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After learning about sex, I share my secret with my best friend Colin.
Following my experiences with Auntie Eleanor that weekend, I realized how much I had learnt in a short space of time. Not only had I experienced my first orgasm but I had also had full sex with a woman!
For the next few nights I experimented with playing with myself, trying out various techniques and every night the climax’s seemed to get better and better. I now knew I had to share this information with my best friend Colin, who although he was a year younger than me, would I am sure enjoy the experience as much as I was doing. I would be careful not to mention how I learnt about sex as I had promised my auntie.
The opportunity arose a few days later when the schools broke up for the summer holidays and on the very first afternoon Colin came over to see me. My parents were, of course, at work and luckily Susan had gone across to play with Lynne, Colin’s sister. I was determined to teach Colin my new-found hobby!
Almost as soon as Colin sat down on the bed I said excitedly,
“Guess what? I’ve got a new hobby and it’s really good!”
“Go on then tell me!” Colin replied. He was used to me taking up and dropping hobbies on a regular basis.
“It’s called wanking!” Colin went bright red. He told me he had heard the boys at school talking about it but didn’t know what he was.
“It’s great fun. You rub your prick up and down and stuff comes out the end and it feels fantastic!” Colin looked puzzled but asked me to show him. Now of course at that age I had no qualms about Colin seeing me undressed as we had seen each other in the changing rooms at the swimming baths so I quickly stood up and pulled my shorts and pants down. Colin sat back and watched as I lay back on the bed and started to play with myself.
“You do it like this.” I said self importantly, “it feels really nice when you’re doing it and when you finish – it’s called coming – it feels fantastic!” I don’t know whether it was the fact that I was being watched but I felt my orgasm coming much quicker than normal.
“Here it comes – watch!” I gasped and suddenly I let out a grunt as I came and a small amount of juice spurted out on to my tummy. I glanced at Colin who was watching my prick, apparently mesmerised by the sight. “Wow that’s lovely…that’s really nice…” I muttered, trying to convey to Colin how wonderful this was. I quickly fetched a handkerchief out from under my pillow and mopped myself up.
“I’ll try that later on…” Colin said uncertainly.
“Why don’t you try it right now? I can show you how it’s done properly.” Colin looked at me nervously, and I think the fact that I was still half naked reassured him that he should not feel self conscious. He seemed to come to a decision and quickly stood up and, as I had done, pulled down his shorts and pants. I had only seen glimpses of his cock before and was quite impressed by the size although it was not as big as mine, I was pleased to see!
Colin lay back on the bed and glanced at me before wrapping is hand around his cock and starting to slide his hand up and down. He seemed to be rubbing his hand against the skin rather than sliding the skin itself so without thinking I said,
“Here let me show you how to do it properly.” I reached out and took hold of his cock and started to wank him properly. I glanced at his face and he looked back at me with a shy smile.
“That’s even better!” he muttered and then suddenly closed his eyes. Then almost immediately he gave a small gasp and his body stiffened, his cock twitching several times. I glanced down as a few small spurts of clear liquid shot out of his cock. He twitched several more times before suddenly slumping down and he looked at me with a big grin on his face.
“That was fantastic!” He glanced down at his cock which was starting to wilt. The conversation faltered a bit so I stood up and dressed myself again, Colin quickly doing the same. We then the chatted about various other things and didn’t mention what had happened again that day.
The next day at Colin came round and the first thing he said to me was that he had tried playing with himself last night and had been able to manage another orgasm, although once again nothing came out.
“It wasn’t as good as when you did though…” he said, looking at me nervously.
Would you like me to do it for you again?” Colin’s face lit up with relief.
“Yes please! If that’s all right?” I nodded and he quickly took off his shorts and pants again. I got him to lie full length on the bed and I sat on the edge of the bed, leaning over him resting my hand on the other side of his hips. This made it easier for me to use my right hand to play with him, which I did slowly and steadily. Colin closed his eyes and sighed as I gently wanked him and I must confess to being quite turned on watching him come, which he did after only a couple of minutes.
