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An unexpected game...
I guess I start here, at the beginning. So I’ll begin by introducing myself. Hi, my name’s Dan, I’m 14, 6ft tall, which is quite tall for my age. I have long brown hair and brown eyes and a rather trim figure, not ripped or anything, just average, and my cock extends 7 inches when fully hard. I’m not amazingly hot, but my face is quite handsome.

My family isn’t uber-rich, but we’re not poor by any means. Our house is pretty big and I’m a bit spoilt sometimes. I’m a bit of a nerd, I spend most of the time on my laptop, but I go out with my friends a lot too, so I’m not a complete geek. The rest of my family is fairly large; I have 10 cousins and aunts & uncles, although they don’t live very near to us.

Now you know my life story, l shall begin with the actual story. My parents usually leave me home alone and I babysit for other family members a lot, so this week they had decided to go to Vegas with my two younger sisters to celebrate my parents’ 40th birthdays. Unfortunately, I had important year 9 SAT tests at school while they were away, of which they did not know until after they had booked the flight. They couldn’t cancel so I simply told them to go without me and leave me home alone, marveling at the prospect of having an empty house for a whole week. After much debate, they finally agreed, so they had left for Vegas on Sunday. Today was Wednesday.

After coming home from school through the pouring rain, I had a shower and sat back on the couch in the lounge to watch some TV. I was dressed quite casually, in just a plain t-shirt with some jeans. I could hear the heavy rain as it thundered onto the roof. I quickly flicked to one of the porn channels and undid my jeans, rubbing my cock as I watched the action onscreen. After a while, there was a loud knock on the front door. Panicking, I quickly stuffed my member back into my boxers, still hard as a rock, and flicked the TV back to BBC1. I got up and answered the door.

I was surprised to be my aunt Amanda, and her daughter, i.e. my cousin, Annabel (everyone calls her Annie for short). They looked cold and their clothes were soaked through. Amanda had on a long red coat, with a tight white t-shirt underneath. She then wore a pair of dark skinny jeans and some black stilettos. Annie was wearing a brown leather jacket and a blue and white striped top underneath. She also had short denim hotpants, which stopped just after her ass, and some tight black leggings. On her feet was a pair of black stiletto boots.

“Hi Dan,” Amanda said, “We were just passing through town but our engine cut out and it won’t start again. I can’t get a signal on my phone so I haven’t been able to call a repair guy. Are your parents here?”
“Umm no they’ve gone to Vegas to celebrate their 40th. Do you wanna come in?” I said.
“Yeah sure, anything to get out of this horrible weather!” She replied, and with that, they both stepped into the hall. I closed the door behind them and they stood on the mat by the door, rubbing their arms in a desperate attempt to get warm.

Amanda was around 40 years old, around 5ft 8, with light blonde hair that was in a “Bob” style that came to her shoulders and quite a pretty face. She had barely any wrinkles and looked good for her age. Her breasts were still firm and perky, must have been around a D cup, and she had a nice slim figure. Her ass was nice and small, and her slender legs were smooth and graceful. She was quite outgoing and occasionally chatted to me from time to time.

Annie was nearly an exact copy of her mum. She was pretty much the same age as me, just younger by a few months. She was around 5ft 6, with light blonde hair that was curled and came just past her shoulders. Her face was very pretty and quite cute, and her figure was equally slim and toned as her mum’s. Her young teenage boobs were nice and perky, like her mum’s, and were a nice size for her age, around a C cup. The only thing different from her mum, which I guess was from her dad, was that she was quite shy. We very rarely talk to each other, but she is usually more outgoing when she gets a bit hyperactive.

I told them to pass me their coats, which they did. I took them and put them on a radiator in the hallway. By now my erection from earlier had died down. I could now see Amanda’s thin white top, which stuck to her slim body like paint. It was slightly translucent and I could quite easily make out her red lacy bra encasing her large tits. Annie was wearing a tight white shirt with thin blue horizontal stripes and long sleeves. The material of the top was extremely thin, and with a gallon of rain soaked up in the top, I could clearly make out her lacy black bra, with her young tits. I could also see her flat toned stomach, which made her look incredible.

