Forty eight different sexes according to...
Guardian Angel III
As a guardian angel it is my job to ensure that the sex drive of the people of this tiny planet is kept alive and well. I have to ensure that people don’t forget what they are here for. They can get carried away by stamp collecting or sewing quilts or building hot rod motor cars. Well that is not what they are here for. They are here to fuck in one way or another. I keep them focussed. Take a look at my other tales and you will get some idea of my nature. Not too important though so don’t get hung up on my biography.

The Inuit, a northern people, believe that there are more than two sexes. Some believe that there may be as many as forty eight. (nearly right!) They reckon that you can start at one end with the biggest hulk of a guy you can possibly imagine and shade all the way through to the most feminine woman you know. To get an idea hold your hands, palms down, out in front of you. From the left, pinkie, ring, left midnight, index, thumb. Thumb (right hand) index, right midnight, signet ring, pinkie. Ok. Left pinkie equals hulky guy, right pinkie equals girly girl. Both midnight’s represent ordinary folk, male on the left, female on the right. Now we come to the middle. It is the thumbs that have a problem. Remember, in reality there are a few more than ten. Thumbs have an interesting time. They can get turned on in either direction. They just love it all but, and this is a problem, all the fingers reckon that sex should be normal: man on woman, missionary position and sorry I came on your dress I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. Wrong? What is this guy thinking about.

Because of all this bias the thumbs tend to play down the feelings that well up inside. Lady thumb notices the gentle mound in her friend’s knickers as she tries on a new pair of jeans, or perhaps how pert her excited nipples are in that new top. She says nothing. Goes home, latches the bathroom door and frigs herself off before going down and making her husband something for his supper. Same with mister thumb. Those jeans are a bit tight on him and Oh dear, I can see the outline of his… and he ends up on the john with his balls cupped in his left hand and the biggest hard ever being pumped as he imagines what it would be like to take that outline in his mouth. These people have a tough time. Full of secrets.

James is a case in point. When James was a kid he had a best friend, Rob. Rob was just a bit older than James and so led the way as they both explored the world about them. Unlike most of the fanciful stuff you read a lot of late childhood is a state of total repression. Only a very lucky few get to see Melanie’s knickers. Only a very lucky even fewer get to see them dropped gaze for the first time on a crease that has the strangest fascination for them. Those that got to touch… they are like rocking horse shit: very rare. So most of the time it’s practise wanking in the hidden dens that all cities have. Rob was inventive. He figured that if a fanny was a soft, warm, wet entrance then…bingo, so was a mouth, yeah, lips and all.
‘Want to know what it feels like to do a girl?’ he asked of James. They were both practising with their stiff little cocks.
‘Like this, lay back,’ and Rob bent over and took James’s hard little cock into his mouth. Now unbeknown to James he is a thumb. He likes his cock in his friends busy mouth and likes even more that his friend is pumping himself like a sewing machine. James is clever in his own way.
‘So if I did it to you then I would know what it was like to be a girl?’
‘Mmmm,’ murmured Rob, suddenly getting the progression and letting the hard little cock in his mouth free to stand in front of the kneeling James and feel his own hard enveloped by James’ hot, slippery mouth. They take it in turns and eventually reach their climax in a writhing sixty nine position.

This is a secret and so it has been for all of James’s life. No idea where Rob is. Never done anything like that again, now happily married to Jenny and enjoying his wife’s company, body and excellent cooking. He paints for a hobby, all sorts. Just loves art.

Josh joined the evening class - art, life painting for beginners - second week in. The model was naked and sat decorously on a set of giant bean bags. James had charcoaled in a pretty good structure and was beginning to slosh some loose wash onto the canvas when Josh stumbled in and apologised to Mrs Hemel, the teacher, for being late arriving and having missed the previous week. James sloshed the wash and watched the youngster set up an easel and haul paints and brushes from a battered haversack. He was slim, curly blonde hair so bright James thought it must be bleached and wide innocent blue eyes.

I (remember me? Guardian angel?) I brushed my wing up James’ back and he felt the prickle of lust as Josh lifted his eyes from his unpacking and gazed full at him. More wash went on, mostly at random as James felt desire for the young man. The break came and, as is the case in these classes, the model reached for her robe and rose stiffly from the bean bags giving the four men of the class a quick flash of her pussy then drawing the robe closed. Interestingly the model did not realise that the plump girl at the back of the room also took an interest in the dark triangle so briefly shown and imagined tasting the honey that she was sure it contained. She spent an hour on the bathroom floor licking the hot cleft, in her imagination that is. I shall have to see what I can do for her… another story.

