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Discovery By Misty Schaeffer (C) 2010

I began this as a Yuri, so I tried to stay withing the realms of young
teenage love rather than blatant down and in your face sex. It is
dedicated to Juliet, with love.

The Juliet in this short work of fiction resembles the Juliet for whom
the story is written.(Just a little older) The writer can be contacted at

It was just after her 13th birthday, when her family moved to England.
The move was just the second step of Christina Robert's transition. Her
father had received a promotion, and moved his family to Wales. Her mother
quickly adapted to English customs and was soon in a society circle similar
to what she was used to in Boston.

Previously, her family had moved around many US Cities. In her last
school, a prestigious private school, where yuppies sent their kids, as
usual, Tina was the new kid in school; she shared most of her classes with
another Tina, who became her best friend. To make life simpler she
volunteered to call herself Chrissie, which later became just Chris. After
a while even her parents called her Chris.

Now she was thousands of miles away from Tina, in Cardiff, standing in
the ugliest cotton panties imaginable, and getting into a school uniform.
Oh how she missed her best friend, she stood forlorn before the dresser
mirror. She was small for her age; her dark hair was short, and almost
masculine in style. She wore roundish glasses with steel frames; the
lenses magnified and seemed to make her blue eyes larger than they were.
Her skin was lightly tanned still, from the North American sun, except for
the regulation bikini lines. Her chest was still undeveloped, flat as any
boys, her nipples in the early morning, still in repose, were large and
pinkish, definitely not boyish. Her belly concave and showed definition,
her legs like her arms, were slim and made her appear almost coltish. Both
she and Tina had been prominent players in their school's girl's rugby
team. There was a look of disdain on her face when she looked at the school
uniform lying on the bed. Her mother had taken her shopping for it earlier
that week after enrolling her at a private school not far from their new

The uniform was hideous; she pulled on a Nike, 32A sports bra that in
reality she did not need, and slipped into the linen shirt-like blouse.
The black skirt was regulation length the sales lady at the school
outfitter had assured both mother and daughter. It almost reached her
knees. She sat on her bed, and pulled on a pair of new white ankle socks.
Finally she slipped her feet into the ugliest shoes she had ever seen.
They were black "girls school shoes", and kept on her feet by a thin strap
pulled through a large tin buckles. She so missed her jeans, t-shirts and

She clambered downstairs tie in one hand, and backpack slung casually
over one shoulder. Her mother gave her a look of disapproval. "Dont frown
Chris!" She grumbled. "And put your tie on. Where's your blazer?"

"Do I have to wear it, it's hideous." Chris protested. She had, since
being outfitted at the school's outfitters, used the word hideous, a lot.
"Yes of course you do honey, you need to make a good impression." Her
mother said.

"Easy for you to say, you don't have to wear this shit." Chris mumbled
under her breath.

"Christina, I heard that!" Her mother snapped. "Here, give me that."
She took the tie from her daughter's hand and flipped it around her child's
neck before knotting it as she did for her husband most mornings. "You can
leave the blazer at home; I don't suppose it really matters."

"Thanks mom." Chris murmured.

"Now sit and have some breakfast." She ordered, pointing at a bowl,
pitcher of milk and box of cornflakes and glass of juice.

Obediently Chris ate her breakfast.

A sleek red Jaguar, was idling within a few yards of their front door,
Jack their uniformed chauffeur opened the back door for both Chris and her
mother. "Really mom I can do this myself, I'm not a kid any more."

"But I want to go with you honey, you are still my baby." Her mother
insisted. "You do look so cute in that uniform, wait there, don't move!"
She lifted her digital camera and began snapping away.

"Ugh.... mom, please! " Chris complained and frowning for the lens
before diving headlong into the back seat and slamming the door shut.

Jack drove off sedately, leaving Chris's mother waving merrily, at the
back of her daughter's head.

