How more experiences with his mother can cause an 11 year old boys pantyhose fetish to develop. This isn't a story about hardcore sex but a mother and son discovering each other
As the next few weeks progressed following the events in the lounge and bathroom, Carol was becoming happier about the prospect of anybody finding out what had happened. There was no way that Andy was ever going to forget what had happened and he was dying to tell someone about it, but he knew that this was something not to be discussed with anyone else but his mother. Things had gone back to normal, the schools were open again and there had been times even over this short period where Andy and his friends had been discussing sex. This was a relatively new subject to all of his friends and he would have loved to tell everyone about how his experience and how his own mum made him cum.

Maybe had it not have been for certain circumstances, the whole situation could have blown over and been forgotten, but almost inevitably something happened that kicked things off again. On this occasion it was Carol’s birthday that was the catalyst and in particular a present that she had been bought by one of her friends. Andy wandered into the lounge after tea, where he saw an innocent looking small yellow box on the mantelpiece. Knowing it was his mother’s birthday, he rightly assumed that it was a present she had received, so with idle curiosity he picked up the little box to have a look. The box was light and he noticed some handwriting on it, which said, ”To someone who still has the bloom of youth in her cheeks and the cheek of youth in her blooms.” It summed his mother up nicely and he was just about to open the box when he heard someone approaching so he placed it back down for now.

The evening was a total bore for Carol, it was her birthday and on this year it had fallen on a Thursday and she never went out on a Thursday, so she had to settle for spending the evening at home. Not that she minded being at home, but it would have been nice to have been taken out as it was her birthday, so to compensate for this she opened a bottle of wine and over the course of the evening she drank the entire bottle, much to her husbands disgust.

Andy’s dad went to bed quite early and for a while he was left alone in the lounge as his mum, who had finished her bottle of wine, was moving between the kitchen and dining room looking for something else to drink. He had been glancing at the little yellow box on the mantelpiece all night and as he was alone now, he couldn’t resist any longer, he got up and quickly opened the small package. From inside he pulled out a tiny pair of brown and cream horizontally striped cotton pants, he knew that they had been bought for his mum, but they looked so small.

Carol had finally decided on a gin and orange to drink, it wasn’t her very favourite drink, but she liked it and after a whole bottle of wine it would top her evening off nicely. With a very large and full glass of a very strong mixture in her hand, she walked into the lounge. Carol stopped just inside the door, she didn’t think she’d entered the room particularly quietly but her son obviously hadn’t heard her enter as there he was holding up her gift of her new panties and looking mesmerised by them.

“What have you got there then?” she asked, “are you looking at my present?”

“Oh err.” replied Andy, Knowing that he’d been caught red handed.

“What do you think of them?” Carol asked her son quickly, trying to save him any further embarrassment of not being able to speak.
“They’re so small,” he replied, not thinking about how his response might sound.

“Oh, don’t you think I’d get into them, do you think they’re too small for me?” Carol wasn’t quite sure what she was asking or why she was asking it now, her reaction was just instinctive but it sounded to herself like she was teasing the boy.

“No. I mean yes!” Andy stumbled over his words for a while as his mother glared at him. “No I don’t think they’re too small for you,” he said correcting himself, “and yes I do think you’d get into them.” Andy remembered the time a little while ago, when he’d been lucky enough to see his mother in just her underwear, in fact a day had hardly gone by when he hadn’t thought of it. “I bet you’d look great in them.” He finished.

“Aww thank you dear.” Carol replied. As his mother thanked him for the compliment Andy realised that he’d said the last bit out loud, as he was sure in his own mind that he was saying that to himself.

“Give them too me.” Carol wasn’t sure what she was doing again, she was acting on instincts, as she seemed to in these situations which were happening between her and her son, but unfortunately her instincts were of a middle aged lady who was desperately lacking in sex and on this occasion these very instincts were fuelled by a copious amount of alcohol. Another factor swimming around in that head of hers was that she liked the look of these new pants, even if her friend had only bought them as a joke gift and she could never see another time when she would find the excuse to wear them. The words, almost involuntarily, then came from her mouth:

“I’ll go and try them on, then we can see can’t we.”

With a shaking hand and his heart beating hard in his chest Andy handed the pants over to his mother, his mind was reeling because he was sure that she had used the words, we can see can’t we. Not I, but definitely we. His face flushed with excitement.

