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A boy and his mother find themselves isolated from the rest of the family in a log cabin.
The heavy, pouring rain came down in sheets, making visibility almost impossible. Wayne struggled to see out the window of his Jeep Cherokee. His mother, Krista, sat in the other bucket seat, peering out through the suffocating deluge of water. Every few moments, Krista turned and looked out the rear window for a few seconds before looking back to the front.

"I hope they're okay," she mumbled."

Oh, they'll be fine," Wayne told her, hoping that he was right.

Wayne's whole family was driving up to their cabin in the mountains for a mini-vacation. Tony, Wayne's father, Kim, Krista's sister, and Wayne's little sister Marie, were in the second car somewhere behind them. They had taken both cars because Kim had to return home on Tuesday. Wayne, Krista, Tony and Marie were planning to leave the following Friday.

When they had started out earlier that morning, it had been sprinkling, but it had since turned into a steady rain. The rain had continued to intensify all morning, turning the drive into a real ordeal.

Stopping in Emoryville around twelve, they refueled and decided to have lunch. At the diner, Kim had talked Krista into letting her take little Marie for the last leg of the trip since they only had about an hour left to go. Although Marie was just a month old, they didn't think being separated from her mother for an hour would hurt her. Anxious to get to the cabin, Wayne and Krista left before the others. They hadn't seen their headlights since...

Glancing down at his watch, Wayne saw that an hour had passed since they'd left the diner.

"I think I see the turn off," he said, slowing the car."That's it," Krista confirmed as Wayne steered the car off the highway onto the narrow black-topped road.

"Be sure to stay on the road," his mother cautioned him, watching him carefully guide the car down the narrow lane, "if we get stuck, we'll never get out of this mud."

"You got that right," he chuckled nervously.

They crept down the road until they came to the rickety bridge that spanned a normally tame little stream. Stopping the car, Wayne got out and plodded through the rain over to the bridge and looked down. The stream, usually quiet and slow, was now a roaring river of deep, muddy water. Staring into the dark, swirling water below, he watched the surge of the water crash against the bridge's supports. They looked rather fragile, but seemed to be withstanding the force of the river.

"What do you think?"

"What," he jumped, not knowing his mother had walked up behind him.

"Do you think the bridge will hold?"

"Uh, I guess," he muttered, "What do you think?"

"It looks okay to me," she said, walking a few feet out onto the bridge and timidly jumping up and down, "it feels sturdy enough."

"Okay, let's try it," he shouted over the noise of the churning water.

"God, I'm drenched," his mother laughed tiredly as they got back into the car, "I can't wait to get to the cabin and get a fire going."

"Here goes," Wayne said, putting the car into gear and slowly easing it onto the bridge.

The old bridge seemed to be holding its own as they slowly inched forward. The bridge was only about fifty feet across, but it took them two or three minutes to cautiously creep three-quarters of the way across it.

Then, all at once, without warning, they felt the bridge wobble and shift under them.

"Oh, God," Krista screamed "It's collapsing."

As Wayne felt the first sickening lurch, he instantly slammed the accelerator to the floor. For one long, terrifying moment, it felt like the car and the bridge were both going to crash into the icy water below. But at the last moment, the tires grabbed hold of the worn wooden planks and shot the car toward the other side of the river to safety.

Neither of them could speak as the car roared across the final few feet toward the shore. Then, just as the front wheels touched solid ground, they felt the back end of the car stagger and slip sideways. Time seemed to stop. Holding their breath, they prayed until the car finally shot off the bridge and onto land. Then, just as the back tires cleared the bridge, the bridge went crashing down into the water behind them. Lady Luck must have been riding with them, Wayne thankfully thought.

Wayne slammed on the brakes, trying to keep the car from going off the road and into the mud. After skidding several feet, the car finally stopped only inches from the road's shoulder.

Wayne sat unmoving, his fingers digging into the steering wheel for several moments. Finally, he looked over at his mother. She was as white as a sheet as she sat staring out into the rain pouring down on the hood of the car. At last she turned and looked over at him, smiling weakly.

"My God, that was close," his mother gasped.

"You can say that again," he said.

After a few minutes, when his hands had stopped shaking enough for him to open the car door, he pushed it open. Stepping out into the pouring rain once again, he slammed the door shut. Looking over, he saw his mother step out of the car on the other side.

Both of them wobbled back over to where only moments earlier the bridge had stood. Now there was nothing but a few broken, shattered pilings jutting up out of the cold, swirling water below. The twisted, broken supports were the only evidence that the bridge had once stood there."

Another five seconds and we'd have been washed away," he muttered, feeling his legs almost buckle under him, "God that was close."

Neither of them spoke for several moments as the rain poured down on them. Numbly, they stared down into the dark, muddy water rushing past them.

"Uh-oh, here comes Tony and Marie," his mother suddenly blurted out."

Go get your cell phone and call them, quick!" Wayne yelled as he started waving his arms frantically, trying to get them to stop them before they drove off into the crevice that had once been a stream.

Krista turned and dashed through the rain to the car. Flinging the door open, she dove inside. Tearing open her purse, she jammed her hand inside and pulled out her phone.

Quickly jabbing the fast-dial key, she lifted it to her ear.

"Come on, damn it, answer it," she muttered, staring out at the other car as it slowly approached the opposite side of the river.

"Yeah, Kim," her sister finally said.

"Yes. Thank God you answered. The bridge is out."

"Yeah, we saw Wayne waving his arms, so we slowed down."

No one spoke for several moments as they all watched Wayne wearily trudge back to his car.

"Well, now what?" he asked, drenched as he slid in under the steering wheel.

"I don't know," she mumbled, trying to think what to do.

