Joey introduces Jamie to anal sex
Chapter 5

It’s three years later, another summer day. Jamie will be starting High School as a freshman in the fall. Joey will be entering his senior year. As usual on hot summer days, Jamie and Joey are out in the pool when Jamie asked him, “Joey, where do you think you would like to live when you finish school?”

“Right here, I like it that we’re close to the ocean.”

“How about somewhere you could have the ocean nearby but there were mountains close by, too?”

“Where are you thinking about, Imp?”

“Joey, I told you a long time ago I’m going to marry you. I meant it; but we can’t live here where everyone knows us. Let’s decide where we want to go.”

“Jamie, if you’ll remember I told you we can’t get married. As much as I love you, you’re still my sister.”

“Joey, that’s not a problem. We have the same last name so we’ll just tell people we’re married then one day we’ll go down to Mexico or somewhere and make it legal.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Joey, it’s what I’ve wanted for the past three years; now where sounds good?”

“Why do we need to decide now; I’ve still got to finish High School and College before we really need to make up our minds.”

“No, Joey, you’re wrong. I’ve thought things out. It’ll mean that we’ll be apart for three years but we need to get things set up for our lifetime. Here’s what I’m thinking. You want to be an attorney; that means four years of undergraduate study and three years of law school, so let’s call this our eight year plan. We need to decide where we’re going to live because I think it would be best for your career if you go to school where we’re going to live. After I graduate from High School, I’ll go to the same college you do and get a four year paralegal degree so we can work together.”

“Sounds like you’ve got it all worked out; so where am I going to go to school?”

“I thought maybe the University of Oregon at Eugene. After you pass the bar we could stay there and you can establish a practice, I’ll be your paralegal. Eugene is inland but after we start making some money we can find a little get-away place in Florence and get a boat, Florence is on the water but it’s in the same county as Eugene, what do you think?”

“Ok, it’s a plan; now let’s go upstairs.”

After stopping in the laundry room to shed their wet suits, Joey followed Jamie up the stairs to her bedroom admiring her shapely bottom. She’d certainly filled out in the last three years. Her breasts had gone from virtually nonexistent to a very nice 34B mouthful, her mons was now covered with a luxurious pelt of light red hair and her hips had widened giving her a womanly figure, she was absolutely gorgeous; impetuous, but gorgeous.

As he walked into her room she grabbed his flaccid penis, knelt in front of him and took him in her mouth. She’d gotten good at fellatio, she was able to deep throat him entirely. Joey had grown, too, his cock was now a solid 7 ½ inches and over 3 inches in girth yet she was able to completely engulf him. Jamie started bobbing, letting his cock slide down her throat then sucking back up ‘til she had only the head between her lips. Joey was stiff as a steel rod, when she took him down her throat it was so tight he could hardly contain himself. When Joey gripped her head and started pumping her mouth Jamie knew he was ready. She sucked harder and she felt him swell. As he flooded her throat with pulse after pulse of his burning cum she swallowed trying to take in all of his creamy juice. She nearly succeeded, only a small amount dribbling from the sides of her lips and down over her chin. She continued to hold him in her mouth until he softened. Then, looking up into his eyes she smiled.

God she looked lovely Joey thought as he lifted her up to stand before him. He wasn’t particularly fond of eating his own cum but he couldn’t resist; Jamie was irresistible; he took her in his arms, kissing her deeply, his tongue swishing around the inside of her mouth as he guided her to the bed.

Jamie was more than ready, she splayed her legs and pulled him down between them; she wanted him in her. Joey was already hard again and, as she brought her knees to her chest, offering him maximum accessibility, he thrust into her depths.

Jamie moaned with pleasure as he pumped into her. In this position he could reach her cervix where he was beating a tattoo with his pounding cock. When he hit her it caused a little pain and she wanted a little pain; she wanted to let herself go, moaning, wailing, maybe a few tears and she did.

Joey knew he was hurting her. He also knew that she sometimes wanted it that way. He could always tell when that’s what she wanted, she’d pull back her knees like she had today so he could get really deep. He knew she wanted this to last a while too, that’s why she’d sucked him first, she knew he’d be slower to cum. Joey was hitting her cervix so hard the head of his cock was getting sore; no matter, he wanted to give Jamie what she wanted.

Jamie was crying out in pain, she sobbed as she wailed wantonly; whipping her red hair back and forth as she writhed under his onslaught. “Joeeey, Oh hurt me, please hurt me, pound me, squeeze my tits, make me feel it,” she wailed.

