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Part four - Hide-n-peep (1), Play date with Amber (2), Play date with Amber part II (3)
The day after:

I heard a knock on the door. It was Amber. I propped myself up on my elbow and rubbed my eyes. She ran in and jumped on the bed with me. She started to kiss me and she grabbed my morning wood. I slept in the spare bedroom between Amber’s and her parents’ room. I kissed her back then pushed her away frightened, “What are you doing? Your parents…”
She cut me off mid sentence, “My parents went to the mall. I told them you and I were going to Kelly’s to play soccer and to keep the house quiet so Jason could sleep. Kelly’s parents are out of town until Wednesday at some wedding.”
“What if Jason needs something?”
“I left him a note with my cell phone number on it. He’ll be fine. Come on, lets go.”
“I don’t wanna play soccer.”
“We’re not really going to play soccer. I just told them that. That’s what I say when I’m going over there to watch her dad’s movies. This time I want you to come with me.”
“Why me? I’m your little brother’s friend. You girls don’t want to hang out with me.”
“Hell yes we do. Especially after last night. I told Kelly about it and she definitely wants to hang out with you.”
“WHAT?? You told Kelly? Great.” I was getting mad. “Why would you tell someone else what we did? That was our secret Amber.”
Slow down Brett. Don’t worry. Kelly and I have so many secrets with each other. I’m sure she wont tell anyone. Trust me.”
“OK, but if you’re wrong, we’re in deep shit. You know that right?”
In a calming voice, Amber grabbed my hand and said, “Don’t worry. You have nothing to worry about. No one will ever know. Get up and get dressed. I’m gonna go change and I’ll meet you downstairs.” She kissed me and walked out of the room.
Amanda apparently doesn’t wear underwear at home. As she walked away, I could see straight through those white shorts. I hurried and got dressed, noticing that she didn’t close her door all the way. As I walked past her room, I peered in through the cracked door. She was putting on some other soccer shorts (I guess so her parents really thought she was playing soccer) and a light pink tank top – I could clearly see her nipples through it. She looked at the door and smiled. “I knew you would be watching. Do you like what I’m wearing?” She arched her back and ran her fingers through her hair holding it up in a pony tail, knowing that would push her firm breasts out.
“Yeah, I like it a lot. You look so hot. Sorry I was watching.”
“Don’t worry. I’m glad you like it because Kelly will have the same thing on.” Kelly was taller than amber by an inch or two with highlighted Brown hair. She had the same skinny/athletic build as Amber. I had no idea what was going to happen at Kelly’s house. “You ready? Lets get in the car.” She grabbed her bag and we got in her car.
Amber and I were on our way to Kelly’s house. I asked Amber what we were going to do. All she said was that we would have fun. More fun than last night. My imagination ran wild. Thinking about the possibilities of the day and looking at Amber made my cock grow. She is sitting there, short shorts, tight, almost see-through shirt, with the seat belt running between her firm tits accenting their size. Amber caught me staring at her. “What?” she asked.
“Nothing. You look so good. Its hard for me to keep my hands off you.”
“Apparently that’s not the only thing that hard for you. Give me your hand.” I gave it to her and she put it in her lap close to her crotch, making sure my fingers were right against her shorts in her crotch. I started to rub her smooth, tanned leg up and down. Each time my hand got close to her pussy, I would brush it with my pinky finger. I could see her nipples getting harder as she started to bite her lip. “Mmmmm,” she moaned softly trying to keep her eyes open. The next time I ran my hand up to her crotch, I slipped my fingers in her shorts.
“I’m not complaining, but do you ever wear underwear?” I asked as my fingers met her bald, wet pussy.
“Sometimes. Sometimes they just get in the way. I have a bra and panties in my bag for when we go back to my house.”
I nodded as I slid two fingers up and down her moist slit. Amber started to moan more as she spread her legs for better access for me. My cock, getting harder, was clearly visible through my shorts. She saw it and started to massage it with one hand while keeping that other one on the wheel. I leaned over and started to kiss and lick her neck. She squeezed my hard-on tighter. I removed my hand from her crotch and leaned on that arm on the center console. With my other hand, I reached up under her shirt and started to massage her large, firm tits. More moans came from her mouth. Still kissing her neck, she moved her hand under my shorts and slid them off so my dick stood freely at full attention. It’s a good thing her car windows are tinted otherwise the other cars would have gotten a great show. With my cock clear of any clothing, she began to stroke it. Slowly, up and down, twisting her hand in a spiral motion. Twisting up one way and down the other. It felt so good, now I was moaning in sync with Amber. I began to pinch her nipples and she slid forward on her seat, spreading her legs more, giving me an open invitation to her pussy. My hand slid down her chest, over her stomach, and into her shorts.
