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I come from a regular family My mom, my Dad and my two sister one older and one younger, like any regular 15 year old, I go to school, have friends hang out and do the same things your average 15 year old does . My dad and mom both worked so they aren’t home that much, they have plenty of confidence in us and we could pretty much come and go as we pleased, as long as we get good grades there not much trouble at home.
My story begins with a discussion I overheard one night, it was my mom and my older sister Cindy, she had just turned 18 at the time, from what I could hear it was something regarding drugs and a good for nothing boy friend. No matter how much I tried I couldn’t hear very well, after some screaming and crying everything went silent and finally I went to sleep. The next night during dinner my dad told my sister Jennifer and me that Cindy had left the house and was going to be living on her own , she was attending the local collage and also that we should keep in mind she still was our sister and their daughter, that they loved her very much, but she wasn’t going to be staying with us.
Before going to bed I stopped at Jennifer’s room and asked her what she knew, apparently Cindy’s boyfriend was some kind of drug dealer or had drug problems and my parents didn’t want him hanging around, so Cindy had diced to split and go to live with one of her friends, that was it and that was all my sister knew. Jen and I were always close. I felt closer to Jen than to Cindy, but I loved them both the same.
Time went by and I hadn’t seen or heard from my sister, I asked my mom and dad and they said she was fine, finally one day I was heading home from the mall when I saw her, I almost didn’t recognize her , she looked very different , she was thin and her hair looked messed up, really dirty blond, I went up and got close to her, we hugged and I could tell she was happy to see me, I asked her what she was doing and she told she was hanging out waiting for some friends , we talked for a while and then she said she would stop by the house one day so we could talk, she made me promise I wouldn’t tell mom and dad that I had seen her, we said our goodbyes and I headed home.
A couple of days after I had seen Cindy, I was watching TV and Jen who was only one year younger than me sat on the couch , she wanted to change the channel and of course I didn’t want to, we started messing around, I kicked her, she kicked me back, eventually we ended up fighting for real, I had her pinned down on the couch ,she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I don’t know how but she managed to wiggle her way free and all I ended up holding was her t-shirt, she got away and out of the couch, she was wearing only shorts, and just standing next to the couch staring at me, without a shirt, and panting, she had small puffy breast, I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed them before, she was blond like Cindy and her nipples were pink, her areola was pink as well, she was just a little shorter than me ,I just froze there staring, she didn’t cover herself or anything she just stood there staring at me, I got a boner immediately,
-give me back my t-shirt, she said extending her hand, not even covering herself, without a word I handed it to her, she put it on and sat on the couch next to me, I gave her the remote, and ran towards my room not saying a word.
As I lay in bed, I couldn’t help but to think about my young sisters boobs, they were excellent and looked great, I had seen my share of tits in magazines and porn movies, I had made out with a couple of chicks but I had never seen a pair of live breasts, and what a pair they were!!That night I jerked off thinking about my kid sisters boobs.
That weekend I was again at the mall hanging out with my friends, and as I was walking home, I saw my sister Cindy in the same corner, this time she was with a girlfriend of hers a brunette whom I didn’t know, she was skinny like Cindy but looked little bit older, they were both twitching and their eyes were all jumpy, Cindy’s blonde hair was all dirty and messed up, worse than the last time I had seen her and her friends didn’t look better, as I approached them, Cindy got all nervous
Hi Cindy I yelled and waved as I crossed the street to get closer, I hugged her and her friend looked at me kind of weird.
Aren’t you gonna hug me?- her friend said kind of joking, -sure- I said, my sister got in the way and said,
- cool it this is my kid brother-and gave her a big stare.
-ahh- nice to meet you kid brother I’m Kelly-
As I was about to speak, Cindy pulled my arm and took me apart, she spoke softly to me –what are you doing here?-
I was walking home from the mall- I told her,-
-what’s wrong with you, are you on drugs? You’re all twitchy and jumpy ,
-no, no , nothing like that,- I’m just a little tired that’s all, - this is my roommate Kelly, we ‘re sharing an apartment close by- she said, pointing to a building complex that didn’t look very nice.
-O that’s cool- so what’s up? how have you been? You haven’t stopped by the house- I asked this time I was a little bit more calm.
-No I haven’t had any time- I’ve been busy doing stuff, but I promise I’ll stop by soon.
We talked for a while and joked around she told me she was sharing a small apartment with Kelly and that they were looking for work, she told me she had quit college for the time in order to get a job and that after she was settled in she would start college again. She said that maybe in a couple of weeks I could visit her place so I could see how cool it, was, I told her I would, as I was about to leave, she asked me if I had any money, I told her I had 20 bucks, she told if she could borrow it and that she would pay me, I didn’t mind so I gave the money to her.
As I said my goodbyes and was leaving, Kelly said to me,- hey kid next time you have 20 bucks give them to me and I’ll give you something in return-
-Something like what I asked?- sounding like a smart ass.
She looked at me, opened her mouth and with her fist made a jerking motion at the same time sticking her tongue out, then she laughed , my sister looked at her in a scolding way, and Kelly said- what, he’s a nice looking kid, I’ll give him a little extra- they both laughed and with that I went home.
One day when I got back from school, the cops where at my house, everyone In the school bus suddenly stop talking all at once, my sister and I looked at each other and didn’t have a clue as to what was going on, as we walked in my dad looked very pissed, and so did my mom, and it was weird because they were never there when Jen and I got home from school.
What happened I asked, -kind of worried and scared at the same time.
Nothing serious, you guys go upstairs and I’ll talk to later- my dad said, I could tell he was pissed but it wasn’t at us.
After about an hour or so, my dad came in to my room and told me that the neighbors had seen someone hanging around the house trying to get in and they had called the cops, -was it a burglar- I asked kind of scared,- No-he told me very calm- I think it was Cindy-
- maybe she had lost her key or was hungry?- I asked, I didn’t know what the big deal was, and I told my dad, it was just Cindy- he went on to explain to me that Cindy was in trouble and that we had to help her, but that at the same time she didn’t want our help so we had to let her be and that eventually she would come around
She’s kind of confused – he said, - your mom and I love her very much and I’m sure she’ll come around- don’t worry-
You’re not going to send her to jail?- I asked very worried
Of course not, but I had to talk to the police- he smiled and pet me on the head,
We talked a little more and then he left.
That evening I went to Jens room, and we talked a little bit, we talked about Cindy and I told her I had seen her, and that I was worried, she felt the same way, I don’t know why but suddenly my eyes kept on drifting towards her breasts, she noticed I was starring and asked why I was looking at her that way.
-it’s your breasts, I saw them the other day remember?- I was kind of embarrassed , I felt like a creep.
Oh- she didn’t say anything else, I went to my room, and decided I would go to find Cindy that weekend.
Of course I dreamed about Jens breasts.
That Saturday I told my mom to drop me at the mall, it must’ve been around 10 o’clock when she drove me, as soon as she was gone, I headed towards the corner I had seen my sister, she wasn’t there, so I went to the crappy buildings she had shown me.
Once I got there I didn’t know what the apartment number was so I asked a guy that was standing outside, he told me they lived in the first floor and gave me the number of the apartment, he didn’t even ask who I was, I went inside the building and It looked worse in the inside than on the outside.
