okay this has nothing to do with my last story besides the main carachter and his brother but i only did this because i always want to do a story with Malcolm Dewey And Reese form malcolm in the middle. i will continue the original story later
“Yes Andrew. I won’t do tell mom anything about this.” I shut the car door and walked towards Dewey’s house. Mom had left Andrew in charge of me for the night so she could stay at her boyfriends for the night. Andrew had a date so he arranged for me to stay at my friend Dewey’s. If mom found out she would beat the shit out of him for days.
Before I could knock Lois and Hal opened the door on their way to the car. “Bobby your late.” Lois said. “The boy’s are punished so there’s no television at all. So you and the boys will have to find something else to do.” And with that Lois and Hal left for their date.
I walked in and was knocked onto the ground by Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese as the fought each other. I caught a punch to the ribs and a knee to the balls before any of them realized there was an extra person in their brawl. They only stopped for a moment before Reese slammed his foot into Dewey’s nuts. Dewey collapsed on the floor clutching his balls and whimpering.
“Okay T.V. time.” Reese headed over to the couch and grabbed the remote.
“Lois said no T.V. because you all were punished.”
“Well she’s not here now is she?” Reese hit the power button on the remote and nothing happened. “What the fuck?” he got up to check the T.V. but Lois had cut the wire. “That fucking bitch.” Reese threw the remote at Malcolm who threw something back and shattered a lamp. Another fight ensued.
Dewey finally got up off the floor one hand still on his balls. “You would think that Reese would be the smarter one. When would my bitch of a mom leave us home with the chance to watch T.V.?” Dewey was the youngest at 12 two years older than me. Reese is the oldest at 18 and Malcolm is 16.
“Ha ha. Mom forgot to take the laptop.” Malcolm had stopped fighting with Reese and walked towards the bedroom. “Craig told me his Netflix account password. What do you guys wanna watch?” we all had different ideas on what to watch and another fight broke out. This time I was fighting along with them. At the end Dewey had me in the arm bar and Malcolm had Reese in a headlock on top of me. Reese’s ass was right on my face.
Reese was never known for holding in her farts especially when his ass was on someone’s face. He let one rip and I gagged. They all laughed and all the holds where released. But Reese quickly straddled my chest pushed his ass in my face and farted again. I kept gagging and the others would fart on my face. Reese farted one last time then ran to the bathroom.
The toilet flushed and Reese walked out without anything on from the waist down. “Damn I ruined that pair of underwear. Good thing I was wearing yours.” He said to Malcolm who went into the underwear drawer and ripped a huge hole in Reese’s boxers.
“BOYS!!!” Lois roared from the other room. Seconds later she burst into the room and began screaming. She closed the door and took the laptop and light bulbs.
“So, where do I sleep?” I asked.
“Either on the floor on with Reese.” Malcolm took off his clothes and climbed into bed with Dewey, who was wearing super tight boxer briefs.
“I choose Reese.” I climbed in to bed with Reese who was now totally naked. I was the only who had most of his body covered.
“Listen. We don’t have air-conditioning so it gets really fucking hot so you might what to strip some of this clothing off.” Reese told me. I slipped out of the bed and wiggled out of my shirt and slid out of my pajama pants. I hadn’t worn any underwear so I was balls ass naked. I hopped back into the bed. Reese snuggled close to me and Malcolm did the same to Dewey. Malcolm seemed to be moving his hips.
“No. Not tonight. I have a friend over.” Dewey pleaded with Malcolm. Malcolm reached over and squeezed Dewey’s tiny sac. “Why do you think he’s here? We bought him for 70 dollars from his bro for the night.”
“What?” I almost jumped out of the bed.
“Shut the fuck up.” Reese held me close and put a hand over my mouth. “Now we know Drew fuck the shit out of you. We’ve seen the videos. And it looks like you like getting the dick. So we’re gunna have some fun tonight ok.” I nodded.
Reese’s dick got hard and ridged. He slapped my ass and put his cock in between my ass cheeks. He got up on his knees and brought my ass with him. I was now on my hands and knees and Malcolm put Dewey in front of me. Reese shoved his cock in and I moaned. He pushed my face down to Dewey’s crotch.
I began sucking on his sore balls through his briefs. He moaned and pushed his balls up into my mouth. Reese’s ball where slapping on my ass fucking away it was amazing. His dick was so much bigger then Drew’s. He was pistoning in and out as hard as he could. Dewey pulled down his briefs and his naked balls popped in my mouth. They tasted great. I moved up to his three inch dick and was sucking away. He put his hand on my head and held me as he had his first orgasm caused by someone else.
Malcolm knocked Dewey off the bed and shoved his dick right down my throat. He grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth. His dick slammed the back of my mouth and kept going it seemed like forever before he came. Just before Reese came he pulled out and came on my face. “Now if you want me to get you off tomorrow morning you need to keep that cum on you.”
We all knocked out but about an hour later. Reese pulled me off the bed and let me fall onto the floor. He lifted my legs and forced his cock in my ass. I almost screamed it was so unexpected. He pounded away twisting my nipples and slapping my ass and face. “That’s right bitch. Take it. Take it. Take this big cock. Take it slut.” He came again and then punched me right in the face. “Go the fuck back to bed.”
I started to get back up when Malcolm and Dewey got up and fucked me from both ends. Dewey loved getting pleasure for once instead of giving it. He had his hands wrapped in my hair and Malcolm was holding my hips and slamming forward. He came in my ass and climbed back into bed. Dewey came a while later and made me swallow his small load.
The next morning since I still had Reese’s babies on my face Reese shoved his cock in Dewey’s mouth and Malcolm shoved his in my ass and mine in Dewey’s. Dewey’s ass was tight as hell he bucked back every time in thrust forward and Reese slammed down his mouth. Dewey’s dick was soft and flopping back and forth. Malcolm fucked me as hard as he could forcing my 2 inch dick in Dewey’s tight ass. We all came and collapsed onto one another.

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