So the break began and much to his surprise Josh came over and introduced himself. James guessed that as he was the only one that the boy had looked at it had somehow broken the ice.
‘Did I cause a terrible fuss?’ the lad enquired, ‘thought the teacher was going to ban me on the spot; you can’t unpack stuff quietly particularly when everyone is being sooo quiet. My name’s Josh.’ He extended his hand and James returned his firm handshake.
‘James,’ he said shortly surprised at how dumb he had suddenly been struck in the presence of this good looking lad. He must have been in his twenties, perhaps ten years younger than James. Slim and pale. He wore the obligatory faded jeans and his shirt hung low masking any outline that may have shown. He was… James hunted for a word, loose? Relaxed? Pale and smooth. The big blue eyes held his and his pink lips curved into a smile
‘Sorry, I’m like that, pick someone to talk to then just gabble on. That’s good.’ He pointed to James’s painting. I like the neck,’ he traced his finger down the charcoal line. His hand was slim, long, elegant. ‘Jeez,’ thought James, ‘I fancy this guy but…’ And I knew what he was thinking. Married and happy with a lovely wife and there he was devouring this man/boy with all the passion that he normally reserved for women. They began to chat and, much to his surprise, Josh agreed to a coffee afterwards. It turned out that Josh was training for a design position and felt that life drawing would loosen up his hand and mind when it came to interpreting the real world.

They got on and eventually Josh came over for lunch one Sunday and Jenny cooked a roast and they all went out for a walk. Normal stuff but then came the Wednesday afternoon. No college and a text message to James wanting to know if he was at work, which he was, and saying that he was at a loose end but had some sketches that he had done. This is where guardian angels come in useful. James asked his boss if he could go home, ‘feeling a bit rough’, he said and I gave the boss the autocue line, ‘Sure thing, can’t have my workers feeling bad. You go home and have a lay down.’ (I just love slipping a hint about the future into some of the things I get people to say. The boss sat down afterward and wondered if he was slipping and James thumbed a text back to Josh saying he would pick him up and have a look at the drawings back home. Jenny was out on one of her charity things and so they had the quiet house to themselves.

Josh opened the portfolio and laid the drawings out on the carpet. Self portraits.
‘Easy to do if you have a good mirror; you know if they’re good if someone recognises who the subject is.’
‘They are good.’ James shifted the papers around on the carpet, ‘just head and shoulders?’
‘Small mirror, anyway not much to draw, scrawny body, I could do a statue, more Giacometti that Michelangelo’s David style.’
‘Could I draw you?’ James wondered at his boldness but he was reading my autocue.
‘What, naked?’
‘Yeah. The David. It’s warm enough and I wouldn’t take long. I could take a photograph so that I could work on it at home.’
‘It’s funny,’ said Josh but I was talking to the model the other night and she gets a fair whack out of it. I thought at the time that I could get a bit of dosh of an evening. I’d be too embarrassed though. What if I had… you know, an erection?’
‘You get to wear a pouch. Posing pouch. Hides all your bits from the ladies.’
‘Have you got one?’
‘No, you’d have to do a total for me.’
‘What if Jenny came home?’
‘She won’t. Come on, get your kit off, I’ll get a pad and the camera.’

Thus it was that Josh stripped down and James opened his pad and began to sketch. After a few minutes he took some pictures then set to sketching again. Time for the guardian angel. I may have said before but clothes are as nothing to us angels and so I gently stroked my wing tip up each of their thighs and with my angel hand cupped their full, soft scrotums. James felt it like an electric fire coming on and flooding his groin with warmth. Josh got a hard on.
‘Oh shit!’ he said. ‘I’m getting a hard on.’
‘Don’t worry,’ said James, ‘I know what an erection looks like. Stand still a while longer. It will be just a little more pencil lead.’ They both laughed and Josh tightened his buttocks making the stiff prick buck.
‘Now I’ve got the angle wrong. Keep it still.’ He lifted the camera and took another shot.

‘I’m going to dribble.’
James hauled one of Jenny’s tissues from the box, walked over and held it firmly round the hot, hard penis.’ Josh said nothing. He held the pose and gazed into James’s eyes. Then, very slowly he pushed the penis further into the gripping hand. Very slowly he moved it back then pushed in again. James remembered the wanking practice and the first time Rob had come in his hand. He began to respond. He tried to remove the tissue but it had become glued to the glossy helmet. He knelt down, pulled the foreskin clear and sucked the damp tissue clear then took the length into his mouth pushing his head closer until his forehead pressed into the boys firm tummy, his nose in the little bush of blond hair. He heard Josh sigh and whisper a breathy ‘oh yes, oh yes’. He cupped the soft, heavy balls in his hand. The thought came into his head; he wanted to fuck this smooth pale young man. He wanted to be in him, wanted to kiss his mouth, kiss his chest, his firm, muscular tummy. He stood up and took the boy’s hand and led him up to the master bedroom.