I had never thought of my aunt or my cousin in a sexual way before, but looking up and down their slim, curvy bodies made my cock spring back into life. They still looked freezing so I asked them if they wanted to take a shower to warm up a bit. They said ok and so I led them upstairs. I handed them both a towel each and pointed Annie to the main bathroom and Amanda to my mum and dad’s ensuite, which also contained a shower. I had to use all my strength not to jump in with one of them. I also asked Amanda where her car was. She replied by saying that it was just in the next street.

I put a thick coat on, pulled up the hood and went out into the storm to see if I could resurrect the car. Now, I’m no mechanic, so when I tried turning the key, I simply gave up, knowing that anything I tried would probably make things worse. Before I went back, I had a look in the boot and found a shopping bag with two pairs of pajamas, fluffy slippers and dressing gowns. Figuring that it was the only change of clothes they had I took the bag with me.

When I got back in, I called to Amanda that I had found a bag with some pajamas. “Oh yeah,” she replied, “Me and Annie were shopping earlier and we got those.”
“Will you want them after your shower?” I asked.
“Umm yeah, unless you have a way of drying our clothes.” She said. So with that I put the bag on my parents’ bed. I told Amanda where it was and to take her time. I went downstairs and started watching some TV again, although, this time it wasn’t porn.

Around 30 minutes later, both girls entered the room. Annie was wearing some sky blue colored pajamas that had pink hearts all over. On top of them, she had a bright pink fluffy dressing gown, and on her feet were a pair of red fluffy slippers. She looked very cozy and cute, but I could not see much of her sexy body, which disappointed me a bit.

Amanda’s clothing was the same as Annie’s, except her PJs were bright yellow with light blue bunnies on. Her dressing gown was light purple, and her slippers were light green. Again, I was disappointed from the lack of skin.

After a while of watching some TV and chatting about stuff like school, girlfriends etc, Amanda asked if I had any alcohol. I replied, “Yeah, we have a few packs of beers in the fridge.”
“Great! Go get me one.” She said. I found it a bit odd that she wanted some on a Wednesday night, but I figured it was just the stress of the night. I got her a beer and made me and Annie two hot chocolates. Feeling left out without some alcohol, I quickly slipped a few capfuls of my mum and dad’s vodka into our hot chocolates. I thought it could spice up the night a bit.

When I returned with our hot chocolates, Amanda had finished one beer and asked if I could make her a gin and tonic. I had never known Amanda to be an alcoholic, so again I just blamed it on the situation. I fixed her a gin and tonic (with another small amount of vodka) and handed her it as Annie took a sip of hot chocolate. She took a deep breath after and looked back into her mug. After staring into the mug, she shrugged her shoulders and took another sip.

Soon our mugs were empty and Amanda had finished her second gin and tonic. When she asked for a third, I head Annie ask her, “Mummy, can I have one?” Obviously, the effect of the vodka was beginning to kick in. Amanda also seemed a little tipsy because she said, “Sure baby, have whatever you want.” I made us all a gin and tonic, adding 3 capfuls of vodka to both the girls’ ones.

As we drank up, I flicked through the channels. After concluding there was fuck all on, my thoughts were echoed by Amanda, who said, “God, there’s crap on TV tonight!”
“Yeah, always is.” I agreed.
“I know! You got any cards?” she asked.
“Umm yeah, why?”
“Do you know how to play Blackjack?” she said.
“Yeah, 21 bust kinda thing.” I replied.
“Exactly. You know how to play don’t you Annie.”
“Yeah sure.” A very drunk Annie said, lying on the couch with her legs spread, giving me a great view of her PJ clad crotch.
“Well, you wanna play Blackjack?” Amanda asked.
“Yeah, okay.” Both Annie and I said.

With that, I got out a pack of cards and set some chairs round the square coffee table in our lounge. It was wooden and quite large. My dad also owned a poker set, so I got some chips out of it. We started playing and it was clear all of us were drunk. We were terrible! However, I was not as bad as they were. Especially Annie who had never got drunk before. She was totally shit faced.

