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An old man meet the much younger girl of his dreams.
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Fuck My Daughter Please

Several of us Senior Citizens volunteer to keep an eye on the local playground. It wasn’t getting much use with the hooligans and druggies hanging out there all the time. However, after we started sitting there on a bench taking their pictures and calling the police they found someplace else to hang out. It became so easy that we only needed one of us to sit there after school and on weekends. I take the early shift on Saturday and Sunday because I am an earlier riser. So from eight to ten every morning I sit there and read a book or look through a magazine.

I knew most of the regulars by name. I knew who their parents or grandparents were and what direction they lived.

Katie and her mother Kendra were regulars. I had known them for years and watched Katie grow up into a twelve-year-old. Her mother was always beautiful and had grown herself. Now at thirty-one years old she was at her prime. She was God’s gift to mankind. If you saw her you felt good inside, if she spoke to you were among the honored, and if she ever touched you, you trembled because God’s Angel on Earth had blessed you.

When Kendra’s husband cheated on her a couple of years ago, he committed the ultimate sin as far as I was concerned. He should live an eternity in Hell. I never knew who the other woman was. All I knew was that Katie missed him terribly and always begged her mother to take her to Daddy’s house.

There was still snow on the ground when Kendra would sit with me and keep an eye on her daughter. We talked about everything and anything. She was not only beautiful but quite intelligent too. I became her confidant.

Then one warm spring day I saw them both walking into the park looking like twins or at the least, sisters. Katie was looking much older than her years and Kendra was looking younger than her years. I had never seen either one wearing so little. They had on matching orange bikini tops with very tiny white shorts. They were smaller than Hot Pants or Daisy Dukes. They reminded me of the commercials that I had seen about boy short panties. All I know was that there was a lot of space from their waistline to their belly buttons.

Katie came over to me and gave me a hug as had become her custom but then she kissed me right on the lips, which surprised me. Then she ran off to play. Kendra also gave me her usual hug and she too kissed me on my lips but it was not a quick kiss and it was very passionate. She sat down next to me much closer than usual and I saw her wipe a tear from her eye.

After a minute to compose herself Kendra said, “I’m sorry about that but I need a man so badly that it hurts.”

I asked, “What do you mean. A woman as beautiful as you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a man.”

Kendra cracked a smile and said, “You’d think! Only I attract to wrong kind of man. You see I’m what they call a trophy. Men just want to be seen with me so that they can brag about me to their friends. They don’t want to love me or make love to me, they just want to fuck me and force me to do disgusting things.”

My mind could not comprehend why any man would not kneel before her and worship her.

Kendra said, “My husband was different at first, I thought that he loved me but after Katie’s birth he didn’t show me as much affection, then one fateful day I caught him in bed with another woman and threw him out.” There was a long pause then she continued, “That other woman was Katie, his own daughter.”

I looked at her. I could not believe that she had told me that.

Then she asked, “Would you fuck my daughter please?”

Again I just looked at her. I could not comprehend her request.

Kendra said, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been so vulgar. Would you please make love to Katie? I want her to realize that real men don’t treat her like her father does. He is not a nice man in bed. I should know.”

We sat there on the bench for a whole minute without me saying a word.

Finally Kendra asked, “Please. I really like you and you would make the perfect lover. I know from our conversations that you be kind and gentle to your partner in bed. Please teach my daughter that there are still nice men in this world.”

I forced myself to reply, “I can’t make love to Katie, she’s a little girl, besides I could go to prison.”

Kendra said, “Look, her father he has had sex with her probably a hundred times and he isn’t in prison, even though he should be.”

I said, “I can’t.”

Kendra looked sad then she asked, “Would you make love me then? I really need to feel a man’s arms wrapped around me, and a nice hard penis pushed inside me. I haven’t had sex in two years, since I threw my husband out. And I get so horny just before my period. Katie and I are pretty well synchronized so I know why she wants to get up to her Daddy’s house. She needs a nice hard penis too. Too bad his isn’t a very nice one.”

A moment later she said, “He does the same disgusting things to her that he did to me but she’s too young to care. Besides he trained her early to obey him in bed. I was too old apparently.”

I wanted to ask what he did to both of them but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so.

Kendra motioned for Katie to come over. That preteen stood in front of me and adjusted her top to be centered on her tiny breasts, she adjusted her tiny shorts, then she asked, “Are you going to fuck me?”

Kendra said, “Watch your mouth, young lady.”

