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All the inspiration from this story came from Ray, who also helped me write it.
After working together for to years, how could I not be a little bit attracted to Ray? He wasn’t that much older and he was sexy as hell. I could just imagine sucking him off, I bet he was bigger than any other guy.

That morning, I was in the mood to impress. After I showered and put on a lacy bra and matching thong I slipped on a super low cut blue blouse that almost expose my areolas and tight black dress pants that let my ass jiggle with every step.

I just pull my hair up in a messy bun that makes my hair look like I just got through having wild hot sex and put on a little bit of makeup: lip gloss and eyeliner, I don’t need blush, my cheeks are always just a little bit pink.

Though I’m not vain, I couldn’t help but admire how good that blue looked against the tan color of my skin. I smile, thinking of Ray.

When I get to work I’m told that Mr. Murdoch fired Barb, Susan, Carlos, Bill and Jerry just that morning.

Since Ray was here before me, I decided to ask him what was going on.

I stopped as his office, and he was staring at his fancy computer, typing furiously. I couldn’t help but admire his perfection, I could even see his tight abs through his shirt. I lick my lips, careful not to smudge my lip gloss, thinking about Ray’s body.

“Knock knock,” I say, coming right in. “Do you know what Barb, Susan, Carlos, Bill and Jerry did to get fired?”

“Remember when Teresa got fired for looking at porn last winter?” you ask.

“Of course,” I say, I sit on the edge of your desk. “Murdoch held a meeting to warn the rest of the company that if he caught anyone else, the same would happen to them.”

“Yeah, well after that, he asked me to create a software that would be silently installed in every computer to track internet uses. I could really get pretty much the whole company fired, accept maybe Mrs. Perkins and Mr. Crane, but they’re old and married- probably have no more interest in sex.”

I get a little worried, thinking about the times I’d logged onto my xnxx account at work. “When did you install it?” I ask, my voice betraying no hint of nervousness.

“Not long after Tony got caught,” Ray told me. “So a few months ago.”

I internally kick myself, I’d been on my xnxx account at least seven times at work in the past month alone.

Ray got up and shut his door, he came back over and stood in front of me.

“I could get almost everyone fired at this company,” he said, his voice became a warning and almost sinister. “Including you, miss openlegs69.”

My face turned bright red, my heart picked up it’s pace. “Ray, you can’t squeal on me!” I plead, putting my hands on your chest. “I need this job! Please!”

Ray takes my hands in his own, he gives me a reassuring look. “Come to my place tonight around seven, Melinda. We can get this all straightened out there, okay?”

“I can’t, I’ve got plans,” I tell him.

Ray lets go of my hands and sits back behind his desk. “I guess you’ll have to just cancel those, plans. It’s now or never, because in reality, Melinda, I could tell Mr. Murdoch right now.”

I spin around to face your desk, my tits bounce just a bit from the motion. “Oh, please, don’t Ray. I’ll be at your house tonight. Just please, I’m begging you- I’ll get on my knees if you want,” I say, not realizing that might be exactly what I have to do.


It was six o’clock before I finally pulled myself together and decided to get dressed to go see Ray at his house. I shower quickly and curl my raven hair. I slip on a strapless low-cut knee length black dress that my perky tits held up effortlessly and put leggings on underneath. This was nothing special, really. If I’d been dressing to be smutty or get laid I’d’ve worn something much more revealing. My intentions were nothing more than to not look like I’d been worrying the whole rest of the day about whether or not Ray had mentioned something to Mr. Murdoch.

Before I step out of my car, I glance at myself in the mirror, I put on a little bit of lip gloss like always and step out.

I had to admit, ray had a beautiful home. I take a deep breath and knock.

When Ray opened the door, I was surprised. Whenever I saw Ray he was wearing a suit or at least dressy clothes. But this was a whole different side of him that’s I’d never even been able to imagine.

Of course, I new he had a nice body, but I never imagined it to be like this. His abs were so perfect, better than I’d thought. His obviously hard cock was bulging out of his gym shorts and his hair was wet.

“Do you want me to give you a couple seconds to get dressed or something?” I ask, my eyes lingering on his manhood.

“My shirt is in the laundry room,” he told me. “You can come with my if you’d like.”

I just nod, licking my lips while I stare at the bulge in his pants.

When we get to the basement, I notice an odd contraption with a wooden frame and nylon straps.

“What’s that thing?” I ask.

Ray tells me something about hang gliding or something. I wasn’t really paying attention to the words, his cock had my attention again.

