She couldn't wait any longer a mother finaly has sex with her 11 year old son
Andy was quite an active lad but didn’t actually go out too much in the evenings at his age, one thing he did do though was to go to his local scout group on a Friday night. If he left on time he could make it home before his mum and dad went out for the night, but more often than not he would stay on afterwards for a while and take a long route home as he chatted to his friends. In addition he liked coming home to an empty house so he always ensured that he took a key with him so that he could get back in when he returned.

On one particular occasion Andy had forgotten his key, not a worry he thought to himself as the family kept a spare key hidden in an outhouse at the back of the house, but for some reason on this night, the outhouse was locked so he couldn’t get to the spare key. He looked around for ideas of what to do, it was too far to walk to the pub where his mum and dad had gone and he didn’t fancy standing around outside for hours. Andy wandered back around heading for the front of the house again and as he passed his mothers car, which was parked at the side of the house, he pulled at the door handle in hope. Much to his surprise the door opened and an opportunity stood before him, so he climbed in and sat on the back seat and got himself comfortable. Inside the car he felt warmer and quite comfortable, but because he was quite tall for his age, Andy struggled where to put his feet to get truly comfortable. Andy pushed at the front drivers seat, which tipped forward, giving a lot more room in the back, making him a lot more comfortable and because boredom was setting in he soon fell asleep.

Carol and her husband arrived home at the usual time, which was quite late, and on the way to bed, as she did often, Carol popped her head into Andy’s room to see that he was ok and that all was well. On this occasion everything just seemed too quiet and the curtains hadn’t been drawn, so she approached his bed and was alarmed to see that it was still empty, and as the house had been in darkness when they arrived home so she knew that Andy wasn’t in.

Andy’s dad didn’t seem to bothered as he knew deep down that Andy would be able to look after himself where ever he had ended up, but Carol’s maternal instincts were making her worry. She walked around the house several times, knowing that he wasn’t in, but having to confirm it in her own mind. Carol was getting worried now as this sort of thing had never happened before and she was getting increasingly annoyed at her husband for not seeming concerned and just going to bed. After yet another tour of the downstairs and now feeling a little desperate, Carol decided to have a walk around to look outside and so went outside through the back door. All she had done since she got home was take her coat off, so Carol was still dressed in the clothes that she went out in and the night air was now making her feel cold and she was wishing that she was wearing more sensible shoes other than the high heels she was wearing now. Carol liked dressing herself up and was doing it more lately for her own benefit, as she felt convinced that her husband didn’t notice or even care. Carol’s head swirled with mixed emotions, she felt good dressed like this in the cool night air, knowing that she couldn’t be seen, but she felt worried that her son was missing, a son with whom she had encountered intimate relationships with, that she had enjoyed so much and that now confused her feelings even more.

As she turned the corner around one of the outbuildings she came to her car and immediately a feeling of hope flashed through her mind, as for some reason she instinctively knew that this was where her son would be. Carol looked in through the window and saw her son sleeping peacefully in the back seat with the front seats tipped forward giving him more room. She was uncontrollably filled with emotion at the relief of knowing that he was safe and felt the need to hug her little boy. Carol opened the rear door and stepped into the back, kneeling over her son, her knees on the back seat either side of his legs and then she bent down to hug him.

Andy woke to find his mum kneeling over him, her large breasts pushing into his chest and her face close to his as she was trying to take him into her arms and kiss him. He turned to face his mother and their lips met.

Carol was a total mess of emotions as the relief of finding her son was fast turning into a passion to be able to feel the sexual thrills that she had shared with him in the past, so when their lips met her instinct was to lock into a passionate kiss with him.

Andy wondered if he was dreaming, he had woken up to find his sexy mum, who he constantly fantasised about, kneeling over him and kissing him. He had kissed his mum before and he had kissed other girls before but he had never experienced anything as good as this. His mother’s mouth was wide open as she kissed him and he could feel her tongue flicking against his lips, drawing his tongue out to meet hers.

Carol was no longer feeling worried anymore, her heightened state of emotions had now turned to feelings of lust, as she now found herself kneeling over Andy in the back of her car and kissing him passionately, she could feel her position causing her dress to rise up her thighs, she was now feeling brazen and so was quite happy about the amount of leg that was now exposed and anyway it was dark so who could see. Carol trembled as she felt two young hands making contact with the back of her thighs and then make their way gently even further up the backs of her legs, taking what was left of her dress with them until those hands were firmly gripping her peachy soft bum.

