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A 6 year old learns how fun sex can be
Young fun...

I grew up in a nice town in Colorado. We lived at the end of a cul-de-sac and had a large wedge shape lot. The house next to our was owned by a family who had 3 children the youngest, a girl, was my age. The other two, also girls, were in their teens and frequently babysat me. The houses are modest starter homes built in the late '70's. Two huge cottonwood trees grew in our front yard and shaded the whole house and into the street. In the backyard we have trees surrounding an open area large enough to play volleyball or play kids baseball.
The story I am going to tell started one summer afternoon.
I was 6 years old and spent most of my time hanging out with my best friend who lived in the next block, we mostly played at the park down the street and made fun of people walking by. I was by no means a good kid we would make up the worst sounding swear words and yell them to passerby's.
One day my friend wasn't home and I was sitting on the curb in front of my house, the girl from next door came walking by and asked what I was doing.
I replied, “Nothing, do you want to play?”
She said, “Maybe, but I will have to ask my sister, she is boss today.”
And so she walked away and I continued to sit on the curb and scratch shapes into the concrete with a rock.
A little while later she came back with her sister and they sat next to me, one on each side.
“What do you want to do,” asked the younger girl, “Do you want to come play at our house?”
I didn't even think about it and said, “Sure”
We got up and walked, or skipped in the case of the younger girl.
“What is you name?” I asked.
“Susy” Answered the girl my age.
The older one replied, “Jess”
We fell back into silence as we went through the gate and into the backyard.
Their backyard was quite a bit different than ours, it seamed to have much smaller trees but closer spaced and a swing and slide set. We ran around and played as kids will for a while, but when we got hot we sat on the side of the house on two old lawn chairs and talked.
Jess was grounded from being caught naked with her “boyfriend” and told me how mad she was at her parents. She looked around and then asked if I knew anything about sex.
“Sure, you know I guess...”
We talked about Nick, her boyfriend, and Susy and I laughed when she told us he had wanted to have sex with her. She said she had wanted to as well but her Dad had knocked on the door just as she had gotten undressed and caught her trying to get her clothes back on.
Jess looked at her sister and asked if she would want to try and have sex. It would make her parents mad if they ever found out and right now she wanted her parents to suffer.
She asked if I would have sex with her sister, not because I like, liked her, but because she wanted her to know what it feels like.
Now I need to tell you Susy is my age and she had some baby fat, just enough to make me think she was fat. Jess was as skinny as I was, no baby fat as all. Jess was starting to show some boobs and although I never found out how old she was I would guess around 13.
I looked at Jess for a prompt as to what to do, but she asked Susy what she wanted me to do.
Susy asked if she could see my private parts, I stood up and pulled my pants down, showing off my 6 year old dick, all 3 1/2 inches sticking straight up. She looked at it and then at her sister and then back at it. So I stood there for a couple minutes and then asked if I could see hers. She obliged and stood up and pulled her pants down and lifted her shirt up a little. I could see the crease of her pussy lips and to where they disappeared between her legs.
Jess told her sister to lay down on the lawn chair. She turned around and I stared as I got the first look at a girls ass. She laid down and asked, “Now what”
Jess told me to get on top of her and start moving.
I stepped out of my pants and climbed on top of her. Following Jess's instructions Susy put her ams around me and hugged me close. I started to move my dick against her pussy and Jess said to keep doing that but harder. She put her hand on my butt and pushed in time with me. Jess then asked if I was in Susy. Susy said she didn't know but it felt really good. She asked me if I was in her, and I said I didn't know.
Jess told me to lift up a little and she grabbed my cock in her hand and guided it down, lower than it had been before and told me to push. I pushed. At first it was the same as it had been but slowly I felt a little slickness deeper inside her. I pushed harder and my dick slid in. Susy pulled back and told me to stop, it hurt.
I tried to pull out, but Jess pushed on my butt again and I slid back in. Susy bit her lip and didn't move. I asked her if I was hurting her and she nodded her head. I looked at Jess and asked if I should get out.
She said it would feel better in a few seconds.
She motioned for me to start moving in and out again.
I pushed all the way in and then pulled back out. The feeling felt like nothing I had ever felt, like soft velvet, only slick and warm. So very warm.
Jess shoved my butt and all 3 inches of my cock slipped back in. I looked up at Susy and it didn't look like she was in pain anymore.
I pulled almost out and then I pushed back into the hilt, then back out again. Susy didn't move but when I asked if it hurt she said it felt good.
Jess continued to watch and started telling her sister how to move. I slowly speed up the in and out motion, it was starting to get even warmer around my dick.
Jess placed her hand on my lower back and slid it up and down from the small of my back to my thighs. After her hand had touched all the exposed skin her fingers slid down my butt crack, it sent shivers through my young body.
It was getting hard to keep up the pace and I slowed to an almost stop.
Susy said, “Keep going”
I pushed back and she moved her body downward, we slammed together. I pulled back and then pushed back in. When I pushed back she moved down again. The harder we went the more energy I seamed to get and the chair started to squeak. Her slickness had coated my dick and balls, it seamed to be streaming out of her.