I was approaching the door with the number the guy outside had told me when it suddenly opened and a fat guy stepped out, he walked past me fast and didn’t even notice me, slamming the door behind him.
I waited a little bit and knocked, the door opened as I heard a voice saying- what did u forget…- it was my sister Cindy wearing a towel
-heyyyy- she said- what are you doing here?
- I came to talk to you- I said quietly almost whispering- who was that?-
-oh that was just a friend of mine- she said nonchalant
- Well he looked kind of old and fat to be your friend- I said joking
-Very funny- she said –come on in-
She looked better than last time, she was still skinny but she wasn’t twitching and her eyes weren’t jumpy , she looked kind of tired, as I stepped in and looked around I realized it was a dump, it had a small table, a couch, two chairs a small kitchen and a fridge, a bedroom with only one bed and no door, it also had a bathroom with no door, it was full of ashtrays and it smelled like smoke and buzz, also there were a lot of bottles around the floor.
Come in sit down-she said, I was about to take a shower, I sat at the table and she sat across me, I told her about the cops and about dad and asked her if it had been her at the house, she didn’t deny it, she said it was her and that she was just looking around to see if I was home, I told her I was worried, she told me not to worry and that everything was ok, we talked for a while and I ended up feeling a little bit better.
-How sweet of you taking care of your old sister- she gave me a kiss on the cheek
Then Kelly stepped out of the bathroom she was wearing a robe, it was kind of white, it was tied down around the waist but not very good , she said hi to me, and got closer, she leaned down to kiss me on the cheek and I saw her breast, they weren’t that big but definitely bigger than Jens, also she had dark nipples, it was only for a split second but I got a good look, I was horny at once, she grabbed a cigarette form the pack that was on the table, and started smoking, she sat on the couch and the 3 of us continued to talk.
After a while Cindy said she was going to take that shower, I said ok and told her I would wait, after that we could hang out, she agreed.
As soon as Cindy stepped in the bathroom Kelly called me
-hey kid, come here-
Why?- I asked,
-come here and sit with me on the couch, I don’t bite- she said smiling
I went to her side; I could hear the shower running,
-How much money do you have on you?- Kelly asked quietly as she got closer to me.
-I don’t know, why?- I asked and swallowed at the same time.
- because….. depending on how much money you have I can give you a little surprise- she said softly almost on top of me, and touching my chest.
I..I..- I didn’t say anything, I had a complete hard on- I was so excited I couldn’t speak; she looked at me and then suddenly stopped and got up from the couch.
- Well?- she asked looking at me
-I think I have about ten bucks- it was the truth that was all I had
-hmmm- she stared at me-when you get some more money come on over- then she opened her robe and exposed herself completely to me, I could see her breasts, she had dark nipples and pointy , she had a tattoo on one of them, and her pussy was nicely trimmed with just a little stripe of dark hair on it, she had a very nice body even though she was thin, my jaw dropped, and my eyes doubled in size I’m pretty sure it was only for a couple of seconds but I took it all in, I remembered her body exactly, she closed her robe and walked towards the little kitchen, cigarette in mouth, now that I noticed, she looked pretty when she was clean, she had a nice face, and long dark hair that came down to her shoulders I jumped out of the couch and followed her towards the kitchen.
Wait- I said- I can get more money-with that she turned around and headed my way, she opened her robe and got closer, she got very close to me, I started to touch her, I touched her breasts, here nipples were hard , the first breast I had ever touched, she guided my hand towards her pussy, and I put my finger in her, it was a little bit dry at first and then as I started to put in and out she started to get wet, she stopped and took a step back, with her robe still open, she grabbed me by the jeans and pulled me closer to her, she started to unbutton my jeans and put her hand inside my pants, I was hard as rock, she pulled my dick out and stroke it a little bit, I was very aroused, nervous, anxious, you name it – Kelly got close to my ear, while stroking my cock- and whispered –I’m going to give you a little free sample because I like you, when you get some money come back- with that she got down on her knees opened her mouth and started to suck my cock, I closed my eyes and leaned back against the kitchen, one hand on Kelly’s head and the other holding against the kitchen I thought I was about to fall down my legs were giving away, I was trembling, I simply couldn’t believe it this stuff simply doesn’t happen I was about to cum, when I heard
-Kelly what the hell!!- It was my sister Cindy, she was standing in front of us wearing a towel, I froze, I didn’t know what to do, I felt like a deer caught in head lights, Kelly had my cock in her mouth, she sucked me about two more times, and then took it out of her mouth stroked it a couple of times and looked at my sister
-what’s the matter, I’m giving him a little freebee, poor kid was all horny you know I like him-she was stroking my cock while staring at my sister
- You’re such a slut-she said
-its not like I’m fucking him or anything like that ,let me finish him off at least, why don’t you get dressed in the mean time- with that she opened her mouth and began sucking me again, I didn’t know how to react, I was enjoying it of course but it was kind of weird, Cindy looked at me, looked down and turned around towards the bedroom without saying a word, all this time Kelly kept on sucking me, I closed my eyes again for a couple of seconds, looked down and could see her breasts as she was kneeling on the floor , then I leaned my head back and I could see inside the bedroom , I saw my sister naked drying herself, her breasts were smaller than Kelly’s but bigger than Jen’s and were firmer, her pussy was completely shaved and she was very thin I could see her ribcage, all this time Kelly was sucking me and jerking me off, time kind of froze I could see Cindy putting on her panties, as she was about to put her bra on she stared directly towards me, at that moment I came inside Kelly’s mouth,, I guess Kelly wasn’t expecting it because she almost choked, she licked me a little bit more and then she stroked me a couple times more, I was still hard, she got up and stared at me.
- That was a lot of cum, your clean right?- she asked
-clean? I shower every day – I said, it came out as a matter of facto statement
She laughed-no silly clean means you don’t have any diseases-
Oh,-I said again-then I’m clean I guess I don’t have anything-
-I know that now-she said still laughing – get some money and you can fuck me-she started to close her robe, I was still hard my dick was out of my pants, that instant Cindy walked out of the bedroom wearing jeans and t-shirt with no bra, I could see her nipples I put my cock back in my pants, I felt embarrassed, but still I felt good, my first blow job, I felt great.
-slut- Cindy told Kelly as she passed next to her
-Yeah right like you’ve never sucked a cock-she snapped back
-Well he’s my kid brother- she said angrily
-He loved it!- she screamed , and if the room would’ve had a door I’m pretty sure it would’ve been slammed
- Are you ready to go-she asked me
- yeah lets go- I said trying to act natural, still satisfied and embarrassed at the same time.
We left the apartment and started to walk towards the mall, we weren’t really talking, I was thinking about the blow job I had just received and I don’t know what Cindy was thinking about. We hanged around the mall for a while, and then started to have lunch it wasn’t a big lunch just some burgers because Cindy was broke and all I had was 10 bucks, while we were eating I asked Cindy
-Are you and Kelly whores?- I drank some soda, after I asked the question.
-No-she said nervously – why would you ask that?
Well, because Kelly said If I found some money she would fuck me-more soda, I couldn’t believe I had told her that
-well, the thing is, sometimes we need some money so Kelly lets some guys do stuff to her for extra cash, she likes it a lot because she’s always horny so it’s not like whoring-
-What about you?- I asked - do you sometimes do stuff for money?-
Sometimes- she said- but not always-
-ah ok- I said
-If you get some money you could fuck Kelly-she said smiling
-cool I said- and started to laugh, we both were laughing
We hanged out all day around the mall, talking, fooling around, going to the stores, Cindy shop lifted a sweater and shirt right under my nose, I thought it was so cool, we had a blast, when It was time to go home we walked together to the corner I had seen her before and then we went on separate ways.