It was obvious that Tony, Kim, and Marie were not going to cross the stream any time soon. They could easily turn around, go back to Emoryville and spend the night there. But Wayne and Krista were marooned. Thankfully, Krista thought, even though she was still nursing Marie, she had packed plenty of formula, which was with her little one. But with the bridge down and it still raining, she didn't know how long she would be separated from her baby. She and Wayne had all the food, so they could go on up to the cabin and stay there until someone figured out a way to get them back across the river.

She discussed their alternatives with Tony for several minutes. Since it was already one o'clock in the afternoon, he finally agreed that he, Kim, and Marie would return to Emoryville and check in with the Sheriff to let him know that Wayne and Krista were stranded. They'd spend the night and get back to her later and let her know what kind of plan he and the Sheriff could come up with.

Closing her cell phone, she explained what was happening to Wayne. Agreeing with her, Wayne looked into the rear view mirror and watched anxiously as Tony slowly, carefully, backed away from the roaring water. It seemed to take hours, but finally his father's car backed out onto the highway and disappeared into the torrential rain.

"Well, Kemosabe, I guess we're on our own," Krista grinned tensely.

"I guess so," he replied, slowly shifting into low and letting out on the clutch pedal.

At last they stopped in front of the cabin and both sat watching the rain beat down on the hood of his car. The drive to the cabin had seemed to take hours because Wayne hadn't gone above five miles an hour, but to their immense relief, they'd finally arrived.

As they stared out into the downpour, it seemed like the rain was getting even heavier.

"Do you know how long a cubit is?" Wayne laughed wearily.

"Nope, but we may need to find out if it keeps up like this much longer," his mother replied.

"Well, I sure don't want to start looking for animals by the pair in this downpour," he grinned.

"Especially when I already have a pair that are beginning to ache," she sighed.

"Pardon?" he said, not believing what he had heard.

"Don't be such a prude," she chided him good-naturedly. "It's been almost five hours since I nursed Marie and my breasts are getting a little full and sore."

"MOTHER," he sputtered, turning bright red, "you're embarrassing me."

"Okay, Mr. Prude," she laughed, opening her door. "Let's get this car unloaded.

"Wayne stepped out into the rain, grateful for anything that would hide his crimson face. His face was so hot, he thought he could feel steam rising from it... He couldn't believe his mother said what she had said. After all, she was his mother and he hadn't been prepared for her suggestive remark. Stopping for a moment, he stood in the pouring rain thinking about her breasts. The thought of her breasts, big and swollen, full of a mother's milk sent a jolt of excitement tearing into his brain. Shuddering, he looked up and let the cold wetness of the rain splash into his face, hoping it would wash away his impure thoughts.

At last, he looked over and saw his mother impatiently standing by the rear of the car. Shamefully, he rushed around, unlocked, and threw open the trunk. They both grabbed as much as they could and sloshed over to the cabin. Depositing his load under the protection of the porch, he splashed back to the car while his mother unlocked the cabin.

After the first load, he made his mother stay inside while he trudged back and forth unloading the car. It took him ten minutes to off-load everything they had brought, but at least it kept his mind off what his mother had said for a little while.

As he unloaded, his mother sorted their belongings in piles. Making the last trip inside, he closed the door behind him and dropped the last few items on the table.

"Here, here is your suitcase," his mother told him, handing him his bag. "You hurry up and change into something dry before you catch cold. Then you can start a fire while I change."

He kicked off his muddy boots and plodded through the hall in his wet socks to the single bathroom in the cabin. Closing the door behind him, he quickly stripped down and toweled off the rainwater. He felt like he had just taken a frigid shower that, thankfully, kept his thoughts off his mother and her tits. But now, looking at himself in the mirror, his thoughts suddenly went back to his mother. What would she look like naked, he frantically asked himself. He wished he could be on the other side of the mirror, invisible, when she came in to undress. He couldn't believe how big her breasts had gotten since she had Marie.

Blushing with shame, he couldn't stop his cock from slowly swelling. Angry with himself for thinking such nasty thoughts, he dried his hair and pulled out a pair of loose shorts and a sweater. A weird combination, he thought, but after he got the fire going, he knew how warm the small cabin would be.

The cabin only had four real rooms. Two bedrooms, a bathroom and a combination den, kitchen, living room. The big rock fireplace would have the whole cabin warm in little more than an hour, if he remembered correctly.

Stepping out of the bathroom, he saw that his mother was waiting impatiently for him to finish.

"It's about time," she remarked, striding purposefully toward the bathroom. "I thought you'd had died in there.""You look like a drowned rat," he laughed as she walked by him, her wet hair plastered to her head and her clothes still dripping.

But even drenched and bedraggled from wading around in the rain, she was still cute. Cute. The word seemed to be made for her, he thought, as he went about starting the fire. Yes, she was pretty, but not a raving beauty. Cute. Yes, that was her. But very cute. And her figure, now svelte and shapely after the pregnancy, looked great for her age.

Then, scolding himself for thinking about his mother in such a way, he set about getting the fire going.

He could hear the shower running as he struggled to start the fire. Why would she need a shower, he wondered? She had already had one in the pouring rain. Losing his train of thought, he suddenly found himself wondering what she looked like, standing under the water without a stitch of clothes on. He thought about sneaking over and peeking through the keyhole, but decided against it and went back to starting the fire.

Thankfully, he and his dad had brought in a week's supply of wood the last time they had been at the cabin. If they hadn't, he would never have gotten a fire going. As he nursed the tiny tendrils of flame, they finally began to lick at the wood and soon the fire was blazing away. Squatting in front of the fire, he poked at it as his thoughts returned to his mother. He had heard other boy's talking about pregnant women and women with babies at school. They said that their breasts got gigantic and all full of milk. They even said that if a woman didn't have a baby to suck on her tits, they would get painful and have all kinds of problems. Wayne had never really thought of his mother like that until he saw her nursing Marie one day. Then he found it embarrassing to hear the boys talking about women that way. But, in spite of himself, he found himself trying to sneak another peek of his mother's breasts. He had seen them once and for some reason it had scared him. He thought that they would just be bigger, but he wasn't prepared for how much bigger they actually were. Ashamed that he was thinking about her in such a sexual way, he suddenly found himself hard. Blushing, he quickly stood up and started to straighten his cock.

