Most people think it's tough to get laid by a hot mom or sister. For some of the "plain vanilla" types this is probably true. But most families have their faults, and these can be exploited by an enterprising 14 year old if his mom's a milf and his sister is a babe.
Mine were. And since I was deep in the grip of pubescent hormones, maybe I can claim temporary insanity as well for what happened. Or maybe I can just say that too much of anything, especially temptation, is not a good thing.

My mom was 34. She'd gotten an early start at baby making when my dad knocked her up at the tender age of about 18 and a day. It may have been 18 less a day or three. My sis was born almost exactly 9 months later, and I came along a year and a half after that. Mom worked as a barmaid and waitress, and she knew good tips depended on good looks, so she excersized and worked off the pregnancy pounds and kept in pretty good shape after that. My dad didn't appreciate all her hard work and screwed around with a couple of other women, finally getting one of them knocked up as well, and mom divorced him. Since then I was the only guy in the house.
My sis was 15, had a lot of mom's features, and would be 16 in another few months. We had never been really close, but we had played and fought together as most siblings do. She was what is charitably referred to as a 'late bloomer'. Meaning she was nearly as flat as a board. My mom was small breasted and my sis seemed like she would be even smaller. Only a small swelling and large puffy nipples graced her breasts, even though she'd started puberty at about 10 with her first period. Soon after that she began growing pubic hair and had been at war with it ever since, shaving her legs, armpits and even her pussy. The only real difference in her appearance now and how she looked at 10 was that she's taller.
This didn't get her many dates, and she was something of a nerd. I had no idea that she was also horny as hell. She'd been suffering puberty longer than I had, and even though we had been blessed with clear skin, her glasses and pigtails meant that she didn't attract many looks or compliments from guys enamored by the bouncing tits of cheerleaders at school. Mostly what she got was ignored.
As a result, she spent a lot of time taking showers. Long steamy ones with lots of soap in lots of places. And then more alone time in her room. She also took to trying to sneak looks at me when I was in the shower or taking a piss. She would barge in on me, claiming she really had to take a piss while I was in the shower and I would see her trying to get a look at my cock. At 14 most guys are nothing impressive, but it was the best she was going to get. Once when she was sitting on the toilet and trying to look through the soapy shower glass I'm sure I saw her fingers dip between her legs and rub a bit. Then she took a deep breath, let out a sigh and left. You didn't have to hit me over the head. She wanted to get laid as much as I did. The idea gave me a raging hard-on and I had to take matters in hand or I never would have been able to step out of that shower. It also gave me a plan.
The next time it happened, I made my usual show of trying to hide my cock from her. But in a few minutes I acted like I forgot about hiding it while washing and started getting an erection. I could see her blue eyes getting big behind her horn rims, and her fingers went south. In another minute her legs were parting and she was really rubbing her pussy like she had an itch that no amount of scratching would make go away. I slowly washed my balls and the shaft of my dick, feeling a bit strange with her stare locked onto it, until I was actually jerking off in front of her. Sis's breathing became fast and a bit ragged, and I could see first one, then two fingers disappearing between her soft, pink, puffy pussy lips. She seemed hypnotized by the sight of me stroking my cock. Even when I turned off the water and stepped out, she still stared like she was starving and someone had just set a thanksgiving dinner in front of her.
Somehow I couldn't stop staring either. she had pulled aside her skirt and I was mesmerized by the sight of her fingers flashing in and out of her hot little cunt. I kept jerking off, and felt the sperm building in the base of my cock, demanding release. In seconds I was cumming, shooting jets if jism on her, hitting her tiny breasts, her belly, and even going between her legs, hitting the hand she was frigging her pussy with. Some even went on her neck and face, hitting her across her open mouth.
Her eyes were wide and glassy. Then they closed and she gave out a load moan, shuddering as a jet of piss shot out from between her fingers and streamed into the toilet. She kept shaking and pissing for what seemed a long time, rocking back and forth. Then she started to pitch forward and I had to be quick to catch her before she took a header onto the tile floor. I caught her and held her in my arms, shaking and crying and moaning as she wrapped her arms around my neck and ground her groin against my crotch. Instantly I was rock hard again.
She couldn't stand up and nearly fell twice when I tried setting her down so I carried her into my bedroom, it being closest, and laid her on my bed. Thankfully we were alone in the house right then. Mom was at work.
She had her hands over her face and I thought she was ashamed. But then I realized she was licking the cum off of her fingers. Then she saw my erection and went for it, taking it in a death grip and planting her lips on it before I knew what she was doing. What she was doing was trying to suck my balls out through my cock. She nearly succeeded. For an amateur with no experience, she sucked my cock like she was a professional street whore. I had no idea what to do, this being my first ever blow job, so I did the only thing I could think of; nothing. After only a few minutes of this treatment I did know what to do.
"Sis, I'm gonna cum again," I warned. But either she didn't hear or didn't care, and in a few more seconds I was unloading in her mouth. Like a trooper, she swallowed my whole load, jacking my cock to try and milk the last drops out of it.
