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Marie take care of John and he takes care of her
Tenant Marie and daughters.
They had given John another pain killer and put him to bed. It was early so the girls went out to get clothes for morning. Marie stayed to watch John.
She went into the bedroom and looked at the man that had probably saved her life and was hurt because of it.
She went over and bent down and kissed him softly. She whispered “Thank you John Johnson for everything”. She pulled up a chair and sat there looking at him. Then she remembered the looks on her daughter faces and some of the comments she had heard today. MMMMMMMM. You must be something else mister cause the women here including my daughters think you are special. She was getting sleepy and the happenings of the day were catching up.
“ahhhh ohhhh “ John was moaning and the he woke up. Touching his chest “oh shit its ture, everything that happened, happened”
“Yes it did, are you okay? Do you need another pain pill”
“No but” looks at clock “3am, what are you doing here?”
“You said we should stay until the door is fixed” “No, what are you doing in that chair”
“I came in to keep eye on you, you were making funny noises and I wanted to be sure you were okay”
“Hell lady you had a worse day and you need your rest” “Well I am not going to let you be alone now”
“Oh hell, okay at least you might as well be comfortable, come here and lay down next to me, if I make any bad noises it will wake you and you might as well get some rest”
“Are you serious I am not going to get in bed with you” “Lady I am not asking you for….. ah …. Sex I just want you rested for tomorrow, besides I am in no condition to do anything and if I was thinking sex I would have been a lot more subtle” He smiled at her and patted the bed. “There is plenty of room so you do not even have to touch, besides look at you in that outfit you’re not going to stir up much interest” She was wearing a baggy pair of cut off sweat pants (cut very high) and a cut off tea shirt that came to just below her breasts. Both items she had gotten from Maryann.
“They belong to Maryann, it was all I could find after the fire”
She smiled weakly and came to the bed. She was exhausted and the bed did look good and she collapsed.
John woke at 5 his usual time to get up, no matter what. Hey what the, she was snuggled up tight to his side in a fetal position with her head just below his arm. Her butt was up tight to his hip. He smiled, rolled a little and kissed the top of her head. You sleep lady. He smiled as it had been some time since he woke in the morning with a woman curled up like that beside him. I brought back some good memories.
John got up and quietly went out to the living room and kitchen. He grabbed his old flannel shirt he wore every morning and proceeded to make coffee. Taking his coffee he went and sat in the recliner and logged on with his laptop. A little later Maryann (the 17yo daughter) came out and asked “well how are you this morning?”
“Doing better, still alive, and how did you sleep?” John was looking at her with surprise as she was there wearing a really big tea shirt that came to just below her hips and well barely covered her. The neck opening was big showed a lot of shoulder and skin. MMMMMMMMMM she is pretty in the morning.
“Oh I slept good except Marilynn snored a little” she smiles and looks at John sitting in the chair with the shirt open and in his boxers. She stares at him and especially at his crotch the boxers are big and baggy and well John is a little exposed. John suddenly becomes aware of what he is wearing and closes the shirt and clamps legs together. Oh man nice sitting here with her in my underwear. She does not seem offended but is sure looking at my …… oh shit girl stop it.
John moves and covers. “sorry but I usually just get up and have my coffee like this and I sort of forgot I have company, did not mean to a embarrass you” “ Oh you didn’t, can I have some coffee?”
“Sure help yourself” She goes to kitchen and get a cup and comes back into the dining sitting area. John has turned off the computer and put it down, straightened the shirt and was thinking of getting up to get some pants when she just walked over and plopped herself in his lap. “Well there are no other chairs to sit in so I guess I will sit here” In doing so the shirt has ridden up and a pair of light blue panties is very visible.
