Just a guy and his best friends little sister
*** Sorry i took soo long to follow up with this story, They will coming out faster now******

Little Lacy pt4

A month had passed and Lacy and I had been exploring each other sexually when her big sister was gone for hours at a time. I was finally ready to explore her little flower that I had been stalking for a while.

Tiff had come home from work on a Thursday and was exhausted from several double shifts at work. Lacy was staying at a friend’s house for a couple of hours to give Tiff and I some time to catch up and relax. The one thing I love about having a female as a best friend is, they always let you see them naked.

I was watching TV. while Tiff was taking off her work clothes and throwing them right in the dryer not but 5 feet away. Tiff is a sexy lil thing that I knew one day little Lacy my favorite sexy candy would grow up to look like. When she took off her shirt she had on a sexy black lace bra that pushed her 34 b breasts up and made my mouth water. (All this time mind you she was talking to me about work and friends and blah blah blah.) She stood only 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 115 pounds. Next I saw her pull her black work pants off and as she bent over I saw a thin black thong that barely covered anything at all. It was pulled tight in between her tight little tanned ass that seemed to have slid in between her pussy lips. God I was so mesmerized by the site that I didn’t realize she asked me a question.

When I looked up she said “You didn’t hear a word I said did you? You were checking me out the whole time.” I said “Well I mean what do you expect look at yourself…. Wouldn’t you be distracted to?”
She laughed and said yeah I guess so. She walked over and straddled me right there on the couch. “Well at least now you can see me and hear me at the same time butthead” she said. Tiff had explained that she wanted to go down to Panama City with a friend for a couple of days and wondered if I could watch after Lacy for her. I smiled and played the indecisive role to see where this little encounter would go. Tiff then rubbed her barely covered pussy across my boxers against my semi hardening cock. She leaned over to my ear and said “If you take care of Lacy I suck this big dick in your boxers. I know it’s been wanting me for a while”. I grabbed her hips and thrust my hardening cock against her pussy. I said “Ok Tiff I will take care of Lacy for you… now let me fuck your mouth” she smiled and got on her knees and helped me pull off my boxers and my 7 ½ inch dick sprang loose. She grabbed my dick like she owned it and took it half way in her mouth and started sucking as she played with my balls with one hand and jacked the rest of my meat with the other. I leaned my head back and enjoyed being sucked off for a favor of something I would die to do, that was have my own little preteen for myself.

Tiff kept taking more of my dick into her mouth till she had her nose touching my stomach. She kept going up and down the length for another 2 min, all the while choking and gagging on my dick. This was all I could take and I told her I was going to cum. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and straddled me with my dick sticking up between us. She furiously jacked me off till I thrusted up and shot the biggest load of my life all over her tits and her neck. I watched as she let my dick go and leaned back rubbing my cum all over herself.

I said “Holy fuck that’s what best friends are for huh?” She laughed stood up and said “well time for a shower and I better start packing cause im leaving tonight”

The day Lacy was dropped off at the house by her friend’s mother. I told her the situation with her sister and the next couple of days and she was excited. She started to talk about some of the things we could go out and do around the town just her and me. She then walked into her sister’s room and started to take her clothes off saying she wanted to take a shower. I followed her in to the bathroom and I saw her bent over the tub feeling for the warm water. I saw the most inviting site ever, this little 10 yo girl naked with her little hairless slit and tight pink asshole sticking out for me to drool over. She looked back over her shoulder grinning in a knowing manner at me.

She said “Did you want to take a shower too or were you just gunna watch me?” and replied “I would love to take a shower with you Lacy and help you get nice and clean”.

We both had stripped down naked and looked at each other for a minute. My cock had started to get slightly hard looking at sexy little pre-teen jailbait. Lacy looked down at my cock and grabbed at it saying how much she missed my cock. I smiled and we both hopped in the shower. This shower had a 1 ½ foot ledge to sit on or lean on for added comfort. I grabbed the body watch and soaped it up in my hands and started rubbing it into this little angel’s skin starting at her shoulders. She stood facing away from me as I lathered her back and shoulders up, slowly moving to the front of her budding little breasts. I played with her pink puffy nipples some and heard her gasp in pleasure. My dick was now poking her in the back just above her little butt crack. She leaned back against me as I moved lower to her belly and then her hips. I told her to bend over on the ledge so I could clean my favorite parts of her. Lacy just giggled and bent over wiggling her hot little ass at me. I stepped back some and started jerking my cock looking at this perfect site. I stopped and lathered up my hands and started to run my fingers into her ass and over her pink little button. She moaned slightly as I inserted my finger into her ass as I cleaned her. I pulled my finger out and moved lower running two fingers against the sides of her little cunny lips. She bucked her hips up at me as I rubbed her faster. I inserted my middle finger into her tight pink pussy rubbing it faster as I cups then rest of her silt with my hand. She started to moan louder in her little girl voice that was almost enough to make me shoot my cum all over her sweet ass. She looked back at me with those innocent little eyes still moaning and then looked at my cock.