Katie blushed and said, “I’m sorry. That’s what my Daddy always calls it. We use strong vulgar language when we are in bed together. Are you going to make love to me? Please. Mommy said that you would be nothing like my father is in bed and that I should see the difference.”

Kendra said, “No sweetie. He won’t have sex with you because of your age.”

Katie said, “Then can I watch him make love to you?”

Kendra looked at me. I looked at Kendra. Then before she could ask me I replied, “It would be my pleasure.”

Katie kissed me first but Kendra kissed me best. In a few minutes my relief arrived and we could leave. I walked them home. Kendra held my hand while Katie walked ahead of us. I watched as Katie pulled the material of her shorts out of her ass.

Kendra said, “Normally we wear thong panties but with these tiny shorts we couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t show, so we went commando.”

Katie said, “I really like my panties up my butt but this material is too scratchy.”

Kendra said, “Mine too but I’m trying not to draw any more attention to myself that I get already from just wearing this outfit.”

Katie said, “This was my idea. I thought I could seduce you in this outfit. My daddy would go nuts and fuck my brains out.”

Kendra said, “I bet a nice skirt and blouse would have done it though.”

I replied, “I like a nice skirt and blouse, I like miniskirts and see through blouses, I really like Catholic Schoolgirls, but I must admit that you look absolutely fantastic in what you are wearing.”

Katie said, “So I did do good?”

I replied, “You did very well. Except you are way too young for me. Try me again when you are between eighteen and thirty-five.”

Katie looked shocked and said, “You’ll be a hundred freaking years old by then.”

Kendra said, “Watch your mouth, young lady.”

Kendra looked at me and said, “I really need to get her away from her father. He is a very bad influence on her.”

I said, “Then put him in prison where he belongs.”

Kendra said, “I can’t do that to him or to her.”

I squeezed her hand and said, “I can.” Then we turned up her sidewalk and went into her house.

I decided that it was my turn to take the led. After all I was there to show Kendra that I loved her and I was also there to show Katie what love was all about. Loving Kendra was something that I had thought about almost ever Saturday morning for well over a year.

I turned Kendra toward me and took her in my arms. I held her firmly and I kissed her. It was like a kiss that I had seen in old movies where the tall dark suave hero kisses the fair maiden causing her to swoon.

Kendra was not prepared for what I was doing to her. Our lips were pressed tightly, our nostrils were sucking air, and our eyes were closed. As she relaxed in my arms, I bent her backwards slightly, and she bent like a tree in a strong breeze. I leaned down into her and her arms held me tighter. It was a kiss of a lifetime, one that neither one of us would soon forget. When I finally stood her upright and eased my lips back she said that she felt faint and I lowered her to the couch gently.

Kendra said, “Oh my God, I’ve never been kissed like that in my life. You took my breath away.”

Katie added, “He didn’t feel you up either.”

I laughed and asked, “Is that the only reason that your father kisses you?”

Kendra answered, “That was the only reason that he ever kissed me.”

Katie said, “I think you’re right. His fingers are usually in my cunt, I mean in my vagina when he kisses me.”

I asked, “Kendra may I make love to you now?’

Kendra said, “Yes, of course.”

Katie said, “Daddy just drags me into his bedroom and fucks me, I mean we have sex, no he has sex with me.”

I ask Kendra where her bedroom was and then I pick her up in my arms and I carry her over the threshold like a new bride. She giggled like a new bride too. I stood her up, pressed her against me, and then I reached behind her and untied the string around her back. When I started to untie the string around her neck she said, “Let me.” Then she raised her top up over her head. I smiled when she rubbed her breasts into me. I held her close and reached for her shorts. I though that I could get them off from her but I was mistaken. She said, “If you undress for me I’ll show how these come off.” Needless to say I undressed like I always do. My shoes came off, my shirt came off, and then my pants came off followed by my underwear and lastly my socks.

Dropping my underwear was no big deal to me but both women took in a serious breath. I knew that I was only six inches hard and maybe a little on the thick side but not much.

Katie said, “You’re a lot bigger than my Daddy is.”

Kendra said, “I’ll say. You are going fill me to the max and I bet it’ll feel good too.”

I reminded her that she was going to show me the secret behind her shorts. She smiled and popped a snap, another snap, and then a third snap. I watched her as she struggled to push them down over her hips and her fine ass. When she got them to her ankles she kicked them off and they flew across the room landing on a lampshade.

I looked down at her freshly shaved pussy and said, “I was hopping for some hair. You look like a little girl. I wanted a woman.”

Kendra said, “I had to shave to wear those shorts, we both did. I could have left a small patch on my mound though. I’m sorry that I look like a little girl but I assure you that I’m a fully-grown woman. Besides, it’ll grow back quickly enough.”