This lack of skill made it quite easy for me to win. Soon enough I was rich in chips, while the girls had nothing. After the game was over, we got somewhat bored. Amanda then spoke up and suggested that we continue the game. “But you haven’t got any chips left, you can’t carry on!” I said.
“Yes, but we each have clothes.” Amanda said, giving me a little wink. I could not believe it. My aunt was suggesting we play a game of strip Blackjack! Here I may finally have a chance to see my gorgeous relatives naked! “Okay!” I said casually, not wanting to sound too excited. Annie just muttered a small yes and so we began playing.

As I dealt the cards, Annie sat up in her chair and seemed to start concentrating harder. She was drunk, but not drunk enough to know that the stakes had been risen. This was serious. Once the cards had been dealt, I turned to Amanda. She twisted once and then stuck. I then turned to Annie, who was concentrating hard on her cards. She stuck immediately. I then looked at my cards. I was lucky. A 10 and an Ace! 21!

I hid my excitement and casually displayed my cards to the girls, who each did the same. Annie had 19, but Amanda had busted. I sat back and watched as she seductively took off her slippers, revealing her bare silky feet. She threw her fluffy green slippers into the middle of the room. She then rested her feet on the edge of the table, wiggling her cute toes at me. She gave me a wink as I felt my cock grow hard in my jeans. She put her feet down and I dealt again. This time I had to twist on a 14. A jack. Just my luck! I quickly took my socks off and threw them on top of Amanda’s slippers. The next hand Annie lost with only 17 so she too took off her slippers and added to the pile.

The next hand Annie’s bad luck continued as she busted with a queen. She stood up, undid her dressing gown and shrugged it off her shoulders, picking it up and adding it to the pile of clothes. After that, Amanda only had 18 and so she took off her dressing gown as well. Both girls then tucked their legs into their chests, curling up on the chairs, making them look cute as they wiggled their toes. I then realized that the next hand would reveal some skin for whoever lost.

That person was Amanda again. I could only stare as she stood up and pulled her pajama top over her head, leaving only her lacy red bra to hide her juice boobs. Her bra gave such great cleavage; it made her look stunning. Her stomach was flat and toned. Next to lose was I on 22. I stood up as I pulled my top over my head. The girls gazed at my slim tanned chest. I saw their eyes sparkle as the stared. I threw my top over into the pile, which was fairly large now.

I was now out to make Annie take off her top. And that I did as on the next hand she busted. I saw the look of dismay in her eyes as she looked at each of our cards and realized she had lost. She then stood up and quickly pulled her top over her head, revealing her soft bouncy tits hiding behind the thin fabric of her black lacy bra. Her stomach was nicely tanned and flat, like her mum’s. Her boobs jiggled as she tossed the shirt onto the pile.

On the next hand, I was extremely pleased to look at my cards to find a Blackjack. I was even more pleased when I found that both girls had busted! They only had 3 things left on, so I guessed they would remove their trousers. Annie did just that and I watched as she stood up and pulled the bottoms down her smooth tanned legs, showing off her matching black panties. She also gave me a view of her gorgeous tight ass, which made my cock turn to rock. It was so smooth and round, I wanted to give it a little smack, but I managed to hold back.

Amanda made my cock even harder when she stood up and reached into her trousers. She bent down a couple of times, with a concentrated look on her face, but after she reached out and in her hand were a pair of lacy red panties! I could not believe it! She then threw them at me and giggled as she sat back down. I sniffed her panties before restarting the game. They had a strong scent of sex, and smelt sweet. I quickly pocketed them before dealing again.

By now, I was topless with only jeans and boxers left; Annie had her bra and panties left, and Amanda had her bra and pajama bottoms. Two apiece. Amanda had rolled up her trousers to around an inch down her thighs. She had turned her pajamas into hotpants! This turned me on so much as I gazed up and down her smooth tanned legs, checking out her muscular thighs.