The drive to the school was short and silent. She asked the chauffeur
to drop her off a block before the school yard. Jack a kindly man was
happy to oblige his young passenger, and brought the stately automobile to
a halt where none of the pupils could see her get out of the luxury car.
Chris made her way through the school gates just as a group of boys set off
the fire hydrant, not only wetting her brand new uniform, but knocking her
off her feet. The icy water shocked her breath away, and left her dazed,
drenched, and in disarray. The pranksters ran off laughing, as Chris
struggled, seething to her feet, water dripping. She shook her fist, and
yelled at the backs of the laughing boys and squelched her way wetly to the
school's office, where she stood in a puddle before the desk of the school

"Oh your poor thing." The secretary, a rotund and motherly soul,
commented, "I'm so sorry, did you see who did it?" She asked.

"No." Chris answered. "I'm sopping." She said pointing to the puddles
on the office floor.

"Well my dear, rummage through the lost and found, for something dry and
clean, I'll send for someone from Miss Saunders's class to fetch you, after
you've gotten on something dry. Oh, wait, Juliet .........Juliet Jones!"
She called to a girl walking passed the open door. "Do, come here, dear."
The girl stepped in to the office, her skirt definitely not regulation
length, blatantly a miniskirt it displayed most of her slim thighs, her
blouse was tight across her breasts, her tie skew, her face lightly made
up, almost indiscernible, she had long dark hair and large intelligent
green eyes, she couldn't resist a giggle when she saw Chris dripping water
on the floor.

"Is that lipstick you are wearing, Juliet?" The motherly secretary

"No Mrs Higgins, of course not! What can I do for you? I didn't wet
her, it was Freddy Marlow and his psycho cronies, they cracked the fire
hydrant as she walked into the schoolyard." Juliet stated.

"This is" The secretary introduced looking at the wet and
completely illegible transfer that Chris had handed her.

Chris interjected, holding out her hand. "Chris, Chris Roberts, pleased
to meet ya Julie." She introduced herself, holding out her hand. The girls
shook hands.

"I'm Juliet." She emphasized her full name before continuing. "Not
Julie... Is that an American accent?" She asked.

"Direct from Boston Massachusetts." Chris answered. A loud bell
sounded, as she removed her glasses and tried to dry the lenses. Children
and staff members began scurrying towards their respective classrooms.

Mrs Higgins interrupted, pointing at a large box in one corner before
giving both girls a late slip, should a prefect catch them walking through
the halls after the bell rang. "Do hurry! You really should get out of
those wet clothes, err, Chris. Juliet, help her rummage through the lost
and found, I'm sure you'll be able to find something dry to wear. Now,
she'll be in your class, so introduce her to Ms Saunders. Get on with it
you two." She turned as the girls began digging through the lost property,
and continued typing the document she had been busy with before Chris's wet

Chris found a shirt approximately the right size, but although there
were a number of skirts, all were way too big; there was however a clean
and reasonably new pair of boy's trousers that looked as though they would
fit almost perfectly. Socks were no problem, there were many to choose
from. The only pair of shoes her size were boy's toe-capped lace-ups.
Chris took her bundle of dry clothing to the girls change room in the gym.
Juliet peeked into the gym.

While Chris changed into the borrowed clothes, Juliet's attention
strayed to a class of elder girls in gymslips, using various pieces of
gymnastic equipment. Eventually Chris emerged from the change room,
rubbing her lenses dry. "We forgot underwear." She said. "Mine's
sopping." She explained, holding her bra and panties. "I guess I can
survive the day without wearing any." She added, sliding her glasses on.

"Oh my!" Juliet said, she had been starring through the door at the
leotard clad girls doing gymnastics and she had totally forgotten Chris.
Blushing profusely. "Ms Saunders will be wondering where I am."She said
looking at her wristwatch. "She`s not bad though, I like her." She added
breathlessly. "Holy shit, you look just like Harry Potter!" Juliet
exclaimed, giggling.

