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My sexual learning curve
Well now a member I spent time looking at what others have posted, still a little confused as to what I really want out of joining except for making new web friends and telling what I have got up to during my still short life so I posted my first effort in the get 10 posts forum, although I am not interested in just posting for numbers. The photo album sounds fun but it will only be available to friends, when I find out how that works (sorry guests and others) and my posts will only be the truth so here goes.

I am a couple of weeks away from the magic 21 (years) revelations start much earlier than that, prompted by a school project when we were made to start a journal. Don’t ask me why, because to this day I don’t know, but I started two, one for them and the other for myself which was more truthful and I kept that one going until I turned eighteen so thankfully I have a good account to draw on for this and future posts.

Throughout my early teens I thought I was cursed as I just did not develop at the same pace as my peers and that is how I got my nickname which I have revived for my site moniker and it was given to me by the elder of my two uncles, yes I was flattered by it at first but with the passing years did not like it so much and he is now the only one to use it. I was rather withdrawn and a bit of a loner until I caught the dancing bug, my parents fortunately indulged me and I enrolled in a ballet school and what I lacked in female form was compensated for by poise and the ability of lithe movement so I was well sought after by the producers of amateur shows.

Turning sixteen did not bring much change and people thought I was only thirteen or so as I was virtually straight up and down in shape, a slight narrowing of my waist line but no hips to speak of and a small bum, my breasts were almost non existent and reminded me of a couple of fried eggs topped by slightly pink nipples and very small and just darker areola, I did not have any underarm or pubic hair and my mother kept assuring me my still rather girlish large and puffy vulva would flatten out over time. Now I may have been rather childish in looks but I was not green, obviously relishing the sex talk that prevailed in the discussions of girls my age and like my friends I soon discovered the pleasure of working on my clitoris.

I would lay on my bed, naked, legs wide apart with a mirror propped up so that I could watch the transformation of the gristly pleasure button as it swelled to triple its normal size, laying back to let the strange but lovely sensations creep over my flesh as I worked it, sometimes giggling to myself when I produced a silky and slightly sticky lining to my little hole and the surrounding inner lip flesh. I will confess that the intensity of them frightened me and I always stopped well short of bringing on the ultimate contortions of the orgasm that I knew was approaching, wondering if my parents would know what I had been doing by my body language if I went all the way. Another down side of my shape, or lack of it, was that boys my age were not interested in striking up a friendship and the older and very spotty ones that spent their waking hours leering at girls bodies did not even notice my existence, Ahhhh well I thought, that’s life.

I was at uncles one afternoon and my two year senior cousin was also at home, he having a rare day off. He was learning about photography and spent most of his time at college and night school, knowing though that I had joined an agency and was doing quite well. I had to admit that a glittering career in ballet was not really on the cards but I was earning good money and enjoying every minute of it. Still calling me fairy princess (it was he who gave it to me) suggested that his son took some photos of me dancing and with him being my favourite eventually warmed to the idea with lots of cajoling from them both. My cousin went home with me and asked my mum about it and we ended up having a very fun afternoon, laughing a lot as I tried to hold the awkward poses for longer than I was used to. I changed costumes half way through and as my mum hovered in the background she seemed to be enjoying it as much as I.

He duly presented mother with a dozen or so large black and white pictures and she was over the moon, I secretly very pleased with the results and readily agreed that we would have another go one day soon. Nothing more was said for a week or two until uncle pretended to be saddened by the fact that his favourite nice had not offered to pose for some more photos, especially for him. He took me by surprise and I did not quite know how to take it and still thrown pretended to try to cheer him up by saying he knew I would and he chuckled wickedly, saying that his fairy princess should play the nymph this time and take my clothes off. Scarlet, flustered and not a little put out by his suggestion I told him we should not do that and he was a naughty man for even suggesting it, he still laughing reminded me that he had seen me naked lots of times throughout my childhood and I retaliated by saying maybe so but not now I was older and when my cousin was taking what would be after all very naughty pictures.

The rest of my visit was taken up by him trying to persuade me to have some fun and do it just once for him and to get out of the awkward situation I agreed to think about it and escaped, still full of embarrassment. He spent a week pestering me every time he saw me, pleading and cajoling until I broke down and agreed just to put a stop to it, not intending for one minute to do it, still petrified by the thought of my cousin being there but the fateful day arrived and I even surprised myself by tingling with excitement at wondering what it would be like to pose naked in front of two men.

Well that is my first offering and I will not take too much time in posting my second revelation. Hope you will all want to join me again and think it is a worthwhile read. LOL.

Brother ProphetReport

2010-08-11 14:28:51
Had to read it once more. So good!!!!

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-11 03:00:18
Pretty good story, but it was ruined by your overuse of run-on sentences. >.< I enjoy the deions, but throw in a couple periods or semi-colons more often.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-26 15:25:44
oh friggin' hell, this is ripe with the promise of great wet sticky things to come. you sound amazing

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-23 15:11:24
What a super true account, can't wait for the next post, more, more, more.

Old ManReport

2010-05-19 19:37:31
Well my lil friend. You have had a very interesting life. Please continue with your story.

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