this goes with the first story. if i messed up their cock sizes sorry
“Okay bitch, swallow my load.” Kenny’s cum filled my mouth. He held me there until I swallowed then took his hand out of my hair. I slowly let his dick slid out of my mouth and licked any leftover cum off. The second I was done Carlos grabbed my hair and yanked me backwards and across the room to the other chair. He shoved his cock down my sore throat and held my head as he bucked his hips. Carlos’ pubes covered my nose and reeked of sweat and there were bits of dried cum holding strands together.
“Damn, I really love this fucking fag. I almost never need to wack off at all.” Carlos told Kenny. Carlos was bucking faster and faster. His balls were slapping from his ass to my chin. He was getting closer. He slammed in one last time and filled me with his tasty babies.
“Hell yea. The past two week I must came at least a hundred times. His mouth is the fucking shit. And that ass is so tight.” Kenny had walked over to us and was stroking my hair. His limp dick was just hanging in front of my mouth. I couldn’t resist. I began licking and sucking on his hairy balls. “And the little cunt fucking loves it. I mean we don’t even have to force his cock sucking ass.”
“But I love slapping him around. It gets me so fucking hard. I just want to tear that ass apart.” Carlos’ dick already was getting hard. Kenny’s was still limp because I swallowed 4 of his loads already.
Kenny pushed me toward Carlos “Slap away.” Carlos slapped me so hard I fell on the floor. He straddled me and kneed me in the ribs. I started to tear and he laughed. “You know you like it.” He pinched my nipples and slapped me again. He slammed my legs against my chest and filled my ass up with his fat nine inch dick. “Yea. You like this big dick.” My ass was on fire. “Scream for me cunt. Scream how much you love my man dick.” His hands found my neck and he clamped down on it. “Fucking cum loving slut.” Carlos pumped me full of his fourth load.
The door bell rang and Kenny went to the door and swung it open not even bothering to put his cock away. Jean and Naz were at the door and laughed at Kenny’s swinging dick. “What we not good enough to get you hard Naz said pushing past Kenny and entering his house. “What the fuck?” Naz was looking at my ten year old ass sliding off of Carlos’ penis.
“What? This kid’s ass is so fucking tight. Tighter then Alicia’s.”
“No fucking way.” Jean said. I could already see he cock swelling in his shorts.
“If you don’t believe me try him out.” Carlos shoved me on the floor after slapping me again.
“Who the fuck is this?” Naz said as Jean started to rub his cock and sat on the couch.
“You know that fag Andrew Thomason. Well this is his younger brother.” Kenny walked over and grabbed my hair and dragged me over to Jean. He shoved my face in Jean crotch I started sucking on the fabric and rubbing my face on it. “See he loves it.”
Jean started grinding his cock against my face and moaned. He slipped his dick out and I quickly sucked it up and began deepthroating. He moaned even louder and he grabbed my head. “Fuck he’s good.” Jean whispered.
Naz sat down next to Jean. “Is he really that good?” My hand went up his leg and started rubbing his fat cock. Even though Naz was only a few inches taller than me his dick had to be two inches longer than Kenny’s. Naz was one of the sexiest boys I ever seen. His dark black skin and short hair. His muscular short body. He was amazing.
“I’m tellin you slip inside that fag n you won’t regret it.” Carlos said.
Naz finally gave in and sunk to his knees behind me. He slapped my naked ass a couple of times and then forced his amazing cock right up my tight ass. “FUUUUUCCCCCKKK.” He moaned as his dick went balls deep inside of me. Eleven inches of pure hot cock thrusting in me. He was the biggest I ever had. I moaned around Jean’s seven inch dick. He loved it. His entire body shivered as he pulled out and covered my face with his cum.
He rubbed his white cock all over my face making me suck the cum he picked up off. Jean was a couple inches taller than Naz but still shorter then Carlos. He was Spanish but light skinned. Carlos came over and put his soft dick in my mouth and began pissing. I loved the way his piss tasted mine, Kenny’s, and my brothers tasted nothing like his.
“Shit he like piss to. What a disgusting pig.” Jean said as he scratched his pubes. Naz pounded away. Now without something in my mouth my moans where the loudest they’ve ever been. “Fuck he sounds just like Stacy when we ran a train on that slut. That was a fun night I musta busted in her mouth at least four times”
“That was fun. What’s the slut doin nowadays?” Kenny said pissing into the empty soda bottle he picked up from the floor.

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“I don’t know. The football team, basketball team.”
“Fuck he’s tight.” Naz said as he slammed in so hard and made me cry. The pain was horrible but it felt so good at the same time. I was moaning his name which made him fuck harder. It was so good I almost passed out. A half an hour later after I orgasamed twice he finally came and collapsed on top of my back. His dick was still hard in my ass when his phone rang.
“Yea babe. Okay. I’ll see you in an hour. Don’t forget the KY this time.” He snapped his pone shut and popped his cock out of my ass. He went to pull his shorts on but Kenny stopped him.
“Slut suck his dick clean so his chick don’t smell fag ass while she’s blowing him.” I started licking his softening dick as his warm cum dripped out of me. When he was satisfied he pulled his shorts up the rest of the way and kicked me right in the nuts.
“Bye bitch. Nice slave by the way.”
Jean pushed me on the floor the second the door closed and plunged in. He was super rough. Slapping my ass and forcing my face down into the carpet. All the cum in my ass was good lube and he slid in and out. My ass checks tightened around his prick as I orgasamed again. He just fucked right on through the vice my clenching ass made. He punched me in the ribs a couple of times and before slamming in one last time and filling me with my last load of the night.
“Get dressed and get the fuck out. Be her by ten in the morning. The door will be unlocked I swear if I wake up and you’re not bobbin on my knob imma make you wish you were dead tell you parents you’re out with your bro and that your staying over his friends house with him. He can sleep in the tub. Peace.” He tossed me out the back door and slammed it shut. A minute later he opened the door and tossed me the bottle of piss. “Merry x-mas hoe.” He closed the door and I sipped from his piss wishing it was Carlos’s not his.

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