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My first of many stories.....I hope
-The Olsen Family -

Mom (Linda) = 40
Dad (Garry) = 42
Older sister (Shelly) = 15
Me (Tommy) = 13
younger sister (Samantha) = 10

After a few years living together my Mom and Dad bought a cottage next
to a nudist beach where they both met for the first time. And around the
house, in the city of Ottawa, we always were naked. We saw each and everyone
of us naked all the time. We had no secrets.

One night when I had trouble sleeping, I got out of bed to grab a glass of
milk. I've heard noises coming out of my parents room. And at my age I knew
what it was, because I've seen my dads porn movies a few times and maturbated
alot. So I went to the door half opened and took a look. My parents were both
naked wich wasn't the first time I saw them that way. But I've never saw
people having sex in real life. So I stood there watching my Mom being eaten
by my dad. It got me hard instantly. I've droped my bottom pjs and began
stroking my young cock.

I did'nt realize that my kid sister Sammy was looking at me from our room
at the end of the hallway. She grabbed her teddy and came up to me and asked
me what I was doing. I told her to go back to bed but she did'nt listen and
peeked in my parents room because she heard my Mom moaning. My Dad had just
cummed and was cleaning himself but my Mom who did'nt finished was fingering
her cunt. Sammy asked me what they were doing so I grabbed her and tooked her
back to her room. She fell back asleep in no time so I wanted to go back and
grab my pjs that I've left at my parents door. but It was too late my Mom had
them in her hands and waiting for me.

I wanted to turn around and go back to my room but my Mom was giving me a
sign with her finger inviting me to come to her so we could talk about what
I saw. I could'nt lie she knew what I've done. So we went downstairs to the
kitchen and she poured me a glass of milk. Trying to explain to me what I've
seen but I've interrupted her and told her that I knew what they were doing
because I've saw Dads tapes before.

She handed me my pjs, but saw that there was a bit of precum so she put
them in the landry basket. I was standing half naked in front of my Mom wich
wasn't the first time but my cock began to rise again looking at my Mom
naked under her nightgown I could see a bit of her shaven pussy. I did'nt use
to get a hardon with my mother around but after tonight I guess that all
changed. My Mom saw it and told me to finish my milk and go back to bed. And
so I did.

The next morning my Mom told my Dad what had happen the night before. They
both talk before leaving for work. They spoked about the plans of making us

play with our bodies and making us play with one another. But they were

running late. They always left early, in the weekdays,
to go to work and leave Shelly in charge of us to go to school. But that
morning Shelly had an exam to do and catch the bus. She told us to move it but
Samantha was still in the bathroom. Samantha and me always walked to our
private school together wich was not far from our house. So Shelly looked at

her watch and told me to take care of Sammy and head for school. Shelly left

us alone,wich wasn't the first time.

I started to have a need to pee, so I yeld at Samantha that I had to go. She
answered me it would'nt be long. I kept waiting and waiting and she still
did'nt came out. So I went to the bathroom door, Samantha did'nt close it, so
I entered and there she was on the toilet bowl and at my surprise she was

sitting on the bowl with her schoolgirl uniform on and a hand in her skirt,

- What the heck are you doing ?
- I'm doing what Mommy did, silly.
- Well, get out I need to pee !

She would'nt move and continued playing with herself.

- Stop it I'm gonna piss my pants !

She stared at me and continued on.

- Sammy get out or I'm gonna piss on you !
- Yea and I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad.

I've approached her and got my penis out. She stood there and continued
without moving and a smile on her face. I got my dick out and started pissing

on her and her uniform. She screamed and told me to stop but I could'nt hold

it in any longer.

She stood up with her white blouse covered in my piss, screaming with a smile
on her face: Hew gross! And I've answered : I told you I'd do it.

I could see her little nipples thru her soaking blouse and I've started to

have a hardon. She came to me and gave me a hug so I would be wet also.

- I guess we can't go to school anymore. I said.

Samantha got her clothes off and headed in the bathtub.

- Yea, and you better wash my bum or I'll tell Mom and Dad.

I got my clothes off too and joined her in the tub. I started washing her
with soap and water. When I was nearly finished she said to clean her ass and
vagina. I was so amazed by her, giving me orders like that. So I started

cleaning her all the way to her vagina. When I was done she told me to kiss it
like Daddy did Mom's. So I've lean forward and when I was close enough to kiss
it she started to pee. She pissed in my opened mouth runing down my chin, neck

and torso.

- That's what you get for doing it on me !
She said laughing.

Sammy then got up, and want to our room. I've finished cleaning myself and

went to see what she was doing. Samantha was in her bed, lying naked and

started fingering herself again. I threw my towel on the floor and went next

to her. I started carressing her vagina and she was touching my penis. I came

in no time on my tummy. Sammy place a hand on my stomach and started playing

with my cum covering my chest with it. She put her hand to her mouth to taste

it. Then continued fingering her vagina with her sticky fingers. I moved

closer to her and put my hand on her vagina and not long after fingering her,
she too have cum. She then pressed her ass against my cum covered body, and

I've hold her in my arms. Spooning and falling asleep together naked on her


The noise of the front door opening, woke me up ......


2011-03-31 15:33:45
You call this a story?

anonymous readerReport

2010-12-13 20:31:15
totally dumb so called story think more before writing this was nothing more than a first draft period it never should have been posted

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-28 20:43:49
if they walk around nude all the time why does he wear pajamas to bed it doesn't make sense do a rewrite and think before writing and always go through a good editor first


2010-06-22 01:04:43
Not to be mean but SPELL CHECK. Great story more please

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-19 18:18:45
well I enjoyed it. more please

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