Just as he grabbed his cock through his shorts to reposition it, his mother stepped out of the bathroom. She was wearing a soft, pink bathrobe and drying her hair with a big, white towel.

Both of them stopped and stared at each other for several uncomfortable moments. Then Wayne turned away from her and shoved his swollen maleness into a more comfortable position.

"Are you okay?" his mother asked, strolling toward him with her arms above her head as she dried her hair.

"Uh...yeah...uh...sure," he muttered, looking back at her.

As she padded across the room toward him in her bare feet, he couldn't keep himself from letting his eyes dip down to her big tits, bobbling unrestrained under the robe. In his inflamed state, her breasts seemed to be huge as they swelled out under her soft, cotton bathrobe.

"Are you sure you're okay?" she smiled at him with a questioning look on her face, "You're face is fire-engine red.""Yeah...uh...I guess it's just the fire," he mumbled, "I was too close."

"Oh," she said, stepping up beside him and dropping the towel to the floor.

She didn't say anything for several moments as she stood beside him warming her hands. He was afraid to move and stood waiting anxiously. As he waited, he couldn't keep from glancing back down at the swell of her breasts under the thick, fleecy bathrobe. The way her tits were moving, she had to be naked underneath it, he told himself and felt his penis twitch again.

"Why don't you get us a glass of wine," she finally said, turning and facing him. "We can have a little before dinner to celebrate our escape from the flood."

"Uh...sure...good idea," he blurted out, glad for any chance to move away from her.

"I didn't get a chance to thank you for you what you did this afternoon," she said softly, leaning over and giving him a soft, loving kiss on the cheek. "You probably saved our lives."

"Awww...Mom," he said modestly as his face reddened once again.

Self-consciously, he stumbled back away from her.

"Really," she smiled at him, "we would probably have been swept to our deaths if you hadn't reacted so quickly."

"Anybody would have done the same thing," he said, hoping she wouldn't notice the bulge in his shorts as he hurried over to the pantry.

He found several bottles of wine in one of the cabinets and took one down. As he was awkwardly struggling to open it, he secretly watched his mother out of the corner of his eye. She was leaning over, letting the fire dry her soft, short curly brown hair. As he watched, her robe fell open just enough to give him a view of one, big, bare breast. So she was naked underneath it, he thought to himself as his penis lurched again and he nearly dropped the wine bottle.

"Are you having a hard time?" she asked from across the room.

"'s just...a little stiff," he muttered, wondering if her pun had been accidental because his wasn't.

"Need some help, Hon?" she asked him, turning slightly so that her robe ballooned open ever wider.

"," he gulped, trying to keep his eyes glued on her big, swollen breast and uncork the bottle both at the same time.

He could see almost all of her big, swollen breast, all the way down to the ring of dark, mysterious flesh surrounding its nipple. Straining to see more, he couldn't quite make out her nipple.

"I sure am getting thirsty," she said at last.

Tearing his eyes away from her breast, he looked up to see that she had been watching him. He blushed almost purple as he realized that she had known he was watching and did nothing to stop him."Do you find my breasts interesting?" she said, finally raising up and pulling her robe together.

"Mother," he groaned, his mind in a turmoil of confusion.

"Well, you were looking at them, weren't you?"

Mortified, he couldn't find any words to express his shame.

She didn't say anything else for several moments.

His hands were shaking so badly, it took him forever to fill the glasses with wine. Still blushing brightly, he slowly stumbled back over to his mother. Wine dribbled and ran down the glass as he handed it to her with his trembling hand.

"It's okay," she smiled softly, reaching out and taking his hand in hers to stop the shaking. He didn't know what to say or do. She finally peeled his frozen fingers from around the glass and took it from him. Smiling at him warmly, she slowly took a long sip of her wine.

Suddenly coming to life, Wayne took a drink from his glass, almost emptying it in his first gulp.

"My, you were thirsty too" she laughed warmly."I sure was," he blurted out, finishing his drink.

Using his empty glass as an excuse to leave her presence once again, he walked back over to the bottle.Refilling his glass, he turned and saw that his mother was sitting on the couch in front of the fire. She had her long, lovely legs curled up under her and she was smiling warmly at him.

"Come on over here and sit down by me," she smiled at him, patting the couch by her.

"Uh...uh...okay," he mumbled, tripping and nearly falling as he started toward her.

"Bring the bottle with you," she told him.

Stopping, he went back and got the bottle. Carrying it with him, he walked over and sat down on the couch next to her. The air was filled with the clean, fresh fragrance of her soap as both of them sat staring into the fire. Time passed slowly as they made small talk and finished the bottle of wine.

"Why don't you lay your head in my lap and take a nap like you used to do when you were a little tyke?" she finally asked him.

"Uh...uh...okay," he said, setting his empty glass down on the floor.

Maneuvering around on the couch, he gently lowered his head down onto the softness of her lap. The clean, sweet bouquet of her freshly washed body filled his nostrils and brought back fond memories of his youth as he lay looking up at her. He saw her smile warmly as she slowly ran her fingers through his hair. Her breasts, the source of his earlier embarrassment were now jutting out only inches above his face. Only the thick, fleecy covering of terry cloth hid them from his eyes.

