Shyamala and I met in the summer of 2004 in Mumbai. I was retired and she was working at Royal Logistics Company in Andheri. We went on a trip to Goa and Karnataka and the next thing you know we were married….the proverbial whirlwind courtship.

The sex was not great, in fact, Shyamala remarked to her friend Raseshwari from Delhi that having sex with me was more of a chore than my pleasure. My 4 inch cock could not penetrate her deep enough!

After some years I came out of retirement and started working in Africa and Shyamala retired and stayed at home in Shrishti in Mumbai, classical role reversal. Being apart, our affection got a little worn after a while, as did our sex life. We started to communicate with each other less frequently and arguments always sprung up at ease!. Being alone in Mumbai, Shyamala started to rent porno, she would text me and ask for the genre to rent. At first it was pretty standard stuff, romance followed by nude sex then we came to the interracial sex .

I must say this was more like my turn-on than hers. She would do anything to make me happy, however, so she went along with the games for a while. There was a lot of dirty talk whenever I phoned from Africa and often it turned into some pretty hot sex.
For me, at that point, there is nothing more beautiful to witness on camera (as if to believe it might happen in real life) than to watch a large and very dark black male with a large unit going down on a smaller and quite pale white, or Indian female. This has remained a big fantasy to present day.

Shyamala went to visit her friend Girly in Dubai and decided to take in dinner at an African restaurant in Sarjah. While seated, she had a few drinks, gorged herself, and decided she was too tired to get back to Deira. Out of the blue she decided that she would like to stay at one of the somewhat seedy motels in the area. She did not know any personally, but the asked one of the African waiters in the restaurant and he recommended a motel. You just needed to be able to read between the lines. He was living there!!!

Nervously, she agreed and went to the address given by Jhondani, the waiter. She chose a room with a large, heart-shaped bed, mirrored ceilings and headboard, mood lighting, and a hot tub. She picked up a little Napoleon brandy for lubrication. After some chit-chat on the phone and from the description she gave of the palatial room, I suggested that she should have sex with a Black man, since it was an African neighbourhood. Blushing, she said she couldn't, "I don't think I can do it." I told her to have a strong drink of the brandy and that I would call her back in 45 minutes. After a few more drinks, she had weighed the pros and cons of the fantasy sex, I phoned her from Zambia. I asked about the idea and she immediately said okay. I asked her if she had made any contacts with Blacks, she replied in the affirmative that the waiter who directed her to the motel she was in also gave her his cell phone number. I said, “Bingo, call him then!”
She was unsure how to really proceed with the conversation. I said, “Tell him you are in the motel but did not understand the workings of all the gadgets in the room and was wondering whether he could be kind enough to come to your room and explain their workings. When he comes, offer him a drink of the brandy…then another…and another, then things will automatically fall in place. I knew the mentality of Africans, having lived in their midst for 25 years!” I reassured her. She phoned Jhondani and within 6 minutes he was knocking on her door. I suspected, knowing the African mentality. So I phoned again from Zambia and I asked her to let me talk to Jhondani. I introduced myself as Shyamala’s husband who was working in Zambia. Then I explained what it was that we intended to ask him to do and why he was called at that late time. Momentarily stunned, but very much in control, he had very little expression verbally. He suggested he would like to sit and chat with Shyamala first. I suggested that my wife was extremely apprehensive but was prepared to have a go at fucking a Black man in a strange country, he should bear that in mind as they chat, and drink. Jhondani thanked me for the vital information I had fed him. He told me which room he was in, as a form of reassurance to let me know that Shyamala was safe…he was a resident of the same motel, after all! I felt reassured and hung up, knowing he knew what I was expecting from him.

After approximately 45 minutes past, Shyamala was prepared as she started stripping her clothes then retired to the bed, naked, teasing Jhondani as she mounted the bed.

She then rose to a sitting position to view him; from the look on her face it was obvious she was pleased. She shook his hand, they exchanged a few pleasantries. Shyamala being a little bit more loose now suggested how attractive and muscular he was, and that she didn't really know what to expect from a mere restaurant waiter.