Amazingly she was still wearing her horn rimmed glasses. Somehow they had stayed on through everything. And her school uniform didn't look that far askew. Only her panties wrapped around her left ankle and her nipples poking defiantly out against a sports bra and her cum stained white blouse, plus her rumpled skirt being hiked up enough to show her nude vagina, showed that she had lost it and gone from little miss nerd to little miss slut in less than half an hour. Well, that and her fist post-orgasmic words.
"Fuck me you sonofabitch. Don't even think you're getting out of this."
Getting out of it? The idea didn't even register. Maybe the past half hour's events had caused her to go insane, but I wasn't thinking of doing anything but spitting her virgin cunt on my cock and nailing her ass to that mattress under her.
Then reality hit. No condoms. And she was most definitely not on the pill. Shit. She seemed to get the same idea at the same time as her eyes got a desperate look in them. Then they went wide and she was up and out of my bedroom like a shot.
I was stunned, and for a minute I just stared at the place where she had been laying, the blanket rumpled in the shape of her body, when she was back with something in her hand and not a stitch of clothing on her.
"We can't," she said, stating the obvious. "Not in my pussy. I'll get pregnant and we'll both get killed."
"Or worse," I agreed.
"So you'll have to fuck me in the ass instead," she finished, matter of factly.
Again I was staring at her as she got on the bed on all fours and stuck her boyish ass up in the air at me. It took me a few seconds to realize that what she had with her was a bottle of baby oil. She had put some on her hand and was rubbing it over her asshole.
"Put this on your dick and you can stick it right in me," she said, handing me the bottle.
She didn't have to tell me twice. My cock seemed to be even harder at the idea of sodomizing my sister than at just fucking her pussy. I lubed it up with the oil and pressed the head of it against her tightly puckered brown eye. It didn't seem possible to put my dick in her tiny asshole without tearing her in two, but she pushed against me and it slipped right in.
She went stiff and sucked in a breath through her teeth like she had just gotten electrocuted. Then, slowly she began to rock her hips up and down. A little at first, then inch by inch I slid all the way home in her rear end till my balls were rubbing against her hairless pussy lips. Her head was down and her face was hidden by her long, blond hair as she started making a low moaning sound. I'd seen a few x-rated vids and she was instinctively moving her ass like the best porn stars would, but they never made a noise like that.
"Are you alright?" I asked through clenched teeth. The tightness of her anus seemed to grab and hold onto my cock, hardly letting it move more than a few inches in and out.
"Ooooooohhhhh yeahhhhhh....."
And that was about the extent of coherent conversation I could get out of the little fuck machine that my nerdy sister had somehow morphed into. It was like some weird sci-fi movie where an alien creature takes over someone's body. But I knew I'd like the ending to this movie a lot more than the best special effects that Hollywood could ever generate.
Her hips rocked and twisted, forcing as much of my penis into her hot derriere as possible and I could feel her fingers stroking and diving into her pussy while she made the most incredible sounds I had ever imagined. I was positive no fictional hottie could ever come close to my skinny, boyish sister for sheer enthusiasm in the sack. I didn't know what kind of monster I had created, but I did know the guys at school wer complete idiots for not having gotten a piece of her nymphomaniac ass before this.
I held her by her hips, not even sure how or when my hands had taken hold of her, and started matching her stroke for stroke. Her moaning grew louder and she seemed to be saying one word over and over.
Far be it from me to deny a lady her wish, I thought, and began thrusting into her ass as hard and deep as I could. In seconds she was thrashing her body against me and had buried her face in the pillows as he let out a huge scream. A hot stream of piss sprayed down her legs and over my groin, wetting the bed, and my balls erupted into her bowels with the most mind-blowing orgasm I'd ever experienced. No amount of fisting your cock would compare to this. My sis's butt hole was the gateway to paradise.
We collapsed together onto the bed, her back to my front, and took a few minutes to get our breathing back to a normal rate as we collected our thoughts about what we had just done. Slowly my softening dick eased out of her asshole, to be followed by a slow stream of cum. Not knowing what else to do, I stroked her long, slim body from breast to pussy and back, trying to imagine how I would ever find another girl as sexy as her. Slowly she turned her head to look at me, and in another second we were kissing like lovers.
To hell with incest laws, I thought. I don't care that she's my sis. Only that I love her and want her and that she wants me. We'd figure this out. Maybe we'd even get married. We'd even find a way of dealing with mom. Kids? I didn't know but I'd find out in the library and on the net. We'd be happy, I was sure.
Against her hip, my cock began to grow warm and hard again. Easy, there, I thought. She sucked you off before the main event last time. This time I'm returning the favor. And first chance, we're getting a case of condoms.
I kissed my way down her throat and sucked one of her puffy, erect nipples between my lips. And in a few minutes she was back to making that sound...

(To be continued...)

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five years later and still no part two...what a shame

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ass fuckig is the grearet gave me a huge daed-on and I came in hedr asss

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needs paragraphs at the very least

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The stoiry is good but you need to keep the age line straight. I meen if you where born a year and a half after your sister then she can not be 15 when you are 16.

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The stoiry is good but you need to keep the age line straight. I meen if you where born a year and a half after your sister then she can not be 15 when you are 16.

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