Let me take a brief moment to introduce myself..... And tell you of my shame. My name is Shyamala Nair. I was 37 years old when this incident took place; I’m more advanced in age now. I was married to a rather submissive man named Ken (not his real name) and taught mathematics at Kalyan Jr. High School in Mira Road, Mumbai. I also served as the department head. I did not have what was considered a knock out body but I could turn a man's head when I put on make up and dressed to please. I went to the gym 3 times a week and the beauty parlour every Saturday for a manicure, pedicure and facial. My friends thought I looked 25. I weighed 60kgs; my measurements were 34B-26-34; spread over five feet five inches. I had burgundy hair and I wore it in a semi- page boy type hairdo which nearly reached the nape of my neck. My best assets were two long legs which I liked to show; and a tight muscled ass; and fantastic nails….and I enjoyed teasing the weaker sex.... or so I thought.

Ken and I were married after meeting through a marriage agency. The school in which I taught was in a changing neighbourhood. When I started it was a lower middle class Indian neighbourhood; by than about 10% black immigrants had populated it and the neighbourhood became much rougher. Slums had sprung up and were growing as more migrants came to the area.

I am not certain how to explain how my seduction occurred. I had always been a rather meek teacher. Because of my timid disposition, typical Malyalee upbringing, many of the male students saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of me. While I was never subjected to any physical abuse there was more than one occasion where they ignored my commands; and mocked my attempts at bringing order to a chaotic classroom.

And then............ It was a bright winter’s day. My husband Ken, whom I am sure, loved me, by the amount of money he gave me to spend on myself, started having more and more instances of premature ejaculation. Week after week and then month after month I was left behind. Ken, with his woefully inadequate little manhood tried to satisfy me but failed.... and failed and failed. I needed much more than his flaccid 4 incher was capable of delivering.

My nails were my hallmark showpiece; Headmaster Tilakdhari often reprimanded me for such gaudy and colourful displays. I finally managed to convince him that when teaching mathematics I needed to get the students to keep focused at all times, and it was only colourful nails that kept them looking at the chalk board.

I was becoming extremely frustrated and the sexual tension in my tight body was reaching the breaking point. After another failed lovemaking session with my husband the night before I dressed to feel like a sexy woman under my usual drab outerwear. It was totally out of character for me. I carefully smoothed the sheer beige covered nylons before attaching them to the garter clasps. Pulling on a pair of black thong panties I looked at my still firm and desirable figure in the full length mirror. My useless husband had already departed and I stared at my still desirable body. I had to use my finger to get that much needed orgasm before leaving for school!

My using finger to get that much needed orgasm, before leaving for school, it rejuvenated me for the arduous task of teaching unruly kids

Yes, I thought, today I was going to tease one of the bored and lifeless teachers at my school unmercifully.

Although my breasts are small they are tight and firm for a 50 year old, many women of my age are jealous of me. A rock hard nipple adorns each of the mouth size perfect breasts. Although
probably not needed I slipped on a matching white lace half bra. I then searched my wardrobe and picked out a dark blue skirt that ended just above my knees. A lacy white (too tight) blouse completed the ensemble, typical western. I pulled on the blue blazer as I stepped into my usual heelless drab sandals. "This day was going to be special," I thought as I headed for the door. Little did I know how special.

I went to the beauty parlour the evening before and had a knock out manicure, pedicure and facial costing 7 500 rupees, paid for of course by Ken. I got the feeling he spent money on me to compensate for his inadequacy in bed, hoping I sympathetically forgive him!

Although sexually tense from the pathetic performance of my under endowed husband the night before, the first three periods had flown by. As the fourth period started the assistant high school principal, Mr Krishnakumar, appeared at the door with an arrogant looking Black student. The fourteen year old student looked like he belonged in high school; not the eighth grade.

As he stood in the door way he had a sneer on his young mouth and his eyes travelled up and down my body. I visibly squirmed at his insolent stare. My legs felt weak as I approached the two waiting males.

"Mrs. Nair, this is Mwanachibombe Mapulangani. He has transferred from his previous school and is being placed in our care. Although he has extremely high test scores in both math and science he has a total disrespect for his teachers. Do not put up with any back talk from this young man!!" Came the stern order.

Taking my cue from the assistant principal I briefly turned to the new student and pointed to a seat in the first row. "Sit in the front row. I do not expect any trouble from you," I sternly
ordered. Although I used my harshest tone I am sure that he heard my voice quiver. As the last words left my red coated lips I felt the stern glare from his brooding eyes as they burned deep into my brain.

The assistant principal turned and disappeared in the well lighted hall.
As I turned I felt my already wobbly legs turn to rubber. I made it to my desk and sat on the edge. Avoiding Mwanachibombe's eyes I continued my lecture on multiple equations.
Although this was my worst class it was not for the most part disruptive. As I struggled my eyes finally found there way to the front seat of the first row. Mwanachibombe was slouched in his seat and was rubbing the front of his tight jeans............... rubbing an obvious oversize
bulge. My train of thought was lost.... and my mouth agape. I struggled to regain my composure but could see that all the students were delighted at my indecision.

Mercifully the bell rang and a low roar erupted from the classroom. Most of the students were headed towards the door when I yelled out their homework assignments for the following Monday, quadratic equations. As the last student casually walked out of the classroom I turned and nearly walked into the arrogant new Black student. My brown eyes and his dark eyes met and I quickly dropped my gaze to the floor. With an indifferent attitude he brushed against my tense body and shuffled to the door. When he reached the door he pulled it shut and ............ twisted the inside lock. The metallic mechanism slammed shut and seemed to echo throughout the room.

When he turned his face was covered with a scornful scowl. "I didn't want us to be interrupted. It will take us a few moments for you to understand what I expect of you MISS!"

I am sure that he could see me start to tremble. I looked towards the door but knew that I had no hope of reaching it as he was standing directly in the way.

I slowly backed up until I was against the window seal. He slowly walked towards me. He was only fourteen; but he was taller than me. My eyes inventoried the hard body as he approached. His steps seemed as they were in slow motion. At long last he was standing directly in front of me; his hard brown eyes burning into me. He casually reached out and his callused hand caressed my cheek. I grabbed his large hand with my petite hand but he continued to gently rub my cheek. His index finger touched my lips and rubbed my bright red lip gloss into his finger. My eyes locked onto my tormentor's....... he could sense my fear and apprehension.