That night I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited about what had happened in the morning, I had seen a naked girl ,touched some tits, fingered a pussy and gotten a blow job, what a great day indeed, another thing that was bothering me was how could I get some money for next week, I wanted to fuck Kelly, of course so I couldn’t just ask my parents ,I had to either find a job or sell something, my allowance was only 15$ a week, and I didn’t have any savings.
That Sunday , I talked to my dad, I said I wanted to get a job or something because I needed some money to by some stuff, he said if I would , clean the gutters, rake the back yard and cut the law out front and in back, paint the fence and clean the garage he would pay me 50 bucks, I almost jumped, of course I agreed, that week every day after school I did it all, I cleaned the gutters, raked the back yard, mowed the lawn and painted the fence, it was Thursday and I was almost done all I had to do was clean the garage, I don’t know if it was my hornyness or the idea of having sex with Kelly that got me moving, I was full of stamina, I had completely forgotten about Jen and her boobs, I don’t know why, my mind was just on the prize and Jen wasn’t it, on Friday when I got back from school, all I had to do was clean the garage, Jen agreed to help me out a little bit.
We were almost done, talking all the time as we were cleaning and picking things up, you know normal stuff when Jen asked me a question that stunned me
-Why did you stare at my breast the other day?- she asked casually
- I Froze, I didn’t know what to say-I don’t know I just kind of starred at them and noticed they were there-
-have you seen others?- again she asked casually, while picking a box from the ground.
-Yes, some in magazines, the internet and couple of movies-
-Real ones I mean- she corrected
-yes, I’ve seen 3 pairs, yours, Cindy’s and a girl I know- I answered, I don’t know why I told her the truth
-When did you see Cindy’s?- she asked amazed
-one day when she was changing- I kind of lied
Ok-she said
-What about you- I asked her
-What about me?- she responded
-Have you ever seen a man’s thing- I asked her quietly
-on the internet I have- she told me kind of embarrassed- but never a real one-
-Would you like to see mine?- I whispered
-Ok- she answered almost immediately
-come here- I called at her to get close, I pulled down my zipper opened my jeans and out came my cock in front of my 14 year old sister, I wasn’t afraid or anything it just felt kind of weird I don’t know why I did it, Jen got closer and stared, it was kind of dark but the light was on so I’m pretty sure she got a nice view.
-When does it get hard?- she asked me while staring at my dick
-When I get exited, or when I’m horny-I answered already getting hard
-Can I touch it- she stretched out her hand towards it
Ok- I was almost completely erected
She touched my dick and it was already hard, she looked at it and stroked a couple of times, she grabbed it and squeezed it, moved her hand all the way around the shaft,-it ‘s hard - she told me.
-I guess-I said, I got closer to her, she put both her hands on my now fully hard and erect cock, moved them up and down, and squeezed, she yanked the foreskin all the way down the shaft and with one hand and with the other touched the completely exposed head, stroked it a little bit and then she let go, and took a couple of steps back.
Can I see you’re pussy- I asked
Not today-she told me kind of embarrassed – another time ok?
-ok, don’t tell what happened ok?- I told her very hush hush
-ok, I won’t but you won’t tell either?-she looked at me seriously-I nodded and with that we finished fixing the garage, we talked a little bit more, but not about what had happened.
Later that evening when my dad got home, we went around the house inspecting my work, he told me I had done a very good job and that he was proud, he also said that I was getting a 10 $ bonus, I said that maybe I should give those 10 $ to my sister Jen , because she helped me out in the garage, my dad agreed, that night I almost couldn’t sleep, one part excitement because I was going to have sex with Kelly and the other part because of what had happened in the afternoon, it was weird the way Jen had grabbed my cock, I didn’t know what to think, should I try something with her?.
Finally it was Saturday , I told my mom to give me a ride to the mall, I had the 50 bucks dad had paid me for my chores , plus 10$ from last week and 10 from this week, I had given Jen 10 bucks for the help, as soon as mom dropped me off the mall I went to my sisters place.
I knocked on the door, no answer; I knocked again, this time harder. Finally the door opened, it was some black guy with some dread locks.
-What do you want- he asked sounding pissed
-Is Cindy home?-
-Why yes she is little guy you looking for some fun- he smiled this time-well come on in - he opened the door and let me in.
As I was walking in he told me they were having a little after party and that everyone was having a good time.
The place was a mess, worse than last time, it was full of smoke, there were bottles all around.
-take a look around- the guy who opened the door said- Cindy’s almost done.
I walked around the room/ kitchen before I noticed some movement and sound coming from the living room, the black guy who opened the door sat down on the couch and lit a cigarette, he looked at me and smiled again almost laughing this time.
-Well go ahead take a peek, it don’t cost you nothing to look-
I stepped towards the bed room which had no door, and what I saw almost gave me a heart attack
My sister was being fucked by this guy, he looked older like 30 or something, Cindy was lying on her back with her legs opened and this guy was pounding her, in and out, in and out, she was kind of just lying there, the guy kept on going he squeezed her tits, licked her legs and then opened her mouth and put his thumb in it, Cindy was facing the other side so I guess she didn’t notice me, he was touching her all over and started to pump harder, he kept on going, Cindy turned her face and her eyes met mine, they were red and she looked very tired, her eyes were almost closing on her own, this guy just kept on fucking her and she kept on staring at me, then she turned around and faced the other way, I took my cue and left the room.
I sat on the table across from the couch I couldn’t see in to the bedroom but I could still listen to the sound.
The guy with the dread locks looked at me and asked-so kid you wanna hit that I can make it happen you know-
She’s my sister- I said sounding pissed
Ouch- he said, with that he stood up and went towards the room- come on mike let’s get the fuck out of here-
-But I’m not done-another voice, mike I assumed
-I don’t give a shit we’re out of here now!!!- he yelled
After a couple of minutes they both were walking out of the room, the guy with the dread locks turned around and said- get you’re shit together you still owe me big time, and get cleaned up you got family visiting.
He stared at me and said- sorry kid, I didn’t know, crazy bitch better get her shit strait, see you around.
And they both left the apartment.
I stayed a couple of minutes just sitting there and thinking, Cindy was definitely on drugs, no doubt , she was also drinking and maybe whoring, that was bad, also she had quit collage, I looked around, what a dump, finally I got up and headed towards the bedroom, I could see Cindy lying naked on her side she was facing the opposite direction, I leaned close to her and shook her a little bit,- Cindy Cindy-
-Hey baby – she said as she opened her eyes, she ran her hands through my hair,
You need a shower- I said as I lifted her from the bed, I could see her naked body in full, she had nice tits, her pussy was completely shaven, she was a little bit taller than me, I helped her get up and she hugged me, I hated to feel excited but I couldn’t fight it, I helped her walk and we stumbled towards the bathroom, I sat her down on the floor of the shower, which didn’t have a shower curtain, she sat down with her legs open and I got a perfect shot of her pink slit, her lips just spread a little bit, I opened the water and let it hit her a lot, it was cold water, so it shook her up a little bit, finally she stood up by herself, I looked for some soap and gave it to her, I still couldn’t get over the fact that she was naked, I was very aroused, I know it was wrong but I guess my hormones got the best of me, after a while she was still just standing there with the soap on her hand- aren’t you going to use that?- I asked
What?- she said- I pointed towards the soap,-oh right- and she started to get soaped up.
