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my mom emaried a guy with a young daughter
When I was 8 my dad died and my mom remarried a year later. The man she married was an over the road trucker who had a daughter a year older than me. Kay was very pretty and kind of wild. She had been left alone a lot by her dad and had experimented with other boys and girls even as young as she was. We became very close and played together daily. We also had to share a bedroom in our small country home. At nite we would talk and whisper stuff about sex and eventually we started playing with each others sex organs. I would slip in to her bed late at night and play with her pussy and she would jack my little cock. As we grew older we played a lot in the thick woods near or home.

One day she had to pee and she just pulled her pants down an starting going. I stood and watched as she giggled. I moved very close and was fascinated by the golden stream coming out of her nearly hairless little pussy. Of course, I immediately told her I had to pee as well. She held my cock as I went and the sensation was awesome. Shortly after, perhaps a few days, she went to the pee routine again but wanted me to hold my hand in her stream while she went. I gladly did so and then she asked me to taste the pee on my hand. I hesitated but she urged me on and watched expectantly. I licked my hand and was surprised that I liked the slightly salty taste of her piss. The next time she did it, she sat on a fallen tree branch and pissed right into my mouth. I loved it and later that night, she snuck into my bed and I licked her pussy. She then jacked my off to my first ever climax at age 11. Obviously, I was now hooked. I licked her pussy, drank her piss and she jacked me off daily. Her dad was gone a lot and my mom worked so we had free run of our house and little farm. Every time she pissed, I was right there to help and get my drink. In turn, I was jacked off daily and shot off in every corner of that property at one time or the other. She never drank my piss but that was okay by me. I always felt that she was in charge and I did what she wanted.
At about age 12 or so, she started asking me to lick her lovely little asshole ( I can see it now, brown wrinkled, pink when it opened and with a few soft black hairs surrounding it ). To me, it was the next logical thing to do and I ate her asshole like a starving man attacks a t-bone. She would moan and push out so I could penetrate her hole with my tongue. Often, there would be bits of shit on or in her anus which I ate right up. One day near our pond, she squatted and shit a long soft turd and asked me to pick it up and play with it. I hesitated, thinking maybe I had reached my limit, but she urged me again and I gave in. I picked the turd up and began squishing it in my hand and showing it to her. At this point, her budding dominant sadism kicked in and she told me to taste the shit. I refused but she insisted and told me that if I did not do as I was told, she would never jack me again or have any sexual fun at all. I gave in. How could I not? I was living a young boy's dream. A lovely stepsister, great body just maturing who was a kinky slutty tramp by nature. I slowly put the tip of her shit in my mouth and licked it as she stared wide eyed. The smell and taste and the thought of what I was doing almost made me puke but I held on and licked the turd as she watched. Suddenly, she unzipped my pants and started sucking me, something I had begged her to do over the years but she had always refused. As I stood there with her sucking my already rock hard cock and holding her shit to my mouth, I shot the biggest load of my young life all over her face and hands. I then collapsed from the whole incident. I now know she was a total dominant young gal who was learning how to use her power and rewarded me when I did as ordered. I never had to eat her shit again, but she often would take a shit and make me lick her asshole clean of what was left. On second thought, I guess I did eat her shit again.
When she was 14 or so and I was 13, she had a circle of friends who she had apparently confided in on what we did. One girl in particular, Edith, was tall boyish looking girl who played softball with us. My stepsister told her about me and Edith seemed very interested. She was invited to spend a night with us that summer and showed up that evening. She knew what she wanted and we took off to the woods after we ate. Being boyish, Edith was not as pretty as my stepsister, but she was pretty. First thing she did, having been coached by Kay, was to say she had to pee. She sat on one of our favorite fallen trees and dropped her pants and panties. I was amazed at the amount of hair on her pussy, much more than Kay had. I loved it at first sight and as she pissed I put my mouth over her pussy and caught every drop of her sweet juice. Kay watched and urged me on. Edith was loving it so I started sucking her pussy and she had an enormous orgasm right in my mouth. I was so carried away I asked her to bend over and let me eat her asshole. She complied and I ate her lovely hairy butthole for what seemed like and hour. At that point in my life, I knew I was destined to happily be a piss drinking, asshole eater for my entire life (and I have been). I ate Edith many times over the next few years until both her and my stepsister got interested in older boys and shut off the tap of pussy and ass.

My stepsister turned in to a gorgeous gal and married a career military man and lived all over the world. We would write now and then, never mentioning what we had done, but I grew older and moved on in my life and we lost track of each other. She married two more times, maybe she could not find a guy who would indulge her fetishes, who knows. We are both now in our 50's and I saw her a year or two back. She still looks good and when we caught each others eyes at dinner, she gave me a knowing look and I smiled back.

I was one lucky kid and I know it. Many of my buddies as I grew up had the hots for Kay and would comment about what they would do to my stepsister. I could only grin and think about the fact i would be eating that very asshole and pussy sometime later that day. Ah, sweet memories.

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2016-07-08 23:52:28
You're a wizard harry


2011-08-14 08:18:23
That is an excellent story. It made me horny.

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2010-05-29 10:02:03
In your "true story," you state: " We are both now in our 50's..." Yet your author's info says you're 38.

Do you even listen to yourself?

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2010-05-23 18:49:12
Why do you write such bullshit????? You must be a young kid that has copied the words from other lousy stories.

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2010-05-22 15:14:41
dirty lil bastard! : )

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