His finger became insistent; he wanted to insert the substitute cock into my mouth. Staring into his forbidding eyes I tried to shake my head. The sneer reappeared and as a tear dripped on my
cheek the finger was inserted into my warm oral chamber. "Suck my finger....It will not stretch your mouth," Mwanachibombe ordered.

My tongue found the ridges of his finger and as I looked into his face I could see his mocking smirk. He had won; and won rather easily the first test of strength. I felt my nipples tingle and
then harden. My feminine dew was coating my thong panties. As I sucked on his finger he ridiculed me more, "You suck well teach. I’ll be giving you something else to suck on if you're a good little Indian bitch".

I cowered against the hard window seal. I was totally frightened............but my panties were becoming soaked.

I'm sure he heard me whimper as I felt his left hand drop to my chest.
His fingers searched for my nipple. When he found the nipple he increased the pressure between his thumb and forefinger. My nipple hardened and the pressure increased. He wanted me to feel the pain...He wanted me to acknowledge his domination. Another set of tears ran from my eyes. Here I was; a thirty seven year old teacher; shoved against the wall with a fourteen year old Black student savagely twisting my right nipple while forcing me to suck his right index finger.

The smirk widened as he spoke, "Unbutton your blouse you old slut".

I tried to shake my head no but with his finger in my mouth I couldn't shake my head.

The fingers tightened around my blood engorged nipple. My eyes continued to tear.

"No, Please......." I managed to mutter.

"Unbutton the blouse whore......" Came the quick reply.

The fear and dread were consuming me. I prayed for someone to come to the door.... but even if they did they would think that I had merely gone to the cafeteria.

My rock hard nipple was being cruelly twisted between Mwanachibombe's hard fingers. My eyes begged him to stop the torment but his fingers continued to tighten around my savaged nipple. His finger duelled with my tongue and his eyes.................mocked me for my weakness.

"I guess that you will have to be punished for disobeying me. You will come to learn that when I give you an order your only response is complete and instant submission," he calmly stated.

He dislodged his finger and grabbed me by the nape of my neck and pushed down so that I was bent at the waist. He then walked me the few steps over the edge of my desk.

I could only manage a weak, "Please..." before he brushed the books and paper onto the floor and pushed me face down on the hard surface. The edge of the desk caught me about waist high.

Mwanachibombe then walked to the chalkboard at the back of the desk. I should have tried to run for the door but I was petrified with fear. The tears were still running down my face and falling on the hard desktop. I avoided looking at the black youth as he walked back around the desk. He was directly behind me and I was noticeably trembling with dread.

"I expect you to obey me. You have displeased me. Do you have anything you wish to say?" he questioned.

Although, on hindsight, I am sure I should have taken control of the rapidly deteriorating situation. I was a thirty seven year old teacher that allowed a fourteen year old Black youth to fondle me; insert his vile finger into my mouth and drape me over my own desk as if I was an old worn out coat.
Unfortunately........ the facts were that I was trembling in total submission. I was never a strong person......I was always afraid.... of my father; of my husband.... of the Principal.... and now......Totally terrified of a fourteen year old muscular Black boy.

So.....when he asked if I had anything to say I meekly sobbed, "I'm sorry."

His cutting laugh tore throughout my soul. He was mocking me. His laughter was ridiculing me.

"Lift the hem of your skirt. It's time for your spanking, “ he brusquely ordered.

"No... My God, NO!" I nearly screamed.

The first stroke from the hard yardstick burned through my dark blue skirt to my tender ass cheeks. The second stroke concentrated on only the left cheek. The next several landed at random and set my ass on fire. What had previously been only a few isolated tears became a torrent. I gripped the edge of the desk with my hands knowing out of instinct to not protect my now reddened and painful ass.

Mercifully the spanking stopped. I waited several minutes as I heard his heavy breathing behind me.

"Lift the hem of your skirt pretty Miss. I am not through with you yet. I suggest you do not make me angry or you will regret it!" Came the follow up command.

I tried to conceive the words that would allow me to escape this terrible nightmare.

No words formed and I felt my hands leave the side of the desk and make their torturous journey to the hem of my blue skirt. Sobbing I grasped the bottom hem and slowly pulled the skirt up and over my bruised and burning behind, all the way to my head, as a shield I guess. Only at this instance had I remembered that my burning ass was not covered by skimpy black thong panties I had put on only a few short hours ago. My humiliation grew deeper. Maybe it was good that I was face down on the desk. At least Mwanachibombe Mapulangani could not see my blushing face.

It took my tormentor several minutes.... I am sure he was merely taking in what must have been a delightful vision. My reddened ass cheeks covered by nothing, just a black string disappearing into my crevice with my firm upper thighs stretched across the desk; all at High Noon at Kalyan Jr. High School.

His first touch was a gentle caress as his fingertips slowly slid across the loose panties. My cheeks were burning but the cool touch soothed the tender skin. The fingers slowly
dropped. I nearly fainted when Mwanachibombe's index finger outlined the imaginary legs of my panties. At first it was only the tip that snuck under the edge. He removed the exploring finger and I felt the heat return to my face.

"Spread yourself for me Mrs. Nair."

Still sobbing I timidly muttered, "Please no. Please have mercy."

"You best not disobey me twice in one day Shyamala," came the quiet threat. "May I call you Shyamala?" he continued to mock.

The last question was almost comical. Here I was, a thirty seven year old teacher, freshly spanked, holding her skirt to her head, with her fourteen year old student stroking her tender ass cheeks.

"If you leave now I won't report anything that has happened," I softly pleaded.

"I can see that you need more discipline. You will receive the training that you need but I am telling you that you best spread those long legs or you will spend the next week wishing you had," he sharply ordered.

I felt my legs slowly open. It was almost an unconscious thought. I was now completely open to his dark forbidding eyes; and his probing fingers.

The next sensation was gentle.

Cupping his fingers he rubbed them over the crotch of my loose panties. I heard the smooth mocking laughter.

"A teacher of your stature....... Mrs. Nair. You should be ashamed. Standing in front of one of your young students with your hem pulled up around your head, and your pussy leaking like a
tap. What would the members of the school board think of such a wanton display of sexual misconduct, they will think you like to fuck Niggers, won’t they?"

I could only screech, "But you made me," before the next torrent of tears covered my mascara and rouge streaked face.

