11 yr old Jennie is constipated, Daddy gives her some enemas then they explore each other sexualy
With apologies to butterfly_porn_queen who posted her story, My Tummy Hurts on 3/27/2007, I read her story and liked the premise, so here is my offering.


I knocked softly at the door to my Daddy’s office. He works from home doing computer consulting and I didn’t like to interrupt him when he was working but I was hurting, I needed his help.

“Is that you Jennie?” I heard him ask through the closed door.

“Yes Daddy.”

“Come in sweetheart,” I heard him say.

Tentatively I pushed the door open. I stood in the doorway clad in just my “little girl” cotton panties and the top on my Cookie Monster pjs. I tried to smile but I hurt too much, there were tears glossing my eyes and I was holding my tummy.

Daddy saw immediately that something was bothering me.

“Come over here Baby. Sit on Daddy’s lap and tell him what’s wrong,” Pushing his chair away from his desk he lovingly hugged me and pulled me onto his lap.

Once I had curled up in his strong arms he asked again, “What’s the matter Baby?”

I’m eleven years old but in my little girl clothes, being held in Daddy’s lap and in pain I did feel like a Baby.

Leaking tears on his shoulder I answered, “Daddy my tummy hurts.”

“Have you eaten Baby,” he asked.

“Daddy, I’m not hungry.”

“Are you upset? Are you worried that you did something wrong and that I’ll have to punish you.”

“No Daddy, I didn’t do anything bad.”

“Jennie Baby, I know you started having your periods two months ago, are you cramping from that?”

“No Daddy, that’s not it.”

Daddy paused for a moment thinking what it could be, finally asking, “Baby, when’s the last time you went potty?”

Wriggling in his lap, embarrassed by the question, I whimpered, “I haven’t been able to go for three days. I’ve tried, I’ve pushed and pushed trying to go but nothing comes out.”

Daddy knew the cause of her agony, she was constipated. He knew the cure, too.

As he rubbed my back he said, “Baby why don’t you go to my bedroom, I’ll be there in a couple of minutes to fix you up.”

He helped me to stand; I went to his bedroom as I saw him go to the bathroom.

Daddy gathered up his enema equipment. He didn’t have an enema bag with tubing he only had the syringe type. Filling a pan with warm water, he mixed in a packet of Castile soap, picked up towel and a tube of KY Jelly and went to his bedroom. Jennie was sitting on his bed waiting.

He could see that, even in my pain I was frightened. He set the syringe and lubricant on the bed and put the pan of water on his night stand within easy reach. He helped me to my feet as he sat on the bed. Pulling me to him he hugged me, saying, “Baby you’re constipated, I need to give you an enema.”

“I know Daddy,” I whispered.

“Jennie, I need to take your panties off,” he said as he rolled my cotton briefs off and lifted me onto his lap.

I was lying on my tummy across my Daddy’s lap. He was rubbing my bottom as he talked to me.

“Baby, I want to check you to see if you’re impacted. I’m going to put a finger in you; I want you to try to relax.”

I felt him spread my cheeks then rub something on my anus before he stuck his finger up my bottom. I gasped at the intrusion and wiggled a little as he pushed into me.

As he probed her he felt a hard stool filling her, he felt something else, too. When she wiggled on his lap her groin ground into his penis; he was only wearing a thin pair of gym shorts and was commando, he was reacting, getting an erection. Oh no he thought; just keep your mind on the problem. He found that easier thought than done. Here he was, his cute little eleven year old daughter spread across his lap, her wriggling her hips and him with a finger up her; he was becoming aroused.

Filling the syringe he asked, “Baby are you ready?”

I just whimpered, “Yes Daddy,” as I closed my eyes for what I knew was to come.

He gently pressed the tube against my tightly clamped rose bud and began to force the nozzle into me. I was trying not to wiggle but I couldn’t help it, the intrusion was uncomfortable. Suddenly, I felt the warm water being squeezed into me and the nozzle removed. I tried to relax, the warm feeling was nice. I heard him refilling the syringe and again I was invaded. The warm water again flooded into me but it wasn’t quite as nice this time, it was filling me up and I felt cramping in my tummy.