“Hey, what the, you cannot do this, get up now” “oh John not so loud you’ll wake everyone and then what”
“Are you trying to get me in trouble?” “No I just wanted to sit and talk with you and this looked like the nicest place to sit” “well it is not the best place to sit, not with you and I dressed like we are.” “why you don’t like my sleep wear?” “oh I like it just fine but not when you’re sitting on my lap and me dressed like this now get up please” “okay but I get to sit on your lap when you get dressed” “ young lade it is not a good idea for you to be sitting on my lap any time” “oh why don’t you like me sitting here” with that she wiggled her cute butt in his lap and John felt an instant reaction. He could feel every part of her cute ass, the butt cheeks and the muscles as they flexed with the wiggle. He felt his erection rubbing against her crack and started to think how nice it would be to slip it between those beautiful cheeks and rub against, oh shit stop it. “Get up now” and he pushed her up and she wiggled and then stood up.
“You’re a spoil sport I was only being nice and having fun” “sorry but there is fun and then there is fun”
If you had stayed there any longer woman you would have been , oh well, this has got to stop. “I am sorry but I am hurting and I have a lot of things on my mind this morning and having a cute young girl dressed like you are sitting on my lap is very distracting and dangerous.” “oh dangerous was it, and just what was the danger?”
“Okay enough of this I want to get dressed before” and before he could finish out came Marilynn. “good morning John” and she looked at his outfit and his legs and up to the boxers and smiled and walked to him and bent over and kissed him. “Good morning” John almost blushed and stammered “good morning young lady and that is not the way you should be good morning me” “What, you don’t like my kisses?”
“That is not the issue, it is not appropriate for a young lady to go around kissing strange men”
“Well you are not strange man, not after yesterday” she gave a very devilish smile and walked to the kitchen. “can I have some coffee” “ sure” John was mystified by the smile and the remembered the dreams he thought he had yesterday, and Hey maybe that was not a dream, dam that little minx. This is getting crazy.
She was also wearing a tea shirt and it did not cover any more than her sister’s did. Her red panties were visible and she knew it as she went and pulled out the stool and sat on it. She was totally showing John her panties and she looked at him smiling knowing he was looking at her pussy. Then she looked at her sister and smiled and there seem to be a secret between then that John could not figure out.
Maryann got up and went to the office area and turned, “where is mom?”
“Oh she is in my room” and with that she went to get her. She then said in a not so quiet voice, “Hey what she doing in your bed”
“OH she was tired and so I made her lay down and get some sleep.”
Marilynn then jumped up “you slept with our mother”
John could not help but laugh and he just shook his head and chuckled.
“Its not funny” both of them responded to John’s reaction.
“Oh please, she slept on one side and I slept on the other, I think you two have too many hormones running through your bodies, get your thoughts out of the gutter”
Maryann said “Oh, ya, our thoughts in the gutter, right, she is our mother and well it was a surprise and anyway” she did not finish as she suddenly thought that hey it would be okay if her mother did connect with John. “ Is she okay”
“She is sleeping and that is the best thing right now after yesterday she could use the rest” Yesterday, please no more like that and then something hit him, how had the father found them, this was supposed to be a secret safe house for abused mothers.
John got up and headed to his room, “I am going to get some clothes on and I suggest you ladies do the same”
Marilynn retorted “oh you don’t like our outfits” and with that she stood up and did a little wiggle and twirl which exposed her body from belly down.
She was a little heavy in the thighs and butt with the cheeks straining against the panties and the panties sucked into her crack. John just stared with all sorts of good bad and strange thoughts going through his mind. He shook his head to get the thoughts straight. “Okay enough of that, you have shown more that your should and you get some clothes on now” Shaking his head he went into the bedroom and grabbed his pants and the rest of the clothes he was going to wear today.
Looking down, Marie has woken up and was rubbing her eyes. “good morning, everything okay”
“Oh yes everything is fine, the girls are in the kitchen and there is coffee, I’ll be right out” and he went into the bathroom where he stripped and started to dress. He had not totally closed the door and the mirror allowed Marie a perfect view of him. There he stood naked, bloody bandage on his chest, nice tight belly, large patch of hair and oh my nice equipment and the butt was very nice indeed. She shook her head and thought, what are you thinking woman, your bastard husband was just shot by police, your house was burned and no plans for the future. Still this man is something, he saved them, protected them, given them a place to live and had not asked anything in return and even though the girls had all but tried to rape him he has been a gentleman and I know he sees them, all of them. Oh well I think he is probably the best thing to happen to this family in a long time and whatever happens happens.