He sat up and grinned at me.
“Would you like me to do you now?” I had hoped he would make this offer and quickly stood up and striped off. Without thinking, I also took off my tee shirt and lay back on the bed where Colin had laid before. He made no comment about the fact I was completely naked but casually took his own tee shirt off, I think so as not to make me feel left out. He sat like I had done and took my now-erect cock in his hand and began to play with it.
“Is that alright?” he looked up at me and I nodded. Like Colin, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of him playing with me. It was completely different than it had been with Auntie Eleanor, although I could not put my finger on why. Perhaps it was because a boy was doing it? He knew exactly how to play with me, and soon I felt my orgasm approaching. Then I cried out as it hit me and I felt warm juice spurting on to my tummy.
I open my eyes and noticed that some juice had dribbled on to Colin’s hand. I apologised profusely but he shook his head saying it was fine and I handed him my handkerchief so he could clean himself up.
This routine carried on for several more days, little realizing how lucky we were at that age to be able to keep it up! Then matters took a different turn one warm afternoon…
Colin came over as usual and quickly pulled a piece of paper out of his back pocket and handed over. It was a cutting from a magazine which I opened up and carefully read it.
Colin had told me it had come from the advice page of a magazine his parents had thrown out and it was basically a letter from a young boy worried that he was gay. Reading through the letter it became apparent that this boy had started doing what Colin and I were doing but had carried on the relationship so that not only were the boys playing with each other but they also cuddling, kissing each other and sucking each other’s cocks!
I felt myself go bright red as I read this and I glanced up at Colin who was looking at me nervously but excitedly. I went back to the letter and was relieved to see that the reply indicator that such behaviour was very normal amongst boys of that age and they would “grow out of it” I looked back at Colin. It was obvious that his idea was that we should try what had been outlined in the letter.
I was of course unsure as I had already enjoyed a sexual experience with my auntie but I could not reveal this to Colin. But the more I thought about it the more aroused I found myself getting and it occurred to me that I wanted nothing more than to have a sexual relationship with Colin! Another advantage would of course be that we could see each other regularly.
I folded the magazine article back up and handed it back to Colin who put in back in his pocket
“What do you think?” I asked tentatively. Colin seemed to perk up.
“I wouldn’t mind. I’d love to try it…that is if you’re interested?” He went bright red and looked nervous again. Then I nodded.
“OK then…let’s give it a go shall we?” Colin grinned broadly as I stood up and took off my tee shirt. Colin quickly did the same and the pair of us busily undressed. We stood there not quite sure what to do next but luckily Colin took the lead. He stepped forward and grinning, put his arms around me and pulled me to him.
I have to say the feeling of his body against mine was rather nice and the feeling was heightened by his cock brushing against mine. I put my arms around him in turn and he curled his around my neck so that my head dipped into his shoulder. Our bodies were now pressed together and I tentatively slid my hands down and ran them over his backside. He sighed and did the same to me and I have to confess the feeling was exquisite!
We cuddled like this for or a minute or so, each of us are uncertain how to proceed until Colin pulled away. He gazed at me for a few seconds and then with a very nervous look on his face leaned forward and pecked me quickly on the lips. I gasped but then realized that it hadn’t been so bad.
“Sorry did I go too far?” Colin went bright red.
“No it was fine…quite nice actually!” Colin grinned with relief and then I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. His arms curled around my neck once again and this time we kissed for a few seconds. I was just wondering whether he would open his mouth when suddenly he did and to my astonishment I felt his tongue in my mouth. I returned the compliment and soon we were French kissing. I had of course been taught this by Auntie Eleanor and wondered where Colin had learnt this technique!
Our hands were now roaming over each other’s bodies and my cock was almost fully erect. Colin’s was the same, and soon we could each feel our respective cocks digging in each other’s tummies. Then to my astonishment Colin pulled away and without a word sunk down to his knees so is head was level with my cock. He glanced up at me with a grin and then quickly opened his mouth and covered the first inch of my cock with his lips. I closed my eyes as Colin’s tongue darted around the head of my cock and then suddenly his mouth swooped until almost half of my cock was in his mouth.