I knelt before her and started to worship my angel. I kissed her love mound, I opened her lips and I kissed her clit. Then I raised her legs and licked her from her asshole to her clit. She liked that but I took her by surprise. No man had ever gone down on her before. Her only oral experience had been from a sleepover when she was in the third grade and it was never repeated.

I licked her like that several more times. Then I shoved my tongue as deep into her love hole as I could get it, sucking up her juices. When I got to her clit she couldn’t stay still. My tongue drove her crazy but when I started to gently run my teeth over her sensitive clitoris she cried out that she was dying. It was an orgasm but apparently she had never experienced one before. She didn’t even masturbate. I couldn’t leave her like that, so I gave her several more orgasms with the last one being five to ten rolled together in her first multiple orgasm.

A few more licks up her entire slit and I announced that she was ready. I turned her around on the bed and then I kissed her deeply letting her taste her own juices. I got between her legs and then I entered her slowly and gently.

Kendra cried out, “Oh my God, you fell so good inside me.”

I started thrusting into her in a slow steady rhythm. She got right into it and relaxed. Her eyes closed, she smiled, and she thrust up against me. I looked down and couldn’t resist sucking on one of her nipples.

I kept up that slow steady rhythm for several minutes then I stepped it up for a couple of minutes more before going into high speed. Kendra was well into a full range of multiple orgasms when I finally joined her in the end.

Katie said, “Holy shit thirteen minutes, Daddy never lasts more than three minutes. That was fucking incredible.”

Kendra just barely managed to say, “Language” before she kissed me and said, “Now I really know what it’s like to have a real man make love to me.”

Katie asked, “Do you do that every time?”

I laughed and said, “Not always. I usually last longer. However, your mother got me awfully excited.”

Kendra laughed and said, “I excited you? My God, you excited me like I’ve never been excited before.”

I kissed her and said, “I love you, Kendra, I’ve always loved you.”

Kendra said, “After this I can’t live without you. Will you marry me?”

I looked at her, though about the question, looked at the Love Goddess lying before me and answered, “Yes. I would love to marry you, but wasn’t I supposed to be the one to ask you.”

Kendra laughed and said, “I gave you two years to ask me out and you didn’t, so I figured that I had better be the one to ask.”

I looked at Katie and asked, “What do you think about that?”

Katie said, “I can’t believe what you did to my mother. You didn’t make her suck you hard, you didn’t butt-fuck her, and then shove it in her mouth like Daddy does. You even gave her pleasure.”

I laughed and said, “I was wondering what you thought about her asking me to marry her.”

Katie laughed and said, “Oh that. I think it’s great. I only wish that I could have some.”

I whispered, “If your Daddy was in prison I might be talked into some oral sex but I won’t penetrate you until you are much older.”


Monday afternoon there was a knock on my door.

Katie said, “I told the police about my Daddy fucking me and they arrested him.”

Kendra said, “His lawyer made him sign our divorce papers before he would represent him.”

Katie said, “Daddy told me that he was going away for a very long time.”

Kendra said, “His lawyer told me that he was looking at life and my never be paroled.”

Katie asked, “Will you adopt me when you marry Mommy?”

I said, “I’d love to but if I do I’ll never make love to you because you’ll be my daughter and incest is wrong.”

Katie said, “Oh okay, but I still want you to adopt me.”


About a month later Daddy was sentenced.

Kendra and I were married.

Katie became my daughter.

On our honeymoon I gave both of my girls oral sex but I always got off inside my new bride’s pussy. She offered me oral sex but I refused. I refused anal sex too. I told her that I was just old fashioned and thought that sex was always to be between a man and a woman in love and the way that God had intended.

It was no surprise to me that Kendra was pregnant two months later. Our union was blessed from the very beginning.

Katie had a baby sister and we had a built in babysitter. Until she turned sixteen and I allowed her to date. I got final say on the boy too after I had met him three times in my home.

I made it to our twenty-fifth anniversary. Kendra was still a beautiful woman at fifty-six. At thirty-seven Katie looked just like her mother had when I married her. Katie was married to one of the boys that I had approved of, had a wonderful marriage, and three wonderful children of her own.

I hated to die and leave my angel behind on Earth but as she said at my funeral, I had given her enough love to last her a lifetime. I look in on them frequently. I have to laugh when I think of myself being a Guardian Angel to my Earthly Angel. I only had to wait another twenty years for her to join me.

The End
Fuck My Daughter Please
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