She scrubbed her breasts, her legs, and her pussy, she scrubbed her pussy a lot, than her arms and her ass, she opened her legs a little bit and let the water wash off the soap, I had a rock hard on, my dick was starting to hurt, . She stepped out of the shower and sat down on the toilet all wet, I grabbed the only towel in the bathroom and started to dry her up, she leaned forward and rested her head against my chest, I must admit as I was drying her down especially on the chest area I paid more attention than I should’ve , I got her up again from the toilet and passed the towel between her legs I could feel her pussy through the towel-hmm that feels good – she said, I got scared and stopped rubbing, pretending I didn’t hear her, I helped her get up and walked her towards the bedroom still completely naked, and I with a huge hard on, I rested my sister against the wall and told her to wait till I changed the bed sheets , while I was doing that she spoke again- I saw you looking at me-
-when? I asked while putting the new sheets on the bed
-when I was getting fucked!!- She said loudly and started to giggle leaning against the wall with her arms on her side and her hair dripping wet
-Come on- I said and helped her towards the bed, she just dropped face down, I could see her ass in full for the first time, it was great!!
As I was about to leave, Cindy spoke- wait-, I turned around and she was facing me, sitting on the bed I could see her pussy again, just a little open,- come here I want to tell you a secret – she said giggling
-What is it- I asked from under my breath
-It’s a secret; you have to come closer- more giggling
I got close to her, on the bed and she approached me and whispered in my ear- I know you want to fuck me, you’re a bad little brother- and with that, she kissed me on the lips, with tongue and every thing
I know I’m a scumbag taking advantage of my drunk or drugged up sister, but what the heck she was older and I was very, very horny!
We were kissing and I started to touch her, first her tits , the nipples got hard immediately, I was still kneeling across her in bed, she pushed me a little bit and took of my shirt, she started to kiss my chest and bite me a little bit, then she opened my jeans , and got her hand on my very hard cock, she started to stroke it and kissed me again, she leaned down and put it in her mouth, I couldn’t believe it, my 18 year old sister was sucking my cock she sucked and jerked at the same time, she looked up at me and said-come here baby put it in me before I sober up- like a flash I stood up, took off my shoes socks, pants and boxers, I was naked in half a second, she moved back and opened her legs, she grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy, I moved forward a little bit and slid my cock in, the head first and then the whole shaft I slid completely in her. I started pumping and we both began to moan, she wrapped her legs around me and I fell on top of her and continued to pump in and out, I didn’t know if I was doing a good job but I was enjoying it, Cindy kept on moaning and moving at the same time she hugged me and drove her nails in to my back, I started to kiss and lick and bite her breasts, they were great, she kept on caressing my chest and kissing me at the same time I kept on moving faster and faster, I started to kiss her face and suddenly I realized her eyes were closed, I kissed her on the lips and she returned the kiss but was out, she was out, I didn’t notice when she fell asleep not very romantic or flattering that the first time the person you’re having sex with falls asleep, o well what the heck, I continued about my business, fucking my sleeping sister, I started to get some speed I was close, it felt great, I kept on squeezing Cindy’s breasts one hand on each, I looked down and could see my cock entering and leaving my sisters shaved pussy, I would take it out completely and then ram it back in, I did this a couple of times, I would go in deep, i grabbed my sister legs and pushed myself in all I could, then I just kept on pumping and touching her, then it happened, I exploded inside her, it was exhilarating, I came a ton, and then fell over my naked sister.
After a while of laying on top of her I pulled out, I sat down and inspected every inch of her body with my hands I opened her pussy, I smelled it, I tasted it, I did the same with her breast, I stated to wonder if I should fuck her again, I was willing and able, but I decided against it, I got up and got dressed
I covered Cindy with a blanket and started to clean up her apartment, it took me a couple of hours, I had to leave the door open because I didn’t have keys, and couldn’t find any, I ran to the store and spent about 20 dollars in cleaning products. At the end I did a good job, I emptied 3 big black bags full of garbage, I cleaned her bath room and the kitchen, when I was done I went to the bedroom and started cleaning there Cindy was exactly in the same position I had left her I wondered where did Kelly sleep, if she was her roommate? Did they sleep on the same bed?, and also I noticed that they didn’t have a TV, come on who doesn’t have a TV.
I was almost done and about to leave, when I heard the door.
- hello hello what do we have here- it was Kelly’s voice-
You cleaned our apartment? Wow what a sweet boy this place looks great.
She was drunk I could tell or maybe high
Kelly walked around the apartment, and commented on the good job I had done, she sat down on the couch, and chatted a little bit with me, nothing interesting just talking and asking me questions, I told her I Cindy was sleeping and that her friends had left as soon as I got there.
-so do you wanna have some fun- she asked me-
-no I’m ok, besides I didn’t bring any money-I lied, of course.
Well that ok, next time you find some money come and visit, I’ll be waiting- she laughed- that doesent mean we can’t be friends right?
-Yeah I guess we can be friends-
It was getting late so it was almost time to leave, and Cindy hadn’t woken up yet, I stepped in to her room checked her out and she was still sleeping in the same position, I said goodbye to Kelly and step out of the apartment and headed home.
That night I couldn’t sleep, I was very anxious, what had I done, I had fucked my sister, not only that, she was wasted! the worse part of it was I had enjoyed it!, was I bad person?, I felt terrible.
The next day was Sunday, after church dad told us he and mom had a barbeque at some friends house, they didn’t have kids our age so we could either go with them or stay at home, I decided to stay at home and Jen agreed as well, dad and mom dropped us off.
I was at the couch again, surfing channels and at the same time thinking of the events that had happened the day before, Jen came along and sat next to me, I don’t know how much time had passed when she finally spoke
-Remember what happened in the garage?-she asked quietly
-Yeah- I smiled
-Did you feel weird about it?- again she asked quietly
-ok, me neither- a small pause and then she said- I kind of liked it-
-woo hold on- I stood up- you liked it?
-Well yes it felt kind of nice, touching you, you know-
Woo , what the hell was going on, did this kind of stuff happen all the time, or was it just me, I million thoughts rushed in my mind at once, and of course I did the only thing logical for a 15 year old horny, very horny boy.
-Show me you’re pussy, it’s only fair now- those words came out of my mouth totally unexpected.
Jen stood up, got next to me, and pulled down her pants and panties at the same time.
She had a long shirt on she lifted it up a little bit so I could get a view, she had a little bit of hair, and it was small, it was like a little mound ,her legs were a little separated so I could see it very good, I circled her and saw her ass, it was great, I completed the circle around her and she was still just standing there holding her shirt up , needless to say I was hard, I approached her and stretched out my hand, I touched her pussy a little bit, just on the outside, then I rubbed it a little bit, and put the tip of middle finger inside her, she was wet, I continued to rub her pussy and every two or more rubs I would put my finger in, just a little bit, she let go of her shirt and put her hands on my shoulders, I continued to rub her softly, she squeezed my shoulders and closed her eyes tilting her head to one side, now she was very wet, dripping I think. I guided her to the couch and she sat down, she put her legs up in the couch and opened them I sat next to her and with my right hand began to finger her and play with her pussy, it was simple, play and finger, I took my finger out of he and moved my hand on my pants, she immediately opened her eyes.