Looking at John putting on his clothes she thinks of sex and romance and then as he turns she thinks of SEX.
Big sigh and she gets up and heads to the living room to get coffee. John comes out of the bathroom as she is leaving and mmmmmmm well now. Hey for a woman that has been through so much she is looking okay, well at least the ass and legs are good looking. Marie had a nice tight ass with a rather good size to it. She was not fat but she had some weight, in the right places. No wonder you have such sexy daughters, dam it old man, knock off the sexy thinking about the girls. Can’t help it man Maryann is something else and Marilynn is all but throwing herself at me. You need to get away.
John arranged everything and took off for a few days. The cabin was a much needed retreat.

He was not back more than 20 minutes when there was a knock on the door.
“Come in” and in walks Marie and Maryann.
“Well how are you today? You were gone awhile, where did you go, who were you with” Maryann was just bursting with questions. Marie was embarrassed “Maryann easy and it’s none of your business where he went or with whom, what has gotten into you?”
“I was just worried he was okay” “Well for your information, I was at my cabin with nobody and I slept and read and was just lazy” He smiled at both of them. “but your concern is appreciated”. He had thought a lot about the ladies the last days and he actually missed their company. Here they were in shorts and tank tops looking very sexy, both of them.
“Well I have things sort of straightened out with the police and I think things will be okay for me and the girls but we are going to have to stay here for some time as the house is a total loss. The insurance has given us some money and I want to pay you your rent.”
“Easy now, don’t rush things, first there was no rent to pay until you really want to sign on as a tenant. The other is an arrangement I have with social service. So if you want to rent fine but be sure your finances are in order, okay”
“Yes but I do not want charity and I can pay my own way.” “ Okay I’ll get the papers for the lease or would you rather be month to month?” “ No a lease would be nice to know we have a place to be”
Maryann jumped in “yes a lease is better that way we are going to be here for sure” She was a little too eager in her interest to stay at the complex. John smiled and so did Marie. “and John I am going to be 18 next Wednesday and we are having a party, can we use the pool and rec area?”
“Sure, so you’re going to be 18” “yes and you can come to the party, please”
“ya right you want an old man at a turning 18 party, sorry but I think I would be out of place but I will come to chaperone, so what does an 18 year old want for her birthday?”
Marie cut in “John you do not have to come to the party and you certainly do not have to give her a present, Maryann I am ashamed of you for even bring it up, your acting like a little girl.” With that scolding Maryann looked embarrassed and very upset.
“I’m sorry John I just well I wanted you to be at the party cause well you have been so nice to us and …”
She turned and ran out of the apartment.
“Oh man now what have I done?” “You have done nothing, she is upset because I scolded her in front of you and well she is turning 18 and she considers herself and ADULT now and I think she has a thing about or for you”
“hey enough I am old enough to be her father, in fact I look at your girls like well I sort of look at them like a father, I mean if I had daughters I would like them to be like yours, well anyway, this is all getting out of hand, but I do want to get her something.”
“That’s okay I understand” Marie reaches over and gently pats the side of Johns face, holds on the chin and looks deep into his eyes. Her is a man with some deep feelings, I wonder what he thinks of me.
John reached up and touched her hand, smiled and looked into her eyes. Lady you and your daughters are really something. I don’t know where all this is going to go but I think I am going to really enjoy the trip. He squeezed her hand. “okay I will bring the paper up to you in a little while”
Marie returned to her unit.

On his way to Marie’s he had run into Cindy and she was all smiles “Hi John, hey I have a friend that would like to come by to go swimming with me is that okay?” “Sure you can have guests as long as they are not clients”
Cindy was a prostitute and she has her own story. “Oh no it’s my girlfriend Gail” John only smiled and looked at her, this girl is one very hot woman and I wonder, oh well you got enough to take care of now back off you fool.
“Okay and I want you to meet her.”