I worshipped Shyamala’s pretty feet and encouraged her to keep them pretty, irrespective of the beauty parlour’s cost, knowing one day they will act as a magnet to attract men

She suggested that he looked like the type that would not be too aggressive or hurt anyone. He made her feel very much at ease with his demeanor. His character was quite opposite of his voluminous build. Shyamala then asked Jhondani to stand directly in front of her. By this time he had his shirt off, but everything else was intact. She wanted to see how tall he was.
She then asked if it would be OK if she helped him out of his clothes, to which he agreed. When she reached his G-string, he stopped her. He asked if this was what she really wanted. Without even looking at that point, she nodded her affirmation. He pulled her upwards from the bed and closely to him, lowered his lips, and they started a seven minute passionate kiss. The large-sized bulge in his underwear was at this point stretched to where they might go flying across the room any minute. My wife's body in a close embrace with his, she was at this point getting pushed away from him at his midsection. When their lips parted, my wife immediately looked down. She knelt in front of him, and removed the shorts. Out popped what was about a ten and a half inch thick dark rod with a rather sizable pair of hairy hanging balls.

Shyamala was always a big fan of blowjobs and she went right to work on him in her mouth. She has the type of hands that were thin with long fingers, very dry, and somewhere between soft and rough. They always drove me crazy when they touched me just about anywhere on my body. She utilized her assets on him until it seemed he was at his fullest.

Jhondani took my wife by the hand and led her to the hot tub area. Still holding her hand, he led her in first, and sat right in front of her in the water. The look on my wife's face revealed what Jhondani was doing; massaging her vaginal opening and clit.

The look in her eyes as she gazed at him, and the head gestures she made when she closed her eyes revealed that she was more than ready for him. A minute later he moved directly on top of her, looking down at his manhood, and maneuvering himself properly. My wife helped guide him to the opening of her nether region. It was again clear when he entered her by the sound she made, the look on her face, and the way she clutched for him. She pulled him close to her; all the way in. They laid there together for a few minutes as she adjusted to his size, and Shyamala started to enjoy the reality of the mental fantasies we had always shared. Five minutes or more passed.

Jhondani whispered something in Judy's ear, she nodded, and he climbed off her, took her by the hand, and lead her from the hot tub to the bed. One could now tell that they were both primed and ready, and it was about to happen. My wife was in another place cognitively, and probably didn't realize what was going on….nature was taking its course.

They kissed a few more times, and moved into a 69 position for some time. There was a lot of heavy breathing and some moaning as well. Pretty soon the excitement in the room became too much for my wife, she removed her mouth from him, and turned around to mount his pole. She took it firmly in her hand, and slowly I began to watch Jack's large unit disappear completely within my wife's pink patch.

She tossed her head back more and more until her whole body had come to rest on him, her hand now removed.

There was very little gap between them; large black balls and little Indian ass. I took a deep breath. They went at this for a while, until my wife laid down upon him, still riding him up and down. They were long strokes where she took him out to the tip of his penis, and went all the way back down on him. The rhythm was not too fast or too slow, and she now had both hands resting on the sides of his shoulders for leverage. It was really happening, and her emotions were in a twirl. She commenced to build quickly now to her orgasm, and as he exploded she remained fully on top of his unit while he emptied his DNA inside her. This was one of the fantasies we occasionally had during our phone conversations; black-baby pregnancy. And with each and every one of the fantasies, he came inside.

There was a brief respite where both my wife and Jhondani got cleaned up and used the bathroom. They had another drink and spoke about the event. They were both quite positive up to that point.

Shyamala reached for him, kissed him again, audibly suggesting she wanted to be taken missionary style. She laid down on the bed, spread her legs as wide as they would go, took his waist in her hands, and guided him into her again. She was already extremely wet by just the thought of what she wanted from him. They were whispering what must have been naughty things in each other's ear, as there was a lot of grunting and nodding. It seems they were both working on living their own fantasies by now. His rhythm was slightly faster now, her hands firmly wrapped around his butt, pulling him inward. She was controlling the action! Something must have really clicked between them because within just another few minutes, he pulled out of her quickly, her taking his root in both hands, and jerked him all over herself. There was so much! There is a large pool on her stomach, a big splotch at the top of her vagina where he exited, and a sizable splatter on her left breast. With a big smile, and his seed-spitting now terminated, she proceeded to rub him all over herself. She took two fingers and put a large mass inside her. She rubbed in a good deal on her breasts, leaned forward, and stroked the remainder onto her ass and crack. She laughed.