In the next hand, it was my turn to lose again. I stood up and hooked my thumbs in my jeans as I pulled them down my legs. It just so happened that the boxers I had picked out boxers that were incredibly loose. This meant that when I removed my jeans, my boxers looked like a tent with my happy camper inside. My cock was stiff as wood and stood out for the girls to enjoy. I saw them stare at the massive bulge in my underwear as I sat back down. My cock was hurting. It had been hard for most of the night, hidden in the confines of my tight jeans. It wanted to be set free.

Luckily, the massive bulge in my boxers meant that the girls could not even glance at their cards. They simply said, “Stick” as soon as I asked them. This meant when we revealed Annie had only 14. I swore my cock grew even harder, if so was possible, when I realized I was about to see the first nudity of the night. I sat back as Annie reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra. She may have been drunk, but she was not yet ready to show her boobs off to her cousin and her mum, so as she slipped the straps down her arms, she put her arm around the front of her boobs, covering up the nipples and only some of the rest of her young perky tits. She gave a slight giggle as she tossed her lacy bra over onto the pile.

I just stared at them. I could have stared at them for hours. The only thing that stopped me from staring was Amanda saying, “We gonna continue or what?” I regained my senses and dealt everyone again. Annie and I were on our last lives, we had to get Amanda to lose to stay in; partly so one of us would not lose, but for me it was partly because I wanted to see her tits. It seemed luck was on our side, as when we revealed Amanda had bust.

I was so excited now; this was what I had been waiting for all night. Finally, I would get to see my auntie’s gorgeous massive tits! Amanda must have been drunker than I thought, because what she did next completely blew my mind! She said she would be right back. She came back in wearing her amazingly sexy black stilettos and then got up onto the table. She then started swaying her hips around to some imaginary music. She then stood, rubbing her thighs in front of me, thrusting her crotch into my face. My cock grew even stiffer as she bent down into a squatting position, flattening her knees onto the table with her legs spread open. This caused her pajama bottoms to tighten around her crotch and left her with a bit of a cameltoe.

She then continued to tease me by turning around so her back faced me. I glanced over her beautiful tight ass through the thin stretched material of her pajama bottoms. She then told me to undo her bra for her. My body was quite stiff, as I had been trying not to jizz in my boxers. I reached forward and undid the clasp for her. I sat back in my chair as I watch gravity take control and pull the bra down her slender arms and onto the table. She picked it up and it landed in my lap, one of the cups managing to land on top of my stiff pole, like a hat stand.

She then turned round to face me, with a sharp, sexy twinkle in her eyes. I watched as she turned and I saw she was holding two playing cards up to her nipples, shielding them from my greedy eyes. She teased me as she thrust them right into my face. I wanted to touch them so badly, but I knew she would just pull them away to tease me again. The cards were only covering the middle, and I could see all of the soft bouncy skin around them, waiting for me to squeeze them.

She then moved into the center, still squatting. She was ready to reveal them fully. Slowly, she slid the cards down her breasts. I finally saw the dark areolas and her bumpy nipples, which were hard and erect, though, not as stiff as my cock. When she exposed the nipples, she threw the cards back down on the table, giving me a clear, unobstructed view of her gorgeous milky tits. The nipples were pointy and small. The areolas were dark and bumpy, and just the right size. She squeezed her arms into her sides, making them stick out more and seem even larger. Oh yeah, another thing; they were huge! I had guessed they were a D cup. They were more an EE cup! They were the perfect size for my large hands. I wanted to feel them, kiss them, suck them, squeeze my cock between them, and fuck them raw.

What happened next really blew me away. Annie must have gained some confidence from seeing her mother prancing about. While her mum had been teasing me, she had put on her long black boots. The length of them ran about half of her lower leg. The heels were around 4 inches long.
She was still covering her tits up, obviously saving for a big finish. She trotted into the room, hand over her boobs, and went around the table to where I was sitting. She put a leg both side of my lap and squatted slightly, so her ass was hovering above my crotch. She then put one hand on each breast and started to gyrate her hips in circular motions. She continued to do this for about 5 minutes, varying to moving up and down and side to side. Each time she moved her body moved down and her crotch hit the steel pole in my boxers. After a while she finally threw her arms around my neck, giving me a fantastic view of her beautiful young tits. They were firm and perky, just like a sexy young teen’s should be. She continued giving me this amazing lap dance before Amanda spoiled the fun by announcing we should start the game again.