I said “Do you want this cock inside of you lacy? Do you want my big grown-up dick to pleasure your tightly virgin pussy” She just nodded her head and voice “uh huh”.

I pulled my hand from her now wet little pussy and rubbed the juices on my cock for lubrication. I had her turn over and sit on the ledge with her legs open for me. She grabbed my dick like a girl who knows what she wants and pulled it towards her opening. I told her to take a couple of breathes because my cock was going to stretch her pussy. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her lips and then slowly started to sink my meat inside. She just looked up at me with innocent eyes and an open mouth taking in the new feeling. She started to breath heavier and moan slightly as I put 4 inches inside of her. She must have broken her hymen riding her bike or something because there was no blood or pain for her. I started to move my cock in and out of her moist pink preteen pussy and it was soo tight. She started to enjoy the feeling of my dick rubbing against her virgin walls and rubbing her clit as I pumped. I moved faster as I saw her drawing close to her first intercourse orgasm.

“oh …oh …. Oh my god I feel like I’m gunna pee …uh …..oooooooooooohhh” lacy said as she came hard for her first real time. That was all I could handle as I pleasured a 10 yo to an orgasm, that I pulled my cock out and cam all over her chest and little belly. I must have literally cum for 15 seconds. The taboo nature and the excitement intensified the orgasm. She was soo exhausted after she came that I had to clean her up and get her in her clothes.

Lacy took a nap for an hour and woke up with all the springy energy you would expect out of a young girl. Lacy was dressed in a baby T and a summer skirt both pink and white in color. She came out of the bedroom and hopped on the couch next to me. Lacy asked if we could go get something to eat, I agreed I was hungry too after the energy we both exerted.

We got in the car and started down the road with the radio blaring and the windows down. I looked over at Lacy and saw her skirt was pushed up from the breeze going through the car. This little girl wasn’t wearing any underwear. She looked up at me and smiled knowing the little secret they would share all day.

We stopped at an Oil change place really quick to catch up on my errands. We waited in the lobby of this garage and lacy looked at me and straddled my right leg. I was wearing a pair of shorts and her bare little pussy was resting on my skin. I could feel her wet slit and her ass move back and forth slowly over my knee as she pleasured herself right there in public. Thankfully for me there were only 2 attendants and they were both across the garage out of view. I heard her start to moan softly as I whispered in her ear “Cum for me baby cum for your daddy”. Now I was not her father but then again she never knew him either. It just sounded hot and felt right. “mmmmm ok ..d….daddy” lacy said as she bucked her hips faster and faster. I held on to her hips and moved with them as she peaked and arched her back against me and let out a little squeal. She then collapsed against me out of breath in sheer pleasure. “Feel better baby?” I asked. “ Yes ….daddy” she replied.

Once we got back in the car she asked me why I wanted to be called daddy. I explained that it was just something very sexy for a girl to say and that it had nothing to do with her real daddy. I also said that she should only said it when we were alone as people would be suspicious …. Even her sister.

I will continue this story in the very near future. I’m starting to really get into this. Please leave me some good comments and possible ideas are welcome.


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2012-10-13 20:47:46
So far one of the best storys ever and to the person who said it better be fiction you're a pervert what would be hotter than a 10yr old tight little pussy thats people's problem everybodys to uptight! And I mean tighter than ten yr old pussy & asshole you enjoy it she enjoys it so whats the problem?loosen up

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2010-10-01 20:29:08
Now you are over the Line but this is after all fiction.

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2010-08-09 20:27:17
wow...a hot story. we had a shed when i was about 14..and we got a greek girl into times..three of us guys. she was just around 9...we'd take her panties off and finger her cunt, then she would jerk us all off..ha. we never fucked her, we were to scared to do that. One day we got her to suck us off too.

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My dad used to get me into our barn and fuck me.
I was just 11 when he first fucked me. Now i am 14 and we still fuck in the barn. Mom nearly caught us one day. I love daddy's big long thick cock. It drives my cunt wild.He cums in me, I am not pregnant yet, I soon will be.

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i didnt have access to my previous stories when i wrote this so the change in weight and size were off sorry

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