basement, kiddo! Nice muscles, too. But if you want some 'snuggle huggle' for old times sake come here. But only for a couple minutes, its bed time remember." Rita opened her arms for her son, expecting a chaste embrace. 'Though with that stiffy, I wonder if it will be as innocent as when he used to do the same cuddle all those years before he had entered puberty,' she thought to herself.

Johnny climbed on to his mom's bed and into her arms, but he surprised Rita by climbing between her legs as well. She had expected a side-by-side clench; this was her baby back in the saddle again, like when he had been very young. Only now he was very hung, but it was not limp, he was prodding her with his rod right where it's raunchy rucking had the most arousing effect on her physiology. She accepted the position as a fait accompli and wrapped her arms around him.

"Comfy - cozy - drowsy - dozy now?" Rita used the old baby talk phrases they had used back when he was a little boy, still sucking his thumb. Johnny responded by nodding and smiling and then kissed her. They were not unaccustomed to kissing on the lips, but Rita sensed something different this time coming from the body language of her son. For one thing he was rubbing the prominent log of his condition in a very suggestive manner on her, while she was in a position of open legs and open mind to where this was leading. She was positive she knew the target, it was herself.

Rita wondered if she should say something for it was certainly inappropriate for her son to be humping on her, yet she hesitated. First she thought - what if he really is unaware of what he is doing - would she want to embarrass him to death. She realized that was silly, of course he knew - he had arrived with a hard-on. Still she hesitated, because she liked it. It feed the masturbation momentum between her legs. After all, she thought, she had her tee shirt and panties on, covered by the sheet and Johnny was wearing his jockeys and undershirt too. No way could he tell she also as turned on.

On top of his mom, Johnny did know she was turned on. He could feel her hard nipples even through three layers of fabric they stood out so much. Her legs akimbo said that she was accepting of his advance by position and her continued being spread in spite of his prodding prick was also a give-away to her own mood of erotic stimulation. And was there hint of counter movement to a brush of his penis against her pubes?

Rita tried to keep her hips still but the sensation had been too much to ignore. She found herself making fractions of inch shifts to react to her son's slow gentle pressure, a tiny stroke movement. "What got my baby all excited today, that your little stiffy won't go down?" At this acknowledgment of his erection created a moment of tension in Johnny, in fear to if his mother would finally show a negative response to his 'surreptitious' humping, and he deflated somewhat. He decided to be open about the peep show he had shared looking at his chum's Aunt; after all, they had not done anything terribly naughty. So he related to his mom the afternoon's delightful sight.

"Any other reasons you got a woody tonight?" His mother prompted.

"Y..yes . . ."

"What?" she whispered and smiled at him because she knew the answer, she knew she was the answer.

"You . . . " her son said in a soft breath, and pushed against her pubic bone with his boner.

"I know . . . it's okay, I know about young boys and their needs. You have hormones and get horny all the time, that's natural. You do masturbate don't you? That's the way you should relieve yourself."

Johnny was making his humps longer; his cock rubbed the vee of her crotch. All the adult talk about sex as getting to him. He did his best to answer his mother's question clearly, rather than grunt an agreement. "Yes I jerk off, mom. I do it at night to help me get to sleep. Will you help me get to sleep, tonight?"

The image of her son jacking his meat was an electrical charge to her genitals. She made a mental step toward indiscretion. "Sure Baby, you need to 'snuggle huggle' with mommy and cuddle cradled 'tween her legs 'til you puddle on mommy's tummy and go sleepy bye?"

The baby talk was more than he cared for, but Johnny liked the sound of the term puddling and couldn't help being triggered by her loving accepting tone. His prick gave big ballooning throbs as it gushed semen. Rita felt the tightening of her son's grip and the extra pressure at her groin. This lit up her own loins and she had a little lightening strike of a climax. She hoped that Johnny had not detected that she too had popped off a cum.

But Johnny could tell, her breathing first quickened, then caught, then slowly expelled. He laid his head on her breasts, and she stroked the top of his head as they rested. Eventually they both fell asleep in that position, the wet from Johnny's squirt was soaked though all the layers of clothe to her skin. In the morning, it was a stiff and sticky reminder of a strange evening of erotic interplay between mother and son. Neither regretted the night, but in silence, they returned to the day's routine.