Chris slid her glasses higher, and brushed her wet hair back, similar to
the way Daniel Radcliffe wore his in Harry Potter, and grinned. "Let's see
if I can get away with it." She giggled naughtily.

"Juliet looked at her quizzically. "You're serious?" She asked.

"Yeah, why not, no one knows me here; I think it'll be cool, lets see if
I can last the day." Chris added.

They entered the classroom. The teacher had her back to the class and
was writing on the chalkboard. She was young, about 25, only a year or two
out of University and looked taller than her 5'6" because her feet were
thrust into high heeled ankle boots, her calves were supple but showed
definition, her thighs were slim but muscled, a short black skirt
advertised her long legs, a satiny cream blouse had double row of pearly
buttons, and the top four were purposely undone, showing off the deep
cleavage of her 36D breasts. Her sexy clothing was disguised beneath a
black academic gown. It was her eyes that drew people's attention; they
were sea-green, expertly applied eye shadow enhanced their size and beauty.
Her hair, dark as a raven's wing, was long and hung halfway down her back.
She turned. "Ah Juliet, I was just about to send out a search party, who's
this?" She asked, pointing at Chris.

"Um, this is" She began.

"I'm Chris Roberts; my dad just got transferred here, before this we
lived in Boston, Massachusetts." Chris added quickly, realising Juliet
hadn't remembered her last name.

"Pleased to meet you Chris." Jane Saunders smiled." Find yourself a
seat, there's one vacant next to Juliet, I'm sure you'll get to meet and
greet everyone here, as the day progresses, now, where were we? Oh yes,
Chapter 11 of the Great Gatsby, you'll feel at home, Chris, its set in
America." The class all tittered. She turned her back and continued
writing on the board.

After the wet start, the day went a lot smoother, Chris found the
courses similar to those she had taken in the States, and she felt sure she
could cope. The boys in her class accepted Chris as one of them, and she
half grinned, noticing some of the girls, giving her admiring looks. She
spent her recesses with Juliet, and discovered that although they were from
different continents they had a lot in common. The final two periods of
the day was a double period of art. She was pleasantly surprised to
discover Ms Saunders taking them for art, as well as English. The class
was given an opportunity to begin a new project. Chris sat quietly to one
side, and began sketching Juliet, who had set up a still life model of wax
fruit, and was concentrating with single minded intensity.

The final bell rang, and the class began packing up. Chris rolled her
sketch up and poked it into a cardboard tube and slipped it into her
backpack. Juliet did the same with hers, and the girls walked out into the
afternoon sun. "How are you getting home, wont your parents ask where your
clothes are?" She asked Chris.

"Our chauffeur will pick me up. Would it be possible to go home with
you?" Chris asked. "Do you have a drier, so I can dry my stuff?" She

"Sure, I live a few streets away. My mom won't be home, but I'm sure
she won't mind. Do you need to phone and get permission?" Juliet asked,
and pointed to payphone, just outside the school gate.

Chris smiled a superior smile, and dug into her pack, and pulled out her
cell, and thumbed through the phonebook. She held the small phone to her
ear. "Hi mom, I've made a new friend, her name is Juliet, yeah, as in
Romeo and Juliet, uh huh, she wants me to go home with her, I'll do my
homework there, no she doesn't need to ask her mom, she's not home yet, but
Juliet says her mom won't mind, the address? Oh! Hold a sec."

Chris smiled at Juliet. "What's your address, my mom will send Jack to
fetch me at 6:00. Is that ok?"

"I live in Ocean Reach, 37 Seabreeze Drive, that's just a few streets
from here." Juliet answered.

"Way cool, we also live in Ocean Reach, we're 73 Beach. Is that far
from you? "Juliet nodded. "No, its not far we could walk to one and

"Mom?" She asked into the phone. "Yeah she lives on Seabreeze, 37, its
a few blocks from our house, don't worry with Jack, I can walk home, after
we finish our homework. Honest, I'll be home by 6:00, promise! Ok, bye
mom, See ya at 6:00." She said into the phone.