His long black index finger then found the leg of my panties and busied itself in the search of my wet tunnel. Mwanachibombe tormented me as the finger made its way around my swollen lower lips. The tip of his finger caressed my blood engorged elongated clit and he felt my shudder. A soft moan escaped my lips. I wished that I was stronger..........

"The old bitch likes her clit stroked doesn't she?" he questioned.

I was beyond lying. I was beyond the absurdity of my current dilemma. What I desired was the black finger to resume its gentle probing of my wet and warm sex.

I again begged........"Please...” was my simple request.

Mwanachibombe, a fourteen year old black student understood my humble request.

"What do you want Mrs. Nair. Do you want the big bad Nigger boy to leave....... Or do you want me to stroke your soaking pussy some more?"

"Please make me………...Make it happen," I pleaded.

The finger returned to my clit. It brutally rubbed the clit and two other fingers wormed their way to my sopping chamber. The fingers slid deep and I spread my legs as far as I could. As the
fingers probed my innermost sanctum I thrust my hips back to encase as much as the pleasure producing digits as possible.

Although it seemed like an eternity, the all encompassing orgasm consumed my body. Screaming I throw myself against the strong fingers that were invading my body and roughly stroking my hardened clit. Nothing mattered final release.

Mercifully my body accepted the climax. The fingers continued probing until I collapsed on the floor in front of my desk. Mwanachibombe backed up several steps and allowed by exhausted body to sink to the dirty, dusty hardwood floor.

Another eternity passed while I struggled to regain my bearing. Slumped facing the desk I slowly lowered my breathing and opened my eyes. I tried to focus on the clock above my desk and a pang of fear ran through my body. In only twelve minutes my classroom would again be full.......

I twisted myself around and looked up at the smirking Black youth. My eyes refocused and then I saw IT. He had taken his hard black cock from his jeans..... The penis looked like a giant
cucumber compared to my husband’s; the only previous penis that I had seen.

"It's my turn....Open wide Teach," Came the frightening command.

I shook my head...."No, I can't. My students will be back in ten minutes. You must leave....I have to clean myself up," I begged. I pleaded.

"You best hurry then. Unless you want them to come in and have a seat while you suck my cock. What do you prefer Mrs. Nair?"

My mind was racing... I had to.........

My tongue caressed the dark brown tip and my lips grasped the long thick cock, I also massaged his balls as he ordered. Note my expensive manicured nails, the bane of Principal Tilakdhari!

I tried to look at the frosted window panes to my door as I sucked the black cock. The only time that I had sucked my husband's diminutive organ was when I had gotten drunk on brandy.

I felt the strong hands grab my ears. He pulled me forward and more of the huge cock was forced down my throat. I nearly breathing was becoming ragged. I forced myself to relax my throat muscles as the black cock forced it's way deeper and deeper into my throat.

"Grip my with them and I will give you your reward Mrs. Nair. I'm sure Indian men do not have such balls, so enjoy your self!" came the ridiculing order.

Desperately I reached for the mango size testicles hanging below his massive cock. I gently squeezed the soft organs and I felt his grip tighten on my ears. The black cock was crammed even deeper to burning throat and I felt his testicles draw up and then.........

The scalding torrent of black cum ricocheted against the back of my throat. I struggled to suck the voluminous discharge down and into my stomach. The salty black cum coated my throat. I started choking but the black youth continued to have a stranglehold on my ears. My wide eyes pleaded for relief but I saw only pure dominance as I looked up over his still hard black cock.

The organ slowly softened and at long last it slipped out from my lips. A rope like string of his black seed stretched from my sore jaws to the purple tip of his cock as I again slipped back to
the dirty wooden floor. I closed my eyes and tried to regain my senses as the clock ticked on. When I reopened my eyes he had closed the two feet that we were apart and was squeezing the remaining fertile man cream from the tip of his beautiful cock. I watched as if in slow motion the slimy discharge dripped onto my blouse and skirt. When the last string had fallen, the sudden thud of a knock reverberated throughout the empty classroom.

My eyes shot to the door...... Panic spread throughout my body.

I jumped up.... and started pulling my skirt down. Smoothing the wrinkled material I hurriedly brushed my hair with my sticky cum coated hands. Panic was nearly consuming me as I looked desperately to the door and possible.... no, probable disgrace. I glanced towards the instigator of my problems and his sneering face cut me again to the quick.

I hurriedly walked towards the door and was nearly there.

"I want your panties Teach," Came the next command.

I shook my head. I couldn't speak and time was rapidly running out.

"You can give me your panties now.....or you can give them to me
when your students come in for their Calculus... It's your choice."

I desperately looked again at the door. It would only be seconds before one of the administrators arrived and opened the door and........

Stepping to the side of the door I hurriedly pulled my cum stained blue skirt up and pulled down the soaked panties. Holding them delicately in my fingers I retraced my steps to the arrogant
Black student. He took my panties and brought them to his face. Making a production of the simple act he inhaled deeply and a smile covered his face. "Mrs. Nair. Your Pussy smells delightful."

Humiliated further I turned and without turning back made it to the door and unclasped the metal lock just as the assistant principal was inserting his key into the outside lock. The opening
of the door caught him by surprise and he had a startled look on his face. He then looked past me to see the muscular black student standing by the window.

Befuddled he muttered, "Mrs. Nair, you know that it is against school policy to have your door locked with a student in your room." It was at this point when he noticed my dishevelled

Standing before the stern looking superior I felt my dew coated pussy start to leak.......and coat the tops of my nylons. I could only imagine what my tear stained face looked like. I prayed that I
was able to swallow the intense discharge from Mwanachibombe. As the administrator turned to leave he noticed the wet stain on my blouse and skirt.

Mercifully the students then separated the two of us and pushed into the room. I backed up and only then did I detect the pungent odour of sex as I watched the assistant principal walk down the hall.

I fell against the wall and closed my eyes. The shrill sound of the bell rang out and I reopened my eyes to see my seducer directly in front of me.
"I will wait for you after school. You can take me home Mrs. Nair."

My pussy leaked some more fluid as the fourteen year old Black student walked out of my class.

As I sat behind my hard wooden desk I wondered if my nightmare had just ended or.......just began. As I recalled the day's events my pussy quivered as my feminine dew coated the back of my skirt. The sun was starting to drop on this warm winter’s day.