Drinking in her pleasant scent, he slowly closed his eyes. Listening to the sound of rain splashing against the windows, he found himself getting drowsy. The dull roar of the continuous rain was broken occasionally when one of the logs in the fireplace would crack and pop. Relaxed by the wine, the fire, the rain and the almost intoxicating nearness of his mother, he felt himself slowly drifting off into sleep.

Wayne didn't know how long he had been asleep, but he could still hear the rain incessantly beating against the side of the house as he slowly floated back to consciousness. Letting himself awaken slowly, he suddenly realized that his cheek was wet. Had the roof sprung a leak, he wondered? It wouldn't surprise him as hard as it was raining. Slowly, he opened his eyes and found himself staring up at his mother's bare breast. Stunned, he saw that his mother's robe had somehow fallen open, baring her breast. Not able to believe his eyes, he saw that her big, bulging nipple was brushing against his cheek. Then he saw a tiny trickle of white juice leaking out of the swollen pap. Staring at the distended pink knob of flesh, he watched in fascination as the little stream of mother's milk continued to seep out and run down the soft, curving underside of his mother's beautiful breast.

Almost immediately, he felt his cock swell to aching hardness as he gawked at her breast with utter fascination. Afraid to move, he basked in the sheer eroticism of the moment.

At last, he tore his eyes from her breast and saw that she had apparently fallen to sleep, too. Her head had fallen over and she now slept with her cheek resting on her shoulder. Quickly looking back up at her breast, he drank in the captivating view of bared flesh. He couldn't believe how beautiful it was. But now that he was so close, he could even see the delicate, blue blood vessels under the transparent skin covering her breast.

His quest was over. The prize was now before him, openly displayed for his voyeuristic viewing. He watched it as it slowly rose and fell each time his mother took a breath. What would it be like to suck on the hard, puffiness of her nipple, he perversely wondered? No, he couldn't do that, he thought. That would be too much. What would his mother say if she woke and found him sucking on her breast? She would probably kill him. Staring up at the bright pink nipple, he couldn't stop himself from slowly turning his head toward her. As he did, the hard, rubbery knob slid across his cheek and his lips moved ever closer to the forbidden fruit. At last, the hard puffiness of her big, bloated nipple touched his lip.

Then as a tiny trickle of his mother's thin, white milk dripped down onto his lips, he became so excited, he thought he was going to come. He had never felt such excitement. His whole body was throbbing with electricity as he slowly opened his mouth. As his lips parted, her distended, puffy nipple slipped between them. He didn't move for several moments, but finally, he gently sucked on her nipple.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then he saw his mother's eyes flicker open. Terrified of what she would do, he lay as still as he could. Her eyes looked out aimlessly for a moment and then suddenly swept down to his face. He didn't know what to do. Time stopped as they stared into each other's eyes for the longest time.

Finally, she moved ever so slowly, reaching down and cupping his head in her arms, pulling him toward her, forcing her nipple farther into his mouth.

"Yes, please," she whispered, pressing his face into the soft, yielding flesh of her swollen breast. "Nurse and make my breasts stop aching."

Wayne was stunned and did nothing for a moment. Then realizing that she wanted him to nurse, he slowly started sucking on the big, swollen pap.

As he began to suck, he was distressed as the bloated nipple grudgingly gave up thin, watery fluid for several moments. Thinking there would be more milk, he wondered what he was doing wrong. Then, as he began sucking harder, he was alarmed when milk suddenly began to pour from the nipple. Seeing his mother smile down at him approvingly, he began to suck harder as the thickening sweetness of her milk began to gush into his mouth. Somewhere deep in his memory banks, the delicate, sweet, sugary flavor of her milk triggered forgotten memories of his childhood. He was now a tiny baby, sucking at her breasts as her delicious milk poured into his mouth. But even though his mind had reverted to infancy, his maturing body was alive with excitement. Swallowing as fast as he could, he still couldn't keep up with the flow and some of the frothy, white milk leaked out of his mouth and dripped down his chin. Some innate primal force was guiding him now as he pushed his face into her breast with soft insistence. As he sucked, he could feel the heaviness of her breast pushing back against his mouth. He couldn't get enough of her sweet, precious cream as it poured from her breast. Wanting more and more, he unconsciously raised his hand up to her breast. Wrapping his hand around the jutting fullness of his mother's breast, he softly, but firmly began to milk her.

"Oh...yes...Baby...take all of Mommy's milk and make it stop hurting," she murmured, pressing his face into her breast even harder.

As he sucked, he could feel the swelling of her breast slowly diminishing and her body begin to relax. After several minutes, he was gravely disappointed when the flow of milk slowed to a trickle and then stopped. Downcast that her breast was empty and there was now no reason for him to continue sucking on her breast, he felt his mother shift her body and suddenly her nipple popped out of his sucking mouth. Like a child without a pacifier, his lips continued to move, searching for her breast. Then, weak from the earlier adrenaline rush, he watched in amazed wonderment as his mother opened her robe and lifted her other beautiful, swollen breast out. Turning slightly, his mother lowered the big, round softness of her breast with its glistening pink cup down to his lips. It was like giving a drink to a man dying of thirst as she slowly lowered the large, swollen nipple down to his lips. Just as before, when he started sucking on it, it took several moments before her milk to begin to flow freely. But, at last when her milk did start to flow again, it quickly filled his mouth to overflowing once again. Hungrily, he pulled at the rubbery nipple with his lips and mouth, sucking more and more of the pleasing sweetness of her luscious milk into his mouth.

"," she murmured as he continued to suckle her.

Wayne's swollen cock was throbbing with such fiery pain, he knew that he couldn't keep from coming much longer. He had never been so hard or excited in his whole life. It was like having a knife shoved up his aching cock as it pulsed with eager excitement.