They walked the short distance to Juliet's home chatting away, as if
they had known each other forever.

Juliet's home was just as close to the ocean as theirs, also built on
the same slight decline, with a similar view of the sea and the bay.
Juliet proudly showed Chris her room. They threw Chris's dank skirt,
underwear and blouse in the drier, she then put a Taylor Swift CD in the
stereo before sitting at the dining room table, and unpacking their
homework. For both of them, it seemed that homework wasn't the boring
chore it's supposed to be. They chatted and sat close, fingering the
textbooks, and poking their exercise books, their young faces animated as
they playfully argued and debated their results, before writing down
identical answers. It was just before 6:00 when Chris changed into her
still warm underwear, buttoned up her blouse, and pulled up her skirt,
while Juliet watched, her cheeks unusually flushed, and her eyes just too

They stood close to each other at the door. "I'll phone you when I get
home, Oh what's your number?" Chris asked Juliet.

Juliet rattled off. "555-1032." And Chris hastily scribbled it down,
and started off down the block, turning right at the first intersection and
towards her front door, no more than half a mile from Juliet's.

Chris walked in a few minutes after six, her mom was full of questions,
"Did she enjoy her first day at school?" "How was your day?" "What are your
teachers like?" "What's Juliet like?" Chris's answers were. "Yes." It was
ok." And "They seem nice."She didn't elaborate on Juliet, just commented
that she and Juliet were the same age and that she lived just down the

In her room she carefully hid the boys' pants and shoes, in the back of
her closet. She hadn't thought of Tina all day, it was only when she
unrolled her sketch, depicting Juliet, but in the nude, pencil in hand,
concentrating on the still life she had set up, and added it to the
cardboard tube of sketches she had brought from the States with her, all
depicting Tina in various erotic poses, naked and explicit.

She dug her cell out of her backpack and thumbed through the phonebook,
it was answered on the second ring by voicemail. "Hi, it's me." She said.
"Didnt want to wake ya" It's just I'm back from school, it was fine, I made
a friend, not like you. I miss you Tina, I love you." She whispered,
making a kiss into the phone before clicking off.

After she clicked off, she quickly dialled Juliet's number. "Hi it's
Chris. Thanks for all the help today; I would have been a mess if you
hadn't come to my rescue."

"Its ok, that's what friends are for. What did you do with the pants
and shoes?" Juliet asked.

"I hid them in the back of my closet. But what am I going to do
tomorrow? I hadn't really thought what would happen if I turn up in class
a girl tomorrow. I'll have to carry on. Ok how about this, can I tell my
mom, we'll walk to school tomorrow together? That way I can come to your
house and change." Chris asked.

"I suppose, my mom leaves for work at 7:30, if you come by just after
that, and change really quickly, we should just make it to school before
first bell." Juliet agreed. "See you tomorrow, my mom's home, bye!" There
was a click as Juliet disconnected.

At the dinner table, her father asked similar questions as her mother
had, and Chris's answers were identical to the ones her mother received.
She explained that she and Juliet wanted to walk to school together and she
wouldn't need to be driven, her parents smiled. The evening was spent
watching a boring movie on BBC. Chris started missing American TV.

The next morning began almost identical to the day before, Chris putting
on ugly panties, sports bra and her school uniform in front of a mirror.
She stepped downstairs to cornflakes and juice. At 7:20 she almost skipped
out the front door and across the road turning and waving at her mother
still standing in the doorway, and headed for Juliet's.

Juliet was waiting, her front door swung open before Chris could knock.
"You'll have to be fast, we don't want to be late. And we have another
problem." She said pointing to the class schedule. "After first recess we
have a double period of Phys Ed, we get separated, the boys play rugby,
girls play netball."

