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"The past two weeks have been a great experiance. Not only have I gotten a chance to see a real girls pussy, but I got my dick sucked as well. What could be better? I doubt any other 13 yearold boy had this kind of story to tell. Now the question I ask myself is, what do I do next? I won't see Hannah for another week. So how can I get more fun in?"

My horny prayers were answered when I over heard my mom talking to my sister. My little sister wanted to have a few of her friends over for a party. I started to listen to the names of the people that she wanted to have over. There were five in all. Tree of them I knew were increadibly hot and I had fantisized about them before. 

One was Nicole. She was a short girl with brown hair. Very loud and not skinny but not fat either. More of a healthy build. She was a bit Hispanic which showed in her developing curves. Her ass was 100% fuckable. 

The second girl was Elisa. She too was a short girl. White, and almost pale, she had a few freckles dotted across her face.... And who know where else. She did not have any breasts that were developing, at least none that I saw. But her legs were nice and smooth which complemented her tight white ass.

The third girl was unbelievable. Her name was Liz and she had undoubtably matured much quicker for her age. Her breasts were already in the B range if I had to guess. Her ass was just perfect. Size, shape, everything about it was amazing. Her legs were long and smooth while her dirty blond hair flowed down to mid back. To put it simple, she was the type of girl that any guy would just want to do EVERYTHING to. 

So needless to say I couldn't wait till my sisters friends came over for their hangout. Maybe I could make things go my way and get one of them to suck me off? Who knew.

The next day was the party. I could barely sleep because all I could think about were the young girls running around looking so hot. As the arival time aproached, I showered and made myself look presentable. While I was in my room getting changed I heard the door bell ring and five different new voices enter my house. It was here. The chance I might have of fucking one of my sisters friends. But which one would be first?? 

I walked down the stairs to find the girls in the living room talking and laughing. When I said hi, all three girls that I wanted to fuck got up and gave me a hug while the other two girls just sat there and said hi. I hadent met them to often before so I didn't expect them to great me like the others. I hugged the jumping girls in return. It was exciting to have three blossoming girls rubbing against you, so exciting that my dick started to grow in my shorts. Eventually the girls got off of me and we all sat down. I asked how good it was to have school over and other small talk. After a few moments my sister sujested that we all go watch a movie in the tv room. I had no objections and neither did the girls. So we all moved into the other room in a big mob.

The way the couch was set up was so two halves were put together to form an L shape. I took the corner as I usually do because it gas the most pillows. The two girls I didn't know sat on the floor while my sister and Elisa sat on one side of me by my feet. Liz and Nicole sat on the side that was closer to me and Liz was right next to me. This plan might work out afterall. 

As the movie started, I tossed a blanket over my upper body. Some of it went onto Liz so she put the rest over her. There I was, under a blanked with a perfectly fuckable girl. Now was the time to take the chance. Since my hand was under the blanket, I let it trail off to Liz's thigh. I placed my hand on it and started to rub up and down. Liz was a bit startled. She looked at me to figure out what I was doing. Once she realized, she put her hand on top of mine. I expected her to remove my hand from her thigh but instead she brought it closer to her pussy. So close that I could feel the heat from it on my fingers. I took over and started to rub her young pussy through her shorts. Liz responded by opening her legs more to grant be better access. While the fabric made it difficult to excite her, I didn't want to rush things and possibly risk her pulling away. As I rubbed her, I suddenly felt a hand lay on my hardening dick. It was Liz's hand. She slowly moved her hand up to the brim of my shorts, and then stuck her hand into them until she firmly grasped my dick in her hand. I heard a low tone of amazement in her voice as she slowly stroked my now rock hard shaft. 

Since she had been so daring, I felt like I should take it a step further. I put my hands into her shorts and pat her panty line so that my hand was now on her young, bald pussy. I took my middle finger and slid it up and down her slit. As I did I heard a soft moan escape her mouth as she started to squeeze my dick in her hands. I continued to rub her pussy while mostly focusing on her clit. The more I rubbed it, the harder she squeezed me. Suddenly I heared her wisper into my ear " follow me in two minutes after I leave". I was confussed at first but when she took both our hands out of eachothers pants and anounced to the room that she was going to use the bathroom, I understood. I was to meet her in there in a bit. 