Carol took the small pair of pants from her son and left the room where she made her way upstairs to the bathroom to change. At no point on the journey to the bathroom did she consider that what she was doing was wrong, all she was thinking about was how fortunate it was that she was wearing a light brown pair of tights that would match the colour of the pants just right.

Once in the bathroom, Carol slipped off her two-inch heel court shoes, lifted her skirt and peeled her tights down over her legs. It was early spring and she thought to herself how pale her legs looked, as they hadn’t seen any sun for such a long time, that was one of the reason she liked wearing tights a lot, besides she knew that her legs looked much better in the sheer nylon encasement. Next off came the fairly lose pair of pants that she had been wearing all day, the feel of having her skirt pulled up and no pants on felt quite liberating, why was this feeling so inappropriate, she thought to herself, maybe she had been destined for other things, more exciting things even in life than just being a boring housewife. She dropped her old boring pants into the washing basket, picked up the new small brown striped pair and started to put them on. As she stepped into them and pulled them up her legs, it really dawned on Carol what she had known all along, that these were going to be tight, in fact as she pulled them up over her thighs she wondered for a second if in fact they might be too small after all. But there was no chance that she was going to deny herself wearing these now and as she pulled them up fully, she wondered at herself and her lack of confidence as they stretched around her large bottom and fitted snugly into place. Ooh they feel good, she thought to herself as she ran her hands lightly over the fabric, touching herself gently. The new material of the pants pulled her in tightly, so much so that her fleshy bottom bulged over both of the hems, top and bottom, “men would like the sight of that though,” she said to herself quietly.

With her skirt still up around her waist, Carol sat down on the side of the bath and started putting her tights back on. Every move could be felt in these new tight pants and she thought to herself how she should wear things like this more often, even if just for her own pleasure as nobody else need know what she’s got on underneath her clothes, and why not get some pleasure in this way, as she got little enough elsewhere. The heightened sensations that she was feeling at this moment even made putting her tights back on a more pleasurable experience than normal, as she pulled them up her soft smooth legs. She had to stand back up to finish pulling her tights up over her bottom and once in place she ran her hands over herself again softly, not bad, she thought to herself as she knew she looked good. Next she pulled her skirt back down and even the feel of that dropping down over her thighs made her skin tingle slightly, she felt so good.

Downstairs in the lounge, Andy had been waiting for what seemed a long while now and he was just about thinking of going to bed when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He wasn’t really sure if his mum would have changed into the new pants for him to see, but as he now heard her coming back he wasn’t going to risk leaving now and missing the chance that maybe she had put them on.

All was going very well in her mind until Carol walked back into the lounge and saw her youngest son standing there in front of her, looking her up and down expectantly, at which point she suddenly got frightened. They had an encounter before, which she could blame on circumstances and one thing leading to another, but this time she was inviting the situation on, she didn’t have to go and change her pants as she had done and she could still, and should, walk away right now, minimising the risk and embarrassment to them both.
“Have you put them on?” enquired Andy, as from his mother’s outer appearance he couldn’t tell. With a little more experience he would have known immediately from his mothers body language that she had.

In her mind Carol’s voice screamed out NO, don’t’ tell him, this is wrong, but she didn’t like lying to her son and so her voice almost involuntarily replied “yes.”

“Can I see them then?” Andy asked sheepishly, totally expecting his mum to tell him that it wouldn’t be appropriate and so no he couldn’t.

But amazingly he watched as his mother took a large mouthful of her drink and then heard her reply, “Ok then.” She knew she shouldn’t show herself off to her son like this, but then why had she just put them on.

Carol’s felt light headed, intoxicated by both the drink and the situation that she knew was so wrong and her son watched in amazement with a growing erection, as she reached down, grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up until it was completely up around her waist and with every inch that it lifted she felt herself get a little more moist until she was worried that a wet mark might show through.

Andy was struck with awe at his mother’s beauty and the shape of her legs, as they were slowly revealed by the rising skirt and finally he saw the long awaited sight of her in the small brown striped pants. Even though she was quite drunk, Carol felt very self-conscious for a while and considered dropping her skirt back into place and leaving, as she knew that under her tights these new pants weren’t covering very much. Andy on the other hand thought that his mum looked far better than he had imagined she would have. He loved the way in which his mother’s soft flesh seemed to spill out over the tightly fitting pants and loved even more the way in which the tights that she was wearing covered them and the two matching colours merged. Even more magical was the gentle bulge of his mothers pussy, which was clearly visible under the tightly stretched material.