“Want to see how it works?” he asked. I blink, looking up at his face, mine turns red.

“Um, sure,” I say, not really sure how to even get into that thing. I hesitate.

“Go ahead, just lay down on it, I’ll help you.”

It had been easy to trust Ray these past few years, so I had no problem believing him this time. I lay down facing up and he says in a nice voice, “Other way, on you stomach.” I turn myself over, putting my chest wear he instructed me to, not expecting what happens next.

In a split second, Ray was on my back, holding my arms behind my back as he tied something around my wrists.

“What are you doing, Ray?” I nearly shout. He didn’t reply, just tied me down in a few more places. “Ray, quit it! Untie me, this isn’t a joke!”

Ray just chuckled, getting off my back and standing in front of me, his gym shorts covered dick is a foot away from my mouth, and I couldn’t help but think about how, if he wasn’t being such a creep right now, I’d taken it into my mouth. I licked my lips.

“I’ve been watching your computer, too, Melinda. Remember?” Ray grins, and I think I saw his cock twitch. “I’ve read every naughty email you’ve sent, and I’m curious if you were lying about how good you suck dick. Little miss ‘I guess I’m technically only half a virgin.’ If you’re so good at sucking dick, show me, prove it.” Ray drops his pants, and his thick cock waved in front of my face, within inches of my lips.

“I’m not sucking you off, Ray!” I shout. “Get me outta here! Untie me, Ray!”

“Well them, let’s get rid of the rest of your virginity,” he says in a sinister voice. I start trembling. I felt his hands move down my back, he smacked my ass before pulling the dress up. He tore away my panties before smacking my ass again. “You do what I tell you to, Melinda!” he shouted. “You don’t disobey me, ever!” He spread me legs and strapped them down too.

“Please, Ray! Don’t do this! This is so embarrassing!”

Next thing I new, his nose was on my asshole and his tongue flicked over my clit. I bit my lip to hold in an unwilling moan. This was so wrong, Ray was a nice guy, how could he be doing this?

“You’ve got a great ass, Melinda,” he told he, his hands started kneading it. I was biting my lip so hard I knew that if I did much longer, I’d be tasting blood. His mouth wrapped around my clit and he sucked it for a moment. “Your clit is erect, Melinda,” he told me with a laugh. “I thought you didn’t want this.” He ran a finger down my pussy lips, and I knew he was picking up a lot of moisture. “You’re so wet.”

And I was, I knew I was. I was soaked. And afraid.

His finger pushed down on my hole, and I began to protest. “Ray, no! Oh, please don’t!”

He didn’t care, his finger penetrated me. “Ah, I guess you are as tight as you claim in all those dirty messages,” he said. “But I bet you could fit something more.”

“Please stop!” I pant, holding back a moan. My body was responding in ways I couldn’t imagine. My clit was burning, begging for more attention from Ray’s tongue. I couldn’t believe it. My pussy was so hot and wet. And Ray’s finger felt so big and good in it.

“You want this, Melinda,” he told me. “I know you do. Your pussy is so wet, it’s so hot. It’s okay, I’ve wanted you for a long time too.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Ray came back in front of me. “Now, are you going to suck me off like a good girl? Or do I really have to force you?”

My face turns red. “I’ll do it,” I mumble, ashamed.

Ray stroke my face. “It’s alright, Melinda, you don’t have to be embarrassed.”

“I need my hands,” I tell him. “You’ve got the rest of my tied down anyway, and I can’t bend backward to untie myself, so can you at least undo my arms? I need my hands.”

He shook his head. “Oh, no,” he says. “Mouth only, You brag about your abilities so much. If you’re really that good, you don’t need anything but your mouth.”

Still a bit unwilling, I agree. I swirl my tongue around the head as he instructed, and I have to admit that he tasted good. My head bobbed up and down as I try to take his length in.

Before I can even get to doing anything good, he pulled out. “What’re you-” I start, but he cut me off.

“I’ve got some friends for you to meet,” he tells me. He digs around in a drawer and pulls out what I recognized immediately as an anal plug.

I start to squirm. “Oh, please, no, don’t Ray. I can’t”

He flipped a little switch and I watched as the butt plug starts to vibrate. I get scared and try, in vain, to get free. He teased my pucker with it for a moment, then rubbed some lube over the ass plug. He teased me a bit more, and I had to hold back a moan. Then, without warning, he pushed the plug into my ass. I screamed, and he slapped my ass hard a couple times.

“Please, Ray,” I say, my voice shaking. “Please take it out! I can’t handle this!”