Nothing was said for a week. Rita was silent as she did not want to admit the fun she had had, for fear of Johnny wanting to repeat the incident, not that she couldn't handle him; it was herself she was unsure of. She thought to let sleeping dogs lie. Johnny did not raise the subject for fear of hearing bad news, like if his mom said they should never do that again. But now it had been a week. He thought no news is good news, and interpreted her silence as acquiescence.

He had come home from in the afternoon and hugged her tight with a hard-on, it was Wednesday. She had hugged him back and let the naughty contact continue. It was Wednesday. At his bedtime, he knocked on her bedroom door. She knew he would, it was Wednesday, Greg as in the city. She told him to enter and opened her arms . . . and legs. Her son saddled up once more, it was Wednesday.

This evening he was wearing only his underpants, the length of his erection making the head peek out past the elastic. Rita had only her scanty panties on but the sheet was already pulled up to her neck. "Wanna cuddle and puddle please?" Her son's plaintive plea warmed her heart and pussy with the thought of another mutual masturbation session. She hadn't thought about it before hand, had not planned to have her son back in secret in her bedroom, with her husband gone to the city. She hadn't dared to hope for an encore, but she instantly welcomed the unfolding replay of incestuous stimulation.

Johnny could tell his mom was more than happy to see him. Her entire demeanor was open and eager and inviting. He clambered between his mom's limbs and arranged himself so that he was aimed at the valley his mother presented to him for hunching. He managed to get the top of the sheet down to the edge of her nipples and felt the cushion of her warm skin against his chest. His thick prick rocked up and down on the delta of her mons. He could feel Rita working her hips sideways to guide him over her clit and then to be centered in the damp groove of her love pit.

Rita was enjoying the pleasure of the moment too much to consider the greater consequences of their actions. It had been a progression of the evening to a moment evidently both were too hyped to let pass. They were remembering the sweet moment of last week and hoping for duplication this evening. Now the time had come to pass for them to once more come together, when they would pass the time cumming together, and keep secret unto themselves of what passed between them.

Her clit buzzed from the cushioned and indirect drubbing her kid's big hunk was giving it. It wouldn't be long now, not only the banging of her child's body on top of her but the fact that it was her sweet baby boy she was giving such an exquisite ecstasy to was a high. She was sure that this was better than any dessert she could ever make for him, this was more his true heart's desire, to cum on her. What better a dish to serve than herself, her delight in the very sharing with him of her femininity; as well as her maternal side at the same time? Then the lightning bolt struck and her body convulsed as love and lust united into her yearning aching hole she had for her son. Her body she gave to her son in surrender as she was climaxing from her son's physical assault.

No subtle climax this, as his mother bucked under him. Unfortunately, the chafing of the waistband had offset the nice feeling and while hard and as long, he was not close to giving any sap from that branch. "Can I take off my underpants, mom? The edge is cutting into my dick." He began to do so even before seeing her nod permission to get naked with his mother. The white shorts slid over the slender hips of the youth, as his member was finally exposed to the eyes of his mother.

Rita was pleased with the appearance of her son's package; he measured up to Greg already, a real pussy pleaser. "Okay, sweetheart, I don't want you to get sore." She steadied him as he made an awkward effort to divest himself of the briefs. She wanted to help him get his jollies too. She a not a cock tease, and her partner's pleasure was a responsibility she took seriously. Even if she was messing around with her own son! She reasoned that she still had her panties on and the sheet was between them yet as well.

But now the sheet had slipped down and Johnny was enjoying the feeling of his mother's nipples pressing directly to his smooth chest, a sensation his mom was enjoying too. Johnny could tell that his mother was fully into the experience. Her tits felt fabulous under him and his cock's freedom to roam up and down the slope of her lightly covered tummy was a dream cum true. Yes, he was going to cum soon too. She had cum and now it as his turn. He humped and hunched and clutched and rubbed and bumped and finally his backside began to bounce rapidly as the approaching culmination of the night's agitation began to boil in his balls.

