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This will be my version of the story, and hopefully my wife can write her version as well! This is 100% true!

Starting just a little while after we got married, I began to have these fantasies of my wife being with another man. We have some great friends, and after a little drinking we would occasionally swap partners. I really enjoyed these sessions, and seeing her with another mans cock inside her was amazing for me! She enjoyed it as well, although I think she really wasn't into it as much as i was. I really think that she did it because she knew that I wanted it.
Well, about two years ago, I started asking her if she ever thought about other guys. At first she was a little close minded about it, but as I kept asking her which guys she found most attractive, she started to open up. I would ask her which guys she would like to see naked, and who's dick she would like to see. She would tell me, and then I would ask her what they would do if they where together alone. She would say something like, "I would just look at his dick for a while and then have him put it inside me, but I would make him cum in my mouth because I want to taste it!" or "I want to watch him cum!" Hearing her say these things gave me an instant hard on! Sometimes while having sex I would ask her if she was thinking of another guy. Sometimes she was, sometimes she wasn't. Knowing she was imagining that my cock was someone else's was awesome! I told her that it would be a huge turn on for me, for her to come tell me some day that she had had sex with another guy without me knowing.I knew that she wanted to, but wasn't sure that she really would.
So, we had a party at our house one summer night. We all had a great time, and by the time most of the people had left I was getting pretty tired. I told everyone goodbye, and headed off to bed. The next morning, my wife came up to me and said "I had sex with someone last night."
I was amazed that she had actually done it! I asked who, and she said, "guess." I went through all the guys I could think of and she said no to each one. Then I realized there was one more that I knew she really wanted to be with, but I never thought she would. My little brother! I was shocked, and it took a little while to process it all! When I came to, I told her she must tell me every juicy detail!
At this time she was 30 and he was 22. This is the story she told me. Everyone else had left, and it was just my brother and her. It was about 3 in the morning and she decided to give him a ride home. On the way to his house, he turned to her and said, "we could just pull off the road and have sex right now." She told him, "ok." He said, "you would really do it? What about your husband?" She told him there was nothing to worry about and that i wouldn't mind. So, she pulled off the road and stopped. She told him she had to pee first. After peeing she got back in the car and took off all her clothes, before she could change her mind. He unzipped his pants and took out his dick, then started playing with her tits. She put her hand around the cock she had wanted to see and feel for so long, and started to jack him off. He slid his hand down between her legs and she open them for him, letting him have full access to her shaved pussy. He fingered her wet pussy, as they kissed each other passionately and she massaged his dick. She said "take off all your clothes" and he did. She then climbed over on top of him and began to rub her, now, very wet pussy on his hard cock as he sucked on her hard nipples. She reached down and guided his shaft into her vagina for the first time ever. He told her"I have wanted to fuck you for so long, but never thought it would happen." She told him "me too." She began to ride the cock she had imagined inside her, many, many times. She was so aroused by having a new guy inside her, her twat was literally dripping wet! He told her " I have never had a woman so wet before!" After several minutes of being cramped in the car, they decided to get out. Out in the wide open beside the road for anyone to see, as the moon shone down on them, my wife bent over in front of my brother to give him full access to her pussy and ass. He chose her pussy and began to slide his dick in and out of it, while exploring her ass with his hands. As he fucked her he reached down occasionally to play with her tits. Eventually it was her turn again and he laid down, as she mounted him again. She enjoyed bouncing up and down, as her pussy enjoyed this strange new cock. They kissed over and over again as they fucked, the way they had wanted to for so long! He said "I want to fuck you doggystyle, and make you cum!" She was more than willing, and got on her hands and knees for him. He grabbed her ass as he plunged his manhood into her once again, loving every stroke. It didn't take long until she was moaning with pleasure. She told him "I'm going to cum!" and he started to pump her even harder as she came for the first time, with my brothers dick inside her! When she finally stopped cumming, she laid on her back and put her legs on his shoulders as he entered her once more. She told him "I want you to cum!" He asked "where do you want me to cum?" She said "on my tits!" When he couldn't hold back anymore, he pulled his dick out of her and she knelt in front of him. She put her hand around my brothers cock, as she had wanted to for so long, once again, and began to stroke it. He told her "I'm gonna cum!" She watch as his jizz shot out onto her tits for the first time. She had wanted to taste his cum for so long, that she couldn't resist putting his dick in her mouth for the last few spurts. She savored the taste of his juice as she licked his cock completely clean, making sure she got ever drop. They cleaned up with tissues form the car, then kissed some more before getting dressed. Both satisfied and happy with their first time together, she took him home. She then drove home and climbed into bed without waking me, as she recalled how much she had finally enjoyed having my brothers dick inside her! I wish so badly that I could have sat in the shadows and watched them make love under the moon! Later I did get to watch them, but that's a different story!

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2015-08-06 07:38:09
I am secretly soo into my sis in law . I can not get over my thoughts and or fantasy s I think she knows. I hope she knows. I try to leave signs in hopes she may make the move first. I wish I knew how to approach her about it. Will be our secret

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2015-08-06 07:26:46
Love the story, very jealous that it is not the situation with my brothers wife and I

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2015-07-08 06:29:32
With your brother, man that's got to hurt.
How can you look your brother in the eye,
Knowing he had fucked your wife ??
Strangers are one thing, but a family member !!

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2014-02-07 08:47:10
very interesting, as my husband likes to watch me when other men fuck me, especially when there are several

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2012-07-08 01:37:31
any man who enjoys watching his wife fuck other guys is one sick bastard and if the wife does it then she is nothing but a fucking pig slut who should be horse whipped............. but then most all women will cheat on their husbands whenever they can

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