I looked down at her and she smiled and said in between thrusts, “Ke-ep go-ing”
I wasn't going to stop, it just kept feeling better and better.
Her motion changed and I looked at her, she looked like she was in extreme pain, her muscles spasamed, her eyes rolling around and her breath was catching.
I stopped moving and was about to roll off her when Jess pushed hard on my butt and said, “Keep going!”
I kept moving in and out and Susy looked at me and said, “WOW!”
During her spasms the wetness had gushed around my cock and now was making the lawn chair slippery.
I kept moving in and out of her, but, she had stopped moving and I was on my own.
It started to feel even better, which I hadn't thought possible and I sped up to the point I couldn't go any faster. Susy began moving again and then went into spasms again, I felt a euphoric calm come over my body and then began shaking and my eyes had stars floating around. I paused with my dick still in her to catch my breath.
Jess put her hand on my back and asked if I was still hard.
I told her I was, then gave a questioning look
She said, “You can keep going if you want.”
I desperately wanted to keep going and Susy had already started moving again. I got into the rhythm and it took much less time before I felt the shaking begin and tried to keep going. The skin on my cock felt more sensitive than I can possibly explain.
Susy was struggling to keep the friction going between my dick and her vagina. It wasn't but a few seconds that the sensitivity went down and I returned thrusting hard.
Jess had run her hand up and down my butt crack a dozen times. Every time she felt a little lower. When she reached my butt hole she stopped and tried to push her finger in. I didn't stop moving but grunted to stop that.
I could feel another shaking coming close and by the looks of Susy, she looked close too.
Jess put her hand around my balls and gently massaged them. This sent me shaking and Susy started her spasms, we jerked together and stopped moving. I couldn't see for several seconds then I laid down on top of her.
“So, are you done?” Jess asked.
Susy shook her head and said, “NO”
I looked at Susy like she was crazy. This had taken probable 20 minutes and my muscles in my legs and arms were tired. “I am too tired,” I said. I was still trembling and weak.
I got up and sat down on the foot of the chair.
Jess asked if I was just tired.
I replied, “yes.”
She motioned for Susy to get up. Susy stood up and looked a little woozy.
Jess told me to lay down on my back and motioned for Susy to get on top.
Susy was a little big and felt heavy on my stomach. I tried to push her down to my cock. She didn't budge but then started to move herself, leaving a trail of pussy juice on my belly.
My cock started pushing into her butt cheeks and Jess pushed it down.
Susy got her crotch over my dick and started rocking back and forth on my cock. I wasn't inside her and the tip of my dick kept peaking out of the crease of her pussy. It felt good, not as smooth as being inside of her but I was just relaxing. Susy speed up and went in to spasms even more intense than when she had been on the bottom. She kept moving and kept shaking and rolling her eyes.
She was not even looking at me but slipping her crotch against my dick and every few seconds jerking violently. I looked at her and felt the now familiar feeling creeping over my body. I thought the wonderful feeling would stop like it had before but it didn't and I felt wave after wave fall over my body. After every wave the next would hit quicker and quicker and then it just blured and continued for what felt like hours.
Finally Susy collapsed on top of me and I came out of my euphoria. Jess put her hand around my dick and jerked the skin up and down, I started shaking and squeezed my eyes shut. I finally got out “S-to-p” and Jess stopped moving her hand.
I opened my eyes and saw Susy very close to my face. She looked at me for a second, then she came down and I felt her lips on mine. I kissed her back and heard Jess say to try French kissing. I opened my mouth a little. She did the same and I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She was breathing around my tongue so it was a strange feeling. I felt her tongue push mine out of her mouth and she followed it into my mouth. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and she moved it in a circular motion. I hadn't really ever kissed anyone like this, so this was a new thing. I pushed her tongue out of my mouth and into hers. This time she sucked and I felt around her mouth.
We stopped kissing and I asked her to get off me. Susy rolled off me and stood up. I sat up and it hit me. The smell of her juices, they smelled good with a little tangy scent to them I couldn't believe I hadn't smelled them before but now that she wasn't on me they were starting to dry out a little I guess it carried them to me. I wanted to keep the scent of those sex juices in my brain for as long as I could, so I reached over and pulled Susy closer to me and put my nose down near her pussy. I inhaled deeply.
Jess looked us over and asked Susy if she liked sex.
Susy replied, “More than anything in the whole world!!”
Jess then looked and me and asked if I liked sex.
I replied, “I sure do!!”
She asked if I would want to do it again.
I said, “I sure would!”
Susy chimed in. “I would too!”
Jess said, “Well you might have to wait the next one out but, you will get plenty of time with him. Don't you worry.”

End of Part 1


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Just exquisite!

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That was so fucking hot

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Dumb fucker paragraphs don't really matter with this, it's just a short story so get over yourself

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thats makes me so wet

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Very good story. I read all 3. Thanks, you made me cum several times. PLEASE write more!!!

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