Rita loved the feeling of her son's penis throbbing on her belly as he spilled a growing globule of goo on her abdomen. The nastiness made her head swell and a big spark jumped across her thighs as she came again with her darling boy. She looked at the crumpled sheet with a hefty dollop of the kid's cream. Puddled on her stomach was the evidence of their naughtiness. Rita took off the sheet and hugged Johnny to her; they played kissy face, still in silence.

He lay now mid her legs once more, her panties the only barrier between them. But both were made sleepy but the simulated sex, and the late hour. Once more in the morning, there was mostly silence between them. But it a happy silence punctuated with long sloppy kisses with hints of tongue. They went ahead with the week as customary to all what was typical and expected. But there were long hugs and soft kisses when dad as not around. Yet, nothing more was done until Wednesday night, when Greg was in the city.

Johnny saved the trouble of having to remove his briefs by coming into her bedroom naked. She had left her door open, no need to knock. She wore her panties but no top, no sheet, no shame, but some last will to only masturbate together and not to give into the lust she was feeling flooding her whole being. Now a bit more practiced and agile Johnny climbed to mid-legs and took his rigid meat in hand, ready to mount his momma. Her graceful arms guided him to a point-to-point embrace. Nipples and navels, lips and hips matched up, her legs unfolded to their widest, his penis was a bruiser against her pussy.

Johnny could feel the dampness in crotch of his mother's panties as his peter sought to find the entrance. The fabric stretched but held as the knob of her son's battering ram made like a spear point, trying to rip the cloth and pierce her vagina. He was picking up on his mom's lubrication and was actually beginning to slide on the silky material so that it rubbed all the way up to her clitoris. They kissed in a frantic passion, trying not to break the taboo both wanted to. The whole thing was getting dangerous as their connection got sloppy slippery and their jouncing made their genitals play hide and seek together. His dick was seeking her place to hide in.

Suddenly, the panty fabric twisted together and let the thrusting meat of the lust driven youth gain the rim of her vagina, the hot pink flesh sucked at the piss-hole and underside of the purple bulb. The slick shiny lubrication smeared the length of his sawing tool. It was too much for Johnny, who had been riding the edge too long to hold back. Rita realized that he had gone over the edge and she felt him contract several times as he squirted the hot jism onto her cunt. This was her cue to cum too. Again the jolt passed through her entire being as if she was being resuscitated after cardiac arrest, only this was a new life of loving her son in a very special and secret way.

Again, Johnny remained in his mother's bed that night. Both took some time going to sleep, thinking about what might happen next Wednesday. Rita contemplated if she would lose control finally, or if she already had and only the premature ejaculation had aborted their incestuous coupling. Johnny was pondering if they had gone this far tonight whether his mom might be coaxed to be naked next time. He was looking forward to having her bush tickle his balls. He vowed to make next time last longer.

How the next six days dragged. She would not risk fooling around on her husband especially when he was in the house. Therefore, the stolen kisses and copping a feel and the crotch jamming hugs were only delicious appetizers for an evening of erotic delving. They dreamed and fantasized as they masturbated though the week, priming their minds to the ultimate act of incest for when Greg would be in the city overnight, on Wednesday. Wednesday, the one evening they had to themselves, alone together, in bed, doing very naughty things with each other; where would it end they both wondered.

Quite to the surprise and delight of the little family the answer to that question was delayed and Rita was laid that Wednesday, but not by Johnny. In the morning, Greg had a call. He reported to his loving sexy wife that the usual trip into town had been cancelled that week and that after a short day at the office he would be home early and making the most of the opportunity with his patient spouse. It would be a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, some dancing at a club then home for "guesses what?" as Greg put it.

Johnny would be granted the choice of rented videos to keep him occupied downstairs while his parents were upstairs getting their jollies. Rita was thrilled at the prospect of a romantic evening with her husband and at the thought of a night of uninhibited sex with her handsome hubby. Yet, still, being aware that it was a Wednesday, and that Johnny no doubt had some kind of expectations for the evening of an intimate nature also. She wanted to not have her sweet boy let down too hard -- hard being the operative word -- if she knew him, and she did know her son!