My mind recalled the moment when his large black cock filled my mouth... "Oh God," I thought. How can I be thinking of this fourteen year old kid when I should be heading home to my husband and our perfect little life? The seconds ticked on. "I should leave....I should leave....but......."

"I must tell him that I will report him if he shows up.I must remove him from thoughts." However as my mind reasoned what I should do I heard the knob start to turn. My heart started racing.
My mind suddenly went blank and I felt the slickness between my thighs as I pulled my legs together.

Mwanachibombe casually walked to the front of the desk. I could not look up..... I continued to stare at the desk; I could not look Mwanachibombe in the face. I felt myself start shivering...but my sex was still leaking its sticky cr?.

"It's time to go, but first I want your bra. Your tits are so firm you shouldn't even need it. No one will notice...will they?" his comments cut.

I hesitated...I couldn't stop shivering but I couldn't answer the fourteen year old standing before me.

"Mrs. Nair. You are starting off on the wrong foot again. When I tell you to do something ........YOU DO IT. You do not ignore me.... DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Came the stern question.

I didn't want to answer. How could I answer? A thirty seven year old teacher; happily married. The department head of the Jr. High School. I wish I had been stronger, but I have not ever been very strong. I haven't been able to stand up to anyone with authority…...even a fourteen year old Black student.

I had not looked up but I could tell Mwanachibombe was becoming impatient by the way he was shifting his weight back and forth in front of my desk. I tried to look up and plead with him to leave me alone.....

I couldn't face the boy who had fingered me to climax only three hours previously. I could not face the boy (man?) who forced me to suck his long black cock and squeeze his balls until he shot his scalding hot cum down my throat. I could not face the Black boy who forced me to give him my panties and he had so dominated me during lunch hour.

He started to speak again but I had already reached for the buttons on my blouse.
My blue blazer was already unbuttoned and I found the buttons easily. My fingers trembled as I tried to dislodge the buttons. I still could not look up. At long last the blouse was unbuttoned. It was still tucked into my skirt.

"Pull the blouse apart.... I want to see your little titties. I want to see the little nubs of your nipples. They felt real hard when I was playing with them this afternoon," Mwanachibombe casually ordered.

Trembling, I pulled the sides of the blouse apart. I still could not face my tormentor. I looked down and saw the small goose bumps cover my breasts. My nipples hardened....and my pussy continued to flow. I was afraid that the woman cr? would stain my skirt.

"Take your bra off. You won't need it any more tonight. I already have a plan; for you, Ken and I." The mention of my husband's name caught me off guard. It was the first mention of my husband; how did this boy know of him. I felt a twinge of guilt as I sat half naked before this Black boy who wanted me to give him my bra.

I finally looked up..."Ken must never know about today. Promise me you won't tell him...Please," I begged.

"The Bra...NOW," was his only response.

I was unsteady as I unhooked the front clasp. I then pulled the straps. My eyes were downcast as I handed my most intimate undergarment to the smiling Black boy, my normally firm body looked shrivelled.

I reluctantly removed my bra for the Black student. My body lacked its usual firmness from my earlier ordeal!

"Come with me. You need a new wardrobe. Tonight you are going to be my date..."

I slowly got up and followed the arrogant teenager to the door.

I carefully re-buttoned my blouse. Quietly I followed the teenage boy down the long hallway. We exited the school building and I meekly followed behind the Black stud. When we arrived at the rickshaw stand, he jumped in one and ordered me in. “Shanti Nagar,” he told the driver.

Uncertain of the black teenager's attention I slowly followed his directions given to the driver.
I was very apprehensive about the destination of our journey but.......

When we reached Shanti Nagar he took me into Liberty Stores. My heart froze...I had never bought anything from this chain.....I had never even ventured in. When we entered the young sales clerk sort of snickered. She came up to us; a thirty seven year old maths teacher and a young muscular Black student. "The more conservative section of the store is over this
way Ma'am," she softly smiled.

"My woman doesn’t need any more conservative clothing. She has all the conservative clothing she needs for the rest of her life. My woman needs something that will make my dick hard," Mwanachibombe countered.

I stood mortified with my eyes downcast as the smile evaporated from the young saleslady. It took her several moments for her to regain her composure before she softly spoke, "Please come this way. I believe there is something that may be of interest you in this department."

When we came to the leather goods department I looked around red faced. Mwanachibombe, my fourteen year black student, casually walked around the displays. Picking up what he thought was my size he held out his large black hands. "Try these on. I'll tell you if they
fit the agenda," he arrogantly stated.

Shame faced I took the offered garments and hurried to the dressing room. Once in the privacy of the room I tried to regain my composure as I leaned against the dressing room door. After several minutes I heard his large fist beat on the door wanting me to appear.

I finally looked down at the clothing that Mwanachibombe had picked out. My heart again fluttered, and my mind raced. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse once more; and slid my navy blue skirt to the floor. Once I had put on the selected items I quietly opened the door and stepped out. I watched Mwanachibombe's reaction and was pleased by his broad smile. I felt good about the reaction and lifted my face to see the sales clerk who had a cocky smirk on her face. She
knew, like I, that the clothing selected could only mean one thing…SEX. My nipples hardened and I felt my swishy lower lips again produce their feminine dew. The tight leather pushed against my sensitive clit. "Yes...........I had passed my Master's inspection...and I would receive my reward," I thought. Surprisingly, the calf length black leather boots and matching black stockings felt very comfortable, it was the first time in my life I had worn such clothes! I thought that the Nigger had style. I had to pause to admire myself in the dressing room’s mirror. Such outfits I had only seen in glossy magazines such as Elle, Esquire and Vogue. I was beginning to like my dominating Nigger; he was making me feel young again!

The sales clerk turned to the cocky Black teenager and asked if everything was satisfactory.

Mwanachibombe, his white teeth gleaming simply stated, "Yes my Checi, sorry little Indian teacher, caused my black bone to get real, real hard. Mrs. Nair, you best go pay for your new purchases."

Black leather mini skirt, boots and matching stockings Mwanachibombe chose for me. I admired myself in the dressing room’s mirror. My black student had an eye for exotic style…I felt glamorous!!! My stockings were later torn to shreds.