“Sure I will be around I’m sure you can find me and you have the number in your phone, say how’s business , no more trouble?”
“Business is great been doing 5 or 8 a week.” “5 or 8 johns huh?” “no silly, 5 or 8 thousand ” “WOW, now that’s not bad, I hope your putting some away properly” “ what do you mean” “ hey girl you cannot do what you do for long and you need an exit and retirement plan” “ oh John you worry too much, I’m having a good time and well I am going to live life to the fullest”
“Cindy we need to talk AGAIN, you’re not thinking straight. Look you call me and we need to talk, right now I have to go up to Franklins with lease papers.”
“Oh, they are going to be staying then, nice for you” “what does that mean?” “hey I was in the laundry room the other day and the two girls were there talking and I am sure they did not know I was listening but then maybe they did, anyway they both have the hots for your body and I think they have seen all of it”
“What are you saying?”
“Well apparently when you were all cut up that night I guess they must have seen you naked when you were passed out or something”
“Oh great, you know they are both minors” “ya so what, I know several minors fucking older men and nobody cares” “Well I do and I don’t, geezze this is not good to have them talking in the laundry room like that”
“Well just so you know I think they both have their eye on you and the youngest is very taken with you, you’re her big protector and all that shit.”
“Great, hey thanks for the warning, I guess I better have a talk with them.”
“Oh I want to hear that one you and your talks (chuckles) you are not so smart when it comes to very young women, girls, and I want to see you talk your way out of this. Hey the young one is really cute; I could go for her even”
“Okay enough of that and you please stay away from them, I mean well they don’t need to get mixed up in your business”
“Easy FATHER, I am not going to recruit them to work the streets, hey I know my place here and how you feel”
“Look Cindy I have no problem with what you do I just well feel a little sorry for you but you seem to like what you do and it is not my place to judge you, I just think there is a better life for a woman than what you do”
“ya well lets not get all sentimental okay and I have to run, you take care and stay away from men with axes and hot little girls” laughs and runs off.
Staying away from men with axes is going to be easy but the young girl is going to be a problem. I am going to have to monitor the laundry room more. (There is a closed circuit TV surveillance camera in several locations throughout the complex for safety reasons)
John enters Maris apartment and the girls are both there. “Hi John” and the girls get all giggly . He looks at them in a very different manner after talking to Cindy. “Hi ladies”
“It’s so good to see you’re back John, we missed you.” Marilynn was very sweet, too sweet.
“here are the papers for a leasing a unit. Will you still want a 2 bed as there is a 3 bed available.”
“no the 2 bed is fine as Maryann will be going to college soon. And it will just be Marilynn and me”
“I don’t know if I want to go to college right away. Maybe I can stay here and go to college here” Maryann was thinking I don’t want to go away to school but I can stay here and go to school and I can be closer ……. Oh hell he probably does not know I exist. “Besides it would cost more if I went away”
Marie did not want to argue in front of John “we will talk about it later” “John how is the chest , you were at your cabin did you change the bandage?”
“No but I am sure Elizabeth will do it when she get off tonight” “oh no she is working double shift for the next couple of days so you better let me change it for you.”
“Okay as I can not wrap the dam stuff around my chestI have some stuff Elisabeth left at the apartment.”
“Good I will follow you down now, you girls can finish with the cleaning”
“We can help with John” Marie smiled, the girls just want to see his chest but then so did she mmmmmmmmmmm. What was she thinking now. “No you stay here I will be back” and with that they left and went to John place.
“Okay sit here and take your shirt off” She then proceeded to cut the old bandage off and she was touching his body with a softness she forgot she knew about. Oh John your body is so inviting I could just touch it and oh I would love to kiss it mmmmmmmmmmm all over. It has been to long since I had a good man, one that knew something about tenderness and you have been nothing but tender with me and the girls. Oh I really want your body. Dam woman take care of business and stop the wishful thinking, he is younger than you, hell your daughter have a better chance with him. She took the bandage off and her hands moved over his body softly and very tender. She took warm water and washed the area.