She was sure that she could make it up to him in a way that would include him in the evening's ecstasies. With no uncertain terms, though in less than specific details, Rita indicated to Johnny his parent's agenda for the evening. She also hinted that by a happy coincidence the door to the master bedroom would be partly open an inch or so, after they retired and that peeking on his parents would be possible. The show would be grand, the sex on display of a heroic level, an erotic episode of epic proportions, uninhibited lovemaking on exhibition: so she had promised.

They both hoped so. That it would be a fuck to remember, that Johnny would get a better show than any tape could offer -- including the ones in the adult section!!! And indeed, a hot time in the old homestead was had by all. For this voyeuristic experience, Johnny needed no binoculars. His mom left the door just a crack ajar, but fortified by the wine with the meal and the focused on the sight of his naked wife, his dad never even thought about the privacy of their intimacy. Secure in his belief that a science fiction thriller held his son enthralled in the basement recreation room with the huge TV, he never suspected that the real show was being observed in their own bedroom.

First, with Rita on her back, Greg ate his wife to several orgasms, until she begged for him to put it in. Which he did to the wide-eyed, bug-eyed, pop-eyed naked son who had opened the crack to three inches to better see the action. The hall was dark and the bedroom dimly lit so unless one looked directly at the door it was not obvious that they were being spied upon. With her legs up and pointed in his direction, Rita gave her boy a direct view of he pussy being ravaged by his father's member. The angle was perfect to see the penetration and all the wet consequences that sex has in the climax of the act.

The second and third positions of intercourse, first mom on top then 'doggie' style was instructive to say the least. The one who came most was Rita, followed by Johnny, then last Greg; but oh! what a hot and horny night was has by all. Greg noticed that Rita was especially turned on that evening and attributed it to the romantic atmosphere, the sudden change of routine and the restaurant and wine as having provided her stimulation.

Rita was happy to be royally fucked by her lover, but her hubby's ardor was equaled by her own heat, knowing that their adolescent son was participating in the erotic night. Johnny was in seventh heaven seeing his mom providing a full view of herself, seing in live action everything he fantasized about doing to her. Even if he might never be granted the permission to do that which his father had the rights to; by the very nature of his dad being both sweetheart and spouse of his mom's heart for nearly all of her life in one fashion or another; still Johnny could fantasize about those images for the rest of his life.

Yet, even if he could not compete with the emotional claims or the physical development of a full-grown male rutting bull human man, a specimen in excellent condition as was obvious that night. Still, he hoped the special place his mom held for him in her heart might grant him a visit to slip his hard-on into her hot hole. After all, she had allowed him to see everything about sex and it must have pleased her to share that intimacy for a purpose. Could it not be in preparation for their own impending intimacy? Or was now the schedule switch a permanent one and no longer would there be Wednesday evenings of mother / son adventures of sexual exploration to be expected?

Of course, that randy display was not to be replayed the next week, when once again Greg's job returned to the same old grind and his Wednesday went back to him being away in the Windy City. Twilight approached and the anticipation of both mother and son were taunt with tension, wrought with vigorous emotions and rigorous erectile tissues! The raunchy session had renewed Rita's sense of fidelity to her spouse and the exhibit of parental passion had further inspired the desires of Johnny for his mommy. Yet, both were highly aware of the potential of another of their surreptitious liaisons. Both, both of them wanting to have it happen and each anxious of the outcome, and the consequences being both terra infirma for Rita and terra incognita for her son. Shaky ground and unknown territory for the two respectively.

But, sure as the sunset, certain as the dark came every eve, so too persistently did Johnny knock at his mother's door the next Wednesday night. He wore just loose pajama bottoms, a signal of his uncertainty. Rita had no doubt they would have their rendezvous, but had prepped herself with the protection of a nightgown, though gossamer and short and protecting nearly nothing. Johnny crawled into bed with his mom but lay next to her, and at first just began with kissing. She responded with her tongue in the French fashion and they made out for long minutes. He gropped her breasts, she fondled his cock as they caressed each other eagerly.

