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Beautiful Eliza gets raped by a teen who goes to her school.
Chapter 1-Eliza’s view

Eliza was a sixteen year-old junior with long, brown hair and brown eyes. She was gorgeous; she received many stares at her school from boys. Her parents were very conservative and didn’t even allow her to date until college, so she never had a boyfriend. She attended a high school in Los Angeles, California.
On a Friday at lunch break, she sat with her group of friends. As she began to eat, she suddenly noticed a boy staring at her. He was sitting alone, wearing a hoodie with the hood over his head. Eliza pretended not to notice, but his gaze was uncomfortable. After a while, he looked away, and Eliza continued her lunch while chatting with her friends.
On the way home, she decided to take a quiet alley instead of the usual, busy sidewalk. Her mom had warned her not to take this route because of security reasons, but Eliza was in the mood for a little quiet time.
As she ambled down the pathway, she suddenly heard a noise. Or was she just imagining it? She walked onward a little more quickly when suddenly someone grabbed her and clamped a hand over her mouth...

Chapter 2

Will was a seventeen year-old senior with blonde hair and blue eyes. Many girls flirted with him at school, but he never showed interest back. They were all too slutty and preppy. He despised blonde, bubbly girls who thought they could have any guy they wanted. At his school, there was only one girl he had interest in—a beautiful brunette junior. He had heard her friends call her Eliza several times. At lunch, he sat down by himself—he was not a sociable person—and observed her. Even in her conservative blouse, the small lumps that her breasts made turned him on. Every night, he fantasized about this chick. He imagined fucking her while she was all tied up helpless to him.
On the way home, he took the alley that he always took back to his house. Suddenly, he saw—could it be?—Eliza walking down the alley in front of him. Why was she taking this alley home? Watching her small, firm ass made him suddenly feel very horny. Quietly, Will crept behind her. He accidentally kicked a pebble and she looked around. Holding his breath, he froze. But then she continued to walk on, faster. Will took a deep breath in and charged her. When he reached her, he grabbed her and put a hand over her mouth even though no one could probably hear her.

Chapter 3 –Eliza’s view

Eliza struggled frantically, and when her mouth was free she screamed, “LET ME GO! HELLLPP!!!”
“Shut up; no one’s going to hear you though,” a teen boy’s voice said. Eliza continued to desperately struggle and when she caught a glimpse of the boy’s face, she stopped for a moment, recognizing him from school.
“Recognize me?” Will smirked. He quickly seized the chance to grab her wrist and place them behind her back. But Eliza would not give up. She aimed a punch at Will’s face, but he ducked and pinned her to the ground with his body weight. Taking off his belt, he tied her little wrists together behind her back. Then, he flipped her over and began unzipping her pants.
“Please, no...don’t do this to me!” Eliza said trembling.
“Shhh, if you stop struggling you might just love this,” Will replied. He pulled her pants down as she wiggled frantically. Then, he unbuttoned her blouse and just left them on her arms. Taking his pocket knife out, Will smirked as he saw a flash of fear cross Eliza’s face. He cut her bra off as she stayed still for once.
“Looks like I know how to get you to stay still.” But he decided to put away the knife for now. He fondled her smooth, firm breasts that could not have been larger than a B.
“Please let me go,” Eliza whimpered. Ignoring her, Will pulled down her pink panties, revealing a cunt with a cute, brown mound. “Please, I’m a virgin. I won’t tell anyone; I promise! Just let me go, please.”
“Shut up, Eliza. I’m going to pop your cherry and cum in you whether you like it or not,” Will smiled as Eliza shuddered. He then proceeded to remove his T-shirt, showing his tan, athletic body. After he removed the rest of his clothes, he held his large cock in his hand.
“Like this, babe? Well you’re going to get all seven inches of it in your tight little pussy,” he said. Eliza whimpered. Suddenly, she kicked hard at his face. Will barely had time to dodge her kick, but she began to frantically kick at him.
“Stop it,” Will hissed. He pulled out his knife, and placed it at her throat. She immediately froze as Will smirked. “That’s better.” He began easing his cock into her warm, tight pussy. “Wow, you’re incredibly tight,” he said. Suddenly, he pulled back and rammed all the way into the back of your pussy as Eliza screamed loudly and long.
“Shhhhh,” Will soothed as tears streamed down Eliza’s cheeks. His large cock was stretching her pussy very wide, and Eliza felt as if she was being split apart. After a few moments, he begin moving back and forth slowly. As he began moving more quickly, Eliza began to moan softly. He continued to do this for a few minutes, and Eliza continued to moan, a little louder each time.
“Like that, Eliza?” Will teased. He began thrusting in her wet pussy a little faster as his balls were slapping against her pussy. “Uhhhhh,” Will groaned, “I’m gonna cum in your pussy, Eliza.”
Eliza squirmed, “No, please don’t. I’m not on any pill.”
“I know,” Will smirked. As he began pounding at full speed, Eliza felt Will’s cock twitching in her pussy.
“Noooo!” Eliza cried out.
“OH SHIT!!!” Will yelled as rammed into Eliza and held himself deep inside of her as he shot his cum in her in multiple shots. At the same time, Will felt Eliza cumming on his cock. Exhausted, he collapsed on top of Eliza, and the two panted for a few minutes. Slowly, Will got up and untied Eliza’s wrists, and he put her clothes back on for her.
“I’m—sorry,” he stuttered, “but didn’t you love it?” Without answering, Eliza zoomed away back toward her house.
As she sped upstairs she heard her mom yell, “Eliza? What took you so long?”
“Um—I stopped by the library—sorry.”
“Oh, ok,” her mom replied. After Eliza made it to her room, she sat down on her bed and sobbed.

Chapter 4-Will’s view

As Will slowly put his clothes back on, he savored the memory of Eliza’s tight pussy over his cock.
“That fuck was too amazing to make it a last fuck with her,” he thought.

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