As he sucked and sucked, he was once again disappointed when the flow of milk began to decrease. Afraid that his mother would take her breast away from him when it stopped giving milk, he wondered what he could do to postpone the inevitable. Feverishly trying to think of a way to keep sucking on her breast, he gently ran his tongue over the lactating nipple and felt his mother's body stiffen in response. Surprised and aroused by his mother's reaction, he stopped sucking so hard and began to tease the big, swollen nipple with his tongue. Less and less milk flowed out, but his tongue became more and more insistent as he tickled and teased the bulging nipple.

"Mmmmmm, Babbbyyyyy," she sighed as her whole body seemed to melt down into the couch.

As Wayne played with her nipple, he felt her legs slowly part. Stunningly, he felt his mother's pelvis tilt and gently press up against the back of his head. Was she becoming excited, he wondered as he felt his cock lurch perilously close to an eruption.

Tweaking and toying with her nipple, Wayne could no longer taste the intoxicating sweetness of his mother's milk. Even though the flow of milk had stopped completely, his mother made no move to stop him. She must be enjoying what he was doing, he thought. The very idea that she would let him play with her nipple was unbelievable. Shocked, he eagerly renewed his assault on her ripe, bloated nipple.

As he played with her nipple, he heard her make soft, little mewing sounds. Excited even more, he continued to pull and nip at her bloated pap as he massaged and kneaded the soft flesh of her breast with his hands.

While he had initially thought that sucking and drinking her milk was the most thrilling thing he had ever done, this was even more exciting. Thinking about what he was doing sent emotions flowing through his body that were almost overpowering. He was actually playing with his mother's big, beautiful breast and she was not doing anything to stop him.

The soft pressure of her groin against the back of his head was growing more and more insistent, the longer he kept teasing her nipple. Then without warning, he felt his mother's hand drop from the back of the couch down to his stomach. He didn't know if it was an accident or if she had done it on purpose, but her hand was now resting only inches from his throbbing, aching cock.

He began to squeeze and knead the soft, pliant flesh of his mother's breast more and more confidently as she made no move to stop him.

Then his heart almost stopped when he felt his mother's hand slowly inch toward his over-ripe cock. Was she consciously doing it or was it just a reflex. Either way, his cock had a hair trigger and he knew that it would only take a touch to cause it to explode.

Suddenly the phone rang. As it did, his mother's hand jerked and brushed across his primed readiness.

"Goddddddnnnnoooooo," he gasped out around his mother's nipple as he felt his penis erupt inside his shorts.

"Oh, Baby, I'm sorry," his mother whispered as she watched him strain and jerk while his cock emptied its load of semen into his shorts, "I'm sorry."

Wayne couldn't believe that it had happened. He couldn't stop it. To his utter shock and humiliation, he felt his mother slowly ease out from under him and get up as the phone rudely continued to ring.

"I'm sorry, baby but I've got to answer the phone, it's probably Tony," she said softly, pulling her robe closed and walking over to the telephone.

Wayne buried his head under the pillows, wishing he could crawl in a hole somewhere and die. How could he have come right in front of his mother? He was mortified. How would he ever be able to face her again? Trying to bury his humiliation under the cushions on the couch, he listened to his mother talking on the phone as he began to feel tears of shame run down his face.

He couldn't make out what she was saying over the din of rain that was pouring down on the house. Then, all at once, he felt exhausted and unable to keep his eyes open. He didn't try to fight it and within moments, was asleep.

The room was dark when he awoke. Looking around, he saw that the fire had been built back up and was casting a soft, warm glow over the room. He didn't move for several moments, letting his eyes grow accustomed to the dark. After a few moments, he let his eyes begin to search the room. It was then that he saw his mother sitting in the big, stuffed chair by the fire. He couldn't believe his eyes as he watched her gently massaging her big, pendant breasts while she sipped on a glass of wine. Even though he had came only a short time before, he felt his manhood spring back to life almost immediately.

She seemed to be unaware of him as she had her robe untied and spread apart so that her great, swollen breasts were uncovered. His eyes drank in their unmatched beauty as he watched her fingers toy and pull at the big, distended nipples.

Then, stunned, he watched as her hand slowly slipped down from her breasts and traveled down between her legs. The way she was sitting prevented him from seeing what she was doing, but when her head tilted back and her eyes closed, he could imagine where her hand was. He was already on the verge of a second explosion as he watched his mother playing with herself. Her movement was becoming more and more animated as he watched. Her legs crept farther and farther apart and she began to make the same little mewing sounds as before. Her breathing was becoming ragged and uneven as her hand moved faster and faster.

Then just as it had been with him, the telephone rang.

Wayne closed his eyes and feigned sleep as he heard his mother get up and walk across the room. He could hear her talking quietly to someone, but the thrum of the rain made it impossible to distinguish what she was saying. After several moments, he heard her set the phone down. He waited for a few moments as she slowly padded by the couch and sat back down in the chair. Opening his eyes, he saw that she had spread open her robe again and was massaging her breasts.

Slowly, he sat up.

"Do your breasts hurt?" he brazenly asked, not knowing where he had gotten the courage to speak.

"Whut, what, uh, what did you say?" she sputtered, turning toward him.

He didn't speak for several moments as he let his eyes wander over her big, bare breasts. She seemed confused and initially didn't make a move to cover her exposed breasts.

"I asked you if your breasts were hurting again?" he blushed as she looked down at her bare breasts.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she mumbled, slowly closing her robe and covering her breasts, "I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"I'm sorry, I just feel sort of funny inside when I see your breasts," he smiled weakly.

"They do hurt a little," she smiled back at him, "but not like before."

"Your breasts are so beautiful," he said lamely, not knowing what else to do or say.

"Do you really think so?" she said, this time blushing herself, "I thought they were a little too droopy."

