14 Yr old Joey and 11Yr old sis, Jamie continue and add Jamie's friend Ginnie in their play
Chapter 4

It was just after 10:00 in the morning when eleven year old Ginnie Donovan walked to the Frazier’s house. She walked slowly; she was still undecided as to whether or not she was going to be able to go though with it. Her tummy was turning flip flops but she was tingling between her legs, she knew from her lesson from her best friend Jamie how good she could feel down there. Finally she decided she would do it. She began walking faster.

When she knocked on the door Jamie answered. Her fourteen year old brother Joey was just coming down the stairs as she entered. He was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and she could see the outline of his penis through the materiel.

Jamie led her to the kitchen. Joey came in and opening the refrigerator door asked, “Do either of you want orange juice?”

Both Jamie and Ginnie said yes. Joey poured and brought the glasses to the table.

Ginnie drank hers down and said, “Joey I want to go through with it this morning. Do you still want to?”

“Sure I do if you want to. Like I said yesterday you don’t have to if you don’t want.”

“Oh I want, it’s just that I’m still a little afraid, but I want.”

Finishing his juice and taking Ginnie’s hand Joey led her upstairs to his bedroom. He stopped at the bathroom first and got a towel. After spreading it on the bed he sat down on the side and pulled Ginnie to him, hugging her closely and kissing her cheek.

“You’re sure about this?” he asked.

Ginnie just nodded in reply.

Ginnie had another cute outfit on today. Sunshine yellow shorts and a cornflower blue button up top. Joey began unbuttoning the top. After removing it, he felt her breasts through her brassiere. She stood trembling.

“Ginnie, try to relax. Come over here and let me hold you.”

Taking her in his arms and pulling her onto his lap, Joey kissed and hugged her.

“It’ll be ok Ginnie, I’ll take it slow with you, ok?”

“Ok Joey.”

He unfastened her bra and took it off. Her small breasts were firm and pointed with coral pink nipples. Jamie caresses them gently saying, “Your breasts are beautiful, Ginnie, so high and pointed, I love them.”

As he kissed and caressed her, Ginnie’s trembling abated and she began to feel more comfortable in Joey’s arms.

After several minutes Joey lay her down on the bed and nuzzled her breasts. Ginnie momentarily tensed but relaxed as Joey kept up his gentle attention. When her breathing deepened and slowed, Joey reached to take her shorts off. He tugged them down and pulled them over her bare feet.

Ginnie was clad in “little girl” style cotton briefs. They made her seem even younger than her eleven years. Joey lay back beside her and took her in his arms. She once more was quivering in fear.

Holding her and kissing her he again got her to relax. Thinking she was ready he cupped her sex through her panties. She nearly jumped out of the bed. Then Joey remembered what Jamie had told him, Ginnie had a very sensitive bottom. Releasing her pussy he began to stroke her back side.

As he felt her begin to respond he slid his hand down the back of her panties to massage her bare flesh. Spreading her cheeks slightly, he started rubbing her tight ring. Her sphincter muscle was spasming, as he slipped a fingertip into her she tightened herself, thrust her groin against his erect penis and moaned softly in his ear.

Joey was finally able to roll her panties down and off. He pulled her to him and continued his attention to her bottom as he took her small nipple into his mouth and sucked.

Ginnie’s breasts were very sensitive; between the sucking and the finger in her bottom she was becoming aroused.

Joey kissed down her tummy then licked through the sparse auburn hairs on her mons. Easing her over onto her back, he parted her pink lips with his tongue and tasted her for the first time. Ginnie had a clean fresh aroma and a light cirtusy flavor, her inner lips protruded a little outside her outer lips. He tugged on her inner labia with his lips and sucked on her. Ginnie was finally responding with mewling sounds.

When he started to lick her clitoris she started moaning more loudly and bucking her hips. She was lubricating, but not heavily, so he reached to the night stand and dipped his fingers into the Vaseline. He wanted to give her bottom some much needed attention.

Continuing to suck on her little clit, Joey lifted her legs and fingered her anus. Slipping first one and then a second greased finger into her, he probed deeply into her and began to pump her.

My God, she went ballistic; it was all he could do to hold her on the bed. She must have been thrusting her hips at least a foot off the bed and her tummy muscles were rippling as she flung her head wildly from side to side.

“Oooooo Joey she screamed, Oooo, uh, uh uh, she grunted as Joey continued to push deeply into her bottom, Oh God, Oh God, Oh Joey, Joeeeey she screeched as she clamped Joey’s head between her thighs and pumped her pussy into his face. With a monstrous shudder she drenched his face with her girly cum. Joey licked her clean as she came down from her high.