Finally, Johnny moved half on her and nibbled, first from Rita's face down her neck, then to the collarbone and lower to the pout of where his mom's mammeries began. Allowing her son the liberty to lick her tempting ta-tas, she loosed the thin strap that held one side of the gauzy nightie so as to expose the full delicious breast that was the intended target of her son's administrations. With the round, brown point of the puffy peak exposed, Johnny's mouth made for the center of attention. Soon he was sucking on what once had nursed him. Heaven gave tits a pleasure in milking and even in the dry periods the action makes women happy.

If that didn't juice Rita up, then feeling the rigid rod, her son sported was as much a turn on as his mouth on her nipple. She nudged his hips with her thigh and cradled him between the lovely lower limbs and at the center of her lascivious libido's love nest. That the gown had gotten shifted as high as her navel made no never mind, when she felt the hard hotdog of Johnny's penis prodding the precincts of her pussy. No barrier remained save her vow of marital virtue, Rita's mental reservation of their ultimate connection. The thin veil of matrimonial fidelitywas all that stood between her and depravity, debauchery, and the deflowering of her child by planting his stalk in her garden of Eden, indeed, paradise for both!

Now that thing of flesh and engorged blood plowed in her furrow, seeking to put the seed of sin in fertile female earth-mother ground. The stroking of Johnny's wand went up and down in the slick groove of seduction. The plum head went from silky field of pubic fur to the spot that his father had so awesomely delved in last Wednesday night. Rita moved her hips in a dance of dangerous rolling rutting. Not allowing the angle of attack to be aimed at just the right spot, frustrating them both in the deviation of lust's desire that lured them on closer to the lurid goal which their libidos would have loved to gain.

Johnny knew he was close to catching the contact that would send his dick sliding into the slathery cleft his mother had so lewdly displayed last week with her legs splayed to show no holes barred. His mouth worked both sides of the chest, first the breast left, then the right one next and returning to the other when sensitivity bordered on pain rather than pleasure. Rita was losing her focus, her moral compass and her resolve to be in control of both her and Johnny, their boundaries, their actions and their union. Rather that there was not to be any union, uniting, nor entry no matter how horny they both got.

She realized that the only way to turn aside the assault of her kid's battering ram, (ram bam -- thank you ma'am) and preventing penetration by Johnny's poking penis was to bring him to a swift climax. She reached down and using her middle finger used an old trick her mother had actually taught her when she was a new bride. "Tickle his hinny hole, stick a finger in and wiggle it if hubby needs help to get off!" Her mom had confided. Rita found that it did work if the timing was right, at least with Greg.

Now, 'like father - like son' the unexpected sensation of his mom's digit in his asshole proved too erotic a sensation to resist. Johnny giggled, but he wriggled his erection in her special spot and though he was only in the entrance to his mom's hole'ly sanctuary left his offering of ointment just outside the temple of inner piece, on the steps of the palace of pleasure his love was spilled. But a huge dollop of cream it was. Rita loved the feeling of semen gushing within the walls of her vagina, the sensation of the pulsing, throbbing male member extruding its hot liquid geyser of goo deep in her tummy, at the portal of her gulping womb.

However, Johnny's hose has flooded only the mouth of her womb's well, a sweet spot true, but not the one both longed for. Yet she was satisfied that she had done her duty to not give into the gravest of indiscretions with her son and to not sully her marriage bed with sin, though it was certainly much soiled with the evidence of her sexual injudiciousness as the juices of their transgressions soaked the sheets. Rita hoped that she could contain their passions, so to remain the faithful spouse, but she also wondered if the ablutions of her son's instrument might finally put out the building fire of desire she which she felt. A longing that could barely be contained within her wet yonni that was yearning for Johnny's joint.

That lust had to simmer for another week, the hot desire stewed until the next Wednesday, when wet and wanton Rita waited until the evening came which meant they would come together to cum together. This night she did not wait nor hesitate, after Johnny went to his room she quickly retired to hers. She stripped and then boldly and brazenly and naked crossed the hall, and also the threshold of the last of any propriety by entering her son's bedroom naked, wearing only a smile.