“My hand won’t fit with your shorts on.”
“Then do something about it,” she said between moans. She lifted her pelvis up. I slid my hand around the waistband of her shorts, pushing them down to her feet. She took her left foot out so she could still drive and spread her legs open. My hand slid up her inner thigh and landed right on her clit. I started rubbing her at the speed she was stroking my cock. We were getting close to Kelly’s house so I stuck two finger in the sopping pussy and twirling them around, feeling all over her insides. She stopped jerking my cock as we pulled onto Kelly’s street but I didn’t stop fingering her until we were in the driveway. Amber had to pull my fingers out of her so we could go inside.
I licked my fingers saying, “Mmmmm, that’s good.” She was totally flustered. I pulled my shorts up and got out of the car. I walked around to her door. She was sitting sideways on the seat with her shorts and feet on the ground.
“Now you have to put these back on me,” she said, looking up at me, adjusting her shirt. I knelt down, picked her foot up and pulled her shorts over it and started sliding her shorts on. When I got to her knees, I pulled her legs up, leaning her back, and gave her a couple of licks. She playfully pushed my head away saying, “You have to wait mister. You will have plenty of time to do that and more inside.” She stood up. Wiggling into her shorts, grabbed her bag, and we walked to the door.
Kelly must have been watching us since we pulled in because she was standing at the front door holding it open. She was a little flustered as well. She must have been masturbating because her shorts weren’t on right, her hair was messed up and her nipples stuck out like pencil erasers. Just like Amber said, she had on a too-small, pink tank top and small white satin shorts that didn’t quite cover her ass.
“Hi Brett,” Kelly said. "Amber told me a lot about you last night on the phone.” I think she could tell that I was a little nervous. “Relax champ. This will be our dirty little secret. Just us three. I won’t tell, I promise. Come on in you two.”
Kelly and Amber hugged. As Kelly turned around, Amber grabbed her ass and said, “See? She’s not wearing underwear either.” I let them both walk in front of me. From my view, they could have been twins. Tight, light-pink tank tops that accented their curves and their breasts. White, almost see-through short shorts that were at least a size too small. Both girls had their shorts riding up their ass and only about half of their asses were covered. I watched as I walked behind them to the living room. Kelly had the blinds down in the living room, part to make it easier to see the TV and part for privacy from the neighbors. I could hear them whispering, but I didn’t know what they were saying. I’m pretty sure Amber was telling Kelly more about last night or even the car ride over here because they were giggling and Kelly kept looking at my semi-erect cock.
I walked up behind Kelly, feeling a little more comfortable, put my hands on her hips, and then slid them around to the front, pulling her ass close to me. I was pressing my cock between her cheeks.
“Wow, Amber. You were right. That is pretty good sized,” said Kelly as her hand reached for my ass. She grabbed it pulling me farther into her ass. Her other hand took mine and guided it to her chest. Her tits were amazing. I thought Amber had a great rack; these were just as firm and a little bigger. Still perky without a bra. My cock was growing.
“Just wait Kelly, it gets bigger than that.”
Amber turned to kiss Kelly and my cock twitched in Kelly’s ass. “I think its doing that right now.”
Amber slid her hand between my cock and Kelly’s ass pushing us apart. “OK you two. We have movies to watch. Don’t get ahead of your selves. Who wants something to drink?”
“I’ll take some water. It’s already getting hot in here and we’ve only been here a couple of minutes.
Kelly said, “Yeah, me too.” She ran her hand through her hair turning to face me. She leaned in and kissed me and threw her arms around my neck. “You sure are cute! I guess I never noticed that before, but you also seem more mature than Jason and his other friends.” She pressed her pelvis against my hard-on and her tongue was going wild in my mouth. I returned the favor and my hands found their way to her ass. It was smaller than Amber’s, but still firm.
“Amber came back with three bottles of water, “Geez you guys! Do you not have any patience?”
“Sorry,” Kelly said. You were right. I felt his cock and now I want it. I know why you wanted to brig him over for movie day.”
“I told you. But you will have to wait. You know the rule.”
“What rule?” I asked.
“We’re not allowed to do anything sexual until after the first scene is over. That way the anticipation heightens and makes it better.”
“I know,” said Kelly. “But it’s hard.”
“Yeah it is,” I said, looking at my hard-on about to tear through my shorts.
“When did you become the jokester?” Amber asked. “Starting to lighten up a little are we? Well, have a seat mister.”