I was glad to return to the dressing room and place my new purchases in the appropriate bags. As I slipped the nylons over my legs I noticed the stains at the top of the hose but the far more noticeable stain was that on my navy blue skirt. Mwanachibombe's sticky cum had coated not only the front but the back of the skirt. I tried to scrape the crusty discharge off but it wouldn't come off. As I slipped my cum coated white blouse on I felt nasty when it rubbed against my bare nipples. Mwanachibombe had retained not only my panties but my half bra and it made me feel more naked that if I had nothing on. Pulling on my sandals I reached for the door handle.

Mwanachibombe was impatient to go so I hurried behind him out the door with my many purchases in my overloaded arms.

When we reached the rickshaw he immediately ordered the driver to my house at Punarvasu. I quickly checked my watch. Ken, my husband would be home within the next hour. "Please couldn't I drop you somewhere," I meekly pleaded.

When we reached the rickshaw Mwanachibombe immediately ordered the driver to my house at Punarvasu

“We are going to your place,” he said. I then turned to Mwanachibombe, "My husband Ken will be home within the next fifteen minutes. Please have mercy and leave. I'm afraid that, that......" I sobbed on, not knowing what to say.

"I am glad that your husband will be home shortly. There is something that he and I will have to discuss. From now on I will be the only one fucking you. He will have to come to grips with his
new status," he arrogantly stated.

I felt a twinge of fear. "How could my husband accept such a brash statement from a fourteen year old Black youth?" my mind questioned.

When we entered my martial home he brushed me aside and flopped down on our large sofa. "Bring me a drink...A Strong Drink!!" he ordered.

I was mentally and physically exhausted. My body made him and I two double brandies and I reached out with his drink. As my arm extended he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his side on the sofa. "Enjoy your drink with me. Your husband will be home shortly and we'll resolve who your fuck partner will be from now on," Mwanachibombe continued.

He placed his right arm around my shoulder and his hand rested on my right breast. He casually teased my sensitive nipple and was enjoying my trepidation.

I was the first to recognize the sound of the lift arriving on our fifth floor. I visualized each of my husband's steps as he approached. The door opened; and then as I meekly looked up saw my husband's face as he first gazed on my Black lover and me sitting on the sofa

I will never forget his stunned face as he focused on the black hand teasing my hardened nipple; my blouse completely open and laid back; my cum coated navy skirt.......and the shocked look on my face.

The next instance I recognized the anger envelop his five foot two inches 57 kgs frame. He was momentarily speechless as his mind digested the scene in front of him.

"What in the name of Krishna is going on here Shyamala?" he nearly screamed.

"This is Mwanachibombe Mapulangani, Ken. He is one of my students," I meekly blurted out. As the words left my mouth I realized how completely stupid it must have sounded.

"Black Boy you had better unhand my WIFE or you are in for the beating of your life," screamed my now irrational husband.

Mwanachibombe merely shifted his hand and cupped my overheated breast. He played with it as if it was a bowl of jelly. He then bent his head and licked the side of my face with his long coarse tongue.

Turning to Ken he sneered up at my irate husband. "From now on I will be the black bastard fucking your pretty wife. If you want to play macho man you best be doing it now, asshole..."

During the short sequence Ken had taken inventory of the muscular black youth and massive feet.
Although Ken was nearly four times his age he was not nearly as strong; tall; or big. If there was to be a fight it would be short, quick and over, with my husband lying in a bloody heap.

Ken's mannerism immediately softened. Anger is one thing....Reality is quite another.
"I want you to leave. Now!" was Ken's next milder approach.

"Get yourself a drink. You can watch," Mwanachibombe haughtily replied.

Ken moved one step closer until he saw Mwanachibombe flinch his hardened body. He then backed up to the fridge in the kitchen. He turned, and made a strong triple brandy before returning to the living room. He meekly sat down in an easy chair to the far side of the sofa.

When Ken turned Mwanachibombe lowered his face to mine and gently probed by trembling lips with his tongue. Unable to comprehend the events of the last several minutes my lips parted and the long wet tongue was duelling with mine. His tongue explored my warm and wet oral cavity and I tried to keep up with its delicate probing.

Mwanachibombe had placed his empty glass on the cushion next to where he was seated and his left hand returned to my left knee. I pulled back when I felt the warm hand make its first contact. I had pulled my skirt down to my knees when I had first sat down but the Black Hand found the hem and was slowly raising it as the hand snaked its way up my thigh. "Please don't," I moaned.

My soft rebuke had no effect as I felt the hand slide further and further up my nylon covered leg. I felt the skirt start to rise but was helpless to do anything to prevent the exposure of my upper
thigh. Mwanachibombe's right hand was still rubbing the underside of my right breast and his insistent tongue was still causing me great consternation.

I finally pulled my lips away and with both my hands pulled his hand away from my upper thigh. Fearfully I looked towards my husband. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung half open, his bottom lip was visibly trembling.

Mwanachibombe then turned and looked at Ken also.

"Well Ken Boy I guess you and I have to decide who's going to fuck this old whore aren't we?" Mwanachibombe mockingly questioned.

My husband's mind must have gone blank. He didn't say anything....his stare was vacant........and his manhood stood at attention in his dress trousers.

"I'm going to fuck Mrs. Nair now, Ken. If you are going to be an asshole I'll ask you to leave. If you behave yourself you may stay...." Mwanachibombe continued.

I sat shocked, next to the fourteen year old Black youth who had just made the most incredulous statement that I ever heard.
I sat begging with my heart that my husband would stand up for me...for our marriage...for his self respect.

Ken finally regained some degree of consciousness. "I want you to leave my home..." he finally muttered.

Mwanachibombe turned to me and softly commanded, "My drink needs a refill. Be quick about it……WHORE!!!"

Uncomprehending this totally dreadful play unfolding in front of my husband and me I heavily lifted myself up and walked to the fridge. As I passed my husband, Ken, I looked down at his manhood standing rigidly at attention. It was the first sustained erection he had had in the last seven months. I refilled both Mwanachibombe’s glass and mine and demurely walked back to the arrogant Black youth.

"I'm going to fuck Shyamala. If you don't want to watch you can leave. If you want to stay and watch a Black Man fuck your wife you best not try to interfere. You Got ME...KENNY BOY?" he stated.

Kenny, his head down, meekly pleaded with Mwanachibombe, "I can't let you fuck my wife. I will call the police."

I was standing timidly in front of Mwanachibombe.