Johnny with pajamas bottoms in hand and still clad in his jockey shorts was delighted at the intrusion of his fully nude mom. He flung the jimmies and drop his drawers his well-hung hunk already at half-mast. In no time, at the sight of his mother's unclothed body, he sprouted a proud lance of love. "I thought maybe we could cuddle tonight in your bed . . ." the luscious lewd lady suggested. Johnny grinned and hopped into his twin bed and patted the mattress next to him inviting her to share the narrow pallet.

Rita lay next to her boy and began to kiss him while she stroked the man size stalk he was nudging her tummy with. Johnny similarly reach for his mommy's neither parts and found her damp already, slippery with the dew of desire and felt her erect nipples prodding his chest. He adored the hard tips leading the cushions of her breasts pressing against his pects while their lips were going at it with tongues, their moans and gasps saying more than words ever could.

At last, his mom broke the intense necking and spoke in her most serious tones. "Johnny, what ever we do tonight, promise me you won't go all the way and put it in me. I can't let you fuck me. You're still my son and while this is great fun for both of us, we just must not go all the way, that wouldn't be right. We are being naughty enough as it is, but that would way too much. Promise you're not going to try to make love to mommy."

Johnny was disappointed that his mom still wanted to hold back from the very thing he knew they both deep down wanted, but he didn't want to jinx his good fortune of getting their weekly session of cuddles and cums. He still held out hope that she might give in, but knew that any inkling of disobedience or iota of force would put her off and spoil the mood; thus derailing the track they were on to making progress toward that tunnel of love his engine hoped to enter and blow his whistle in!

"Mom," Johnny answered with his most sincere tone, "I won't do anything you don't want to do, I promise, on my honor!" Rita smiled at her little man, seeing that he would be a responsible lover. "Can we ..." Johnny continued tentatively, "get like we were last time, with me in the valley of your vagina with my penis? I really like that position; it was almost like we were doing it. Did you like that?"

Rita gave a light laugh and simply nodded; then they both skooched and squirmed to get so that once again Johnny's log lay in the groove of his mom's ravishing ravine of sex, her chasm of chastity, not at all chaste, as her son chased his orgasm in the heavenly hollow between her legs. The heat from his 'hunk of burning love' was enflaming her desires as it rocked up and down with wiggles to tickle her clit and his balls banging so sweetly, drumming against her crotch. Little by little it slithered a tiny bit lower, even as the pike thrust upwards as well; dipping down to sip at the cup where her nectar gathered, the flower of her femininity, the nether lips that guarded Rita's source of love lubricant.

This spring of mother's sex oil was flowing generously, so that the entire region was smeared as if with cocoa butter. And Johnny was sliding down his mother's slippery slope right into the entrance to her boiling caldron of passion. The sensual sawing of Johnny's sausage, slippery with the condiment of Rita's sex sauce, was beginning to ignite a fire in her loins. The nudging of his tip as it dipped into her nether lips and then raked high to hit her clit was sweet torture, but she knew she couldn't give in to the terrible temptation to have sex with her son.

Johnny was glorying in the hot action that was happening between his mom's legs. Her thighs were raised and the plane of her pussy was angled so that he rode from the heart of her opening to the middle of her tickly bush. His loaded balls banged Rita's soft buns and his dick head was directly rubbing the nub of her pleasure button as his motion went to and fro. He started to roll his hip just a little as he pulled back, causing the bloated knob of his instrument to sink a tad deeper as it centered at the gate of paradise.

At first the increments were so miniscule that Rita didn't notice. But finally, Johnny got in deep enough that his penis popped its head in her vagina. In a heroic move, Johnny withdrew the fat sausage from out of the pot it was boiling in. He then pushed his cock forward and it plopped down on her mons with a smack.

Rita put her hands on Johnny's hips to try to gain some control of the momentum, which for the moment was much too precarious and unpredictable. Johnny countered with a full on French kiss as his chest went nipple to nipple with her breasts and their tongues played tag back and forth in each other's mouth. His muscles in the butt and back tensed to continue the attack of his dick, to insure that his hard-on's headway was not stymied in its rutting in his mom's groove. The last thing he wanted now was to be derailed when he was on the track to his mommy's love tunnel. He thrust and slipped the ruddy tip in again, then withdrew.