-what happened-Jen asked staring at me
-nothing I’m going to take off my pants- I already had them down to my knees with boxers and everything without leaving the couch
I leaned back to my original position and moved my right hand to its place between my sisters legs, without saying anything she moved her left hand towards my cock and grabbed it, she squeezed it a little bit and started stroking it, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, we were both masturbating each other, it felt great, we were almost in sync when I fingered her faster she would jerk me off faster, I went slow, she slowed down as well, we were having a blast, after some time of giving each other mutual pleasure, she started squeezing my cock, harder and harder, I thought she was going to rip it off, I kept on moving my hand around her pussy and fingering her, suddenly she released my cock and closed her legs trapping my hand in between , she let out a great moan and then relaxed.
-What happened-I asked
-I finished, what about you?, she said panting and looking at me.
I shook my head, she turned in my direction waited a little bit just staring at me and got up from her side of the couch sat down on my lap, one leg on each side of me and my legs in the middle, my cock was inches from her pussy I could almost feel it, she grabbed my cock with both hands and started jerking me again.
-Am I doing it right?-she asked softly
-Yeah- I responded-can you take of the shirt?
She did it without hesitation, I did the same with mine, she was sitting on top of me, I could see my cock almost touching her pussy, her small puffy breast in front of me, of course I squeezed and touched, her skin was so soft and a little bit wet from sweat, I could feel her she was warm, her beautiful blonde hair dropped over her face as she looked down towards my cock that rested between her hands she was jerking me with both hands, I couldn’t take it any more I grabbed her legs, squeezed and released, I exploded my sperm jumped high, over her and over me, it landed on my chest, and on hers, she kept on stroking, softly. I relaxed and let myself rest, I felt so good. And I know she did as well.
-wow that was a lot- she said surprised
-yeah- I responded I leaned my head back and closed my eyes
She stayed on top of me for a while inspecting my cock and touching my body, then she picked up her stuff and left without a word, I did the same and went to my room to get clean.
I didn’t see Jen until next morning, it was kind of awkward, but we didn’t talk about the incident, after a couple of days mom asked us if we were fighting again and angry at each other, I said we were a little bit, she told us to cut it out, we were brother and sister and shouldn’t act the way.
That night before bed Jen came to my room, we talked a little about what had happened, we both had liked it and that was it, we talked about Cindy I told her I had visited her and thought that she was on drugs and in trouble, she said she wanted to come and see her, but I felt it was better if I went first and asked her if we could go on Saturday, she agreed.
The next day after school as soon as the school bus dropped us I went directly to Cindy’s house, on the way there my mind drifted I had fucked one sister and fingered the other one, I was going straight to hell.
As soon as Kelly opened the door I could smell the booze and the smoke, the apartment still was clean but the smell was a different story.
-hey hey, look who came to visit- Kelly said loudly as I walked in
Cindy was sitting on the couch with the guy in the dread locks, she looked kind of wasted, so did Kelly, but dread lock guy didn’t,
-say my little big man, how you doing- he said smiling like always
-I’m ok and you?-
Doing fine my man, coming to visit the family I see- again with the smile
-Yes- I said trying not to look scared, he didn’t scare me that much.
-well get up- he hit Cindy in the leg- go say hi to your kid brother-
-Cindy stumbled up and gave me a kiss in the cheek,
-Kelly, take her to the bathroom, she needs a shower-he ordered
Kelly did as she was told
Come and have a seat with me little big man, the girl’s just need to shake it off a bit-
I went to the couch and sat down next to him.
He started speaking to me, asking me questions, about school and stuff, believe it or not he emphasized that I should stay in school and go to college after that, after talking for a while he said- I like you kid, you’re smart, got balls and speak your mind-, as he got up my sister came out of the room wearing some cut of jeans and a small tub top, she sat next to me on the couch. Dread lock guy walked towards the door, and said to Kelly- I’ll pick you up in about an hour when I honk that horn you better be ready-, she nodded without a peep, he turned towards me and gave me his hand-nice to see you kid, see if you can talk some sense into your sister and her idiot friend-
-heyy- Kelly said
-Shut up bitch- he snapped and headed out the door
Cindy looked weird, I thought she was still wasted but it wasn’t it, Kelly came and sat next to me, I was seating between Cindy and Kelly, Cindy was talking nonsense telling a stupid story, Kelly put her hand on my lap and whispered to my ear-so are we gonna have fun today?- she asked al slutty, she started touching my cock over my jeans, of course I was hard at once.
-I got 50 bucks- I said quickly
Hmm –she said and started to kiss me, I kissed her back, I was kissing her neck when she opened my jeans and got my cock out,-wait wait, I almost jumped,- Cindy is next to us-
-Cindy, Cindy- she said louder, and moved her, she looked at me and looked at my cock,- Cindy go to the bedroom, Cindy got up and went to the bedroom.
Kelly continued to kiss me, and stroke me at the same time, I unbuttoned her shirt and un did her bra, at the first try, with one hand!- very good-she said smiling , I began to kiss and lick her boobs, they were the biggest I had seen so far, her nipples were hard , dark and pointy she had a nice flat belly, and had a piercing in her navel, I don’t know how long we lasted making out, and touching each other, we were both enjoying it- I never kiss- Kelly said-I like you a lot-, she got up, her shirt completely open, she walked towards the bed room and came back quickly, she slid out of her panties but left her skirt on, she had a condom on her hand, she put it on me , moved on top and sat down on my hard cock, she started riding me I lifted her skirt a little bit and grabbed her ass, she put her boobs on my face and I started to lick and kiss them, she was riding me and riding me, every time, getting closer and closer to an orgasm faster and faster, she was really into it, and was moaning and panting, she wrapped her arms around my neck and started to kiss my face , suddenly Cindy came in to the room, - Kelly Kelly, he’s honking the horn, hurry up, go downstairs-
-Fuck- Kelly said. She jumped out of my cock, picked up her panties put them on, fixed her bra shirt and skirt, passed her hand over her head in combing motion give the 50 bucks to Cindy and with that she left the apartment, leaving me on the couch, holding my cock, with my jeans around my ankles and my sister standing in front of me staring at me. After Kelly left Cindy spoke

-you little fucker- she said- don’t think I don’t remember what you did.
-what I said-looking puzzled
- you fucked me that’s what!- she crossed her arms around her chest
- how could you do it!, you’re my brother, and your just a kid-she was about to cry
-I I don’t know what came over me, it just happened- I was being honest
-oh my god! What should I do, I feel like such a slut- she was beginning to sob
-why do you feel like a slut, don’t pay attention to it,-it just happened and that’s all- I told her, I started to get up and was pulling my pants on, I took the condom off and closed my zipper I don’t know in what moment I had taken my shirt off.
She hugged me, and started to sob, I hugged her back, -it’s not your fault- I told her.