"'re beautiful," he blurted out, his obvious excitement showing.

"Well, thank you, I guess," she laughed softly, taking another sip of her wine.

"Uh...would...would you like for you know...uh...nurse on you again?" he mumbled, ashamed that he had said it.

"What did you say?" she asked him with a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh, nothing," he said, blushing again, afraid to press his luck.

Did she know that he had cum before, he wondered, as he sat stupidly smiling back at her? He wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say.

"Why don't you get something to eat?" she told him, "I fixed some snack stuff while you were asleep."

"Hey, that's sounds good," he said, getting up and going over to the table.

"You were sleeping so soundly," she said loudly, trying to make herself heard over the sound of the rain, "I didn't want to wake you after what happened."

Wayne didn't know what to do or say in response so he hungrily devoured half of the food on the table. He had been ravenous, but hadn't realized it because his sexual emotions had been overriding all other feelings.

Pouring himself a glass of wine, he walked back and sat down on the couch. As he did, his mother told him that they were stuck in the cabin until at least tomorrow afternoon. Tony had talked to the sheriff and found out that the local National Guard had an emergency bridge-laying unit that would come out as soon as it stopped raining.

Wayne didn't have the nerve to ask her when she thought that might be as it continued to rain outside with a vengeance. Looking down at his watch, he was shocked to see that it was already nine o'clock.

"Wow, it's getting late," he remarked, refilling his glass.

"Yeah, you slept for quite a while," she smiled back at him, slowly sipping on her drink, "You've had a very long day.

Neither of them spoke for several moments, each of them buried in their own thoughts. Wayne got up and stepped over to the door of the cabin. Opening it, he could barely see but could tell the rain was still cascading down in sheets.

"Boy, it's still coming down in buckets," he hollered back to his mother.

"I can hear it," she shouted back at him.

Closing the door, he walked over to the fire and warmed his hands. He wanted to ask his mother if he could nurse her again, but he was too bashful so he just stood there in front of the fire waiting for her to do or say something.

"Honey, I think I'm going to bed," he heard his mother say after a few moments. "It's been a long day for me, too."

"It sure has," he answered, not knowing what else to say. "I think I will too."

Disappointed that his mother hadn't asked him to nurse again, he trudged into his bedroom and pulled his clothes off. The house was warm enough for him to sleep in the nude as he usually did. Crawling under his covers, he gently stroked his swollen manhood as he listened to his mother getting ready for bed in the next room.

Then suddenly, she stuck her head around the corner. Startled, he knew that she had seen him stroking himself.

"Uh...good night...Baby," she told him, "I...uh...I hope sleep well.

Then before he had a chance to respond, she disappeared back around the corner.

"Uh...night...Mom," he shouted out.

He got no response, but after a few minutes, her light went off leaving the house dark except for the faint glow from the fire in the living room. Lying in his bed, thinking back over the events of the day, he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly, he found himself awake. Something had woken him up, but he didn't know what. The fire was almost out and the house was dark, but he didn't hear anything out of the ordinary as he listened. Then he heard the sound of another log being placed on the fire. As he watched, the glow from the fire slowly grew brighter. Then he heard a thunk as another log was placed on the fire. He couldn't see the fire from his bed, but he could still see the faint glow of it. Staring out his door into the living room, he was surprised to see his mother suddenly appear at his doorway. He knew that it was too dark for her to see his eyes so he didn't have to pretend he was asleep.

His mother stood there for the longest time. He wondered what she was doing as she stood peering into his room. Although the glow of the fire was weak, Wayne's eyes had grown accustomed to the dark and he could see that his mother was wearing a very, very thin nightgown. Even in the dim light of the fire, he could easily make out the silhouette of her beautiful body as she stood peering into his room. Lying on his back, he suddenly felt his cock surge back to hardness as he stared at the outline of her body.

Wondering what she was doing, he couldn't believe his eyes when she slowly stepped into his room. Then, he realized that she was actually coming toward his bed.

Suddenly, the captivating fragrance of her bewitching perfume enveloped him as he felt her sit down on the edge of his bed. His heart almost stopped beating as he waited to see what she would do next. Then he felt her slowly lift the covers and ease down under them. She was now lying in his bed next to him. He thought he was going to have a heart attack as he suddenly felt her warm body brush up against his.

"Wayne, are you awake?" he heard her whisper.

"Uh...yes," he muttered, his mouth so dry, he could barely speak.

"Do you mind if I come in here for a while?" she asked him, pressing herself up against him insistently.

" anything wrong," he groaned, feeling her big, firm breasts pressing into his arm.

She didn't say anything for several seconds.

"Baby, my breasts are hurting again. Would you nurse me again?" she finally whispered.

"Oh...yes...yes...sure," he gasped as he felt her push the covers down and spread her gown open.

"Thank You," she sighed.

Rolling over toward her, he lowered his face down onto her swollen breast. Like a piglet searching for a sow's teat, he hunted for her nipple. Almost immediately he found the hard, swollen pap jutting up from her swollen breast and locked his lips around it. Hungrily, he began to suck on it. Just as before, only a small trickle of milk oozed from his mother's nipple initially. Sucking harder, he felt the flow increase and he was quickly rewarded with a mouthful of her sweet milk. Gluttonously, he pulled and sucked on her gushing tit, reveling in the delightful taste and warmth of her sweet, creamy milk. As he sucked and pulled on her breast, he realized that his throbbing cock was pressed up against his mother's leg. Her gown must have ridden up her leg because there was nothing between his cock and her bare skin. Aflame with desire, he couldn't stop himself from pressing his burning hardness against her leg even harder. He knew that she must feel his steel-hard penis mashed up against her leg, but she made no effort to move her leg back away from him. Inspired by her lack of objection, he continued to press his swollen hardness into her leg as he sucked and fondled her swollen tit.