"Darling!" Rita was almost out of breath from passion and the intense kissing. "Please don't get any deeper, it's too dangerous, you promised not to go in!"

"Isn't it good like this mom?" Johnny asked.

"God! Yes, Honey, I almost could let it happen, but we mustn't. We mustn't!!"

"Will you cum like this mommy? I want you to cum for me!"

"Oh, Baby, yes! Lets cum now before we go too far . . . cum on mommy sweetie, give me all your cum on my tummy!"

Rita let herself go over the edge and as her son's cock ran the length of her split, from anus up to clit back and forth several times, her first cum fluttered in her interior. As the spasm peaked her hands on her son's hips now clutched his buttocks and pulled him to her in an instinctual reaction. The timing could not have been better for Johnny as at that instant the very point of his prick was placed at the aperture of his mother's sex. Her clasp on his ass forced him into the swamp of her vagina and his knob went in, the full head enveloped by the labia, enclosed in the sweet heat of her body.

Johnny's testicles erupted in a torrent of white cream. His hips bucked sending the shaft of flesh further into the place he had come from as his cum frothed with the churning of his mother's emulsions she emitted as well. Rita knew that she had caused her son to cross over the line without breaking his promise. But the emotions of the moment as her love for him overpowered her good intentions and the physical stimulation of his ejaculation within her cunt, even if part way in, overwhelmed her and she climaxed again. Her thrusting hips driving her son's throbbing erection yet deeper into her hole.

Now they lay gasping for air as the aftermath of their unplanned union subsided. "Oh! Johnny, What have we done? It was all my fault I should not have let us get into such a situation. But it can't ever happen again we must not allow this to be repeated." She wiped the sweat from her son's dripping brow and kissed him gentle on the lips. But her son's sex was still half inside her as deep as it had gone when he had shot his jism. Like the youth he was, his virility was rapidly recuperating and the stiffness returned. His mother could feel the growth of his stalk in her pliant pussy.

"Mom, since we did it part way, can I just put in all the way once to feel what it's like?" She was moving her head back and forth in the 'no' gesture but was silent. Johnny continued his argument. "I didn't mean to go in you, but if we can never do it again, at least let me see what it's like to be in you completely. Just this once. You'll like it too, I won't cum in you again, just put it all the way up so that we can know what it means to be united physically as mother and son. Then I'll pull out and never enter you again, if that's what you want. Please mom, please. "

While he was begging his hot meat was stirring the desire of Rita's inner recesses. She realized that this was going to make a sinful evening even more naughty; but to have her son deep within her as a union of parent and child, bodily coming together, and possibly cumming together again was a treat and temptation she could no longer resist. "Just this once, Johnny, I'll let you this one time only. Then we must not ever fuck again." She hoped she could make her rule stick, as the thickening man meat started to slither inward.

Johnny could tell that his mother was turned on beyond her own self-control. He did not want to take advantage of her, but he was certainly going to accept the offer of her permission to be completely encased in his mom's womanhood. He gradually thrust down into his precious mother's body, feeling the hot flesh surrounding his, the grip of her muscles around his rigid manhood; the wet slickness dampened his pubic hair as he pressed against his mommy with his balls mashed into her ass crack. Her arms went around his back in a hug that held him there.

He slowly withdrew to almost being completely out, but the sensation of his flesh within hers drew him back and he whispered a plea, but it was more of an announcement, as he said, "One more time?" and matched his motions to his words as he entered his mom's sacred hollow. Rita only moaned in response and thrust her hips at him. He rested for a long moment buried within the place of his birth and then repeated the stroke, saying nothing, but both groaning together in the ecstasy. It was too good to stop, he couldn't stop, and he knew too his mom didn't want him to either.

