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Sex is a family affair.
I am 18 now and with hindsight I was about 4 or 5 when I began to realise what was happening was exciting and I was told naughty. My parents would have been about 28 at the time.

My mother and father had always enjoyed sex together in their bed with me in with them from as long as I can remember. They had no inhibitions about what they did together with me watching or involved. If my father was having sex with my mother I would be on his back – ‘riding the horse’ as he rode my mother. I often sat on his chest as my mother had sex with him in the dominant position as well and he would kiss my lady lips as they were called.

It wasn’t until I was about 4 or 5 as I have said that I can actually remember having an orgasm. Up till then my Daddy would rub his finger between my lady lips and I found it nice and often did it to myself. We didn’t wear clothes a lot of the time as we lived in the country and when it was warm we went nude. I would often play with myself and it wasn’t until about then it was explained that while I could do that whenever I had no clothes on I must never do it if I had clothes on or if anybody else was here – it was a very big secret about what we did with no clothes on.

On this particular day I was sucking on my Daddy’s penis – something I had done for as long as I could remember. Drinking his semen was quite normal for me. He really loved me doing that. I believe I was introduced to this about the time I was about 3 and just old enough to complete it. It was regular event for me. At about the same time my Mommy began to finger me and she slipped a finger into me and rubbed my clit. She had done it many times but she always stopped before I had an orgasm – to me I had no idea of what orgasms were at this stage. I had seen my mother and father have hundreds but I was told when I was old enough it would happen. I never really understood about them but they always enjoyed them and one day I looked forward to having one too. The ones which seemed to impress me were the ones when he had his penis inside Mommy. Daddy had never done that to me as he told me I had to be a big girl for him to do that.

I was about 8 and I was having a lot more of those feelings when I wanted to take my pants down and touch myself and I often put my finger into my vagina. One day I did it and it felt great and just kept rubbing my finger in to me. I thought I was going to have an orgasm but I wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to do anything that Daddy and Mommy wouldn’t like – I had complete trust in them to tell me when I should do anything like that. I wanted to know and ask them first if it was alright for me to do it to myself and have an orgasm like mommy did.

By then I realised what I was doing with my parents was not what other kids did with their parents and even some of the older girls said they would never let a boy fuck them. I knew what a fuck was – that’s what Mommy and Daddy did but they never called it that very often. I also had heard a few of the big kids talk and they were talking about what older men do to young girls my age and it was just like we did at home but my Daddy wasn’t like those men they were talking about – he was the most wonderful Daddy you could ever have and he was so nice to me and Mommy. Those girls always called them dirty old men.

A day or so after I had what I thought was going to be an orgasm Daddy and I were in my bedroom and I had just finished sucking him. I really liked that and so did he – he never said no to me if I asked him if I could. I told him what had happened and if it was alright for me to do it and go that far on my own.

He said he would talk to Mommy and the three of us could talk about after dinner if I wanted to. I said I would.

After dinner Mommy asked me what I had asked daddy and I told her. She said he had spoken to her and they had decided I could go all the way if I wanted to but they said if I could wait until Sunday then the three of us could all be together and we could discuss something I would enjoy and we would all be together like normal.I was told it would be a big day in my life like a birthday and while there would be no presents I would always remember it.

I couldn’t wait until Sunday to find out what they had planned – maybe it was to let me give myself and orgasm like Mommy did to herself or she might let me use her vibrator or she might do it for me – it was exciting and I could hardly wait until Sunday..

That morning I went into their bed a bit earlier than usual and they were still asleep. I woke them up and said I wanted to do whatever they had been planning.
Daddy said that today was going to be a big day in my life they had decided that I could have my orgasm.

He said how would you like daddy to give you one with his penis.

I said - what put it in me like you and Mommy do.

She said exactly – we think you could get it in there now and it wouldn’t hurt you.

I said ohhh yes please – it was even better that I had imagined.