“Oh god yes!” she shouted, pulling her head back, waving her hair around and then lowering herself down until her groin now rubbed against her sons. Carol could feel an erection in her son’s trousers and she really wanted to rip it out of them and stick it deep inside herself.

“Oh darling I thought I’d lost you.” Carol said.

“Wow mum, I’d just locked myself out and needed somewhere to go, I hadn’t gone far, what a welcome.”

Carol lowered herself down even more and brazenly started dry humping her son, rubbing her hot groin against the erection in his trousers. Their house was quite remote from others and where the car was parked, it was completely hidden from any window and so Carol felt totally secure in her environment and the evenings drinking was casting aside any inhibitions that what she was doing may be in any way wrong. She could feel her son’s erection through her thin pants and tights, rubbing on her now very sensitive clitoris and felt as if she could not stop herself moving backwards and forwards to excite herself.

Andy couldn’t believe what was happening, he had now developed a real fetish for the feel of nylon tights especially on soft legs and bums like his mother had and so to rest his hands on her bum as she rubbed herself on him was like a dream. In fact he was still in a total dream like haze having just woken up and many of his dreams were coming true in this moment. The movement of his mother was exciting him as he felt his young penis getting hotter, but this was nothing to the sight of his beautiful mother thrashing about before him, her breasts wobbling and pushing against his chest, and the feel of her flesh in his hands. He knew that yet again, his mother was going to make him spurt and wet himself, with excitement, inside his pants.
Carol was feeling it too, she had got very excited very quickly, and her body was on fire as she too was already very close to cumming. She could not stop herself as her mouth locked onto her son’s in another passionate kiss, her tongue probing deeply into his open mouth, as she got more and more excited.
This is it, she thought to herself, I’m never going to get a better chance. Her husband was asleep in the house, they were totally private, she wanted to make her son cum again, but this time she didn’t want it over her she wanted it inside her, she decided she was going to fuck her son

Her hands reached down to her sons’ trousers and quickly unfastened them. Andy lifted his bum from the seat as he felt his mother pull them down, along with his pants to his thigh. His dick sprung to attention, flicking up and waving around in the moonlight. Carol desperately wanted this inside her, an animal passion was driving her and she was not going to be denied anymore.

“Move forward sweetheart,” she instructed to her son who now lay further down on the rear seat of the car. Carol knelt above him with her knee on the seat by the backrest and her left leg on the floor of the car. She pulled her tights and pants down to the top of her thigh, moved forward and then knelt back down, lowering herself onto her sons dick.

Andy’s mind went a blur as for the first time he felt his dick enter into his mothers hot soft vagina and he felt himself stiffen into an erection harder than he had ever known before.

At the same time Carol’s body was on fire, oh god it was so good to have a dick back inside her again, she felt wonderful as she slowly rode her son’s throbbing erection. They both felt amazingly comfortable on the back seat of the car and Carol moved up and down steadily, she always hoped that it would feel good, but was surprised at just how good it felt. Her movements started to pick up pace, milking her son desperate for him to cum inside her.

This was the first time that Andy had made love, he couldn’t see so much in the darkness but it felt so good. “Mum, I can’t hold it in anymore,” he gasped as his excitement grew.

“It’s ok,” whispered his mother, leaning down to kiss him, “just let it happen.”

With a huge surge through his body, Andy erupted deep inside his mother. Carol could feel her son cum inside her, she sat down hard onto him, forcing him deeper inside her and making him cum even more. Carol started to tremble, my god, she thought to herself, it feels so much, it’s so hot and so deep.

But then another thought crossed her mind, one that had never crossed her mind before that moment and for a few seconds she started to panic. I don’t have any protection! Her son had just cum inside her, deep inside her and she knew by now just how much cum this boy produced. She looked down at her boy in the darkness and the panic subsided, she just didn’t care.

Andy didn’t know much about sex, but one thing he knew was that in his excitement that he had not lasted very long. “I’m sorry I was so quick Mum.” He said quietly.

“Oh my darling no,” his mother replied, “it was just wonderful. And just think how much better it will be next time.”

Oh wow there’ll be a next time the Andy thought, he just couldn’t believe his luck.

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this is so fake read 3 other stories with a small diffrence in them

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I love to fuck my mother's pussy. It's mature,fat and juicy.

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The idea of fucking your mother is not exciting in the least and is somewhat perverse. Why do you think guys who do it are called "mother fuckers" - the worst insult possible.


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y wud u call this true

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In the first story the son was 13 but other then that I loved it.
Don't forget about the sister.

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