John was thinking about the girls and then the touch of Marie brought him back. Oh man does that feel good , she has a very nice touch. Those fingers are like electric shocks touching me. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm woman you can do that more, all over mmmmmmm and I mean all over.
John was sitting on a low stool in the bathroom and she bent over to wash his chest. The blouse she was wearing, without a bra, opened and she was showing a lot of tit, a lot.
John saw the open blouse and thought Oh man does that look good she has a nice set of tits that’s for sure and no bra, man is she asking for me to touch them.
She stood up and walked to the shower where she bent over to rinse out the towel, and she had on a pair of her daughter cut off jeans which were very short.
John saw the butt and the cut offs did not cover much. There was a cute little hand full of cheek peaking out on both sides of the jeans. There was also a bright green string showing.
Oh man she is really cute and man I would love to grab that ass and squeeze it good. Dam that is good.
John got an instant erection and it was almost full.
Oh man don’t not now John she is going to see everything.
She came back and noticed John looking at her in a very different way. Is he looking at me like he wants , oh my, is he getting an erection, this can’t be but it is , well let’s see just what the old girl has got. She was only thinking of playing a little not doing anything serious but then John did not know that.
She walked back and bent down to put the salve on his chest and the blouse again exposed her breasts and now there seemed to be more exposed. Her breasts were not the sort to go with out a bra as they hung down and out when she bent over. About half way thought the application she realized what John was staring at with the glazed look in his eyes. She looked down herself and saw her breasts very exposed to Johns eyes.
Oh my he can see my breasts. But she did not rise up to stop the show but simply looked back at John and smiled. She moved in a little closer and closer.
She was so close to him and then she raised a little and gave him an even better show.
Oh what am I doing? Do I want this to happen? Oh god he looks so good and its been so long, that bulge in his pants is so inviting. Yes I want it I want him to touch me all over my body.
John got an even better show as she rose up a little and he was sure he could see nipple. Oh god she is good looking and so close.
She looked at him only inches from his face, she made a slight jerk forward, looking deep into his eyes.
John saw the move and just reacted and move forward and touched his lips to hers in a tentative way.
He back away “Sorry I don’t know……” he never got to finish it as she reached up and grabbed the back of his head with both hands and kissed him hard deep and with desperate passion. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and whipped his tongue, she bit his lip and pulled it with her teeth and mashed his lips. John was on a stool and she sat down on one leg.
Oh god she thought as she was kissing him so hard and desperately and then as she sat on the one leg her pussy had come in contact with him and she wiggled a little side to side. Oh it felt so good, the feelings of passion, desire , lust ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes I want you to fuck me. She started to wiggle with more action.
John at firs did not know what to do or think. Here was a woman kissing him with a passion he could on think as desperation. Ah hell to much thinking and he moved his arms around her and pulled her down and she straddled his leg. Oh man that feels good and John wiggled his leg. His erection grew and grew.
The kissing was oh so good. His hands moved from her back to the front and very slowly and carefully reached into the blouse. Slowly and lighly he cupped her breast and then the other one. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm very nice, oh the nipples are nice. He took each nipple gentle at first between thumb and forefinger and rolled them.
Slowly he increased the pressure and then pulled then down.
Marie threw her head back and “ oh god that feels good ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and kissed him hard and deep again. He pulled and twisted. She wiggled on his leg and then started to jerk back and forth. She was moaning in the kiss and then she sat down hard on his leg and John felt her shutter, threw her head back and moan. “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes , oh yes , please I want you to fuck me now”
John opened the blouse and bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked it deep and then tongued it and sucked and then bit it lightly and pulled, then he went to the other one. All this time his hands had been rubbing and moving up and down her back, over the bare skin, lighly in a tickling sort of way. His hands moved lower and lower and slipped between the waist band on the jeans. To tight and so out and down.
His hands had found the cute butt he wanted to squeeze earlier and now he did.
Marie lifted his head, kissed his lips and then kissed his jaw line back to ear and down neck to chest and very carefully kissed the stitches and then down to his belly and down.