Daddy got his penis hard or it got hard itself really. Then they put some jelly on my vagina – I now called it a vagina like we called mommy’s but she had a little bit of hair on hers and I was told when I grow up I too would have hair there – but I would be 12 or 13 when that happened. It happens when you start to bleed there and I knew mommy bled there every month. I once said I would like that to happen too and my mommy said no you wont – its better if that change in your body comes when you are very much older – the older the better. I was often told about changes in my body when I asked to do something pertaining to sex. I often saw her using cream or a razor to take the hair off that she didn’t want on her vagina. To me it always looked nice and Daddy told her it did too after she had done it to herself.

Any how after they put the jelly on – my mother began to stroke my vagina and my daddy took turns too. They were both talking about who would be the lucky one and it would happen with me with one of them. I had seen my mommy do it to herself often so I knew what they were doing. It wasn’t until she began to really concentrate on my clitoris that I began to feel these strange but nice feeling in my body – it was unlike anything I had ever felt before but it seemed like what happened to mommy when daddy was having sex with her or licking her vagina. She really had some amazing moments and I often wondered what caused them apart from the fact daddy was doing something to her vagina either with his penis inside her or his mouth sucking on her. It was the same when I sucked him and he gave me his man juice to drink.

Well they both were getting excited about the way I was reacting and I was really enjoying it and said how long can I do this for. I should have known as I had seen mommy and daddy have an orgasm hundreds of times.

Then without much warning other than this lovely feeling building up inside me – it happened and the whole world changed – it was the most amazing feeling and knowing how mommy shook and bucked about I did the same as it was easy as my whole body wanted to do it and the more she rubbed her finger on my clitoris the stronger it got and I had my bum about a foot off the bed with the intensity of the feeling I was having. I was making funny sounds too as the feeling made me want to. It was in my vagina up into my tummy and my nipples and then my legs went all weak and I just collapsed back on the bed.

She has cum said mommy – fantastic - my little girl has had her first orgasm.

The two of them were so pleased I had reacted the way I did. I was happy also as it gave me the most wonderful sensation I had ever had.

Daddy said how was it sweetheart, you certainly looked like you had fun and enjoyed it.

I said it was amazing I loved it and can we do it again.

Daddy said just have a rest and then we will see.

Then they both had sex together and they really had a good time and kept talking about me and my first orgasm. I think because I came they had a better time together. I know Mommy came really hard.

Daddy was on top of mommy when she came and she bucked and bounced about like me and a little bit later daddy did the same and he came in her as well. He didn’t always cum in her – he often took his cock out and masturbated it and mommy either sucked his cum out or he spurted it onto her boobies and then rubbed it into them.

That was a great day for all of us and I was shown what to do to masturbate myself beyond what I had done before and let myself cum. I did it about three times that day just to experience the fantastic sensation when I came.

After that we engaged in a bit more sex between us and I engaged not only in sucking my Daddy off but mommy as well. They both sucked me off and I had orgasms with them now and it made it all so much better.

I asked about when daddy could put his penis into me like he did with mommy.

I was told it would happen a bit later – they believed my vagina was not yet big enough to have my daddy put it in without hurting me, or doing a damage to it.

For the next year I continued to have sex in many ways with them both but never did my daddy put his penis inside my vagina. A couple of times he put the tip of it against my opening and we all looked at how big it was compared to the size of my vagina. Once or twice we pushed it in a bit but I was not happy and it started to hurt so we stopped.

It was my ninth birthday that I asked my daddy if we could do it properly. Like he makes love to Mommy. I wanted him to put his cock into me – I wanted him to “fuck” me as I know now what to call doing that. They never used to call it that but girls as school do.

We all sat around on the bed and we talked about it – the looked at my cunt and used their fingers to spread me open and I said I believed it would go in.

They both talked to me and told me what might happen and what would happen – it would hurt and I would bleed. They told me no matter when I started it would be the same but they were more concerned that the size of his cock might tear me internally or do some other damage.

After talking for a while they recognised that I knew as much about sex as they did but I had not gone that last bit and I realised what was going to happen. I wanted it and I wanted my daddy to do it with me.

We agreed we would try.