I looked down as Colin brought his hands up to my hips to steady himself and began to slide my cock in and out of his mouth. It almost felt better than when Auntie Eleanor had done it and I stroked my hands through Colin’s hair affectionately. He glanced up as he continued to suck my cock and I felt myself twitching. Colin then pulled away and quickly grabbed my cock, starting to wank me. I could hold out no longer and cried out as I came, spunk gushing from my cock over Colin’s hands and on to his chest.
“Yes oh yes! Colin that’s lovely!” I cried out as I came. As my orgasm subsided Colin stood up and then gave me a quick kiss on the lips.
“That was fantastic mate!” I exclaimed with a grin. “Where did you learn to do that?”
“I didn’t really learn…it just felt natural.” A brief thought went through my mind that Colin could actually be gay but wondered whether he would be able to make such a decision at such a young age. It also crossed my mind that Colin might be expecting me to do the same to him and I wondered if I would be able to?
Colin seemed to read my mind.
“You can just play with me if you like…” his generous offer made my decision for me and I told him to lie down on the bed. I sat as I had done before and started to play with Colin and then glancing up to make sure his eyes to were closed I quickly bobbed my head down and steeling myself I opened my mouth and took his cock in. I heard Colin gasp as I slid onto his erection, and I was relieved that the taste was slightly salty but nothing else. Because Colin’s prick was smaller than mine I was able to get most of it in my mouth and I did what Colin had done, bobbing my head up and down and using my tongue against the shaft.
Colin started to cry out and, hoping that he was still not producing sperm, I kept on bobbing until he twitched and then grunted as he came. His cock continued to twitch but luckily nothing was produced and I slowed down my work with my tongue as his orgasm subsided.
I lifted my head up and licked my lips. Colin was gazing at me with a rapt expression on his face.
“That was the best ever Dave!” I grinned back at him.

After that first session there was almost an unspoken agreement that Colin and I would drift into a physical relationship.
The next session was a couple of days later, when once again Colin had come round in the morning and Susan was over at his house playing with Lynne. We had started chatting as usual about football and other things when Colin suddenly put his hand on my leg. He looked at me nervously and I grinned back reassuringly. I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, and he seemed to visibly relax as he curled his arms around me and returned my kiss.
It was apparent from the start that Colin had obviously come to a decision to carry the relationship much further than previously as he slid his hand under my tee shirt and began to ease me back onto the bed. I was happy to allow him to do this, wondering how far he would go and what he had in mind.
I was surprised when he started to kiss down my neck and then lifting up the hem of my tee shirt planted several kisses on my tummy and up towards my chest. I carefully eased my tee shirt over my head and threw it on to the floor and Colin now started to kiss and nuzzle my chest and then back down towards my tummy. I must confess I was thoroughly enjoying this, and oddly enough felt far more relaxed than I thought I would be with another boy.
Colin then turned on to his back and took his own shirt off, and I noticed he was careful to avoid looking at me. He was obviously a little apprehensive and didn’t want to catch my eye. I appreciated this and lay back staring at the ceiling. Once Colin had taken his shirt off he eased himself back on top of me and we kissed again. The feel of his chest against mine was rather nice and I ran my hands up and down the smooth skin of his back. For a young boy he was quite well toned and I could feel the outline of his young muscles.
Once again he started to work his way down my chest and tummy, and then I felt his hands fiddling with my belt. He soon undid this and undid the top button of my jeans, then pulled down the zip. I quickly kicked off my shoes as Colin knelt up on the bed and started to pull my jeans down. I lifted my hips up to help him and in one swift movement both my jeans and my briefs were pulled down. Colin was now gazing at my cock which was almost fully erect by now and I quickly closed my eyes.