Slowly, the strokes kept repeating, picking up speed and force. Rita was not a passive participant; rather she was an enthusiastic partner in the act of incest, now totally engaged without inhibition. The mother and son lovers banged their bodies together, the slap of flesh meeting flesh a spanking sound that echoed in the room. The moans and groans and cries of lust gone out of control rang out and were a chorus that added its reverberation to the carnal clamor that filled the chamber. Rita's wail sounded an urgent note of imminent eruption of her vaginal volcano. Johnny's "uh . . uhh ... uuhh" heralded the spouting of his lance soon too.

Now the youth began to bang hard on his mother's butt, the pounding of pure primal need, the racing of animal rutting to finish copulation took over the pair. Rita felt her son hit bottom and welcomed the longed for seed of her child. Johnny could feel the place down furthest within his mother's vagina where nubs bumped the tip of his cock and were a socket for his semen to shoot into. Rita's words lit the fuse of his stick of dynamite, "Take me, baby! Make me yours forever!!"

With that permission, the total admission to her body as well as compete access to her heart, Johnny was jolted to the relief his tentacles had been aching for. They jumped with the release of his squirting sperm at the mouth of her very womb. His penis pulsed with pleasure and throbbed with an agony of withheld ejaculation, now finally allowed to gush out into his mommy's pussy. His love flowed out into her as a sacrifice of his whole being. Exquisite and poignant was the climax that shuttered through his dick, finally he had gotten the goal he desired, to demonstrate physically his love and lust for his mom.

Rita burst in to a thousand pieces when she felt her son go off inside her. The mind-blowing pinnacle of physical gratification and bliss, the spiritual contentment of the binding of her son with her in carnal union, the emotional delight of at last allowing herself to give fully to her boy her whole being. These were the overwhelming experiences that she had and which made her understand that this could not be the end of such, that the affair with her son would continue for years to cum. They were lovers now and forever and that whenever her wanted her he could have her. She would not be able to resist him.

The rest is for your imagination to spin out.

May your every fantasy take flight!

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Loved this story! Especially at the end when the actual sex scene slowed and the electricity was almost tangible, love , love , loved it ! There is only one criticism all the different euphemisms for the genitals, e.g. hunk of burning love, sausage, it really was off putting and cringey, some were even laughable- not what you want reading an erotic novel. I still thought it was great and gave it a +. Xxx luvs a lik

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2013-10-27 11:59:04
Loved this story! Especially at the end when the actual sex scene slowed and the electricity was almost tangible, love , love , loved it ! There is only one criticism all the different euphemisms for the genitals, e.g. hunk of burning love, sausage, it really was off putting and cringey, some were even laughable- not what you want reading an erotic novel. I still thought it was great and gave it a +. Xxx luvs a lik

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ejjs it was a great story.if you want the real thing mail me
As a long time surreptitious connoisseur of ''real things'', ejjs has had many, many ''real things'' of all sizes, shapes and colors pump ejaculate into her blonde haired pussy and/or down her throat. Her husband and kids found out what she does but she'd already been doing it for so long that they put up with the slut. I imagine her husband has wondered.... Whose kids did I actually raise? >>> He could have been fucking two of his daughters, who AREN'T his daughters, while his pretty white wife was out getting gang fucked by some of her black high school students or going to back spend another few hours with that guy in the country and be shared with his big dog.

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I think this new Monster Storm should cause a re-think about spnindeg kazillions rebuilding New Orleans. These super hurricanes may be fairly regular occurances in the years to come due to global warming and/or the regular cycle of worldwide climate changes.It may be that everything build along the Gulf coast has to be able to withstand a Category Five hit. And, we should take into account the rise in the water level that will come due to melting glaciers.Maybe New Orleans should be moved to Utah or Colorado. It would be much cheaper in the longrun. Meantime, we need a nice rational president to replace our current one. Someone who will ween us from our guzzling-oil habit.

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really dude ur gona wine cuz somebody posted your story on here woopdie doo hes not getting paid for it oherwise i would to but hes not so it dosnt matter who cares its a sex story so quit bitchin its a good story but if the author dosnt get paid who the hell cares or wrote it and u should of posted it here first duh...
The above was posted by a truly ignorant chickenfucker. If the story had been HIS, he'd have been pissed off, screaming bloody murder and looking to kill this fucking asshole for stealing it and posting it as if he was the one who wrote it.

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