She grabbed herself behind her thighs and pulled her legs even further up as Joey reached forward and, taking a breast in each hand squeezed and twisted her tender nipples as his powerful thrusts continued to assault her.

Ten minutes into their violent coupling Joey felt Jamie’s vagina squeezing his cock, milking him; he knew she was almost ready. He thrust harder and harder as he felt his own cum begin to rise then she straightened her legs and encircled his waist, pulling him to her. Joey couldn’t hold out any longer, stream after ropy stream of his jizz flooded her battered pussy as Jamie screamed out at her own passionately potent climax.

Joey continued to gently stroke her until he softened then he lay beside her and took her into his arms. Jamie buried her head in his chest and softly sobbed.

Joey caressed her, stroking her soft hair and down her back. As her crying stopped she looked up at him with still tear filled eyes and softly kissed his lips saying, “Thank you.”

“Jamie, I love you there’s no need to thank me. I wanted it too.”

“Joey, I’m going to miss you.”

“Miss me when?”

“When you go off to school.”

“Imp that’s not for another year.”

“I know, I know.”

“Joey, my birthday is Saturday and I want us to do something special.”

“Well I know the Parents have a little family party planned.”

“Yeah, they do. We’ll have my favorite foods and some cake and ice cream. Then they’ll go out for the evening and Marti will have a date. But I want something special from you.”

“Do you want what I think you want?”

“Joey, damn it you’ve been doing it with Marti and even Ginnie for the past three years. Don’t you think I’m ready?”

“You’re ready. But what kind of a gift is that from me to you. It’s you who’ll be giving to me.”

“No, you’ll be giving, all 7 ½ inches you’ll be giving. I’ll be taking.”

“Ok Kiddo, it’s a date; Saturday night,” as he gave her a little kiss.

The rest of the week dragged by slowly for Jamie; she had a relentless anticipation of what Saturday night would bring but she was nervous, too. She’d wanted this for three years but she was still a little fearful; she knew he’d have to hurt her when it finally did happen.

Finally, Saturday arrived. The Parents did have a little party for her, just the family. They served her favorite dish, paella with a salad and a crusty loaf of bread. They even served a glass of Spanish wine to go along with the meal. Her thoughts were distracted but she nonetheless enjoyed the meal. An hour after the meal and dessert were finished the Parents and Marti were gone.

Joey had gone upstairs to the game room listening to some music. She walked up stairs and sat beside him. He pulled her onto his lap and asked, “You sure?”

“Oh Joey, I’m sure but I’m so tense and shaky, can you feel me quivering even now?”

Joey could, Jamie was shivering like she was cold. He just held her closer, whispering how much he loved her.

In took her about fifteen minutes to settle down, then she stood and took Joey’s hand, leading him to her room.

Once they were in the bedroom Jamie took off her shorts, top and brassiere, standing in only her panties. She watched as Joey undressed, he was already erect in anticipation. She’d felt and enjoyed his cock hundreds of times over the last three years. It was wonderfully comfortable in her mouth and in her pussy but tonight it looked huge; she had to confess she was frightened.

Maybe terrified would be a better word. She stood frozen just staring at it then she started quivering again. Jamie couldn’t comprehend. In almost any circumstance she was in control, now in her distress she couldn’t move. Her body reacted to her fearfulness, her bladder failed her. Horrified, she felt her pee soak her panties and run down the insides of her legs, she cried out in embarrassment and turned to run.

Joey caught her in his arms and pulled her to him, crushing her breasts against his chest and softly cooing in her ear, “We don’t have to do this Jamie, I’ll love you forever even if we never do.”

He walked her to the bed, knelt before her and rolled her soiled panties off. She stepped out of them and he pulled her down on the bed beside him, holding her, caressing her and crooning, “It’s ok, Jamie, it’s ok.”

As she lay in his comforting embrace Jamie’s fears dissipated; she would go through with it. She rolled over on top of Joey and kissed him fiercely, nearly hissing, “I love you, I love you, I love you, I want it Joey. Just let me go and clean up.”