"Oh...yes...Baby...that feels so good," he heard his mother whisper to him.

In his feverish state, he didn't know if she meant his cock or the way he was sucking her tit. Everything was happening too fast for him to fully comprehend it. He was overwhelmed by the emotions pouring through his mind. It was too incredulous to fully fathom. He was lying next to his dear, sweet mother, sucking her breast and rubbing his cock against her leg. It couldn't really be happening. He must be dreaming, but he knew he wasn't.

Slowly the flow of milk from her breast gradually diminished as he ravenously suckled her like a starving calf. As he sucked, he was able to pull less and less of her pure, precious milk into his mouth, until at last the flow stopped altogether.

"Do the other one, baby," she cooed, her hands coaxing him over to her other breast.

To reach her other breast, Wayne had to straddle her and lean over her. Clumsily, he raised himself up on his hands and rolled his leg over hers. He was now lying with his mother's leg between his legs and his rock hard cock pressing down against her firm thigh. Then he leaned down and quickly sucked her other swollen pap into his mouth.

"Oh...yes...Baby," his mother groaned as he began to suck on her other breast. "You make me feel so good."

Unable to control himself, he began to thrust his aching hardness against her leg as his mouth pulled on her big, hard nipple. He knew that she couldn't help feeling his big cock rubbing against her leg as he ground it down onto her. Just the feel of her hot, smooth skin on his prick was sending him rushing headlong toward another eruption. Knowing that there would be no way to disguise his ejaculation this time, he still couldn't stop humping his cock against her leg.

Just as before, the flow of milk was very slow at the start, but all at once it began to pour into his mouth. Within moments his mouth was filled with the delicate, womanly flavor of her hot, sweet milk.

His head was swimming with pleasure and lust as he sucked and pulled on her nipple. Wrapping his hand around her big, mushy breast, he squeezed and clutched at it, trying to coax even more of her wonderful cream from her breast.

"Oh, Baby," his mother murmured as he ravaged her breast with his sucking, pulling mouth.

Gulping loudly, he sucked hungrily at her breast. He couldn't get enough of her sweet milk. Balancing himself on his elbows, he held on tightly to the soft abundance of her breast with both hands, urging her to give him more and more. He had never experienced such power and desire before as he lay atop his mother, nursing.

As she lovingly ran her hands through his hair, she held his face mashed down against her breast. Then woefully, he felt the muscles in his mother's leg harden as she tried to move her leg out from underneath his thrusting penis. Disheartened, he slowly lifted his leg and let her leg slip out from under him. Then, in a flash of comprehension, he realized that he was now lying between her long, shapely legs.

"Oh, Wayne," she moaned softly.

Encouraged by this new development, he renewed his attack on her breast until, much sooner than he wished, the flow of thick, frothy milk slowly diminished to a trickle and then stopped altogether.

Unwillingly to forfeit his vantage, Wayne continued to tease and taunt her bloated nipple. As he did, he turned slightly and pressed his hard maleness against the warmness of her soft, smooth inner thigh.

As he lay atop her now, his stomach was pressing down on the soft, fuzzy mat of hair covering her soft underbelly. He was so keyed up, he felt like he could feel every one of her curly, pubic hairs individually tickling his stomach. Then, like a bolt of lightning, it came to him. There was nothing between him and his mother's hot, waiting pussy. It was his bare skin against her bare skin. He couldn't believe it, but she must have opened her gown all the way when she had let him nurse. It was too good to be true, he thought as a perverse thrill ran through his body. Infected by the perverted lust that was rigidly obvious down between his legs, he mashed his belly down on her and felt another jolt of excitement tear into his overloaded brain. He could feel his mother's wetness pressing up against the tip of his rigid cock as she gently thrust herself up against his stomach

"Oh, baby..." she moaned softly.

Drowning in emotions that he had never felt before, he ever so slowly let his mother's nipple slip out of his mouth, but kept his lips pressed against the hot, smooth skin of her breast. Slowly, he began kissing his way up her breast on to her neck.

"Oh, Baby," she gushed, arching her neck against his insistent lips.

Lifting his body, he determinedly kissed his way up her neck. Stopping for a moment, he gently nibbled at the soft, fragrant skin just below her chin. Then his lips traveled up over her chin and quickly down onto her lips.

"Oh...Christ," she groaned, pulling his face down and mashing her lips against his.

With their lips pasted together, their bodies were pressed together, fused together by the eroticism surging around them.

In the swirling passion of the moment, Wayne could feel the head of his bloated penis resting against the soft, fleshy opening of his mother's precious treasure. Only a rapidly decaying fear of his mother's reaction separated him from the dark wicked mysteries of her most sacred of sacred places. Then, as he felt the heat exuding from her weeping pussy, he felt her gently tilt her hips and press herself against him.

Holding himself back a moment longer, he continued to grind his mouth against hers and slowly slid his tongue into her mouth.

Suddenly, he felt his mother's hands on his tight, clenched ass. As she grabbed hold of his ass, he felt her dig her long, pink fingernails into him. Unable to postpone the inevitable any longer, he slowly pushed the head of his cock into the juicy, burning opening of his mother's waiting vagina.

"OhGodddddd," he heard his mother gasp as their lips broke apart.

Gasping for breath, Wayne felt beads of perspiration pop out on his forehead. He was feverish and confused. Should he stop? This was so wrong. They were about to commit a mortal sin. A sin so evil and heinous, he would forever be branded as a Motherfucker. But, even as his mind reeled in chaos, he knew that there was no way to stop now. They had gone too far. They had stepped over into the forbidden zone. There was nothing anyone could do to stop their inescapable plunge into the wicked depths of incestuous passion.