Jenny, laying back in the passenger seat of her lovers car, nearly jumped out of her skin as her lover’s mobile started it’s idiotic ring. She felt a pleasurable shudder as he withdrew his finger from her hot, wet cunt. She squeeze his hard prick but as he reached to answer and listened intently she felt it slacken and realised that it was not destined to sink itself up to the hilt and fill her with spunk this afternoon. Heigh ho.
‘I’m sorry love, all part of being an officer in this firm. Have to be on call, twenty-four seven. I’ll make it up to you, promise. She reached into her bag found her knickers, tissued herself dry and wriggled them up. Drop me off at home, too late to go anywhere now.
‘OK,’ said her lover.
‘Oh dear said I. Guardian angels keep an eye on things and they know what is going on and play the game accordingly. James was on fire. I didn’t want to put him out. Jenny was on the way home and… well in for a penny in for a pound as they say.

James was on fire. His tongue was deep in Josh’s mouth and their cocks rubbed together between their bellies. They shagged and whispered ‘I love you’, to each other. They caressed. Josh sucked James almost to a climax while James licked Josh’s balls feeling the love juice ooze from the boy’s cock and trickle onto his neck. They moved onto their side and James took the throbbing cock in his mouth and thrilled as the boy shot. Hot, creamy, salty spunk. He rolled it over his tongue then submitted as the boy Frenched it from his open mouth. James turned him onto his back, and pushed his juicy cock full up into the hot bum. He took Josh’s legs over his shoulders and fucked hard right into the willing entrance. Oh! it was so hot, so tight, so different from cunt, so different from mouth. He should have fucked Rob all those years ago. He pulled Josh’s hips up and fucked harder. Josh began to wank his soft cock, pulling it right up so that James could finger his balls. Almost as he watched it began to stiffen and he felt Josh urging it stiffer. He held back with his climax, throwing his head back to stare at the ceiling and clenching his teeth to hold the moment then looking down again at the full balls and swelling cock. Up to the ceiling once more then greedily back to the lovely cock this time with a small hand encircling it. Dark nail varnish. He felt himself go mad, become lost then amazed as Jenny whispered.
‘Fuck him hard love, get him stiff for me.’

She stood next to him, her dress wide open. This was her ‘fucking in the car’ dress that unbuttoned all the way down. The blood pounded in his ears as he watched her hand slide into her bush and begin frigging. He came into the hot bum, withdrew, his cock jerking up and shooting come over the boy’s belly and balls. Jenny fondled it over the boy’s heaving belly.
‘Lovely, lovely,’ she whispered and slipped the dress off her shoulders. Josh heaved himself up the bed and James watched as Jenny straddled him then lowered herself onto the big, thick cock.

James didn’t know what to think. His heart still raced, drumming in his ears. He watched his wife riding the boy with so much strength, so much passion. She impaled herself on the great blunt cudgel of his penis. Josh pulled her bra up over her head and revelled in her great bouncing tits. James reached beneath his wife’s jerking bum and fondled Josh to orgasm. She lifted and James watched the spunk gout up into her open cunt. She slid down and took the next shot into her mouth sucking hard, swallowing deep. James pushed his fingers into her. She was close to coming, her juicy quim sucking onto his hand. He pushed her off the boy and pressed his mouth to her clit she shuddered and began to come. He pulled away and Josh took the throbbing point between his lips pushing his face into the pulsing quim. She cried out, she whimpered and her whole, white, soft body stiffened, convulsed. They squeezed her tits, pressed their tongues into her open mouth then into her open cunt. The earth shook for them all.

Silence fell and I surveyed the scene. Both men smeared with come and cunt honey, pricks soft and exhausted. Jenny’s soft body smeared with come, her lips reddened by the rough kissing.
I think that I could say that I had had a good day. Two thumbs had finally discovered that bi was good and one wife had been purged of her guilt about having a lover. She had also acquired her very own porn movie. She loved to watch as the boys took it in turn on each other, then she would reap the benefits when they pumped her full of come.
I flew off to see if there was anywhere else I could help.
Well, what do you know. Look at that…

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