I sat on the middle cushion of the couch. So they would have to sit on either side of me. “Hold on, don’t start it yet. I’ll be right back.” Kelly ran to the kitchen and got a glass full of ice and ran back. Tits bouncing and smiles all the way. Kelly sat down next to me, hip-to-hip just like Amber was, and started to movie. “Nubile Nurses III” flashed on the screen. The typical hospital scene, not that it’s a bad thing. A guy on his back in bed covered up with a blanket or sheet. He calls for the nurse. She comes in to check on what he needs. She was about 18, the same age as Kelly and Amber, blonde hair, average tits, and the white doctor’s overcoat on. She had the white stockings and white high heels, and glasses to top off the ensemble.
“Ooohhhh, she’s cute,” said Kelly. “I’d fuck her.”
As the scene went on, I could feel Amber and Kelly fidgeting, just waiting for the scene to be over so they could play. It was almost over when Amber said, “Close enough,” and climbed over me. In the process of getting to Kelly, Amber made sure to stick her boobs in my face and rub her pussy on my cock through the shorts. She winked.
“OK,” Kelly said, and she rotated so her head was on the armrest and her feet were next to my ass on the couch, giving me a clear view of her crotch which was wet from her juicy pussy. Amber climbed on top of Kelly and was on her hands and knees. Her perfect ass was right there in my face. The two girls started to kiss each other. This was great. I sat there in awe watching them make out, looking at their barely-covered pussies. “Are you just gonna sit there or are you going to join us?” asked Kelly.
“I’m gonna join. I don’t know what to do. Last night was my first time. I’ve never seen two girls do it.”
Kelly comforted me as Amber kissed her neck, “Just do what you want Brett. Whatever you feel like doing to us or with us is fine. Have fun.”
“OK,” I replied nervously. I sat kind of sideways on the couch to face them and put my hands on Amber’s ass, rubbing and squeezing it. They kept kissing each other. I took one hand and moved it to Amber’s pussy and the other went to Kelly’s pussy. I started to rub both of them through their shorts. They began to moan lightly. Their Kissing became heavier and more passionate as my cock grew harder. Kelly pulled Amber’s shirt up but it still covered her tits. Then Kelly’s hand met mine on Amber’s pussy, but Kelly’s hand was under the shorts. I could only see two of Kelly’s fingers and her thumb, the other two were buried in Amber’s snatch. Amber had moved her foot to my lap and was playing with my dick. I removed my hands from their pussies and Amber sat up on her knees then stood on the floor, her shirt still pushed up to the bottom of her breasts. Kelly sat up and pushed me over so I was laying with my head on the other arm rest. She moved to her knees, put her hands on either side of me and looked up at Amber, “Now can I?”
“Be my guest, but save some for me,” she answered. Kelly started kissing my stomach, pushing my shirt up with one hand. Amber sat down behind Kelly and started to rub my cock through the shorts. Kelly sat me up, took my shirt off, and then laid me back down. She kept kissing up my chest, to my neck, then an open mouthed kiss. Slow and passionate at first. I couldn’t really tell, but Amber must have been rubbing Kelly’s pussy because she was moving and moaning a little more. I grabbed Kelly by the back of the head and held her mouth to mine as our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. My other hand slid her shirt up over her tits and I was rubbing, grabbing and pinching them as we kissed. Amber started to take my shorts off. She started to stroke my cock as I pulled Kelly’s shirt completely off. She was just as tan as Amber. Neither one had tan lines. Amber started to suck on my dick. Licking it up one side and down the other. She put my cock in her mouth and began to take me in. Kelly pulled her head up, looked down between us at Amber swallowing my shaft.
“That’s so hot honey,” she said to Amber.
Amber continued the oral assault on my rock-solid cock while Kelly climbed off of the couch. She went to the other end of the couch where the ice was, stopping at Amber’s head to kiss her and get a second hand taste of my meat pole. Kelly went behind Amber and peeled Amber’s shorts off. She started to kiss Amber on the ass, licking it and looking at me over Amber’s bobbing head. Kelly sat up on her knees over Amber and grabbed a couple of ice cubes. She rubbed them on her hot chest, making her shine and her nipples even harder. She bent her head down, grabbed her tits and started to lick the ice water off of them, playing with her nipples. Kelly bent back down, grabbed another ice cube and started to rub it on Amber’s ass. She slid it around her ass and down her crack. Kelly took the ice cube, smiling, and started to rub Amber’s ass hole with it. Amber started to go crazy. She was yelling and screaming, but never missed a beat while sucking my dick. Kelly lowered her head again and buried her face in Amber’s pussy. Amber, still sucking my rod, moaned with pleasure. I reached down, pulled Amber’s shirt off and pulled her toward me. She crawled up the couch so she was laying on me, my cock between her legs. Her tits were pressing on my chest, kissing me wildly. Kelly never let her mouth leave Amber’s pussy. Kelly grabbed my cock and stroked it. Kelly started to suck on my rod for a couple of pumps, then back to Amber’s wet slit. She went back and forth between the two for a minute. I started to kiss Amber at the base of her neck. Licking and kissing. Kelly was solely working my hard-on, bobbing up and down. I pulled Amber up so I could suck on her breasts. They tasted so good, like the lotion she put on. She didn’t let me suck on them long before she crawled up to put her pussy, still covered in Kelly’s spit, on my mouth. I stuck my tongue out as she lowered herself onto it. I sank my tongue deep inside her warm crease. I would pull my tongue out and lick her clit a couple of times then stick it back inside.