The two minutes seemed like two days to me. Finally I said I was going to get a drink to my sister and walked out of the room. I made a detor and went to the bathroom instead. I knocked on the door and said " its me". Immediately after I spoke, the door opened and I was pulled into the bathroom. Liz quickly shut and locked the door then turned arounded to jump on me. She kissed me passionately while grinding her crotch against me. After a while I pulled away to catch my breath when she spoke. The following words were so beautiful that they continue to ring in my head. All Liz said was " fuck me. Fuck me now. I want to feel you in me, pounding me until I cum. FUCK ME!"

I couldn't respond with words. I immediately went to remove her shirt. She helped to get it off faster. Suddenly I realized, she had already removed her bra. Her young, 11 year old tits were there infront of me. My mouth started to water as I felt the urge to suck on them, and suck I did. They were so soft and smooth and tasted so good, almost like vanilla. Each time my toung went over he nipple she let out a low moan in aproval. While I was sucking on her budding beasts, she had removed her shorts and was starting to pull mine down as well. 

Liz then said " enough fooling around. I want to be fucked. I'm already wet so we don't have to waist time getting me hot. Just put it in me before they come looking for us." I abliged her request. I layed her down on the floor as I got between her. I slowly possitioned myself between her legs and put my throbbing cock at the enterance of her hot cunt. I went on pushing the head of my dick into her. As the head started to disapear into her waiting pussy, she started to moan louder and pant. Suddenly I hit something that caused her to wince in pain. I knew this was her hymen but wasn't sure if she wanted to go through with this. Liz just looked at me and nodded. I understood she wanted me to continue. So, trying to be as gentle as possible, I pushed my way pat her hymen. Liz let out a scream. I froze inside of her. I didn't want to move right away thinking it might still hurt. After a few moments, Liz said " go ahead, it's fine now". So I knodded and continued to slide my shaft into her until all of me was inside of her. So then I started to pull out and then went to put it in again. I kept this motion going, picking up speed as I was going andlistening to Liz's growing moans. 

Each time she squeeked I picked up the pace more taking it as encouragement. Before I knew it, I was pounding into her pussy with unconteolable force and speed. Liz could barely control her sounds as she continued to moan, but much louder, so loud that I was worried people might hear her even over the loud movie. Suddenly, Liz started screaming in pure pleasure. " OOhhh Fuck me! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! Don't fucken stop! I'm gonna cum!!! Oh god it's.....sooooo....fucken.......GOOOOOOOOOODD!!!!" and with those final words I felt her tight pussy squeeze my cock. The sensation was enough to send me over the edge as I busted my load into her recently deflowered body. 

We sat there, in the bathroom, looking at each other, realizing that we had just fucked and cum together. I broke the silence by saying " we should get back to the movie before they get to worried." Liz nodded and said I was right. As we were cleaning up and putting our cloths back on, she stopped me and kissed me. After she broke the kiss she said " I want this again. I wanted you for a while but didn't know how exactly to say it. All I know now is that I want you to fuck me more often. Hopefully next time, we can do it longer."

With those final words she left the bathroom. And I thought to myself " I can't wait till next time"

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anonymous readerReport

2013-12-07 19:42:21
best thing you can do is DELETE everything and stop writing forever. IF you want to save this series DELETE it and get a GOOD WRITER to rewrite it and have THEM repost it you suck at writing.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-07 23:19:17
Yeah I agree that the spelling errors made this tough to read but the content was OK.....A bit rushed though.....Made me cum though....6 out of 10......


2010-06-09 19:12:28
Yes you need to proof read and spell check but I thought that all in all the story was good. I remember some of my cousins :)

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-22 22:07:34
try to make it a lil bit longer but itwas a good story..

Patty AlReport

2010-05-19 21:51:33
I would like to ask, what is more realistic then this actually happening. And yes I realize my spelling/grammar is bad. The English language was not my strong point

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