Daddy wanted to get at least four syringes full of soapy water into her; he figured that would be about a quart, enough to clean her out. He refilled the syringe and pumped another bulb full into her. She began to moan, “Daddy, I need to get up, I have to go potty.”

Placing the palm of his left hand in the small of her back to hold her down he said, “Just one more Baby,” as he squirted the fourth bulb into her.

He wanted her to hold the water in for several minutes to let the soap do its work but she was sobbing now and he was having a difficult time holding her down. Her continued grinding pressure on his groin wasn’t helping either, he was developing a full blown erection and he still had to give her cleansing enemas to wash out the soap.

Finally Daddy helped me to my feet and, taking my hand, he led me to the bathroom. When he sat me on the potty he told me to call him when I was through.

Sitting on the potty I felt the water gush out of me then there was a splash as I emptied my bowels. After the splash my tummy felt a little better. Even though I was drained I stayed seated just thinking. Through the pain and, yes the embarrassment, I had felt what was happening to my Daddy. I was eleven years old, I knew what a hard on was from my health class and Daddy had gotten one. Like most little girls I had a crush on my Daddy, maybe worse than most. My mother had died in child birth, having me. I’d only ever known one parent and he’d always been there for me. Finally, I called for Daddy to come.

While Jennie was on the potty Daddy thought, I need to do something to calm myself down or something incestuously significant was going to happen. Daddy wasn’t a big drinker but he did keep some bottles on hand. He poured himself a double vodka rocks and gulped it. As he felt the liquor burn down his throat he wondered if the booze was a bad decision. He wanted something to settle him down but he sure didn’t need his inhibitions lowered. He heard Jennie call and went to her.

“Feeling any better Baby,” he asked.

“A little,” she answered. “I just feel a kinda washed out but at least my tummy doesn’t hurt as much.”

“Well Jennie, I’m afraid you’re going to need a few more enemas. I used soap in the ones you had. I need to rinse you out or the soap will irritate your bowels. Are you ready?”

“I guess so Daddy.”

He had already laid out his equipment so, taking her hand he led her back to the bedroom. He’d spread the towel over his bed.

“Baby, I’m going to do it a little different this time, I want to be sure the water gets in deep enough to rinse out the soap. I want you on your knees on the towel.”

I climbed onto the bed and got on the towel. Daddy put a pillow under my face and pushed my head down on the pillow then I felt him spread my legs. I could almost feel his eyes on me. I knew he was looking at me from behind; it gave me a funny feeling in my tummy, sorta ticklish but nice. I wiggled my bootie a little, acting like I was getting comfortable.

Daddy was admiring her; it almost took his breath away. Her pajama top was no longer hiding her. He could look up her top and see her newly budding tits, small but peaked with pink nipples that seemed out of proportion in size to the rest of her breasts. Her mons veneris had a sparse brushing of curly black hair, her lower lips were slightly open allowing just a glimpse of her inner core and her cute little rose bud seemed to be winking at him.

“Baby I’m going to check to be sure we got everything out, ok?”

“Ok Daddy,” I replied as I felt his finger slide into me, his other hand was rubbing my bottom; I caught my breath as he pressed into me and then pumped back and forth. The feeling in my tummy was getting more tingly and I started to take shallow panting breaths.

“I think we got it, are you ready for the next enema?” Daddy asked in a raspy voice.

As his finger slipped out of me I whispered, “Yes Daddy.”

As he filled the bulb and poised it at her pink rose bud he wasn’t sure which was stiffer, the enema tube or his cock. He pressed it into her and squeezed.

I felt the water flowing into me, again, the warmth felt nice. Daddy was rubbing my bottom the whole time the enema tube was in me; he pumped it in and out and I started to softly moan as he pulled it out. The tingle my tummy was feeling got stronger and I also felt it between my legs, I moaned, “Daddy, oh Daddy.” Then he stuck the tube back into me, flooding my bowels with the warm water. I groaned as it filled me.