We discussed which way would be best and we all agreed that missionary was the best to start with. We considered doggy and cowgirl but mommy said doggy can hurt if his cock doesn’t go in straight – she had often had to adjust her position to get his cock into her without pain. Cowgirl was seriously considered as I would have control but I said no – I wanted it missionary. I wanted my daddy to do it all for me. I wanted to do it as normally as possible – the other ways we could do later and I could experiment with them.

I got down on the bed and they applied the KY jelly to my vagina to make it easier for him to get his cock into me.

Then he got in position and mommy was beside me. He got his cock and pointed it at my cunt and I looked down at him and his cock and watched as he put the top of it into me, I didn’t have hair then and I could see it go into my pink lips. It felt great and I said it was not hurting and it felt awesome. I had no hair there so I had a good view of it going into me as well as feeling it. The bigness of it felt good as the top of it went into me, I could feel my vagina stretching a little bit and how tight it was around his cock. It was pretty tight really and I wondered if he was still a bit big for me. The jelly made it all slippery and that helped him put it into me.

Mommy said now get ready – he will push down and I am certain it will hurt you – cry out if you wish there is no shame in that when this happens to you for the first time – it should only be the once. They had explained about my hymen and what it was there for and once it was ruptured it would be gone for ever. This is one day in my life I could never repeat. I said I have had a few of them and I am sure I will remember this one just as vividly.

Daddy said I love you baby - get ready – I could feel his cock just inside me where he had put it in and was just holding it there. I looked up at his huge body over me and him looking down at me. I could not have been happier. His hairy chest looked huge to me and then he moved a bit and I felt his thick cock just inside me move and my vagina opening wrapped tightly around his cock.

I looked up into his face and smiled at him, I was so proud that this was going to happen. I could see sweat on his forehead.

He looked toward Mommy and she smiled – this is a day we all remember all out lives she said - then she looked down at me and she put one hand on my nipple and the other on her vagina. Are you ready sweetheart she asked. The feeling in my nipple made it feel good in my vagina too – even though my nipple was tiny.

I said I cant wait.

Then he said get ready baby – tell me when to go as this will hurt.

I said do it Daddy……. I want you to do it now.

“I love you baby” he said then … NOW and he pushed his cock in hard.

I was about to tell him I loved him too but as it went in he said “OHHH GOD”…“ OHHH SHIT” “OHHH BABY” ‘Ohhhh Baaaabbbbyyyyy’ and he closed his eyes as his cock slid deep inside me - and he looked like he really enjoyed it, and there was a small tear came out of his closed eyes. I will remember that tear running down his face and that look for ever.

As I felt his big thick penis going in I jerked as my body shook, it felt enormous. As he pushed his penis in hard and fast I had this really hurting stab of pain in my vagina. I pushed my backside up as a reaction as his cock went into me – I sort of bit my lip as it hurt more than I was expecting – I had pushed myself onto his penis even harder. Then as I lowered my bottom down onto the bed again I could feel this warm wet sort of feeling inside my vagina. He had gone down into me the full length of his cock in one push. I had not cried out as I had been told I might – it was unpleasant for about 30 or 40 seconds and I was trying not to cry….. then that warm feeling inside me made it feel better. His cock was in me as far as he could go and the lips of my cunt felt like they were burning, just like a Chinese burn kids give you. . He just stopped when it was right down inside me and didn’t move, I could feel his penis deep inside me and a long way in and it felt huge. Our faces were only inches apart and I saw a man I loved and felt him inside me – it was a lovely sensation. I could feel his cock right up inside me and it felt good, really good down deep inside me. The pain was still there but it was getting better, it was down near my opening. He stayed there holding himself above me on his arms and mommy was asking me about how sore it was, and how brave I was, and that it was over now and would never happen like that again. She said just rest a bit then he can fuck you till you cum. She could see a tear in the corner of my eye and said you poor little thing – it hurt didn’t it.

I said only for a second, I cannot believe we have done it – I just love you both so much – this is the best day of my life. Now I am like you – I know what its like now. I am so happy.

I lay there with all these thought going through my head – we had been doing sex for years and I had never really given the loss of my virginity much thought – we hardly ever referred to virginity at all. It was a normal thing for them and I had seen daddy fuck mommy hundreds of times but I never knew it was like this. It was obvious now why she liked it so much.