We sat down on the couch and just held each other for a while, -you little shit – she said and punched me in the arm- how could you fuck me, I can’t believe you did that-
-Well its not like you stopped me or anything-
-Yeah well I wasn’t my self – she said
We sat down for a while, I told her Jen wanted to see her so I would bring her on Saturday and that she better be in good shape, and keep the apartment clean, she agreed, I asked if she was in some sort of trouble and she told she owed a lot of money, but not to worry about it.
I hanged out for a while and then went home, I gave her the 50 bucks for Kelly, before I left,- next time fuck Kelly instead of me- she said joking
-I like you more- I said before I left
I got home and my parents weren’t there yet, I told Jen about Cindy, and also commented that I thought she was in trouble ,also I told her about the drugs, we spoke a little bit more and then went about our business.
The next morning very early before anyone was awake, Jen came into my room.
-Are you asleep- she asked as she shook me
- no- I said and got out of bed- what’s wrong?
- I was thinking that on Saturday if we see Cindy too messed up, we should tell mom and dad so they can send her to rehab or a clinic or something-
I agreed, then her eyes drifted towards my crotch- why are you horny, were you jerking off?-
-nooo- I said, kind of embarrassed- its sometimes in the morning I wake up like that-
-oh, me too sometimes I wake up wet- she said
She turned around and was about to leave my room, when I stopped her I grabbed her by the hand and told her that next time she woke up wet I could finger her like the other day.
-Ok- she said- I can do the same to you-
With that I released my very hard cock from my pj’s and showed it to her, she grabbed it with one hand and started to masturbate me, we were still standing next to the closed door of my room, she was doing a great job, I slid my hand down her pjs and found her already wet pussy, she wasn’t wearing any panties I started to finger her and touch her, - I’m going to cum – I said softly, - wait-she said – I will make a mess- she pulled me using my cock and guided me towards the edge of the bed, she grabbed a towel from the floor, started to jerk me again, this time faster- here it comes I said- as I was starting to finish, she collected it all with towel, she squeezed the remains and cleaned me after I was done.
-Mom and dad will be awake soon – she was about leave again, when I grabbed her,
-Before you go could I see you’re pussy again-?
-ok, but quick- with that she took of one leg of her pj and opened up, I got down on my knees and put my hand to it, I touched it inspected it parted her lips with both hands, smelled it and kissed it, when I did that she moaned a little bit, I then put my tongue between her pussy lips and started to lick, she grabbed my head and pushed it closer, she was so wet and hot, I liked it, I loved licking her pussy, I was very excited and was hard again, I was about to jump her, suddenly she pushed me away and got dressed in a hurry and left my room.
I didn’t have the chance to talk to Jennifer until the ride back from school the next day , we sat together on the school bus
-What happened why did you leave like that this morning? – I whispered very softly so no one would hear what I was saying
-I had to go- she said softly
-but why? I thought you were having a good time- I got closer to her ear and told her
-I had to go because I was about to let you put in me- she whispered in my ear
Fuck, I didn’t say anything, of course I didn’t know what to say!, my cock was pulsating, I stayed quiet the rest of the ride home
As soon as we walked through the door of our house, I jumped Jen, I wrapped my arms around her and started touching her breasts, I was standing behind her so I had a good grip on her, she put her hands over mine and held them over her small breasts, I started kissing the back of her neck, my right hand found its way under her shirt and over her bra, I was feeling her up, my left hand followed her curves I found her navel and kept going down under her pants and under her panties I could feel her pussy and it was already wet, I started to finger her, she put her hand on my head stroking my hair, I was still standing behind her and I was taller than her so I had to bend down a little I was still fingering her and caressing her body at the same time, she turned around and started to undo my belt, I lifted her shirt and started to do hers I took of my shoes and wiggled myself out of jeans, she did the same, I took of my shirt , we were both standing there one across another in our underwear , she un did her bra and pulled down her panties, I did the same with my boxers , my cock was completely hard and erect ,we stood there for while just staring at each other’s body ,she grabbed it and started jerking me I started to finger her, we continued doing this for some time, than I guided my sister to the couch, she kind of laid down on it with her legs spread open and her feet up in the air, I grabbed my cock and was about to guide it towards her pussy, when she put both hands on her pussy and said- wait, don’t put it in, just rub it ok, I’m not ready for this- I looked in to her eyes and nodded. She removed her hands and I put my cock on the entrance of her pussy, my dicks head touched her pussy lips and just entered a little bit, I started to move it up and down up and down around her slit, I would slip my shaft between her lips but not penetrate her, I started to rub it all around her,-please let me put it in, just a little bit-I begged, I almost got down on my knees
-Ok-she said- but just for a little while and you have to stop when I say so-
I didn’t even answer, I put the head of my cock between her pussy lips and started to push in one inch at the time , every time a little more and more, finally I pushed it all in, she began to moan and then said-talk it out, take it out-and pushed me with both hands
-what happened? I said, as I pulled out, my cock was red, not full of blood but just a red on the shaft and on the head.
-I’m a virgin you dolt so it hurt-
She got up picked up her clothing and left the living room,
I did the same and followed her, -hey hey what’s going on wait-
-Leave me alone- she yelled
I did, I went to my room and stayed there for the remaining of the day.
That night I went to Jen’s room- I’m sorry about today- I said meaning it
-it’s ok, it’s just to much to handle – she told me kind of embarrassed
-Ok so were cool?- I asked
-Yeah- don’t worry
-Can we try it again some day?- I asked, my cock was already getting hard
-Yeah, I want to do it, just not today ok?-she stared directly in to my eyes as she said this
-Ok – I nodded, feeling very very horny -were still going to Cindy’s tomorrow?- I asked
With that I left her room and went to mine.
That Saturday mom dropped us of at the mall, we waited a little a while to give her time to leave and then we headed towards Cindy’s house, as I got there I could tell something was weird, Jen was kind of nervous because the building were Cindy lived was a dump, I knocked the door and no answer, I was about to knock a again when a huge bald man with a nasty tattoo on his arm opened the door, he looked at me, looked at my sister and smiled, he let us in without a word, I walked inside and the first thing I saw was a naked girl sitting on the couch she could have been around 12 or 13, Jen grabbed my hand and squeezed it, the big bald guy closed the door and just stayed there next to the door. I walked towards the bed room and could see movement and hear sound coming from there, I got to the door and finally I could get a good view of what was going on inside, there were two cameras on tripods pointed towards the bed, and there on the bed was Cindy naked with two guys fucking her at the same time, she was riding one and the other was giving it to her from behind , I could tell she was in pain, they where both furiously fucking her, she turned around and stared me strait in the eyes, I could tell she had been crying, she was very uncomfortable , also she looked very sober, not stoned or anything, the guy who was doing her from behind was very big I could tell he was pushing hard, holding my sister by her hips, Kelly was operating one camera, she was only wearing underwear and dread lock guy was on the other one, Cindy kept on staring at me, I turned around and went towards the door, the big guy looked at me and said- I don’t think so-
Crap I was starting to get worried I headed towards the couch were the naked girl was and told Jen to wait there, I told her to sit on the small table if she didn’t want to share the couch, she didn’t want to, so I assured her it was going to be ok, I went back to the bedroom, they were still fucking Cindy, both of them, she stared at me again, the guy that was under her was licking and biting her tits, the other guy was just going and going, pounding her hard.