He was using a douche nozzle, much larger in diameter that one for an enema, as he pumped in out of her with the tube he could watch her little sphincter as it was pulled out and pushed back in as he stroked the tube.

After Daddy took the tube out he told me he wanted me to hold the enema for a while. After just a minute or two I began to cramp.

Daddy asked, “Are you hurting?”

“Yes Daddy, my tummy is cramping up.”

“Let me help,” he said as he started to rub her tummy, “I want to work the water deeply into you.” She was panting like a bitch dog in heat as she tried to deal with the pain. I reached her tummy by putting my arm between her legs. With my other hand I was rubbing her back. I let my arm “inadvertently” brush against her vulva as I massaged her stomach, I found her almost pregnant feeling, water distended tummy sexy. She tightened her thighs forcing my arm more fully against her and started mewling. I wanted to continue but first she needed to expel the water. Helping her to her feet I said, “I think that’s long enough,” as I helped her back to the potty.

Again, I grabbed a double vodka, not to try to settle me down but to give me Dutch courage. I wanted my daughter, God forgive me.

I knew what Daddy had done and it felt so good but it scared me, too. I really was just a little girl but he’d given me womanly feelings. Even full of water, his rubbing my tummy and letting his arm rub my little kitty cat gave me feelings, and I mean strong feelings that I’d never felt before. I was developing breasts and I had started having periods, I was growing into a young woman. Like most girls do, I’d also discovered how good it feels to rub myself “down there” but that was nothing like Daddy made me feel. I love my Daddy, if that’s what he’d like to do with me, I’d like to do it too, but I was scared. I knew some things from school and from some of my girlfriends but I really didn’t know enough to know what could happen. I called out to him to tell him I was through.

When Daddy saw his little girl still sitting on the potty he noticed that she looked beat. He knew a series of enemas could be debilitating, she looked like she needed to rest.

He took her hand and helped her up leading her toward her room and saying, “Why don’t you lie down for a little while, you look tired.”

“I am tired Daddy but would it be ok if I went to your bed; maybe you could lay down with me for a little while and hold me, I think it would make me feel better.”

He led her to his bedroom and asked if she wanted to put her panties back on before they lay down.

“No Daddy, I’m a little sore down there. I’d like to leave them off if it’s ok with you.”

Daddy turned the covers back and climbed into bed lifting her in with him and pulling the covers back up over them. He turned her on her side facing away from him and pulled her back against him in a spoon position. He gave her a big hug and kissed her on the back of her neck saying, “I love you Sweet Baby, now let’s get some rest.”

I shivered when he kissed me; it felt so nice knowing he loved me. I scooted my bottom back pressing against him.

Daddy felt the pressure from her little bottom against his growing erection; he relished the feel. More to distract himself than anything else he started to rub Jennie’s tummy.

When Daddy started rubbing my tummy I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I could feel him expanding against my bottom and his hand on my skin was almost burning. Where I’d hurt before I’d gone potty was a little lower than where he was rubbing, I asked, “Daddy could you rub lower please, that’s where I’m still a little sore.”

Daddy thought, oh yes, I want to rub lower, a lot lower as his hand slipped further down her belly. He could feel his hand brush against her light covering of pubic hairs as he caressed her soft body.

I was getting so worked up. When his hand brushed the hairs on my kitty the tingle got way stronger. I started clenching and unclenching my thighs and my bottom. When I did that Daddy hugged me even tighter, I could feel him poking against me. Taking a chance that he’d stop I took the hand that was on my tummy and pushed it down between my legs saying, “Daddy rub me there, please rub me there.”

Maybe it was the vodka, maybe it was because it had been so long since he’d been with a woman or maybe it was because he wanted Jennie; whatever, he cupped her little sex and slipped a finger into her young slit, sliding it along inside her pink virginal lips.

Oh did Daddy ever do what I wanted him to do, when he started playing with my slit I felt myself get a little wet. He was really making me feel good. I wanted to make him feel good, too. I reached behind me, found his erection and stroked it. He pressed against my bootie so hard I thought he was going to poke a hole in his gym shorts.