As Joey looked up into her eyes, she smiled, “Joey, that was spectacular, God, it was fantastic.”

Joey had forgotten to get a condom out and he didn’t want to break the mood. Guess we’ll just have to take a chance this time he thought as he pushed her legs up and positioned his cock at her small vagina.

Leaning forward he kissed her as he eased the head of his penis into her. She was unbelievably tight; even more so than Jamie. He pushed forward until he hit her hymen. As he probed her cherry she felt some pain, saying, “Joey, that hurts, please don’t hurt me.”

“I’m afraid I am going to hurt you, Ginnie,” he said as he thrust forward with his hips, tearing her hymen and opening her vagina to his further penetration as he buried himself in her.

Ginnie screamed out in pain when he broke into her then lowly moaned, whimpering, “Joey take it out please Oh please, it hurts so much, please Joey?”

Joey didn’t withdraw but he did stop probing into her. He looked at her agonized face; her eyes streaming tears as she softly mewled like an injured kitten.

“The worst is over Baby Girl,” he said as he gently rubbed her hips and tummy. Leaning forward, he softly kissed her, whispering, “I’ll be gentle; I won’t hurt you any more.”

He just held himself in place, filling her but not moving until she gingerly pushed her hips to him. He began to slowly stroke into her as he continued to caress her young body.

She began to respond, slowly at first; it was evident that she was still feeling some pain from his penetration. Joey kept things at her speed, stroking lightly and gently until she began match his action as her sounds changed from the mournful moaning to almost a quiet purr.

For a teenaged boy, Joey had exercised unbridled restraint but, now that Ginnie was responding, he started to thrust harder. Breaking into her he had nearly gone over the edge but the respite had helped him get some control. Now, lifting her knees toward her breasts so he could penetrate her deeper he knew he wasn’t going to last long. He really did want Ginnie to enjoy the finale so; guiding her hand down he used her fingers to stimulate her clitoris. When she took up the masturbation on her own, he gripped her hips and pounded into her vagina; stroking her deep and hard. Ginnie’s sounds changed to a wailing moan, “Oooo, Oooo,Oooo.”

Joey was rutting into her pussy like a dog after a bitch. Picking up speed in his thrusting, probing her innermost parts, he felt himself swell and spew his cum deep within her pussy. Ginnie’s own climax followed as he was still draining the last of his ejaculate; he felt her vagina grip him then he felt her flow.

As he softened and fell out he looked down. Ginnie’s vagina was dripping his cum and her blood. He lay down beside her and pulled her to him in a strong embrace, whispering in her ear, “It’s over Baby Girl, the pain is over, you’ll be ok. Do you want me to hold you and hug you for a while?”

“Please Joey, yes, hold me. It felt pretty good at the end but I still hurt so much.”

Joey rolled her to him so that they were face to face; kissing her lips, her eyes and throat, then he started massaging her bottom, pulling her closer to him. Ginnie liked that attention; she wiggled her cute little bottom to let him know. Still well lubricated from earlier, Joey had no problem inserting a finger into her tight rose bud and gently probing her.

Ginnie’s breath was raspy as she moaned, no words, just moans of pleasure as the pain of earlier was swept away.

Jamie gave them another thirty minutes before she came into the room. She looked over and saw that Joey still had his finger buried in Ginnie’s bottom. Ginnie had fallen asleep on Joey’s shoulder with an angelic smile on her face.

“Joey, are you awake?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, I’m awake.”

“How did it go?”

“I’m afraid I hurt her pretty bad when I broke her cherry but I think she’s ok now; you were right, she likes her bottom played with. After we finished I just held her and loved up her tush.”

“Joey, I can see.”

Slipping his finger out of Ginnie’s bottom Joey answered, “Oh yeah, I guess you can.”

Stirring, Ginnie looked up, “Hi Jamie, guess I’m a big girl now.”

“I guess you are. How do you feel?

“I’m very sore down there but it was pretty good. Next time, without the pain I know I’ll love it.”

“You want to do something, go out to the pool or something?” Jamie asked.

“No, I feel pretty achy and beat. I’m going to go home and take a nap. Maybe I’ll come over later, ok?”

“Ok, I can walk home with you if you want to talk or anything.”

“No, that’s ok; I just want lay down for a little while.”

After Ginnie had left Jamie queried, “Well, tell me about it.”