After another cleanup, it was time for Round 3. My wife managed to get him hard by just stroking and talking to him, and was getting ready to mount him again. She suggested to Jhondani that she very much liked it in the ass. It was the one place he had not been, and my wife said nothing as she moved and he was behind her. Again the entry timing was clear based on the look on her face and the noise she made. He had his fingers between her legs, most likely stimulating her clitoris at the same time. She had both hands on the edge of the bed, her head now all the way down, and her ass high in the air while he took her deeply, the rhythm increasing. He had both his hands around her hips, shoving himself all the way into her to his balls. His fingers were soaked from her, and she was dripping all over the sheets. Without missing a beat, he changed positions, and was now on top of her from behind, as if riding her. One could clearly see his meat disappearing into her, with that same glistening dick he had before.

What seemed like an hour of fucking was probably only about 10 minutes when they both reached their climax, and he uncontrollably relieved himself all the way inside her. The two were completely connected with no space, and she was rotating her hips in an up and down motion to stroke in the remainder of his sperm. He pulled her into his lap still firmly planted inside her, and they both laid there with a smile on their faces until he went soft. They looked up at me and asked how it was for me, and I said, "probably not nearly as good as it was for you." They both smiled, looked at each other, and laughed.

Jhondani spent the night in Shyamala’s room. He must have busted three or four more nuts, and she had about six more orgasms during the night. In the morning they showered together. Jhondani then left for work. Beforehand, there was a parting Kiss where Jhondani explained that if Shyamala was his, he would never have let her be with anyone else. He also commented on her beauty, which made her blush again.

The following morning I phoned Shyamala from Zambia and asked how was the sex? She was clear that she was very pleasantly surprised about the man that entered her room the previous night and fucked her brains out all night long. Although we had talked about doing it more often, we never did. She was very concerned that it would create arguments, or that she might actually start to like Black men better by addiction. Her friends in Mumbai claim that she is addicted to fucking Blacks. There is a constant string of African students visiting Shyamala at our Punarvasu house in Mumbai.

I’m working in Africa and I have no proof.

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2013-04-27 12:46:45
SOME LIBERAL HUSBAND??? I wonder what his plans are, must be something sinister???

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2012-07-26 00:03:30
not a lot of so called men out there that respect black but this is a thought for you your stupid word alone will never make us go away so women if you think it is worth it give it a try you will get the pleasure you are looking for......................

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2011-06-16 15:07:10
my research on the ground in Vasai, in Mumbai, India shows how the migration of male workers to the Arabian Gulf states is leading to such immorality. In one tower block, comprising 28 apartments, 26 males are working abroad. Two African youths from Uganda have found a niche here. They hire one apartment. Every morning, they go from door to door taking orders from the lonely wives for sex with their diaries in hand. They provide an essential service, paid for by the US$ sent from abroad. The doctor in the neighboring building is also happy, he has to deal with the numerous illegal abortions, every week.....AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY IS EVOLVING HERE, IN TRUE INDIAN MANNER!!!!

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My 53 yo wife and 23 yo daughter have just flown from Delhi to Kolkata on a 10-day holiday. For the past 2 weeks they have been grooming themselves and going to the beauty parlour on alternate days. The euphoria and excitement was palpable, FRIENDS HAVE REMARKED THAT THEY HAVE GONE TO HAVE DUBAUCHED SEX WITH AFRICAN STUDENTS THERE

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Indians should do as we do here in Guanzou and Shenzen, we let our low class Chinese girls sleep with Niggas, when they become pregnant, we use the children in our factories...THAT WAY WE REMAIN COMPETITIVE. The kids are just given food and floor space to sleep on!!!

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