Amber climbed off my face and spun around to face Kelly. Amber sat back on my face, moaning, begging me not to stop.
“Kelly,” Amber said. “Come here.”
Kelly picked up her head, sat up on her knees and crawled up to sit on my crotch. She sat down, pressing my cock against my stomach. She was grinding on it back and forth. I could feel her juices dripping on my shaft. Amber got up off my face and sat on the arm rest above my head. I looked up at her. She nodded toward Kelly. I looked at Kelly’s beautiful body, grinding my cock, her hands on her head holding her hair and her eyes closed. Kelly leaned down to kiss me, tasting Amber’s pussy juice on my mouth. She kissed me hard as Amber rubber her own pussy. Amber leaned down, whispering in my ear, “I wanna watch you fuck her Brett. I’ve been thinking about seeing you fuck her since last night.”
“OK,” I said sarcastically. “Only if you want me to.”
“After I got in bed and called her, I got myself off thinking about you two. Now I want to see it.”
Amber got up and sat on the other couch. She put her feet up on the couch, fully exposing her wet pussy to us. She started to grab her nipples and finger her snatch. Kelly got up from kissing me, rubbing her tits, and said, “Amber, we can’t do that.”
“Why not?” She seemed worried.
“You haven’t taken my shorts off girl. I can’t stick this big cock in my pussy with my shorts there,” she said looking at Amber lustfully. Kelly stood up and went to the middle of the room to meet Amber. Amber turned around, her and Kelly facing away from me, and bent Kelly over so her hands were on the couch. Amber peeled the shorts off Kelly. As the shorts got down past Kelly’s ass, Amber got down so she was eye-level with Kelly’s wet, exposed pussy. As she slid the shorts down, Amber started to eat Kelly’s pussy. The shorts were on the floor, but Amber kept licking. She moved her tongue up and tickled Kelly’s ass hole. I almost blew my load right there.
Amber sat back on the couch, exposing everything to us as Kelly walked back over to me. She climbed back on the couch and positioned herself over my hard-on. She lowered herself onto me. It was hot inside her. My cock slid in without hesitation, she was so wet. I was locked in a stare with Kelly as she began to bounce up and down. Kelly looked at Amber, who was two fingers deep inside herself and grabbing her tits. Kelly and Amber both kept moaning louder and it turned into pleasurable screaming. I was in heaven. Kelly’s pussy was tightening up. She was close to cumming. I was close too. She started to ride my cock faster. I grabbed her tits and she started going crazy on my meat stick. She was grinding me hard and fast, and it only got faster.
“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” I shouted.
Amber and Kelly both screamed in ecstasy as Kelly’s pussy clamped down on my cock. She got off me and knelt with Amber on the floor. I stood up and finished ‘porn-star-style’ shooting my cum on their faces and chests.
I just had the biggest orgasm ever! I kept cumming and cumming. They took turns sucking my dick and licking and swallowing the cum off of each other.
“That was amazing,” Kelly and I said in unison. All three of us were so tired we got back on the couch, drank some water and laid down together.

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Before anyone else points it out, my comment had an error: it should be "this story" or "these stories". Either would be correct, but not "this stories". Sorry, I need a proofreader myself sometimes.

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You need a spellchecker or even better a proofreader. And for the stupid shits that say it isn't important, it's only because they don't know know how to spell and think that "grammar" is their father's mother. It really would help your stories, and they are so good they deserve the polish. It's like saying your mint 1972 Firebird doesn't need a wash and wax because it's already so great--it would be even greater with it.I loved this stories [3-ways are my favorites] but I wish he'd finished in one girl's mouth and they'd done a cum-swap. It was still great, and I hope you write more. Does Kelly have a little sister?

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