“Oh god mum, you look so good, I don’t know what to say.” After a brief pause Andy told his mum, “You look so amazing, better than anything else I’ve ever seen.”

Her son’s words worked like magic and made Carol feel so much better about herself so she started to relax, she took another large swig of her drink and watched Andy as he sheepishly tried to readjust his large trouser bulge. Now feeling so much better the only problem she seemed to have was holding her skirt up above her waist all the time, which was becoming uncomfortable. Andy stared, open-mouthed, as yet again in amazement, he watched his mother, this time as she let her skirt drop back down but then as she unfastened the catch, lowered the zip, and then pulled it over her hips allowing it to drop to the floor.

Carol took yet another swig of her drink, she was definitely feeling a little woozy now, standing there without a skirt on and was starting to lose focus on what was going on, until she felt something touch her. The feel of her son’s hand being gently placed on her hip shot a bolt of electricity through her body, sobering her up almost instantly. Why hadn’t she noticed him approach, Christ, she thought, what am I going to do now? The feel of his second hand on her other hip made her freeze, her eyes were now closed and she was scared to look at what was happening.

Andy had not been able to help himself, the sight of his beautiful mother, exposed to him in such a way had drawn him as if in a trance so that he had to touch her and surprised that his mother hadn’t scolded him for this, he felt that he needed to go on and do more. He sank to his knees before his mother, stroking her hips from her waist down to her thighs and resting his cheek on her abdomen where just a micro fibre of nylon separated his cheek from the new pants, which had started this whole chain of events. The nylon of his mother’s tights felt so good to touch and he so adored the feminine contours that he traced gently with his fingers.

Carol almost fell down as her legs had gone weak when she felt her son kneel before her touching her in such a way, instinctively her hands moved forward onto her sons head and pulled it towards her, with eyes still closed so this could be any man in front of her now. As he felt his mother grab his head, Andy turned towards her to feel his face pulled forcibly into her crotch. This felt so good to both mother and son and Andy got such a strong whiff of sex that he felt he had to inhale deeply, Carol at both hearing and feeling this let out a loud audible sigh.

Andy’s hands moved around to grip his mums bum cheeks firmly, pulling himself in even closer and tighter, if that were possible, burying his face in her crotch. His mother’s bum felt good in his hands, the fleshy softness being held in tightly by her pants and almost in a confused state he ran his hands over as much of her bottom as possible, trying to take it all in and grab it all at once. The feel of this frantic movement of young hands over her body was driving Carol insane with lust, each movement making her tingle inside and her pussy was starting to flood. Andy felt a wet feeling on his face from his mother’s underwear, inexperienced as he was, he knew enough to be able to tell that this was where the strong smell was coming from and felt a strong urge which caused him to stick his tongue out and lick at the dampness. This time Carol’s knees did buckle a little and her legs opened as her sons tongue had magically licked where her engorged clitoris was now protruding from in between her pussy lips and was touching the stretched thin material of her wet pants.

“Do that again!” she called out desperately and demandingly.

“Like this?” enquired Andy, licking her again in exactly the same place.

“Oh my god yes!” stammered his mother, now feeling too weak to stand and having to prop herself up on the side of the settee, her left leg almost wrapping around him now, one hand on her son’s head, holding him against her but the other on the wall to stop her falling. Andy licked at his mother’s crotch several more times savouring this exciting new taste.

“Yes darling, that’s it.” She uttered softly, “that’s a good boy, you keep doing that please.” Obligingly, not really knowing why, but enjoying it all the same, Andy continued, licking at his mother’s crotch at a steady pace and when his tongue grew tired her utilised his fingers to rub her too.

It didn’t take a long time before Carol felt as if she was going to pass out, she hadn’t experienced an orgasm in many years but here she was now, fast approaching a big one, at the hands of a young boy, who happened to be her son.

Andy listened to his mother’s rhythmic moaning, increasing in intensity with each one, he was still a bit confused at why he was doing this but he could tell that she was enjoying this and as her pleasure increased so did the wet patch, fuelled from both his mother’s juices and his own saliva, which was now covering much of the front of her pants and even starting to creep down the leg of her tights.