I anticipated his hand around my cock and was therefore shocked and delighted when I felt his lips…
I felt him gently kiss the tip of my cock, which had the effect of stiffening it completely, and then to my further joy I felt his tongue carefully twirl around the head. I carefully opened one eye but Colin was concentrating fully on my cock and was not watching me. I was therefore able to enjoy the sight as his lips opened and he carefully slid the first couple of inches of my shaft into his mouth.
He bobbed his head up and down a couple of times, going a little deeper each time and then he brought his right hand up and started to gently massage my balls. I closed my eyes again and gave myself up to the wonderful feelings as Colin expertly sucked my cock.
I spread my legs slightly and Colin shuffled around till he was kneeling between them. I thought for a moment he was going to topple of the end of the bed so I quickly whispered,
“Shall I sit up a bit more then you can get on the bed?” He glanced up at me gratefully and I grinned. I carefully moved myself up until I was almost sat leaning against the headboard and Colin followed me, until he was on all fours between my legs. I wasn’t quite sat up but as Colin bobbed his head back down to my cock I was able to gently stroke his hair and shoulders, hoping to reassure him that I was quite happy with what he was doing.
And I was!
Colin's head was now bobbing up and down in my lap, and he was using his teeth gently rasping against the skin. This was fantastic! His hand was still working away at my balls and occasionally his hand would move up slightly between my legs. I knew I was very close to coming. I continued to gently stroke his hair and then clasped his head slightly more firmly.
“Colin… I’m nearly there…” I murmured. To my surprise, rather than taking my cock out of his mouth Colin seemed to speed up and I realised he was going to let me come in his mouth. This spurred me on and I threw my head back as my orgasm approached. I slipped my hands down to his shoulders and squeezed them firmly as suddenly I felt a spasm in my groin, and then I came.
I gave a grunt as the first jet of sperm thudded into Colin's mouth and this was followed by several more spurts. I could feel Colin's mouth working on my cock and as the last few spurts oozed out of my cock I opened my eyes and glancing down saw the sperm dripping down my shaft. Colin was now slowing down, knowing, as a boy, that my cock would be sensitive after coming, and he carefully eased his lips up and my wilting cock popped out of his mouth with a soft plop. It jerked a couple times and Colin looked up at me with a grin, my spunk still dripping down his chin. I quickly reached under my pillow and handed him a handkerchief which he accepted gratefully.
We said nothing for a minute or so whilst we each recovered, me still sat leaning against the headboard and Colin lying between my legs, resting his head on my thigh.
“That was unbelievable mate!” I said quietly. Colin glanced up at me and grinned.
“I hoped you wouldn’t mind. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time!”
“You should’ve asked!” I replied with a smile. Colin glanced down at them back up again.
“I was worried you would call me a queer!” His expression faltered. I stroked his hair again.
“What if you are? Why should it worry me?”
“You mean you wouldn’t mind?” Colin looked at me with a puzzled expression. I shook my head.
“I think at our age we’re never sure which way we’re going to go. If you turn out to be… gay or whatever you like to call it, it’s no problem as far as I’m concerned. You know I’m always here for you” Colin looked relieved and smiled at me, then gave my cock a quick kiss.
Colin knelt up and then leaned forward and kissed me again on the lips. He pulled away.
“You don’t mind me kissing you do you?” I shook my head. I leaned forward and kissed him back. Then I started to run my hands through his hair again and down his back. It was Colin's turn!
I told him to stand up and I sat on the edge of the bed so his groin was in front of my face. I glanced up and must confess to being somewhat aroused by his flat taut stomach. I stroked my hands over it and Colin shivered. I grinned up at him reassuringly and then started to undo his jeans. I pulled these down and saw he was obviously ready…his erection was almost bursting out of his pants! I pull the jeans all the way down and as he stepped out of them and I carefully ran my hands over his erection, covered by the white cotton of his briefs. Colin gave a sigh as I continued to massage his cock and I noticed a small spot of dampness at the end.
I tucked my thumbs into the waistband of his briefs and pull them down so his cock sprung into view. I wasn’t sure how far I would be able to go, but I brought my left hand up to curl around the shaft and raising it up I gave a gentle kiss on the end. I brought my right hand up and cupped his balls, as he had done, and Colin carefully shuffled his feet apart so I could easily play with them.