I tapped Mr. dread lock on the shoulder he hadn’t noticed I was there
-What the fuck are you doing here kid?- he exclaimed- come here- he grabbed me from the arm and pulled me out of the room
- You keep filming- he told Kelly
-kid this is fucked up what the hell are you doing here and who the hell is that – pointing to Jen
-she’s my kid sister- I told him- what’s going on why are you filming Cindy?, are you making a porn?- I was pissed and worried at the same time.
-listen kid I like you and all but your sister is in deep shit, she own my boss a lot a money- he told me softly almost whispering
-How much does she owe him?- I was sure it was a lot and that there was no way out of the shit she was in.
-Five grand- he said
-five thousand dollars!!- I almost screamed
-yeap that’s it kid, and since she doesn’t have any money she has to pay one way or another, and the big man has a special taste for these kind of things- he said this staring at the naked kid sitting on the couch ,she wasn’t trembling or anything she was just sitting there- I personally don’t like this kind of shit, but I’m just a middle man-he said looking kind of ashamed
-Almost done here- came a voice from the room
-Hold on- dread lock guy ran to the bedroom, I don’t know why I followed him.
-ok, keep on fucking her ass, and bring the little one- I stared inside and saw that one guy was standing up next to the bed , Cindy was on all four s, the other guy was operating the other camera , the guy standing next to the bed had a huge cock, I’m talking very big and thick, he grabbed Cindy by the waist and pushed, Cindy was complaining –owe, owe it hurts no more please- but the big guy just kept on fucking her, hard.
Dread lock guy turned around and told me-you see, this is why you don’t do drugs and stay in school-
I went to sit down next to Jen, and held her in my arms, she was crying, this was a fucked up situation I was blocked I didn’t know what to think I always considered myself pretty smart, but this was just fucked up!, after a little while the big guy came and got the little girl, I could still hear the sounds of fucking coming from the bed room, then finally Cindy came out naked, she hugged Jen and me and started to cry.
We held each other for a while.
-should we go to the police?-Jen asked
-and tell them what?, that our sister is a meth head and owes a couple of drug dealers tons of money- I was being very ironic
Cindy continued to sob and looked at me.
-you’re in deep shit- I said-there’s no way mom and dad are gonna give you five thousand.
-I know-she said sobbing
-Are you hurt?-Jen asked while hugging Cindy and stroking her hair
-My ass hurts a lot, that guy was huge and he didn’t stop- she wasn’t sobbing any more
-Please you guys have to help me I can’t take this anymore- Cindy said staring at both of us
-how can we help-Jen said-there has to be something we can do?-
-I have an idea- I said- its nasty but maybe it will work
I got up and walked towards the bed room, the little girl was being fucked by the other guy, not the one with the huge cock thank god, she was riding him and Kelly was naked being fingered and kissing the little girls breast, under other circumstances it would’ve been a nice view.
I tapped dreadlock guy on the shoulder and told him I had to talk, we went outside to the kitchen and I whispered my idea to him, he opened his eyes and asked- are you sure about this kid?-
- it’s the only way I said
-But kid this kind of thing can mess you up- he was being honest I could tell
-I know but it’s the only way- I assured him
-I’ll make the call- he said, he got his cell phone out and left the apartment to talk
I went back to the couch, sat between Jen and Cindy, I put my arm over Cindy and could see her wet snatch and her tits, I had to shake my head to get the nasty thought out of my mind, after about 5 minutes dread lock guy came back in to the apartment, the bald guy just kind of stood there next to the door, he came in my direction.
-You got balls kid, the big man likes your idea- he told me
-All will be cleared?- I asked
-All of it-he nodded
-Ok, but only you and Kelly can film it and no internet, I got your word right?- I asked
- You got my word kid- he said-are you sure about this, maybe you should let Cindy…- he didn’t finish
-I’m sure- I told him
-What about the little one- he looked at Jen
-I’m sure- I told him again
-ok kid it your deal now- I’ll set it up for tonight around six
With that he went to the room,
-What did you do?-they both asked.
-I found a way out- I’ll tell you latter but you have to trust me- I told them quietly
They both nodded
After a while the guys that where fucking Cindy left the apartment, so did the bald guy who was on door duty and then dread lock guy came out with Kelly and the little girl.
-See you at six kid, good luck- and with that they left the apartment
What’s going on-Cindy asked
I stood up from the couch and spoke
-I found a way to clear your debt completely-
-what how..-Cindy was exited so was Jen
-were going to have sex and they’re going to film it-silence and opened mouths.
-Are you insane- Jen was the first one to jump up
-calm down, hear me out- I put my hands in front of me, and started to speak, I told them about the situation in which Cindy was involved, that there was no way out except her fucking her way out of debt and become a full time prostitute, also what dread lock guy had told me they were going to start doing worse things than being fucked by two guys at same time in order to get her to pay, and that she would never be free of her debt, it’s like a circle they give her more drugs and she can never pay, I started to tell them about the time I had sex with Cindy, Cindy put her hands to her face, I also spoke about what had happened between Jen and me in the past few weeks, also what had happened the day before when I penetrated her, Cindy stared at Jen almost not believing what I was saying, they tried to interrupt me a couple of times, but I didn’t let them I continued to explain that if we did this it would only be the 3 us, dread locks boss would keep the video and Cindy’s debt would be paid in full, also that after that Cindy would have to go in to rehab and get her shit together, this was the only way out and after what had happened between us this wouldn’t be much different, it was nothing we hadn’t done before think about It and you know I’m right.
They both stared at each other, Cindy’s face was red of shame , Jen was taking it much better than I thought she would.
-it’s the only way believe me- I told them again
-ok – Jen said-but only this once
-you don’t have to do this-Cindy told Jen
-Cindy I love you your my sister, we have to do this-she spoke firmly
-I don’t know about this-Cindy spoke –it’s just too weird
-Listen I already had sex with you , and Jen and I , well you know- I told her
-it’s just to weird-she said again-but ok
Ok its weird but it’s the best way- I must admit I was a little exited of the prospect, I didn’t want to take advantage of the fucked up situation but still having a threesome with my sister was mind blowing, my cock was starting to get hard.
What do we do know-Jen asked
I told her the first thing would be for her to call mom and tell her we were going to the movies and would be late. I told Cindy to get cleaned up.
After Cindy got cleaned up we went to the mall, the three of us, we had lunch and spent the day hanging around, we talked for a while , Jen asked us again how I had sex with Cindy, she wanted details.
-he fucked me-the little shit- she told Jen smiling , she told her how it had happened, Jen also asked her if she had liked it, Cindy said it was ok, we agreed to keep this a secret and not to tell anyone ever about it, we were all feeling anxious, I was excited , I was scum I knew it but what the hell.
We got back to Cindy’s apartment ,there was not much to do except wait, Cindy was beginning to freak out, - I don’t think I can do this, it’s to weird-she kept on saying-I need a fix I won’t be able to do it without- she was babbling now, I told her to cool it and to get her shit together, drugs was the first thing that got us into trouble
Finally it was time, dread lock guy arrived with Kelly, they went into the bed room and started to set up the cameras and stuff, he came out and spoke to me
-Are you sure about this?- he asked again,-its Cindy’s own fault you know
-I know- I told him
-Ok- where almost set get ready
We were all sitting at the small table,-you ready for this – I asked? Both of them nodded
-ok let’s do it –
I was the first one to start undressing, Cindy followed my lead and then Jen did the same.