“What’s to tell; she lost her virginity and it was painful to her. But you were sure right about one thing, that girl sure likes to get her bootie played with.”

“Are you going to do her there?”

“Probably, we’ll see.”

“It’s my turn now, you ready?” Jamie asked.

“Joey, I’m a little sore, can it wait?”

“No, but I’ll kiss it and make it all well. Get cleaned up while I wash this towel and I’ll meet you in my room.”

Not even bothering to put on a pair of shorts, Joey washed off in the bathroom and was waiting on Jamie’s bed when she returned from the laundry room.

“Just lay back and relax; Nurse Jamie’s going to supply the cure,” as she took his flaccid member between her lips and began to suck.

Jamie fellated him slowly, bringing him erect with her warm mouth. When he was hard she licked his shaft, swirling her tongue around him and teasing him. It didn’t take long for the “cure” to work. Joey’s breathing got slow and raspy. She took him back between her lips and started deep throating him. With all the practice she had gotten she was able to expand her throat enough that she could take nearly all of him in.

“Oh God Jaime, that’s right, suck me Oh yeah,” Joey moaned.

Jamie sucked harder and took him deeper as he gripped her head and pumped into her mouth. He was hitting the back of her throat, pushing himself further into her. She didn’t mind at all, she loved him and wanted him to fill her with his hot cum.

Joey held her head tightly as he emptied himself into her, as he moaned pleasurably; God that felt good.

Swallowing as rapidly as possible, Jamie’s mouth nonetheless overflowed. With his cum dribbling out both sides of her mouth she released him, looked up into his eyes and smiled, “Feeling better now Big Boy.”

“Oh yeah, that was great, I do feel better, now come on up here and lay down with me, I want to hold you.”

They napped in each other’s arms. An hour or so later Joey awakened. Jamie was still asleep. Joey looked at her, she was so beautiful to him; he loved her so much.

Just looking at her sleeping body he began to get aroused. She was still dressed in her sleepwear. Just a little nightie top and her panties; he couldn’t resist. He gently opened her thighs and took in her sweet aroma. He scent was so heady; so arousing, he was rock hard instantly. He couldn’t resist her allure.

Slipping a condom on and adding a little Vaseline (she was asleep and would not be lubricated) he pulled the gusset of her panty aside exposing her sweet lower lips. He dragged his cock along her slit until he found her opening and pushed into her, filling her completely with a single thrust.

Jamie awakened with a start thinking, what a feeling to wake up to. Joey had lifted her legs so he could take her deeply. He was thrusting into her violently wanting to meld with her. Joey lay back and enjoyed the pounding she was getting. She loved it when he fucked her really hard.

Jamie knew she wasn’t going to have an orgasm, Joey was so far ahead she’d never catch up; she didn’t care. He wanted her and that was all that mattered. Joey’s own climax washed over him; he opened his eyes to find Jamie wide awake.

Joey stammered out, “I’m sorry Imp but you looked so desirable I just had to have you.”

Nearly giggling at his embarrassment, Jamie smirked, “Don’t worry Big Boy that was a better wake up than any alarm clock I’ve ever had.”

He kissed her and said, “Come on, get up, let’s go out to the pool.”

Jamie and Joey sat together in the shallow end of the pool talking about what had gone on today. Jamie had to hear all about how things had been with Ginnie; she seemed inordinately interested.

“What’s with you Imp, why all the interest in Ginnie?”

“Joey, I really do want to get her in bed with both of us. I think it will be fun for all of us.”

“Me too,” echoed Joey.

They toweled off and went back into the house to watch some TV.

Late that afternoon the phone rang. Jamie answered; it was Ginnie.

“Jamie, I’m sorry but I can’t make it back tonight, I’m still too sore. I can hardly sit down and I’m still bleeding a little but I’ll come over tomorrow morning for breakfast if you want.”

“Sure I understand, I was sore for a couple of days, too. I’ll see you in the morning.”

After dinner they went up to their game room to watch a little more television. As they sat Jamie asked, “If Ginnie comes over tomorrow will you take her bottom? If you do, I want to be there, too. I’d like to watch, ok.”

“We’ll see, I don’t know if she’s ready for that.”

“If she comes, let’s take her to your room and make out with her a little. Maybe if we both try we can get her panties back down.”

“Jamie what are you saying; do you want to just watch or do you want to get in on the action?”

“Maybe a little of both.”