Disappointed but excited knowing that the next round would be the final round; I dealt us in. I turned to Amanda. She hit once, and then stuck. I turned to Annie. She stuck straight away. I looked at my cards, hoping they were not crap, as I wanted to see some pussy. I turned them over. Blackjack! I had to stop myself from yelling out in excitement as I asked the girls to reveal their cars. Annie had 20. Amanda was bust. I was getting her pussy first.

“Yes! Come on! Off they come then.” I exclaimed.
“No, not yet.” Amanda replied.
“What? But, you lost. C’mon get them off!” I retorted.
“No. You and Annie have to play to see who the champion is. The loser has to strip with me.” Amanda said. I thought about this and concluded that I like the sound of Amanda’s idea. “Okay,” I said, “But if Annie loses, you two have to suck each other’s nipples and finger each other.” I said, not believing that I was saying these things to my auntie!
“Umm, whoever mentioned we had to have sex?” Amanda said.
“Well, that striptease, and the heels; I thought you were-“
“Dan, I may be drunk, but I’m not drunk enough to have sex! Can you stop staring at my tits and look at my face! The stripping and the lap dancing was just a bit of fun. But sex? I am your auntie! And besides, what would your parents say?” Amanda said sharply. It seemed the effect of the alcohol was wearing off.
“They don’t have to find out.” I said, hopefully.
“No Dan. No one in this house will be having sex tonight.” Amanda said sternly, “Now, let’s just finish this game.” I looked at Annie, well mostly at her tits, but her face had a look of disappointment. Just like how I was feeling. “Okay,” I said, “But can the people who lose. Can they at least have to stay naked until this time tomorrow?” I said. Amanda thought about this for a while before saying hesitantly, “Well… okay. Only naked though. No sex.” She said.
“No sex, gotcha.” And with that, I dealt for Annie and me.

Annie had a good look at my cards. She then looked at the rest of the cards in my hand, then at my rock hard cock, then her mum and her gorgeous tits. She then gave a funny look, before sticking. I looked at my cards. I could have screamed. The Ace of Spades and Queen of Diamonds. Blackjack! I told Annie to reveal, as I did and looked to see what she had. She had 19. This meant her and her mum would be showing me their tight pink pussies.

“Well,” I said teasingly, “Off you go.” They did not need any more encouragement. Straight away Amanda leapt onto the table and lied down, sideways to me, with her head, ass and heels touching the table. Her back was arched and her legs were bent, enough so that the bottoms of her shoes were flat on the table. For a moment, she lied there, rubbing her breasts while swaying her hips slightly, her eyes never leaving mine.
After a while, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her trousers and slowly began pulling them down. She had to raise her ass of the table slightly so she was able to remove the bottoms. Once they were around her knees, she straightened out her legs and spread them apart slightly. She then continued to pull the bottoms down her long smooth legs. Once they were around her ankles, she pulled them off one leg, and then kicked them off completely with the other. She was now fully naked; however, from this sideways angle I could not see any of her pussy, or even her beautiful ass.

But that was enough for the moment, as I stared up and down at her slim, tanned legs, admiring the way her gorgeous thighs merged into her rounded curvy ass. While I looked her legs up and down, she went back to rubbing her breasts.

After a while, she got up into the position she was in earlier, kind of squatting with her back to me. I took in the brilliant view of that beautiful tight ass and nearly jizzed over how sexy her black stilettos were. She then bent down onto all fours. Finally, I saw her pink puffy cunt poking through her rounded ass cheeks. She was completely shaved and her pussy was nice and clear.