"That's not a problem, I know how to play rugby, I've played rugby in
every school I've been at." Chris said, as Juliet closed the front door.
Chris unbuttoned her skirt, and pulled it down in front of a blushing
Juliet. "Oh shoot, I need to take my bra off, wont I?" She asked absently,
before taking off her blouse and pulling her bra over her head."

Juliet's breathing became shallower."Please hurry, we'll be late." She
said throatily.

Chris buttoned her shirt, and pulled up the trousers, she knelt and
quickly tied the shoelaces. "Do you have any hair gel?" She asked Juliet,
who still red in the face, nodded, rushed upstairs and returned with a
dollop in the palm of her hand. "Its mom's" She explained.

Chris used the gel to slick back her hair in a more masculine fashion,
before running her brush through her hair. "There I'm all done."

"At first recess we'll have to rummage through the lost and found,
again. I need some white shorts, a rugby jersey and socks. I do remember
seeing most of what I'll need when we were looking through the box
yesterday. I don't remember seeing any cleats though." Chris said as the
girls began walking to school.

"There's a lot of `we' going into this, isn't there?" Juliet asked,

"You will help me, wont you?" Chris asked her new friend anxiously.

"Yes of course silly!" Juliet said as they entered the school yard. She
looked at her watch. "We're just in time." She said as the school bell

The periods sped by, until first recess. Juliet and Chris were able to
slip into the lost and found quiet easily. Luck was very much on Chris's
side, she was able to assemble a complete rugby kit including a pair of
cleats, which had not been there, she was sure, the day before.

The bell rang and the friends separated. For the first time Chris felt
frightened. The boys from hers and another class all filed into the
gymnasium, and changed into their rugby uniforms, Chris was able to change
in a toilet stall. They all pushed noisily through the double doors and
ran onto the field.

Mr Moore was their phys ed. teacher. "Boys, lets make it interesting
today, I see 15 boys from each class, let's play class against class, sort
your positions among yourselves." He looked at watch; you have 5 minutes
before the whistle.

Eddie Davies was the biggest kid in Chris's class. He looked at Chris.
"You ever played rugby before Potter?" Making the connection with Chris's
resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe, everyone laughed.

"No, but I can play quiddage if there's a broom handy." Chris shot back.
"Of course I've played before, normally at fly-half, but I'm also ok as
center or in the line, just don't call me a hooker!" Chris said drawing a
chuckle, from her class mates when she used the age old rugby joke.

"That's fine the Yank can slot in at fly-half, he rattled off names and
positions just before Mr Moore blew his whistle.

The teams faced each other, at the second whistle, the game was on. The
opposing team kicked off, the ball was caught by one of the forwards, and
everyone ran forward, the ball passing from hand to hand, until a maul
ensued and the game stagnated until the teacher blew his whistle. "Scrum
down." He said nodding to Chris.

The two opposing scrums crunched into each other, Chris easily pushed
the ball in between the m?e of legs, and stood just behind his team's
legs, waiting for the ball to emerge. Her class's forwards were on a whole
larger than the opposition`s, and they surged forward, the ball was swiftly
cycled through the legs until it popped out just in front of Chris.

Chris grabbed the ball and turned as if she was on greased hinges. She
appeared to levitate, diving and passing the ball in what appeared as one
swift sure motion. The ball flew directly into the Center's waiting hands.
Every one thundered forward until the ball reached the winger. The winger
was a gangly kid, named Hugh Arthur, who Chris discovered, could run like
the wind, and after jinxing left, causing the opposing fullback to
completely miss the tackle, Hugh dove over the tri-line. Chris's kick
between the twin uprights was just as well handled. The score was 7 - 0

The game was pretty one sided and her class won easily. After the game,
Mr Moore called Chris over. "You are pretty good as a fly-half, you should
try out for the U-14 team they are short a good fly-half, I'll have a word
with the coach, Mr Woods, your parents or guardian need to complete the
consent form. I'll have one dropped off to your class. He said, now hurry
along, or you'll be late for your next period.