I started to slide the foreskin of Colin's cock up and down the shaft, watching the purple head appear and disappear. His foreskin was a lot slacker than mine and I glanced up at Colin.
“Does it go all the way back?” Colin shrugged his shoulders.
“I think it does…” I slid the foreskin as far back as I could and Colin winced as suddenly it lifted over the rim of his helmet. I quickly looked up.
“Is that alright?”
Colin nodded. “It feels nice actually…” the helmet of his cock was now fully exposed and I carefully ran my tongue around it. Colin gave a whimper.
“Jeez... that’s nice…” I grinned to myself and then opening my mouth I wrapped my lips around the helmet of Colin's cock, continuing to rasp my tongue along the slit. Colin gave a little grunt as I began to work my lips around the shaft and then gradually ease his cock into my mouth. I felt quite happy doing this and continued to slide his cock in and out of my mouth as I jiggled his balls with my other hand.
Colin's hands grabbed my head, as if to steady himself, and I continued to slide my mouth up and down the shaft. I let go with my hand and brought it up to gently squeeze the cheeks of his backside. I don’t know what it was doing to Colin but I was certain enjoying it! He had quite a firm backside and I brought my other hand up from his balls and grabbed the other cheek.
I now had both cheeks of Colin's backside in my hands and I was pulling him backwards and forwards as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. Luckily he was not big enough to hit the back of my throat but he was going in quite a way. To my surprise I didn’t find it uncomfortable in fact quite a turn on and I realise my cock was starting to stir again.
I had already decided that allowing Colin to come in my mouth might be a step too far and as I felt him start to twitch I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to wank him. I glanced up at his face and he grinned reassuringly.
“That’s all right…” My left hand was now jiggling his balls again and my right hand was sliding his foreskin up and down with a firm but steady rhythm. Colin's legs were still slightly apart and I moved my hand from his balls and slid it along between his legs. Colin moved his legs apart further and I was then able to get my finger between the cheeks of his backside. Colin put his hands on my shoulders and started to moan. He was close to coming…
He was now almost bent over and I was able to slide my left hand easily between the cheeks of his backside and I started to rub my finger against his opening. I had done this once myself when I had played myself and knew how nice it was.
“Oh God yes…” I suddenly felt Colin jerk and a warm splash of spunk shot on to my chest. This was followed by several more spurts as I continued to wank him, and pressed my finger against his backside. He shuddered as his orgasm continued until eventually only a few drops oozed from the end of his cock. I carefully retrieved my finger and reached once again for a handkerchief which I handed to him. Colin stood up rather unsteadily and wiped himself while I dashed off to the bathroom to clean myself up.
I return to the bedroom where Colin was now sat on the edge of the bed, smiling at me.
We chatted for a few minutes, talking about what we had done. Colin was not at all upset by the fact that I hadn’t let him come into my mouth, and I think it was then that we started to realise that we both had different approaches to what we were doing.
Although we didn’t chat much that day, when Colin came round a couple of days later we had what could almost be described as a “clear the air” chat.
“The thing is,” Colin continued to explain. “I think I like boys as much as girls. That doesn’t make me gay does it? Queer or anything?” I shook my head. I explained there was such a thing as bisexual, where somebody fancied people of both sexes and Colin seemed relieved that he was not unique.
“The thing is…the thing is I think I love you...” Colin went bright red and stared at me as he said this. Oddly enough although I was naturally surprised I was secretly quite touched. I realized how difficult it must have been for Colin to say this. I took his hand and gave it a squeeze.
“It’s quite alright, and – I’m flattered really!” Colin grinned sheepishly. “As long as you don’t expect me to hold hands and kiss in public!” Colin laughed and shook his head.
“It’s just that I’d like us to carry on doing what we’ve been doing it that’s all right?
“Of course. As long as we keep it in the bedroom I’m sure it’ll be fine.” With that I leaned forward and gave Colin a quick kiss on the lips.


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