"Shyamala tell your husband what you did this afternoon during your lunch hour?" Mwanachibombe commanded.

I felt my face and body blush. "Please, Mwanachibombe, Don't make me .... Please don't make me..."

Ken had a puzzled look on his drawn face.

Mwanachibombe rose from his seated position and placed his large frame directly behind me. I felt him grasp the shoulders of my blouse and gently slide them down my arms. His strong arms then encased my shivering body and his fingers slid down my sides. I felt his finger momentarily fumble with the clasp on my skirt. The relief was only seconds in length as he finally achieved his goal and I felt my skirt fall to my ankles. I stood before my husband completely naked except for a thin garter belt and hose.

"Look at your husband and tell him what you did to me in your classroom during lunch hour," Mwanachibombe again commanded.

I looked up but had a difficult time looking into my husband's devastated eyes. "I got down on my knees and I sucked this Nigger's cock to orgasm," I sobbingly reported.

"That's right KENNY BOY... Your whoring meek wife dropped to her knees in front of me and sucked my black cock. When I was close she squeezed my balls so that I could deposit my entire nasty Nigger cum in her sweet little Indian mouth... What do you think of that Mr. KENNY?" Mwanachibombe mocked.

Looking at my husband I could tell he was completely shattered. He tried to speak but no words came forth.

"Tell Kenny what you gave to me as a gift right before the assistant Principal opened your locked door Mrs. Nair," the mocking voice continued.

As I looked up at my shattered husband I felt sharp spark flow throughout my tight body. "Ken, I gave Mwanachibombe my panties. He made me take my panties off and give them to him. I barely had time to hand him my panties before the assistant Principal had put his key in my door," I simply stated. I could feel my pussy continue to lubricate. My confession was starting to light my fire... to bring that pleasant and long lasting glow back to my deprived cunt.

"How about after school Mrs. Nair. What gift did you convey to me then?" Mwanachibombe continued.

Mwanachibombe's use of Mrs. before my name was used to deflate my already shattered ego. But it also achieved another purpose. My sloppy pussy was lubricating for the inevitable fucking that was in store for this prim and proper school M’aam.

"Ken, after school Mwanachibombe came to my room. He made me give him my bra, Ken. He Made Me Do All Those Nasty Things," I sobbed.

As I looked at my husband all I could find no compassion in his face.But I could see the ever growing and hardening cock, tenting from his trousers. It looked like it was about to explode.

"You see Kenny... Your precious whoring wife committed second degree criminal assault on a poor defenceless fourteen year old abused youth," Mwanachibombe laughed. "Do you still want to call the police? Well Go Ahead.... Let's see how your precious little cheesecake would fare in the dark, dank, confines of Thane District Lock Up. I bet her teaching career would get a real big boost too, don't you Kenny. Maybe you could call the assistant Principal and see what he would have to say about the appearance of the old whore when he unlocked her locked classroom door. Well Kenneth what do you have to say now?" he concluded.

Ken sat silently slumped in the easy chair. A broken man he meekly sipped his now empty drink. His raging hard on twitched as he looked up at his nearly nude timid wife and the large Black teen go tough that was mocking both of them.

Mwanachibombe turned me around to face him. I kicked the blue skirt away and stared into his dark eyes. "Take my clothes off Mrs. Nair," he ordered.

I carefully removed his shirt over his broad and muscular shoulders. I let my hands run across his massive pectorals and his rippled stomach. My delicate fingers grasped the large belt buckle and I had to pull hard to disengage the pin. I pulled the belt from the loops and then returned to the button of the black Levis jeans. I felt Mwanachibombe inhale as I eased the button from the eyelet and then I looked up into his stern face. For a youth of only fourteen his face showed a hardness of a man twice his age. Standing on my tip toes I offered my lips to his.....My delicate fingers grasped the tab of the zipper and I let him tongue me as the zipper was pulled down. Although I am a fairly tall woman I came to only his chest. When the zipper was pulled down as far as it would go I inserted my hands in the jeans and worked them back over his massive buttocks. The jeans feel easily to the floor once they were pulled over the muscular black ass cheeks.

As the jeans slid down I felt the slimy hard black cock plop against my firm stomach. The pre cum coated my stomach and the hard cock felt as solid as a two by four piece of hardwood plank. I swooned as I felt the man weapon thump against my petite body. His strong hands returned to my breasts and he forcefully manipulated the sensitive tips to his advantage. It took only seconds for the nipples to harden....It took less time for my pussy to completely engulf itself with my sweet woman lubricant. I had been sloppy from the first moment at lunch...I was now awash with pussy juice flooding my chamber in anticipation of a real man sticking his hard cock deep into my belly. Mwanachibombe sat on the sofa, cock at attention and ordered me to suck.

I felt I couldn't wait and I dropped to my knees. My eager mouth found the tip of the hard black cock and I eagerly inserted the leaking tube of black flesh into my willing and warm mouth. My
tongue caressed the tip...and then travelled the length, or at least what I could suck into my mouth.

I felt I couldn't wait and I dropped to my knees. My eager mouth found the tip of the hard black cock and I eagerly inserted the leaking tube of black flesh into my willing and warm mouth

Mwanachibombe stood above me and was watching my husband's reaction to my wanton display of lust. "Stroke yourself Ken. After I fuck your wife you can suck her out. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FUCK HER ANYMORE......." he ordered.

The words cut deeply but I was not craving words. I was craving hard black cock and nothing was going to derail my needs...not at this point.

My tongue lavished its saliva and caresses on the hard black tube. I craved Mwanachibombe’s cock. I adored its throbbing and twitching veins.....

"On the Couch..." was his simple command.

I instantly obeyed. I scooted around his muscular frame and settled on the edge of the cushion. I hungrily looked up to him; pleading with my eyes. "Please put on a condom...," I meekly

"Spread yourself ......I want to see that tight little pussy. I could barely get my fingers into your wife's pussy this afternoon Ken. I could tell that you couldn't be satisfying your wife if she was so tight.... When I fuck her Ken it will be fucking a Virgin cause you sure in the hell haven't hurt her little pussy one damn bit." he mocked my husband. With that, he yanked my stockings off and tore them.

“Spread yourself ......I want to see that tight little pussy”…... I obeyed my master! He later tore my stockings to shreds.