He only laughed as he took something else out of the drawer. He clicked the base of the vibrating cock on high, it looked so realistic. It had veins and everything. It was also really wide and longer than I thought it should be. “Please, Ray!” I scream. “Don’t do this! Please, oh God!”

He wasn’t listening, and I soon realized that this vibrator was used to more than just the pussy hole. His fingers moved a bit around my pussy, and soon something was tickling my clit. I wanted to moan, it felt so good. But it also scared me.

He came back around to my front, and waved his cock in my face. “You make me so horny, Melinda,” he told me. “And I’ll tell you right now, you’ve got exactly two minutes to make me cum. If you go over that time, you’ll be sorry.”

I whimper, but he just reached back behind himself and took a timer out from the drawer. “Two minutes, you dirty whore.” He clicked the timer up to two minutes and yelled “Go!”

I start sucking vigorously. My tongue swirled around his entire cock while my lips moved up and down his shaft.

“Ah, you nasty slut,” he says, tangling his fingers through my hair. “That’s a good slut. Oh, fuck yes! Suck me, suck me! Ah, fuck! I’m CUMMING!” He tightened his grip on my hair and forced his entire shaft into my mouth, down my throat. “Take it all, swallow everything!”

I try, and after a couple shots, I cough, accidentally spitting some out.

You finally pull out after what felt like an eternity of drowning in cum, and I’m afraid of what will happen next.

“You did a good job,” he told me. “But you’re not very good at deep throating. That’s okay, though, Melinda. We’ll work on it.”

“Damn it, Ray! What do you fucking expect when-” I stopped when his hand came down, hard, on my ass. It stung, and my eyes watered.

“Shut your fucking mouth you damned whore!” he shouted. I whimper, still trying desperately not to moan as the two vibrators worked on my holes.

“Please Ray,” I pant. “Please take them out. I can’t handle this.”

“Mmm, you’re so wet, Melinda,” he told me. I could feel his eyes on my pussy, and I got uncomfortable. To my surprise, and happiness, he pulled the vibrator out of my pussy. I sighed in relief. I could feel my juices running down my thighs, though.

I could feel his lips on my thighs, and I started to quiver, I wanted to scream or moan. My thighs and as were so sensitive. I put my head down and started panting. “Mmm. You smell so good, Melinda. You taste even better, you’re so sweet.” He kept teasing my with dirty comments, and that only made me wetter.

His lips finally reached my sex, and I wanted to cry out in pleasure. His tongue was so good, he was kissing my pussy. Finally, he quit playing around. He dove right in, lapping at my wetness eagerly. He was moaning, and I was getting wetter and wetter. I couldn’t help it, he was amazing. I kept panting, I didn’t want to moan and show him how much I really liked this.

When his tongue flicked at my clit, all my self control faded. I moaned, loud and hard with all the passion that had been building up inside me. His mouth wrapped around my clit, and I started thrashing around as much as the binding would let me.

My pussy started making squishing noises as I reach my climax. I start moaning and hollering nasty things. “Oh my fucking God Ray, you’re so fucking good. Ah, our tongue is so good! Oh, fuck, I’m fucking CUMMING! OH FUCK!”

Without any warning, I felt his dick penetrate me easily. It hurt a little, but at the same time it felt so good. “Oh, fuck! Ray, please stop! Don’t take my virginity! Oh, fuck!”

“I already have,” he said as he started pounding me. He goes on hammering me for a few minutes and I find myself moaning along with him. “OH FUCK! It’s so tight! You’re so good!” he yells.

“Ah, fuck! Fuck! You’re so fucking wet! Oh fuck, you’re juices are all over me!”

I couldn’t tell if he came in my or not, I was too lost in my own ecstasy. I squirted all over his cock. It felt so good to have him inside me.

I felt the ass plug come out. I knew what he was about to do. “Oh, fuck! Ray, please! Don’t! You’re too big. I can’t. You’re-” He silenced me with another slap on my ass. His finger slowly entered my ass, and I got nervous. I wanted to protest, but I couldn’t for two reasons. The first and most pressing reason was because I knew he’d slap me some more. But it also felt kind of good in a weird way, so I kept silent. Besides, the only thing that had ever been up my ass was the anal plug, and I knew that it wasn’t enough to loosen me for his thick shaft. He’d never be able to get inside me.

He pulled his finger out, and I was afraid. The head of his dick started rubbing my asshole and I felt his hands try to pry my as cheeks apart. Oh, fuck, he’s in me, I think.

The End

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