The three of us were standing naked, I could see Cindy’s shaven pussy, her nice tits and her thin body, Jen pussy had a little bit more of hair and he breasts were smaller, her hair was longer then Cindy’s and much lighter, also her nipples were lighter, but they were almost identical both of them, Cindy was little higher than me and Jen was smaller, I was already hard, I grabbed Cindy with my right hand and Jen with my left and guided them towards the bed room
Kelly and dread lock guy didn’t speak as we entered, we got on the bed and kind of stared at each other, I French kissed Jen, and she replied, it was the first time we had kissed, we had touched but never kissed, I did the same with Cindy, she also responded her tongue found mine it felt weirder then with jen, I was already hard, I let her go and returned to kiss Jen, Cindy grabbed my cock and bent down she opened her mouth and for half a second I could feel her doubt, her mouth met my cock and she began to suck, it felt wonderful in her mouth she was doing a good job it was so warm and her tongue worked magic , stroking and sucking at the same time, I was kissing Jen and began to finger her, one hand on Cindy’s head the other on Jens pussy , I kept on kissing her, I don’t know how long we stayed like this, I was really getting into it, Cindy raised her head and kissed my chest, then she searched for my mouth and found it , she grabbed Jens hand and put it on my cock, they were both jerking me, slowly I kissed Cindy ,and kissed Jen , Cindy went down on me again only this time Jen followed , Cindy sucked it a while took it out of her mouth and pointed it towards Jen, she opened her mouth hesitated and put it in, not all of it just the tip, Cindy put it back in her mouth and then they were both licking it and each other Jen kissed Cindy and then my cock, I was in heaven and about to explode, I bended forward and was touching both of them I could feel all their body’s , I was touching their backs and also their breasts, I would touch Cindy for a while and then switch to Jen, I got Jen up from sucking me, and laid her on her back, I could see her beautiful body it was sweaty she stared at me, I started to kiss her small breasts, then her stomach her navel until finally I got down to the holy place, she was very wet, I opened my mouth and began to lick my way to heaven, as I was doing this Cindy managed to move me on my side and kept on sucking me I was sucking Jens pussy while Cindy was sucking my cock. i had to stop I was about to cum and I didn’t want to yet, Jen was holding my head in place, I almost couldn’t breathe, I stopped giving her oral and raised my head, got in to position she was still on her back, Cindy was besides me she was staring directly into my eyes I could see only pleasure , I pressed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed slowly, in a little inch and pushed again and again until I was all in, Jen was holding one of Cindy’s hand and had the other on my chest, she looked at Cindy and then at me , my dream had come true I was fucking my 14 year old sister, in and out in and out, gently of course I didn’t want to hurt her , Cindy was kissing me and licking my body I was fingering her, Cindy’s pussy was so wet I could feel it dripping on my hand, I would take my cock out of Jens pussy and Cindy would suck it then guide it back in, I think Jen must’ve been ready to finish because she suddenly pulled me down to her hugged me ,and started squeezing me and kissing me,- I came- she whispered.
-I’m going to finish I said, I let go from her grip and pulled out, Cindy grabbed my cock and started to stroke it, I finished immediately all over Jens belly. Cindy squeezed my juices and started kissing me, she started caressing Jens body and touching her small breasts also spreading my cum around her body, she kissed me and kissed Jen on the lips, just a little peck, I turned towards Cindy and laid her on her back, Jen was just lying there not moving staring at me , Cindy opened her legs and I went in without hesitation, she wasn’t as tight as Jen but it was different she was very wet , I started to fuck her not so fast but we had a nice rhythm ,she was staring directly into my eyes, Cindy hugged me and pulled me down to her, she wrapped her legs around me and started to kiss my face, I kissed her in return then she whispered in my ear
-I cant believe your still hard- she said panting
-Im 15 and always horny- I whispered in to hers
-you’re enjoying this to much- and then she hugged me and we continued to kiss
Jen got closer and started to touch me , she would guide my cock into Cindy’s pussy, she would touch my chest and every once in a while would touch Cindy’s breast she kissed me and I would kiss her and also I would kiss Cindy. We changes positions again, this time I laid on my back and Cindy got on top of me and started riding me it was Jen who guided my dick into Cindy’s pussy, I was playing with her tits when Jen started to kiss me again, without notice she got up turned around and sat on my face, she was staring in the same direction as Cindy and was holding on to the wall, I was eating her up Cindy continued to ride me, I would squeeze Jens ass and pull her so her pussy would find my mouth , Cindy would hold on from Jens shoulders and continue to ride me faster and faster, this time it was Cindy’s turn to have an orgasm she hurried up the pace until she was done, Jen got off from my face and switched places with Cindy she was so wet and exited that I think after a while my whole face was wet, Jen was sore because she didn’t last that long while riding me.
-You have to do an anal-It was Kelly who spoke for the first time.
-ok, do me- Cindy said
I got up and Cindy kissed me and told me close to my ear-be gentle my ass still hurts-, I kissed her again and smiled,- you’re definitely enjoying this to much- she told me and got on all fours, Jen kneeled next to me , at first I put it in her pussy and started to go she had a great ass , it felt good, I grabbed her by the waist and we started to get a nice rhythm again, Jen would be kissing me, she would move as well it wasn’t me who was doing all the work, I grabbed my cock and guided it to Cindy’s ass, I pushed a little bit it wasn’t as tight as I thought it would be, I pushed inch by inch and before I knew it I was all in, Jen just stared as my cock entered my older sisters ass, I stated to fuck her, not so hard just gently I knew she was in pain, I kept on going and going, finally I came, I pulled out and finished on her back, after that it was just a mess, the three of us kissing and touching I don’t know how long it took us but we were exhausted by the end.
I looked towards dread lock guy he looked at me and gave me a thumbs up
-I’m sure this is enough- he said- that was fucked up but good!
The girls covered up with the bed sheets, Kelly was just looking at me without saying a word, not a peep came out of her mouth. I stayed in bed while they picked up the cameras and stuff, I had a million thought going through my head, it was hard to take in, I had just made a video of me fucking my two sisters, how messed up is that? And I had enjoy it!, I knew Jen had liked it and also Cindy, it was different with both of them with Jen it was romantic and passion, and with Cindy it was just like a nasty fuck. They couldn’t look me in the eye , I knew we would need time to sort this up.
Before dread lock guy and Kelly left he looked at Cindy and said
- no one would do this for a fucked up girl-and then he made emphasis on the last part pointing a finger at her- keep your shit together and stay clean you won’t get a second chance-
With that they left the apartment.
Robert Foster

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2011-09-12 16:42:24
Very nice, very kinky, now I need to read part 2,

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good work, I've read your other stories, this one is the best

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It's a great story but it could be fucking awesome with a little attention to things like gramar and presentation.

It's a little to much still like: First this happened an then that and then that and then that, etc, etc.

I really liked how you decided to opt for pretty realistic situations with obviously a pretty dark side on the drug side.

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Very good story. Needs allot of work on grammar, spelling and punctuation but all in all a good story. It would have been an easier read had you used quotation marks. You ended this chapter leaving the reader wanting more, so I am looking forward to a followup chapter expanding the relationship between the 3 siblings. You have a very creative imagination - keep writing!

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