The boys of her class were buoyant after the win. The gym's change room
was rowdy. Eddie Davies clapped Chris on her back."Not bad, not bad
Potter, are you going to try out for our team? We need you man!Reilly is
pathetic at fly-half, and anyway he wants to be in the scrum" He exclaimed.
The kid Mike Reilly, nodded in agreement, commenting that Chris could
happily take over as fly-half, he hated being there. The boys from both
classes grinned at Chris, who once more slipped into a toilet stall to

Before the bell for the nest subject rang Chris discovered she had yet
another new name. `Potter'. The boys were still chatting noisily, as they
ambled to their next class. The full back, Hugh Arthur walked alongside
him. "Potter, why do you hang out with Juliet Jones?" He asked.

Chris thought for a second. "Why do you ask, Huey?" She asked back.

"Everyone says she's a lezzie, I'm surprised you`d want to hang out with
a lezzie" The gangly kid answered.

"Lezzie?" Chris asked feigning ignorance.

"A lesbian!" Hugh explained in a hushed voice. "Haven't you noticed
even the girls in the class don't talk to her? Or let her hang out with
them?" He elaborated.

"I think she's neat, it doesn't matter to me what you think she is, I
think she's cool, but think you are wrong, about her."

"No man, everyone in the class knows, she had a girlfriend and
everything, but her lezzie friend's parents took her out of school when she
and Juliet were caught!" Hugh Arthur continued gossiping until they reached
the door of their next class. Chris, as usual, slid into the seat next to
Juliet and smiled at her.

"How did it go?" Juliet mouthed silently.

Chris grinned and held up one hand, her index finger and thumb forming a
circle. There wasn't much opportunity to speak in between classes, as the
boys of the class were monopolising Chris's attention, calling him `Potter'
It wasn't until the final recess, before they got an opportunity to talk.
They walked out onto the playground together.

"You've become quiet popular Potter." Juliet said almost snarled at

"It's all because I`m really good at rugby." Chris explained, before
adding quickly. "The guys say you are a lesbian."

Juliet blushed blood red."Whaaaaaa?" Her mouth hung open.

"Hey, that's what Huey Arthur said." Chris explained.

"I'll kill that little fucker!" Juliet growled. Her hands balled into

"Hey! Its ok, Juliet, I still like you, and want you to be my best
friend." Chris offered earnestly, when she saw anguish etched in her
friend`s face.

"Even though I'm a lesbian?" Juliet asked sarcastically.

"Are you?" Chris asked.

"What if I am?" Juliet countered.

"What if I am?" Chris asked softly.

Both girls looked into each other's eyes, inches apart. "Well are you?"
They asked each other simultaneously.

Both girls nodded, it was Chris who smiled first. "We can't kiss here,
everyone is watching."

"Who said I want to kiss you?" Julietasked, opening her eyes.

"You licked your lips and closed your eyes." Chris said softly. "That's
the universal sign, you can ask Hugh Arthur, I`m sure he`ll confirm it if
you don't believe me."

"I have been so hot for you since you undressed at my house last night."
Juliet said softly.

"We have two more subjects before I can do that again." Chris answered
in the same tone.

The bell sounded, and it was with a deep reluctance that the girls
trooped back to the classroom. The last two subjects seemed to drag on
forever, it seemed. When the final bell rang, the girls were the first to
pack their books into their backpacks and rushed out into the afternoon
sun. It was hard for them not to walk hand in hand. They walked side by
side, their hands, almost touching.

Normally it took Juliet about 15 minutes to walk home, the girls did it
in less than 7. For the first time since they met, they weren't garrulous
and trying to out talk each other. Without any preamble Juliet slammed the
front door shut and raced up the stairs to her bedroom, followed hot on her
heels by Chris.

The two young girls who flew up the stairs sat sedately on Juliet's bed
alongside each other, hardly breathing. With a softness that belied their
trembling, they held each other's hands. Their breathing finally slowed .
Juliet asked first. " Am I your first?"