Just a few more, Carol thought to herself, but no more licks were needed, as a wave of pleasure rushed over her body, every one of her nerves tingled with electircity and her vagina and legs went into spasms as the biggest orgasm she could remember shot through her body.

“Ok you can stop now,” she muttered almost incomprehensively as eventually the orgasm started to subside. Andy not sure what his mother was saying carried on licking, now even a little bit harder just to make sure. This was all together just too much for Carol and the only word that Andy understood was a squealing “No!” as she finally collapsed and fell backwards, fortunately on to the settee.

“Oh mum, I’m sorry, are you ok?” Andy asked feeling concerned.

“Yes darling, I’m wonderful,” replied his mother, “come here,” she said, taking her son into her arms and embracing him warmly, showering him with kisses and thanking him over and over again. Andy loved being kissed by his mum and his hands went straight back to his her nylon covered legs, “Ooh, that’s nice,” she whispered to him, “you can touch me if you like. Do you like touching me?” Andy nodded, he loved it.

“Good,” sighed Carol, “I like you touching me too.” She felt warm and good inside, she had finally got what she had been lacking on the previous occasion, she had achieved an orgasm, a mind blowing orgasm and to hell with the consequences because right now she just didn’t care. And if it meant that she would get this much pleasure, her underage son could touch her any time he wanted, or at least when there was a suitable opportunity.

Carol could feel her son’s erection still bulging through his trousers and realised that he needed relief too, she knew what it was to be frustrated and so she wasn’t going to put someone who she loved so much through the same.

“Stand up sweetheart” she said as she gently moved her son so that he was standing in front of her. Carol got herself up and sat facing him with her legs either side of his and then unfastened his jeans, pulling them and his pants down together. A stiff and very erect young dick sprang out in front of her, which she gripped gently with both hands. Carol was so grateful for the orgasm that she had just experienced that as much as she knew how wrong it was what she was about to do, nothing in this world was going to stop her trying to give her son the same pleasure.

Slowly her hands moved up and down the boys shaft, she marvelled at how stiff it had become and how if released it sprung straight back into position. Andy could not stop himself from moving his hips in a short thrusting action and his mother used this to motion to pull back on his dick revealing a flawless shiny head.

“Mum I think I’m going to spurt soon.” Andy gasped. The boy was so inexperienced that words like cum were not in his language yet, which his mother found so sweet, the fact that he was so young and inexperienced didn’t bother her anymore.

“Ok darling, you spurt whenever you want, I want you to.”

Andy was in heaven now and was struggling to stand up straight. He stumbled forward a little, resting his hands on his mothers shoulders to stop him from falling.

Carol pumped his dick harder now, knowing that he would soon cum, or spurt as he so sweetly put it, and his dick was pointing right at her chest. Wanting her son to cum on her, she let go with her left hand to unbutton her blouse and pull it open. The sight of this was now too much for Andy as his dick tightened and pulsated as the first stream of cum shot out with such ferocity that it hit his mother on the chin and neck. The force that his cum shot out excited Carol more now as she continued pumping his dick. She held his dick down a little, directing the next stream of cum onto her large chest, in a stream from her breast, down across her cleavage at an angle and all over her bra cup.

Carol had a hunch that her son wasn’t finished yet and she wasn’t disappointed as she moved back a little to get a better view, a third stream hit her stomach and landed in a line that stretched on to her tights and right down on to her leg. She could feel the first two jets of cum running down her neck on to her breasts and the cum on her breast running deep into her cleavage, but still she gently pumped her sons erection.

She moved back towards him now allowing the last dribbles of cum to fall onto her abdomen, running down her tights to her crotch. What a slut I look, she thought to herself but was so elated that she didn’t care. Carol put her right hand that was now covered in cum up to her mouth and took a taste of her sons cum for the second time. Andy was always surprised that she did this but he found it incredibly sexy and he wondered about doing it in his mothers mouth at the very same time that Carol was dreaming of taking in her mouth too.

It was clear to her now at this point that this would happen some time, she would drink her sons cum and inevitably she would let him have intercourse with her, she now knew that they would some day be lovers properly and he was going to fuck her.

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