He slapped my thighs and I stretched my legs further. It hurt to spread my legs so much but I had to....Mwanachibombe's cock was so very large. "Please don't fuck me without a condom. It's my fertile period and I am not on any protection," I continued to beg.

"I told you to spread. How am I going to stick my black cock into Ken's wife's little cunt hole if she doesn't spread her wheatish legs for me?" questioned Mwanachibombe.

I was intently staring at the large black teen age boy as he mocked my husband. He then knee walked between my legs and I scooted further down on the cushions of the sofa so that I could
wrap my legs around his muscular thighs.

I felt the tip of the hot poker as it inched its way forward. It scraped my upper thighs leaving a trail of rope like pre cum dripping on sofa cushions. My mind swirled with need, and also the fear of having his fertile black seed deposit a black bastard deep into my womb....

My husband Ken was slumped down in the easy chair watching as Mwanachibombe was preparing my cunt for his huge black cock. His mouth was open and drool dripped from his lips. His hand was frantically stroking his now exposed cock.

I felt the tip finally reach the entrance of my sopping hole and it felt like a huge log. Momentarily I had second thoughts and started to scoot back on the cushions, but Mwanachibombe's strong hands gripped my waist and pulled me back down. My terrified eyes burned into his dark forbidding slits and I felt the tip lodge itself at the outermost opening. My cr? lubricated the tip and Mwanachibombe inserted the first inch. I heard myself let out a mournful screech.
Mwanachibombe forced the second inch in and then slowly withdrew. I looked down at the contrast of my light skinned stomach and the dark black cock. The tip was wet from my excretions and I pleaded with Mwanachibombe with my eyes to end this ravishment.

He smiled as his hips lurched forward and impaled my stretched love chamber on the end of his black cock. I tried to adjust to the feeling of intense fullness when I felt another lunge.....and
another two inches of solid black cock found its way deep into my stretched womanhood. He allowed his cock to slip back an inch before he pushed forward again. As he thrust his muscular buttocks forward his strong arms pulled my waist to him.

Sweat was dripping from my face and body. Although it had previously felt cold and damp in my living room the place was now an inferno.

Mwanachibombe’s massive cock impaled me on the sofa. I’ve never been penetrated so deeply before.

I tried to lift my hips to reduce the pressure and as soon as my legs forced my hips up I was filled with another section of black tube. The pressure was intense; I had never been as full as I was at that moment. My poor under endowed husband, even when erect could never fill even quarter of what this fourteen year Black Boy was managing.

I pleaded once again, "You mustn't cum in me. Please.... Oh God Please...."

Mwanachibombe, his face strained, merely smirked. "You little pussy is going to have all the little black sperm it can hold. I fuck bareback...I am not a little wimp ass Indian boy.........I hope I
knock your Indian ass up. You'll have something to talk about with your arrogant Indian school teachers Shyamala." he mocked.

His vision of knocking up his Jr. High Math teacher caused him to become even more excited. He could no longer control himself and he pile drove his black cock to my inner most depth. At the same time the muscular arms grabbed my waist and brutally forced my whole body towards the thrusting black log. At that moment in time I thought that he had split me in full. My entire soul was being impaled on the long thick black cock. I screamed in agony as it felt like my hips were ripped from their sockets and my poor tender Indian pussy was stuffed with a donkey sized black cock.

As rapidly as the impalement occurred a split second later the black pole was retracted.....and then the pile driving loaded my pussy again..... and again....and again... The see sawing
action was achieving his goal. The intenseness, the relaxation, was allowing my ravished body to respond to him. To respond to his total conquest of my body and soul.

I could do nothing except lay there and accept the pain..... And the pleasure of his magnificent black cock. He dispensed both with ease. One moment I could hardly breathe from the intense
fullness... the next moment I was wrapping my calves around his muscular ass cheeks begging him to impale me.......To IMPALE me on his splendid black manhood. As each second roared by I heard a constant throbbing in my head as I clenched at the man/beast that was rapidly bringing me to total and complete release. I could not stop… I could not breathe... I could not wait for the magic moment that was so very close.

The first orgasm washed through my entire body. Every nerve, every fibre was totally consumed with the pleasure and mind numbing sensations as the feeling spread throughout my body.
Panting to regain my breath I tried to keep up with Mwanachibombe. He had not stopped but had actually increased his powerful thrusts.

I looked down at the vortex between my obscenely splayed legs and could see the huge black cock going in and out of my grotesquely stretched cunt. Every time the black tube was thrust forward I could see my lower stomach rise from the insertion. There was nothing that I could do but to grip the magnificent black animal with my legs. I pulled him forward and fought when he tried to pull his cock from between my legs.

The second climax was much more serene that the earthquake of the first. But my second orgasm did not slow down the brutally fucking teenager. I lost count after the fifth multiple orgasm and possibly lost consciousness. Finally at long last I heard a tremendous gasp and felt his muscular body fall across mine. The torrent of black seed seemed to flood the inner recesses of my panting body. The scalding sperm ricocheted throughout my stuffed pussy and coated not only my thighs but dripped down my cheeks and flooded my wrinkled ass hole. The devastation was complete. It took me several minutes to regain any sense of where I was or what had actually happened.

At long last I looked up to see my husband crouched against the front of the chair he was sitting in. His limp reddened cock was shrivelled and the front of his pants showed the rewards of his
discharge. His glasses were cock eyed on his face and he had a far away look in his eyes.

Reprieve was to be short lived.

When Mwanachibombe had recovered from his nut busting he rolled off my exhausted and depleted body. My body was cum coated and everywhere was a bright red splotch where my black boy had pinched me during our violet lovemaking journey. His white coloured voluminous sperm was continuing to flow from my stretched and hurting pussy folds. It had drenched the hair lined slit and had puddled beneath the cushions where I lay in a half prone position.

"Hey Gay Boy, Get Your Sorry Indian Ass over here," he shouted at my husband.

The order brought Ken out of his stupor. He wearily shook his head. Mwanachibombe rose up and walked over to my slumped over husband. Reaching down he grabbed him by one of his large ears and started pulling Ken back to the sofa with him. Ken struggled with the muscular black youth but could not disengage his firm grip on his ear which was nearly twisted off.

Once Mwanachibombe returned to the sofa he fell into its deep recesses. "Your wife sucked me clean Gay Boy...Now it's your turn."