Daddy thought, when she took me in her hand I thought I was going over the edge. Her little fist stroking me through my shorts nearly set me off. I needed to get a little control before I exploded. I rolled her over onto her back, looked in her eyes and asked, “Would you like me to kiss you Baby?”

I did want him to kiss me. I was still a little scared about where this was going but I knew it was going; it was going to happen to me today. I whispered, “Yes Daddy, kiss me.”

He took me in his arms and gave me a wet passionate kiss; he continued to rub my kitty and I was getting wetter.

Daddy kissed her then lifted her pajama top; he wanted to see her budding breasts. He couldn’t resist, he bent forward and took a nipple between his lips, sucking gently.

When Daddy sucked on my little titties, new and even stronger feelings hit me between my legs. I started mewling like a little kitten and was humping against his hand. I felt his lips kissing down my body; when he got to my tummy he tickled my belly button with the tip of his tongue.

Daddy couldn’t wait any longer; as he spread her soft thighs and opened her folds the musky scent of an aroused woman mixed with the light fresh aroma of his daughter’s vagina; it was a heady mixture, one no normal man could ignore. His tongue replaced his finger as he licked along her fragrant opening. He found her little hole and tongued into it, probing her as he flicked in and out; he could even feel her intact hymen. Then licking upward he found her tiny gem. Taking her clitoris between his lips he sucked it and twirled his tongue over its tip. Jennie started moaning and wailing loudly.

I didn’t know what Daddy was doing to me. I felt like my kitty was on fire and my tummy was quivering. I’d never had an orgasm so I didn’t know what was building in my body but it felt overwhelming. Daddy was still sucking on me when I lost control. I squeezed Daddy’s head between my legs as my body stiffened. The muscles in my tummy were rippling and the inside of my kitty was spasming. Suddenly I could feel a liquid pour out of me like I was peeing; I didn’t know what had happened. If I’d peed on Daddy I’d be so embarrassed. Not knowing what else to say, I whispered in a raspy voice that I didn’t even recognize as my own, “I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry about?”

“I peed on you.”

No, you didn’t pee; you just had your first orgasm. Did you like it?” he asked.

“Daddy, it felt so good, what did you do to me?”

“I helped you get that good feeling, that’s all; now do you want to help me get a good feeling?”

“Daddy, I’d do anything for you, what do you want me to do?”

“Baby, what I want to do is probably going to hurt you, maybe even make you cry. It’s something most all girls have to go through, though, I guess you could say it’s part of becoming a woman.”

“Daddy, do you want to have intercourse with me,” I asked. “I’ve learned about it in health class, if that’s what you want then so do I.”

Daddy didn’t have a condom, he hadn’t needed one in years but he wasn’t going to let that stand in the way. He took Jennie into his arms, hugged her and said, “Yes, that’s what I want to do Baby.”

Daddy got the KY jelly and rubbed some in my kitty then I watched as he put some on himself. He got between my legs and rubbed his cock up and down my slit ‘til he found my little hole then I felt him push into me.

When Daddy pushed into his little girl he came to her dam. He knew he was going to tear her and it would hurt her. He said, “Baby Girl, I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you now,” as he pressed forward, thrusting through her hymen.

God, I’d never felt as much pain, I screamed as Daddy ripped me, then I felt him slide deeper into me. I was crying in agony, it felt like I was burning I just went limp and sobbed, “Oh Daddy it hurts, it hurts, take it out, please, please take it out.”

Daddy paused, not ignoring her plaintive wails, but not pulling out of her either. He just held himself motionless, allowing her to absorb what was occurring. Then he slowly and gently started to pump her. He watched her face. It was obvious she was still in pain as her eyes leaked salty tears down her cheeks and her wails turned to sobbing moans. Still he continued. She’d already gone through the worst, he wanted to finish.

Daddy was pumping back and forth in me. It still hurt quite a bit but not as much as before. I was crying but I was getting that under control.

I took several raspy breaths and said, “Go ahead Daddy, please finish making me a woman. Make me your woman.”

“Oh my Sweet Sweet Baby Girl, I’m sorry I had to hurt you.”