After a while, she turned 180° around to face me and lied down on her back for her big finally. She bent her legs like she had done earlier, keeping them together so I could not see anything. I prepared myself to see my auntie’s glorious pussy, without any obstructions like in the past. Finally, after what seemed like an age, she slowly spread her legs open, as if she was having a baby or getting ready to be fucked missionary, which was exactly what I wanted to do right now.

When she opened her legs, I looked and nearly came in my boxers at the sight of her beautiful pink pussy. Underneath, I saw her small tight anus and the beginning of her ass crack. As I said before, she was completely shaved, with no hair to obstruct my view of her deep entrance. I could also see her rather large clit, poking out between her lips. I then saw her reach below and spread her pussy with two fingers for me. She rubbed it a bit and even stuck a finger in for a bit, before closing her legs again, turning, and climbing down from the table. She blew me a quick kiss as she sat back down in her place at the table.

It was now Annie’s turn. I was so turned on right now; I wanted to see my cousin’s pussy so bad. Annie stood up and got up onto the table, standing. Her boots clicking on the wooden table. Her breast swayed, almost in slow motion as she turned around so her back was facing me. She swayed her hips around in circular motions, while hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her black lacy panties. Slowly, she slipped her panties over her thighs, past her knees and let them fall around to her ankles. I simply stared at her gorgeous rounded ass, as she stepped one boot out of them, then flicked the other back so that the panties flew into my face. I heard her giggle, as I smelt them and saw her turn around with one hand over her pussy, through the thin material of her panties. They smelt of flowers, sex, and pussy. They smelt sweet.

I took the panties off my face and dropped them down next to my chair. I then looked back at Annie. Her hand still covered her pussy, her eyes looking deeply into mine; she had a devilish smile spread across her face. She then moved up to me so her crotch was in my face. She lied down on her back with her pussy facing me. Her black boots rested on my shoulders as I watched her slowly remove her hand. I could only stare down her legs at the tight pink virgin vagina that was right in front of me. Like her mum, she stretched the lips open with two fingers and rubbed it. The clit was hidden from view but it was still amazing.

Sadly, all good things must end, and I was deeply disappointed when she removed her legs and jumped off the table, sitting back in her chair. Amanda was used to drinking more than Annie, so the effect of the alcohol had nearly worn off on her. This showed as Amanda was sitting with her legs crossed, hiding her pussy from my view, whereas Annie’s legs where slightly parted, so I still could see her golden snatch.

“So, what now?” Amanda asked.
“Well the game’s finished. But remember, the losers have to stay naked until this time tomorrow.” I replied.
“Mummy, I’m tired.” Annie said.
“Yes baby I think you’ve had a bit too much to drink, we all have. C’mon, let’s get you to bed.” Amanda said.
“Yeah I’m gonna get some sleep as well. Umm, I guess you two can probably share mum and dad’s bed.” I told them.
“Okay, nice.” Amanda said, and with that, we all went upstairs. My stiff cock still tented out of my boxers as I walked behind them both, staring at their cute little asses wiggling, their hips swaying, their boobs jiggling as they went round the corner walking up the stairs.

Annie went into my parents’ room and Amanda and I were left alone on the landing. It was very uncomfortable, standing there with my naked aunt and my cock protruding out like a third arm. “Well, goodnight.” Amanda said finally.
“Umm, yeah, goodnight.” I replied, although we both stood there for quite some time. I gazed into Amanda’s blue eyes as she gazed back into mine. I could not believe it as Amanda leaned in and planted her soft wet lips upon mine. I was surprised at first but then she opened her lips and I did the same. I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and I played and danced along with it around my teeth and gums. I then slipped into her mouth and we did the same. Soon she broke the kiss abruptly and quickly ran into the bedroom, slamming the door.

I simply gave a quiet phew, and walked through into my room, looking back over the amazing things that had happened tonight. The game, the stripping, the lap dancing, the sexy shoes, and of course, that kiss. I still could taste Amanda’s saliva on my tongue. I stripped out of my boxers and got into bed naked, like normal. I could hardly sleep, knowing my two amazingly hot relatives were sleeping naked just across the landing.

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Two words...holy shit. Going to read part 2 now!!!


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