Finding her lips again, he hungrily kissed her, deep and long. As they kissed, he eased his cock down into the fiery core of her clutching cunt. This couldn't really be happening, he feverishly thought as his cock slowly slipped deeper into the scalding depths of her tight, clutching womanhood. He was fucking his Mother. His beautiful, dear, sweet Mother. He would surely go to hell for what he was doing, but it would be worth it. He was fucking his mother...

The feeling was indescribable. It was like thrusting his cock into a tight, burning sheath of silky softness that lovingly clenched and squeezed him. Unbelievably, it grew hotter and wetter as he went deeper and deeper inside the secret intimacy of her femininity. There was nothing else to live for, now. He was submitting himself to the most ecstatic experience a boy was capable of imagining. While the physical pleasure was incomparable, the fact that his mother was his willing partner in the wickedness was most damning. While he had wanted to make love to her for so very long, he could never have done it without her consent. Now she was more than his mother, she was his soul mate.

" fucking...God...Mother," he gasped, finally breaking their lip lock.

" Baby, " she cried out, thrusting herself up against him.

Wayne's cock slid effortlessly into his mother's warmth. His origin. His source. The fiery oven of his birth. It felt like heaven. Even though, he was reveling in the wicked delight of making love to his mother, he was slightly surprised. He should have felt something. A little dirty and perverted, or something bad. He should have experienced some form of guilt, but he couldn't believe how natural and wonderful it felt. Making love to his beautiful mother was incomparable to anything; he would never be able to make love to another woman.

Overcome by the delicious feelings pouring up from his cock, he tentatively pulled the throbbing giant out slightly and then pushed it back down into her fiery sheath once again. The sensation of her wet, hot flesh wrapped around his aching cock sent fire coursing up his cock and into his reeling mind. The exquisite pleasure spewing from his loins was rapidly becoming too intense to tolerate.

He realized that his mother must be feeling the same way as she arched her back, thrusting her hips up at him, pulling him even deeper inside the hot socket. As he entered her, he could feel her bare breasts pressing up against his chest, coating it with mother's milk that still leaked from her hard nipples.

Thrusting himself into her, he finally felt the head of his cock thud up against her cervix at the same instant his belly touched hers. They were a perfect fit; made for each other and fit together perfectly.

Holding himself deep inside of her hot, sucking cunt, he bent down and quickly kissed her again. His mother returned his kiss, and soon his tongue snaked its way into her mouth. Mother and son embraced and kissed deeply with their hips flattened against each other.

The passion that was pouring through his body rapidly blossomed into a white-hot spasm of ecstasy as the tension in his loins reached the boiling point.

"Momph!" he tried to warn her but it was too late.

His cock erupted violently inside her, sending a huge gusher of his white-hot lava-cum spurting out into his mother's vagina.

"Oh, Wayne..." his mother gurgled, wrapping her legs around him, and pushing her hips up against him.

He could feel her wondrous pussy frantically clutching at his cock as it emptied itself down into the hot depths of her pussy.

"Wayne…my…baby…" she cooed, her voice softening into a whimper as his body continued to spasm and writhe.

Over and over again, he felt his cock jerk and spurt gusher after gusher of his thick, hot cum deep into his mother's hungry, sucking cunt. It was pure heaven as wave after wave of pleasure washed over his body.

"Oh…my…God…mother…I love you so much," he gasped as he thrust himself down into her again and again.

Finally, his monster relented and stopped firing off inside of her. Exhausted by the huge expenditure of physical and emotional energy, Wayne collapsed on top of her.

Neither of them spoke as they lay pressed against each other for several moments. Then, as if reading each other's minds they began kissing and lovingly fondling and caressing each other.

As they petted, Wayne was surprised to find that his cock, still buried inside his mother hadn't softened much at all. After a few moments, he slowly began to slide his cock in and out of his mother's deep, wet cunt. Within moments, they were gently fucking as his mother eagerly returned his thrusts. Soon, their bodies were moving in the heated rhythm of mating.

"Oh...Wayne...I love you," she moaned as he fucked her.

"Mom ... Mom ... Mom," he heard himself moaning involuntarily as their hips clashed together, over and over.

Their pent up passion overcame them and suddenly they were going at each other like two clawing, spitting animals. They were unable to get enough of each other as they fought for release from their burning, festering desire.

"Fuck mommy…fuck mommy," he heard his mother grunt every time he slammed his cock into her clinging pussy.

Their hips slammed together loudly as they fucked, sending splatters of the sap of their lovemaking flying all over the bed. The soft slurping of her cunt sucking on his dick could even be heard above the roar of the rain crashing down on the roof, as they fucked.

At last, after twenty or thirty minutes of fierce, ball busting fucking, Wayne felt his scrotum begin to tighten. He could feel himself nearing the point of eruption as his mother writhed and groveled below him, urging him to fuck her harder and harder.

"Oh...fuck...Baby...feel it commminnng," she finally screamed as her body tensed and her muscles became as hard as boards.

Wayne felt her cunt lock down around his cock, squeezing it so hard he couldn't stop it from exploding if he tried.

"FUCKMOTHERCUMMN," he bellowed out at the same instant a brilliant flash of lightning filled the room.

Startled by the blinding bolt of lightning, he felt like the head of his cock had been blown off as it poured out its toxic load of semen deep inside his mother.

Then the whole house shook as thunder followed the lightning.

He couldn't stop coming inside his mother. Over and over again, his cock gathered itself and spewed out load after load of his thick, creamy cum into her clinging cunt, quickly filling it to the point of overflowing. He could even feel his cum oozing out around his spasming cock. As it did, it ran down into the crack of his mother's upturned ass.

Time seemed to stop as they groaned and fucked. At last, there was no more and they collapsed in each other's arms. Consumed by their sinful escapade, they immediately fell asleep...
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