“I know Daddy, and I knew it was going to hurt, just not how bad it would hurt.”

Daddy leaned forward and kissed me on my lips then he started pushing into me harder. I was finally beginning to get some good feelings. I still hurt but the nice tingle was starting again. As Daddy was pumping in and out of me he started massaging my tiny breasts. That felt good, too.

Daddy knew he wasn’t going to last very long. He hadn’t had sex in years and, besides, his young daughter was so tight it felt like she was squeezing him. He picked up speed and power in his thrusts, working toward his climax. He didn’t think Jennie would have another orgasm, although she seemed to be beginning to enjoy it he could see she was still enduring some pain. Pounding her harder and faster he felt his balls contract then with a wild scream of his own he flooded her hot little vagina. She was so filled by him that his cum was being forced out of her as he continued to plunge into her. He slowed and eventually stopped when his cock softened. He could see his cum tinged pink from her blood leaking out to stain the towel.

He lay down beside her and took her into his arms, whispering, “Was it so terrible for you?”

“No Daddy, not so terrible, it hurt a lot and it still hurts a little but I was starting to feel a nice tingle before we quit. I want to do it again.”

“So do I Baby Girl.”

Daddy ran a hot bath for me and helped me to the tub. He insisted on washing me, he caressed my body as he gently soaped me. Then he rinsed me off and lifted me from the bath. He had a big fluffy towel ready and he dried me off; I reveled in his attention.

“Why don’t you get dressed while I fix supper, or would rather have a pizza?”

“I’d like a pizza, Daddy.”

“Ok, I’ll phone it in, come on down stairs when you’re dressed.”

After Daddy went down stairs, I thought, I don’t want to get dressed. I don’t want to put on panties; I was still sore so I just put on a long tee shirt that I slept in sometimes and went down stairs.

When the pizza was delivered, Daddy poured us Cokes and we ate at the coffee table while we watched TV. After we finished eating, Daddy sat back and I lay down with my head in his lap. He rubbed my shoulders and back as I just cooed, I felt so comfortable and so loved.

At ten thirty Daddy turned off the TV saying, “Bed time.”

As we walked up the stairs I asked, “Daddy can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Sure you can Baby, come on.”

After we were tucked in Daddy just held me, spooning me. It felt nice to be in his arms but what I really wanted was for him to be in me again. I lifted my tee over my hips and pushed my bottom back wriggling it into his groin. He squeezed me and pushed against my bottom, he was already hard.

“Are you sure Baby?”

I’d looked at myself, kitty was red and swollen. I knew it would hurt a little when he went into me but I wanted him so bad, I answered, “Yes Daddy.”

He took me slowly and gently just like we were. I felt him open my lips from behind. I arched my back to make it easier then I felt him enter me. There was some pain but I’d expected that; I pushed back against him taking all of him in me. He stroked into me slowly and gently as he reached over my hips and played with me.

Daddy couldn’t believe Jennie wanted some more. He knew she had to be sore and swollen from his earlier assault. When she pushed back against him, taking him all the way in he wanted her to get some pleasure too. He’d found her little clit and was manipulating it, he took it between his thumb and forefinger and rubbed it back and forth almost like he was masturbating it. Jennie began to moan softly and push back harder like she wanted him even deeper.

When Daddy started playing with me the tingle came back really strong. I couldn’t help myself; I started moaning, “Ooo Daddy, ooo Daddy, yes, yes.” I could feel the tingle getting more intense and I started squeezing Daddy with my kitty. He went faster and faster with his hand and started pumping into me harder pounding into my swollen little pussy from behind. It was dazzling, like something had fired off below my tummy, I felt my self pumping juice out of me and then I felt Daddy’s hot cum fill me. He held me tightly and continued to pump into me for a few minutes. I could feel our mixed juices dripping over my bottom. I was filled. The sheets would need to be changed tomorrow but for tonight we would sleep in our own moisture. That was ok with me was my last thought as I drifted off to sleep.

Still encased in his Sweet Baby, Daddy hugged her close and kissed her neck whispering, “Good Night Sweet Baby,” as sleep overtook him, too.

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