Ginnie was at the front door bright and early the next morning; Marti, their thirteen year old sister had just left when she got there. Joey was still in his boxers and Jamie was in her nightie when she let Ginnie in. Walking with her to the kitchen Jamie asked, “How’re you feeling today?”

Joey had just poured juice for each of them; he was sitting at the table. He smiled at Ginnie as she entered the room.

Still talking with Jamie, Ginnie answered her question, “I’m still sore. At least the bleeding stopped but it even hurts to pee.”

They chatted for a while, avoiding discussion about yesterday when Jamie suggested that they go upstairs to the game room.

When they got there Jamie put on some music then asked Joey if she could speak to him privately. “Joey, give me a little while alone with Ginnie. I think I can convince her to have some fun with us. If I can we’ll meet you in your room, ok?”

“Whatever you say.”

Jamie went back to the game room and sat down next to Ginnie.

“Ginnie, I want to look at you. Will you show me where you hurt?”

“You want to look down there, why?”

“I just want to see how badly you’re hurt,” Jamie replied as she began to pull Ginnie’s shorts off.

Ginnie let Jamie to take her shorts and panties down. At Jamie’s direction she opened her legs, allowing Jamie to part her lips so she could inspect her red, bruised and swollen vagina. Jamie gently touched her lightly, saying, “You do look sore. Would you like me to help?”

“Jamie, do you mean that, do you really want to help?” Ginnie asked; she thought she knew what Jamie meant.

Opening her thighs still further Ginnie said, I’d love it if you can help me.”

Jamie smiled at her, knelt between her knees and licked along her swollen slit.

Ginnie couldn’t believe how good Jamie’s tongue felt. Providing relief and arousal at the same time; it felt heavenly. Ginnie reached down and, with her fingers, opened her lips further, encouraging Jamie to continue.

Jamie laid Ginnie back on the sofa. She’d want to be able to access her bottom when the time was right. Licking upward along her labia until she found her pearly gem, Jamie took it between her lips gently tugging on it and suckling it like it was a small nipple while massaging her tight back door.

Ginnie was breathing heavily and pushing back against her hand when Jamie slipped a finger into her to the first knuckle while continuing to lick her vagina. Ginnie was nearing orgasm when Jamie stopped.

“Let’s go in the bedroom, it’s more private and I can get some lubricant,” Jamie said as she helped Ginnie to her feet.

Picking up Ginnie’s shorts and panties, Joey led her to Joey’s room. Joey was waiting.

“Hi girls,” he said; “Ginnie, I love your outfit.”

Looking down to her naked lower half, Ginnie reddened in humiliation.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed Ginnie,” Joey said.

Joey was sitting on the edge of the bed. He said, “Ginnie, come over here, I want to give you a big hug.”

“Jamie, why don’t you get comfortable and come over here, too?” he asked.

Jamie, shedding her nightie top and panties climbed on the bed and sat with her back against the head board.

When Ginnie came to him Joey hugged her tightly telling her how much he appreciated her as he lifted her onto his lap.

Jamie thought she knew what Joey was going to do; she extended her legs and opened her thighs, displaying herself to Ginnie’s lingering gaze.

Ginnie stared at Jamie, mesmerized by the sight, as Joey gently lowered her over his lap on her tummy and started massaging her bottom.

Ginnie loved the feel of Joey’s hands but she couldn’t take her eyes off Jamie’s invitingly open sex. She tentatively reached to Jamie, stroking the inside of her thigh. Jamie scooted down a little further so Ginnie could touch her.

Joey had secreted the Vaseline under the covers when he heard the girls coming toward his room. Dipping his fingers into the lube, he spread her cheeks and lubricated her anus. As he rubbed her tight ring and buried two fingers into her she clamped down with her cheeks and moaned.

Jamie slid further down the bed; she was now within reach of Ginnie’s lips. She knew Ginnie wanted to taste her. She’s asked two days ago but Jamie had turned her down; but not this time. This time she even helped, scooting so that Ginnie’s mouth was at her sex and guiding Ginnie’s head to her slit, she held the lips of her labia open.

Ginnie didn’t know what to do, the probing of her bottom had brought her to a heightened arousal but she really wanted to taste Jamie. Well, she could do both, Joey wasn’t going to stop. She reached out with both arms and, tugging on her hips pulled Jamie to her ravaging lips. God she thought, I can smell her. She’s a little stronger than I am, not bad, just different. Sticking her tongue out she hesitantly lapped along Jamie’s slit.

Jamie loved the feel but that wasn’t all she was here for. She really wanted to help get Ginnie worked up enough that Joey could fill her bottom.