"If I say no, will you be jealous?" Chris asked.

"So I'm not your first, I'm ok with that." Juliet explained softly.
"Who was she?" She asked curiously.

"Her name is Tina, we have the same name, Christina, she took the same
art class and me, and a few others, one Sunday at the movies we kinda
kissed by accident and discovered we liked it. Later we discovered we just
wanted to make love to each other, and that's what we did, in just about
every way, till my damned dad got us transferred. We still speak on my
cell, but it's not the same. It's hard, but we both know I won't be coming
back any time soon." Chris explained. "What about you?"

"Lydia and I were best friends from the first grade, when we were in 5th
grade during a sleepover, we started experimenting with our fingers, you
know?" Juliet blushed before continuing. We were very close, it broke my
heart when she moved away. Like you, we speak on the phone, but I think we
both realise that London is too far away, for us to keep it going."

Timidly their lips met. Both girls closed their eyes. It was Chris who
gently pushed Juliet down onto her back and slid over her, while their lips
were still joined. Chris moaned, Juliet lay on her back trembling. Chris
began unbuttoning Juliet's blouse, Juliet helped by arching her back,
letting Chris's arms unsnap her bra. Juliet's breasts were exquisite,
unlike Chris's flat boyish chest, Juliet's breasts were beautifully
rounded, and filling out, her nipples, coral pink and already contracting
themselves into hot little nubbins of wantonness.

Chris couldn't control herself, her lips finally slipped from Juliet's.
Her mouth trailed wetly over Juliet's chin, and down over her chin to the
soft sensitive skin below her jaw. Chris began with soft wet kisses along
Juliet's jaw line, and then down the side of her neck, Juliet lay back
panting, until Chris's hot wet lips latched onto her left nipple. Juliet's
hands matted themselves in Chris's hair, as Chris sucked the whole nipple
into her mouth, and pressed the nipple up against the roof of her wet, warm
and wonderful mouth.

Chris tugged at the waist of Juliet's short black skirt. Once the
button was opened, Juliet slithered free of the skirt, her soft cotton
panties showing her labia clearly beneath damp fabric. Chris let Juliet's
breast slip from her mouth with a loud `plop'. Juliet shivered, as Chris
continued to plant a row of soft wet kisses down over her abdomen,
hesitating briefly over the bellybutton, before plodding southwards and
kissing Juliet's pussy, through the wet cotton, short curly pubic hair was
clearly visible, along with Juliet's puffy labia. It was incredibly
beautiful to Chris's artistic senses.

Juliet gasped when Chris's fingers, still outside her now sodden panties
found her clit, her lips were dripping wet. Chris circled just above her
clit lightly with the tips of her fingers, and watched Juliet writhe, eyes
tightly shut. Finally she pulled away long enough to pull Juliet's wet
panties off. She slid her hand a little further, and pushed two fingers up
into Juliet. They went easily; Juliet's pussy was full of lubrication.
She pushed them as deeply into Juliet as she could, while Juliet lifted her

Finally Juliet's one hand clamping down on Chris's wrist urging her on.
Chris slid her fingers in and out slowly. Each time she went in, she went
in as far as she could, pressing hard against Juliet's pussy. And each
time, Juliet gasped and her hips undulated in perfect time, with Chris's
thrusts. Chris felt Juliet's whole body begin to tense, nearly lifted her
back off the bed. She spread her legs wide as her orgasm neared. With a
small smile, Chris backed off a little, slowing down. Juliet opened her
eyes and tossed her head.

Chris bent down where her fingers were buried inside Juliet and her lips
found Juliet's clit peeking out from beneath its hood, she kissed it wetly,
the tip of her tongue working the tip of Juliet's clit, she slowly and
purposely, teased her. Juliet pushed up against her, straining hungrily,
digging her nails into the back of Chris's neck and shoulders. Finally
Chris relented. She felt Juliet was excited. Trembling and hot, she bore
down on her hard, kissing and tonguing at her clit furiously. Juliet, who,
except for gasping or breathing in grunts the entire time, had been silent,
cried, it was less of a cry, more like a soft, keening whine, and her lower
body spasming in time with her wildly beating heart, her vagina contracted
around Chris's fingers. Finally she lay back panting, while Chris smiled
lovingly up at her from in between Juliet's pulsing legs.