As she started to get off the bed Joey held her and kept her from leaving. He turned her onto her back and got between her legs; parting her lower lips he licked along her labia. Strange he thought to himself, but I really wanted to taste her just as she was. Her urine was pungent smelling with an acidic taste, not bad but certainly different. As he cleaned her her normal sweet fragrance perfumed the air. Joey intended to bring her to a quick orgasm before he took her bottom. Finding her clitoris he took it between his lips and sucked it into his mouth. Moistening his finger with Jamie’s juices he massaged her tight pucker. Jamie felt a wonderful release; not the massive orgasm she’d had earlier, but a wonderfully pleasant flow. When Joey looked up at her she smiled and, with her eyes invited him to lie beside her.

“I think I’m ready now, put my on my back for this, I want you to watch my face and I want to see yours.”

Joey had brought the Vaseline in earlier and put it on Jamie’s night stand. He retrieved it and pulled Jamie, tummy down, over his lap. He stared for several moments, relishing the sight of her delectable bottom then he massaged her cheeks, her skin was soft as velvet. Dipping his fingers into the lube he began to circle her tight ring.

Jamie felt him rubbing her, it felt nice. When he eased a finger into her and began to probe she tensed. Joey felt this and rubbed her back, “Just relax, try to relax,” he whispered as he slipped a second finger into her and began to pump, stretching her and getting her prepared for his invasion. Adding a bit more Vaseline to Jamie and stroking some onto himself, he rolled her onto her back and stood by the bed.

Jamie turned so that she was toward the side of the bed where Joey was standing then she positioned her bottom on the edge of the bed. Joey stood between her thighs, he bent forward, kissed her then placed her legs over his shoulders, pushing them toward her breasts, displaying her, opening her. Guiding his anxious cock to her opening, he slowly pushed the head into her opening her rose bud.

Joey looked at Jamie, her eyes were open, they were watching each other. When he pushed into her he saw that Jamie winced but didn’t cry out. As he slowly nudged further into her she began to moan. He let her adjust once again then probed deeper, he had about four inches buried when he saw her eyes tear up in pain. Slowly he started to stroke in and out adding a little more with each forward thrust.

When he had penetrated her with six inches she wailed, “Joey it hurts, stop a minute let me rest, please.”

Joey paused for several seconds then thrust forward giving her all of his 7 ½ inches. With his balls resting on her bottom he remained motionless until her wailing subsided.

Jamie couldn’t believe the agonizing pain, it was far worse than when she’d lost her virginity. But she wasn’t going to tell him to stop, she’d begged him to do it and she was damned sure going to go through with it. Between her wails she looked him in the eye and nodded for him to go on.

Already buried in his baby sister’s sweet ass, Joey commenced to slowly stroke. He had been gentle throughout but his own urges were beginning to exert themselves. His thrusts picked speed and power; soon he was pounding his hips against her bottom on the instroke and pulling out ‘til only the head remained.

When Joey started pounding forcefully into her Jamie grunted every time he thrust in and moaned as he pulled back, she could even here herself, “Uhh, ooo, uhh, ooo, uhh, ooo,” in time with his thrusts and withdrawals she went.

Joey found Jamie’s lewd noises exciting; he pounded into her harder to elicit even louder grunts. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer at the pace he was setting and he damned sure wasn’t going to slow down. He wanted Jamie to get off, too, so he reached between her legs and strummed her clit.

Yes, Jamie thought, that’s just what I needed. Joey was really reaming her, now with the attention he was giving her pussy she could sense her arousal building.

Joey’s cock felt like it was being masturbated by a velvet gloved fist, she was so tight. Like a wild man he kept pounding her harder and harder, he watched as her tummy muscles tensed then she climaxed, soaking him with her fragrant fluids. That was all it took, he gripped her hips firmly and thrust into her as deeply as possible blasting his white hot cum into her. He slowed down but kept stroking into her until he’d become soft. As he pulled his flaccid member from her he watched as his cum leaked out and ran down her cheeks then he looked up at Jamie, she was wearing a wistful smile.

“Happy Birthday sweet baby,” he said.

Turning back onto the bed she motioned for him to join her. Taking him in her arms she said, “Well, that’s one birthday gift I’ll never forget but to tell you the truth, I’m not sure I want it again for a while, I feel wrecked back there. Save this for Marti and Ginnie, I’ll stay with what we usually do, ok.”

“Sure Imp.”

“Hey, there’s one other thing, I’m fourteen now, I’ve fucked you, sucked you and been sodomized by you; I think I’m a big girl now. Please stop calling me Imp.”

Surprised, Joey asked, “What do you want me to call you?”

“How about Sweet Lover when we’re alone, Jamie might could work the rest of the time.”

“Ok Sweet Lover.”

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