Joey spread her cheeks wider and slipped a third finger into her. Ginnie moaned at this additional intruder but was still pushing her bottom back to meet his thrusting fingers. Filling her with even more lubricant, he thrust deeply into her.

Jamie was moaning from Ginnie’s attention but she was watching Joey. She could see him sawing three fingers into Ginnie’s bottom. Jamie guessed that she was ready; Ginnie’s licking had become erratic as Joey continued to plunge into her, her attention drawn elsewhere.

Looking at Joey she nodded yes, he returned the nod.

Jamie pivoted out of the bed and walked to stand beside Ginnie. She reached under her and took a nipple between her thumb and forefinger, squeezing gently then helped Ginnie to her knees on the bed.

Jamie placed a pillow in front of Ginnie then, positioning her arms in a cradle, she softly pushed her head down. While Jamie was helping, Joey had withdrawn his fingers and lubricated himself. He guided his cock to Ginnie’s tight rose bud and pushed the head into her.

Ginnie gasped; there was pain when he entered her. Her eyes teared as she moaned into the pillow. Jamie was speaking softly into her ear as she massaged Ginnie’s small breasts, “You can do it Ginnie, just relax, you can do it.”

After waiting a few moments for Ginnie to accept his invasion, Joey pushed forward. His cock was about six inches long and he had three in her. He slowly began to ease back and forth, adding about a quarter inch with each stroke.

Ginnie continued to moan into her pillow, she was feeling uncomfortably full as Joey continued to push. Finally, she felt his balls resting against her. Joey paused to let her get accustomed to the feeling. Although she was still moaning, Joey felt the tension leaving her as she began to relax. He looked over at Jamie and nodded for her to come over; following his eyes she looked down to see that he was completely buried in her friend’s ass.

Joey began to pump her, probing deeply into her bowels then pulling nearly out as he used long deep strokes. Jamie watched the spectacle, awe struck, as Ginnie’s anal ring was pulled out then pushed back in with every stroke. She couldn’t help herself; the view was so exotic, so erotic; Jamie began to masturbate at the sight before her.

When Joey picked up his pace and began pushing deeply into her, Ginnie began to grunt to each forward thrust and wail as he pulled back. God, after she’d gotten used to the feel of overwhelming fullness she liked it; no she loved it. This was so much better than when he took her virginity. She bucked her hips back against him, forcing him further and further into her depths. As he pounded into her she could feel him begin to swell. She wasn’t ready for it to be over. She thrust her bottom back against him and tightened her sphincter, locking him in. Even with the lubricant Joey was unable to escape so he just pushed further harder. Jamie, recognizing Ginnie’s dilemma, reached between her legs and strummed her clit.

With the attention Jamie was giving her and the wonderful fullness she was feeling from Joey, Ginnie screamed out in ecstasy as she climaxed explosively. She bucked her bottom back to feel all of Joey he could offer as he gripped her hips and flooded her with his sizzling cum. Ginnie felt him release in her, it was hot in her bowels; it was fantastic. She continued to thrust back against him until he had shriveled and fell out.

Even after Joey was no longer in her Ginnie remained in the same position, on her knees with her head on the pillow; just remembering and enjoying the sensations she had just experienced.

Joey had gone to the bathroom to clean up but Jamie remained. Her view from behind Ginnie was lewd. Her rose bud was open, distended and Joey’s cum was leaking out of her and running out over her pussy and down her legs. Ginnie’s breathing was still not back to normal, she was taking ragged gasps as Jamie began to rub her back.

“Quite an experience wasn’t it,” Jamie said.

“Oh Jamie, I never guessed. I wanted it to go on and on, I still want more.”

“I’m sure you’ll get more if that’s what you want.”

“Jamie, have you ever done it?” Ginnie asked.

“Not yet but one of these days I will.”

“God I hope it’s as good for you as it was for me.”

Ginnie was still on her knees. Jamie helped her to lie down on the bed. She rolled her onto her back and started to rub her tummy, talking as she rubbed. “Joey won’t do it to me; he thinks I’m too small. I want to but he won’t.”

“Then why would he do it to me, I’m only eleven, too,” Ginnie asked.

“You’re a little bigger than me but I think the biggest reason was because you were so aroused when your bottom got some attention.”

“Well that’s for sure, I really do like it.”

“Come with me to the bathroom so you can get cleaned up then we can go down to the pool.”

They went to the pool where Joey met them. They just lounged around and enjoyed each other’s company, their immediate lust sated.

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