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This is my first story. Go easy on me. I have three-four more that I wrote, but I want to see the ratings of this before I put the others on here.
Hide and peep - 1

There was a time when the kids in my neighborhood were almost able to run free. “Mom, I’m going outside was a common phrase in many houses. No matter who was outside, you always had someone to play with. There were so many things to do and not enough hours in the day, it seemed that the sun would always go sown sooner each day that we were out playing. Sometimes, that was OK because as soon as it started to get dark out, all the boys my age would come out and we would pay hide-and-seek until our parents were yelling for us to come inside.. We would dress up in all out camouflage gear and play for what seemed to be hours.
One night while we were playing hide-and-seek, I climbed into a tree on the darkest side of a house where the street lights didn’t shine. A lot of the houses were the same design so I knew where the different bedrooms were. What I didn’t know was, Jason’s older sister’s room was facing the tree I was hiding in. I was 14 at the time and I had already experimented with masturbating to porno magazines and my dad’s porno movies when he wasn’t home. I had seen Amber before, taking the garbage out or mowing the lawn. She would mow the lawn in her bikini top and soccer shorts. Amber was a few years older, brown hair, and she was always tan. She was a soccer player so she had a good body. Whenever she finished mowing the lawn, she would take off her soccer shorts and lay on a blanket in her bikini to tan in the yard. Brandon and I would hide behind the bushes and watch her. We would stare at her breasts, whispering back and forth about what we thought they might look like without the bikini top on. Little did Brandon or I know at the time, but I would find out.
So I’m hiding in the tree, it’s pitch dark out, and I’m wearing camo and black. Even if Amber looked to see if someone was out there, she wouldn’t be able to see me. She didn’t even bother to look. She must have just gotten out of the shower because as she walked into her room, she had a shiny (I think it was silk or something like that) robe on and her hair was wrapped in a towel. I could hear the other kids yelling for me because they couldn’t find me, but I didn’t care, I was about to see Amber naked! She bent over and took the towel off of her head. Obviously the robe wasn’t tied very tightly because when she stood up facing the window and fluffing her hair, it came open most of the way. Not full nudity, but I could see a small patch of hair where her crotch was. The robe was still covering her breasts, but the middle of her chest all down her stomach and to the fuzzy patch, was exposed. She walked over to her stereo and turned the volume up loud enough I could hear Bon Jovi singing “Shot Through The Heart.” She grabbed the T.V. remote, held it up to her mouth, singing into it as if it were a microphone and dancing like crazy. ‘Please, please’ I kept saying to myself, hoping that her crazy dancing would make her robe come off her shoulders. SCORE! but she quickly put it back on. She stopped singing and dancing and yelled, “OK.” Her parents must have told her it too loud because she went over to her stereo and turned it down.
Amber brushed her hair out of her face with her hands, while standing looking at the window, using it as a mirror. ‘This is getting good’ I kept told myself. Amber then took her robe completely off, walked over and hung it on the door knob. As she walked back toward the window her breasts started bouncing because of the modelesque way she was walking. When she got back in front of the window she stood there cupping her breasts and bouncing/feeling them. Amber was eighteen so she had a nice pair of mounds on her. Still holding her breasts, she turned to look at her butt in the window reflection. Taking one hand off her breast, she jiggled her butt cheek. She then turned back to ace the window, one hand on her breast and the other still on her butt. As she arched her back, she moved both hands to her hips and turned sideways to look at how big her breasts were from the side. Then, turning back to face the window, she started to massage her breasts. Playfully at first, laughing and smiling, but then she began to flick and pinch her nipples. Switching off between flicking and pinching each nipple. Her eyes started to close and she squeezed her legs together, tilting her head back in pleasure. Still massaging hr tits with her left hand, she slowly moved her right hand down her chest, across her stomach and landed it on the fuzzy patch between her legs.
I was wide-eyed, staring and rubbing my 14 year old penis as it got harder from the show I was watching. Amber spread her legs apart wide enough for her hand to get in between. Her left thumb and index finger now pinching her nipple and her right hand started to rub her pussy. She started to shake a little bit and went to sit on her bed. As she sat down on the bed, she moved so her back was against the wall and her knees were bent with her feet on the bed. Leaning against the wall with her legs spread apart gave me a full view of her pussy. She returned her right hand to her breast and started rubbing it simultaneously with her left hand on hr inner thigh. Still giving me a clear view of her spread crotch, I positioned myself in the tree so my feet were on two branched and my back was against the trunk. I unbuttoned my camo pants and pulled my hardening cock out and started to stroke it while keeping my eyes fixed on Amber. As her hand got nearer and nearer to her pussy she would rub it slightly then return to her leg. I could tell that she was trying hard to stay quiet so her parents wouldn’t hear her. The next time she ran her hand up her leg toward her pussy, she kept going, up her stomach, across her breast, flicking her nipple with each finger, and up to her mouth. She put her first two fingers into her mouth, sucking on them and licking them. Then she ran the same hand back down her chest and to her pussy. She began to rub both wet fingers at the base of the fuzzy patch (I would later learn that this was her clitoris). With one hand rubbing her breasts and the other rubbing her clit, I was rock solid watching this and stroking my cock at the same speed as her hands were moving. I could tell she was moaning by her facial expressions. Soon she slipped her index finger into her pussy and began to run it in and out as if she’d done this before. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The hottest girl on the street, fingering herself (Just for me).
As I watched her slide her middle finger in as well, I continued to stroke my cock faster and faster as she fingered her pussy at the same speed. I ended up blowing my wad right there in the tree. She started to shake again and clenched her legs together while she dug her right hand into her breast. As I put my softening cock back in my boxers and buttoned my pants, Amber stood up, put on some shorts and a t-shirt and walked out of her room.
I climbed down from the tree and walked out to the sidewalk, to rejoin my friends in the game. Just as I was walking in front of Jason’s house, the front door opened. There stood Amber. “Hey Brett,” she said. “Good to see you again. It’s been a while. If you see Jason, can you send him in please?”
“Yeah, sure,” I replied. “Good to see you again too.” Walking away I chuckled, “If you only knew.”

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2010-07-11 00:22:14
im not picky but......ive read far worse keep up the good work

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2010-06-14 10:48:31
Eh.....hard to read without breaks and all, but as a voyeur story it was OK....I only gave it a 4 out of 10 though......Could have been lots better....


2010-05-19 07:55:27
not bad story works 4 me


2010-05-19 00:44:00
y this is fiction and follow=ups 'true'


2010-05-18 00:20:55
More has been submitted. awaiting approval. This is part 1 of 5. The others get better.

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