Chris rolled over and hurried began pulling off her clothes,finally
naked, she sat up on the bed, parting her thighs and smiling invitingly at
Juliet, who got down on her knees carefully, placed her hands lightly on
Chris's thighs. She reached out to trail her fingers over Chris's pussy,
and found that the flesh was incredibly supple, soft, and slick, because
Chris was almost gushing with clear fragrant lube. Juliet took her sweet
time and explored gently with her fingers, stroking Chris's labia, with
just the tips of her fingers. Finally Juliet leaned forward and licked.
Chris stiffened and moaned. "Oh God yes, do that again, dont stop."

Juliet happily obeyed. Chris tasted warm, and almost like seawater, but
it was fleshy and different than anything else Juliet had ever tasted. She
felt for Chris's clit, judging from her own experience with Lydia. She
knew she'd found the right place when Chris twitched and moaned.

Unlike Juliet, Chris was very noisy and demanding. She gripped two
handfuls of Juliet's hair, holding her mouth firmly against her young
pussy, her legs spread wide, her head thrown back in ecstasy. "Oh god yes,
yes, yes.... Oh, right there.... Don't stop! Oh shit, yes... god that
feels so good.... Yes, lick me, yes..."

Juliet at first nervous by how loud Chris was, became just as excited by
each of Chris's cries, and ate her eagerly, pushing her fingers roughly
inside the squelchy velvet and licking and sucking at her clit. Chris held
her hair tightly and began to move her hips beneath Juliet's mouth, working
her clit the way it needed to be worked. Juliet happily let Chris grind
herself against her mouth and chin, becoming swept up in Chris's impending
orgasm. When it came, the normally silent Juliet almost cried out herself
while Chris shuddered and screamed. Her scalp hurt from Chris pulling on
her hair, but she didn't care. She sucked Chris's clit until Chris finally
pushed her away with a convulsive gesture. She lay back panting, her heart
and pussy pulsing simultaneously.

Juliet sprawled alongside Chris, their eyes locked on each other. Chris
asked first. "So was it better than with Lydia?" She asked.

"Juliet answered." No, with Lydia we were always quick and quiet it's
almost like we had to be quiet, like it was a secret, no one could ever
know. With you, wow, screaming, I got like I thought I was going to cum
when you did, I'm surprised they didn't hear us next door."

"And you?" Juliet asked.

Chris bounced and lay on her back, her one arm covering her eyes, she
took a breath. "With Tina, it was like mutual masturbation, nothing like
what we did, Juliet. Today we made love, I think it was love, I'm pretty
sure you made love to me and I made love to you. We are lovers." She said
very softly.

Juliet lay still."Yes we made love."

"Whats the time?" Chris asked.
"6:30, why?" Juliet asked.

"I need to get home, my mom will have a cow."

Both girls began gathering their clothes, Juliet getting hers from the
floor, while Chris pulled her skirt and shoes from her backpack. She grabbed Juliet's
panties, I want to wear those." She said pulling them on. "You can wear

"But yours are really ugly." Juliet giggled.

"So don't wear them." Juliet didn't.

The girls walked hand in hand to the front door, kissing chastely,
before Chris stepped out into the evening and headed the few blocks to her
home. That night she didn't use her cell to make any Trans-Atlantic calls.

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2010-09-19 22:17:33
There should be a part two to this cause this was gd


2010-05-16 09:33:55
Sorry about the previous comment if it seems out of context, to Jenna who emailed me, yes thanks and I enjoyed your story it is totally awsome and I'll help you write and publish it here


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