She unbuttoned his jeans and the unzipped them. “Stand up “ he did and she pulled his jeans and shorts down. John sat back down with his erection sticking up. All he could do was react like any man would. She moved back to his belly and then down down and took his cock in one hand and licked it and kissed it and then sucked the head. She tongued it. She stood up and undid the cutoffs, opening the jeans and then sliding them down. There was a rather ragged pair of lime green panties stuck in her crotch which she grabbed and whipped of in a rather big hurry. There was a smile in the back of Johns mind, You were not planning on showing those to anyone. But there was no time as she quickly straddled Johns both legs and started down. John reached in and kiss each tit and then sucked a nipple. She reached around and took his cock and directed it to her lips and as she lowered herself she rubbed the head against her lips.
Oh god I’m still dry, oh no please this is not going to work.
John noticed the hesitation and reached down between her legs and very slowly rubbed her lips and the parted them and worked them with his middle finger and very slowly worked his middle finger into her. His other fingers worked her lips and clit. He heard her moan and squeeze his cock and pull. She was getting wet and wetter. She aimed the head back to her pussy and he parted the lips.
OH yes easy yes oh in there in oh god that feels so good, yes its in.
John felt the head slip inside and the lips close around the cap and then she moved in and he felt it go deeper. He did nothing and let her control things. She arched her back and thrust her hip to him and the beautiful hard cock went in deep and true. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” She felt pain and pleasure all at the same time. She then started to thrust in and out with increasing speed. Oh god here is comes again.
“yes yes oh yes fuck me oh yes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
John was getting close and her movement was driving him crazy. He had covered all he could reach with kisses and lick and bits and oh he is going to cum yes.
She is there. Yes fuck me harder now you bastard fuck me fuck me. She was ramming her hips in to him and she orgasmed hard and wrapped her legs and arms around John and pulled him to her as she moaned and then screamed.
John could feel her shudder and wiggle and shake and then the scream and then.
“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” the pain shot through him like a knife and a couple of stitches pulled. John was breathing in gasps.
She had just had a wonderful orgasm and the John screamed. Her legs and arms were wrapped around him and her head was on his shoulder and then he screamed and threw his head back. She quickly released him and moved back and looked down and the blood starting to trickle down his chest.
“oh John oh I am so sorry I don’t know what happened oh please forgive me oh John”
“Stop” He reached out put his hands on either side of her face and pulled her to him. “quiet woman” and he kissed her oh so softly and with a tenderness that melted her heart and then he kissed her nose and then each eye, which were now leaking, and then her lips again.
“You have nothing to be sorry for, NOTHING you hear, we both wanted this” and you needed it lady, you needed to get rid of all that tension, pent up passion, and the anger and just a release.
“Oh John your bleeding again and it looks like some of the stitches are pulled”
“Ya well when you engage in very passionate sex things like that will happen. Its nothing, just put a some tape over it, I have some butterfly bandages in the cabinet”
“Oh okay, but Oh John what have we done I mean my girls can not know about this”
“gee woman, we had some great sex, you got to release some of the tension you built up over the past days, it was good sex and its nobody’s business but ours. It was here now and that is that if you want.”
“Oh John I don’t know what I want, I , well it was such an impulse and I don’t know what came over me.”
“Hey you had a lot of tension in you and heck you were horney and needed…”
“Okay, you’re right, it was a urge a one time thing, but I did really enjoy it.” She smiles and kisses John in a friendly way on the lips. Stands up and realizes just how naked she is and reaches down to get her panties and jeans. She looks at the panties and smiles and see John smiling as well.
“Your Sunday go to meeting panties I see” smiling.
“Well I was not planning on a public showing” she smiles and the tension is gone completely, the smile on her face is a smile of real happiness, her first in a long time.
She patches up John who thinks, wait till Elizabeth sees this, heheheeh, she will have all sorts of questions and I will have to pay a price for it. Oh well paying Beth is not so bad.
There is a birthday coming soon. Oh the lease is signed and Marie and daughters are going to be regular residents of the Sunrise Apartment Complex.

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