Ken immediately turned pale and started to turn and crawl away. Mwanachibombe rose up and in one brutal slap him my husband across the ears bringing stars to his eyes. Ken was now totally terrified and again tried to crawl away. The muscular Black youth merely grabbed him by the ankle and pulled my struggling husband back to the sofa. Once he had him drug back he again slapped him on the side of the head; again the blow landed on Ken's other ear. Ken brought his hands and arms up and begged, "Please don't hit me again....Please..."

I could not understand why Ken did not suck the young Nigger. His friend Gourang had told me that every Friday, the day he worked half day, he took an African, Kofi Achyampong to a cheap hotel in Thakur Village in Kandivili and had sex with him there. Kofi was chief accountant at ICICI bank and also worked half day. I could only assume that Mwanachibombe was too young for Ken to endure such humiliation.

Three weeks passed, at home we did not speak, and the silence was deafening. However, at least twice a week, Mwanachibombe came to my classroom during the lunch break and we had the most enjoyable sex. As time went on, he became more affectionate and less violent. I was beginning to develop a strong liking for him, and then one day, Ken broke the silence at home. He spoke with a trembling voice, “Shyamala,….I…I was thinking, why don’t we invite that nice Mwanachibombe boy one day for dinner?” I was shocked, and thought I was day dreaming, I did not answer. He then went on,” according to our religion, we must be forgiving, and try to make good the bad people!” I replied, “My understanding husband, I’m proud of your magnanimous gesture, I’m sure Mwanachibombe will be honoured, I can ask him “He said, “Please do.” At that point, he removed 10 000 rupees from his wallet and told me to go to the beauty parlour and have the most expensive facial, manicure and pedicure ever in preparation for out guest’s visit. I kissed him on his bald head and said thanks sweet honey.

My most expensive manicure and pedicure ever, in preparation for Mwanachibombe’s visit to our house, an hour before Mwanachibombe came, I went and changed my nails design, and my toe nails colour, they were not ostentatious enough. I wanted to look like a whoring slut to impress my sweeeet Nigger! What a waste of money, all in the interest of debauched sex??? I also shaved my pussy smooth, during one of our lunchtime fucks, Mwanachibombe told me that Black men liked a well shaven cunt.
On the appointed day of Mwanachibombe’s visit, Ken went and borrowed about 8 rap CDs from a friend in Goregaon. He came home and tried them out on the CD player which was not used in months.

At 6:47PM the door bell rang, our guest had arrived. As he entered the house, I asked him to sit on the sofa which he had fucked me on a few weeks earlier and I took off his Adidas shoes. As soon as they were off, I affectionately kissed his massive feet. Before he could ask, I said, “We Nair Hindus show such respect to our guests.” He smiled approvingly. At that point I called Ken to come and greet our guest. He firstly switched on the CD player and played Snoop Dog’s music then came and kissed Mwanachibombe’s feet also. I fixed our guest a double brandy and he sat sipping. It was dark so I switched off the light and told Mwanachibombe that I would consider it an honour to dance with him. He said Snoop Dog’s music is “HOOD MUSIC,” whatever that is. I enquired, “Whatever in heaven sake is HOD MUSIC????” He said music enjoyed in the nude, music to which you dance with your partner close to your naked body and grind your genitals passionately. By then I had the mental picture. I asked him to excuse me so that I could go to the bedroom and prepare for dancing HOOD MUSIC. I returned completely naked.

Sensing my intentions, Mwanachibombe had also removed his close in preparation for dancing. We immediately held each other closely and started dancing…I felt youthful.

Devoid of rhythm, Ken even danced naked to HOOD MUSIC also. Glancing at him periodically, I could detect Bangra movements to Snoop Dog, Jay Zee, Ludicrus and P Diddy music, what blasphemy I thought!

The music was so pervasive that when my dancing partner went to the toilet to dry his dripping cock, I instinctively kept on shaking my “booty” suggestively as the black rap singer insinuated in the tunes! I felt rejuvenated.

Ken’s dancing, his age and brandy made him dizzy and he collapsed on the sofa, within minutes, his eyes were closed. I whispered to Mwanachibombe that we retire to the bedroom.
I was aroused and wanted to feel that massive cock deep inside me.
As we walked to the bedroom, I bent over to tease his cock; he groaned his approval at the marvellous sight!

As I sat on the bed, I fingered my pussy suggestively; the Nigger student could not contain himself any longer. He immediately mounted me from behind and fucked me to a double orgasm. As I was approaching my third orgasm, the door bell rang. We all got dressed quickly, including sleeping Ken. On opening the door, I noticed that it was my brother Ravi with his chanting beads in his hand. He asked what was going on, I said we were discussing religion with this mannerly African student, the small of sex and alcohol was heavy in the room. Ravi could not decipher what the smell was, he remarked, “OK, I can smell the Agarbati aroma, that is a new brand I‘ve never used before.” I said, "Yes, this kind Black student bought it in Santa Cruz."

Needless to say, we had many, many more such sessions discussing religion!!!! Fucking Black men is an addiction, but in this age of stressful jobs…it is the only form of relaxation Ken and I have at our disposal.

The sexy leather mini skirt and calf length boots were not worn until we went on a holiday to Bhubaneswar, 3 months after they were purchased. Ken, Mwanachibombe and I stayed in the same hotel room for a week. That story will follow.........shortly!!!!

Mwanachibombe is now a part of our family. My sisters and brother know him well. I'm working on my sisters try him, but being conservative Hindus...they are still reluctant!!!!!

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Get rid of the Niggar-loving harlot. Go and roast in hell, or better still, get sodomized in the African jungle in groups.

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Shyamala has been evicted by the housing authority from Punarvasu. The residents ganged up and wrote a petition against her that she was bringing in a coterie of her Black lovers into the building. Residents stresses that Black men are all thieves and drug dealers in Mumbai. They felt threatened and did not want their kids to be exposed to that. The xenophobic housing committed sided with them and served Shyamala marching orders. Her whereabouts is unknown.

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At last, with the monsoon in full swing here in Mumbai, and trains unable to run, I scored with my first Indian girl. I offered Sushmita, a bank worker with HDFC bank in Vasai shelter in my flat...The sex was sublime by Ugandan standard

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Indian Pimp, you are awesome I never fail to whack off when I read your stories. Any chance you will write one about we shy sex depraved white boys. We too crave the big rock hard nigger cock with its hot black cum juice.

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