Gradually I began to realise what we had done – I said to daddy kiss me please – I want you to make love to me for my first time. Mommy was frantically rubbing herself – masturbating.

He lowered his body down onto mine but didn’t squash me hard. He held himself off me a bit on his elbows. The feeling of him laying on me was great, he was my Daddy but I loved him more than I could ever say. Then he turned his head to me and I kissed him on the cheek. It was a wonderful moment.

He asked me how it was feeling and if I wanted him to start.

I said yes – I am ready now. The pain had just about gone and I could not believe how big he felt inside me. It was a strange feeling – I could feel his penis deep inside me and my vagina was stretched tightly around it.

Then he began to move his cock inside me and everything suddenly began to feel so good, I was quite wet inside me or it felt wet. I said something about how wet I was and mommy said you have bled – that’s normal – its your hymen but it hasnt bled much, but that’s the warm blood you can feel.

Mommy stopped masturbating but she didn’t cum. Then she went to her drawer and took out a white handkerchief,. She told daddy to pull his cock out for a moment and she wiped me and daddies cock and got blood all over the handkerchief. There she said your virgin blood – we will keep that for ever.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later I realised just what virgin blood was as other girls began losing their virginity to boys – we were all about 15 or 16 then. To them it was a sort of status symbol. I couldn’t tell them how I lost mine though – as much as I wanted to as mine seemed far nicer than theirs.

Daddy went back in to me and it felt fantastic again as I felt his cock go in to me. Now I know what they were feeling when they fucked each other. From now on daddy will have to fuck two of us.

We fucked for about 15 or 20 minutes and it was the most amazing time of my life. I looked up at him and smiled a lot as he slowly worked his penis up and down inside me. I was really and truly enjoying the feeling inside me now, they asked me a few times if it was hurting and once mommy put more jelly on his cock. He smiled back and a couple of times he said how is it – OK. I just smiled back and said perfect. The fact it was my father did not bother me for a moment – it felt quite normal for us to be doing this even though we had done a lot of sex things together, it was the first time he had penetrated me. I liked sucking his penis but this was even better. I enjoyed every second of him inside me and finally I began to get the cumming feeling. I said I think I am going to cum soon. He started to go harder and faster and it was feeling even better. Mommy played with my nipples again and WOW – it happened – I had experienced quite a few orgasms before this but this was the daddy of them all. I had never been so intense having this one. I cried real tears – because I was happy and he was making me cum. I rolled and rocked as he continued to pump his cock into me and I had one of the best orgasms I have ever had. It was unlike any experience or orgasm I had ever had before. The tears of joy rolled down my face. Then daddy came and he pumped his cum into me and I could feel it getting all wet again inside me as he filled my cunt with his warm hot wonderful semen. He told mommy it all going into her, shit I hope its ok. I knew I could not get pregnant as we had talked about that before and the feeling of this big man above me with his wonderful cock inside me was the best feeling I have ever had. Now I know why mommy said I would remember it all my life. I would it was that good.

After he took his cock out of me and I watched every millimetre of it coming out – covered in blood and cum – it was beautiful – not hard and rigid but firm and hanging down a bit. I had seen it like this often when he took it out of mommy. When the head of his cock came out I felt like somebody had pulled the plug on me – I felt a little sad and deflated – I had been full of him and his cock for about 15 or 20 minutes and it was the best feeling I have ever had. I really felt like my Daddy was the only man in the world I wanted to do this with. Having him inside me was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. Now his semen was beginning to leak out of my vagina – he had done to me what he had done to Mommy. It was an amazing feeling knowing my Mommy and I had both had him inside us and that he loved us both the same.

We all hugged, the three of us together, the mess out of me and off his cock was rubbing all over us as we hugged and kissed.

Then mommy said I want to do this – I have been a bit left out and this will make up for it. Then she got down and sucked daddies cock, she got blood all around her mouth, then she moved over to me and said sit on the edge of the bed and then she got between my legs and licked and sucked on my cunt - spreading the blood and cum all over her face. She had sucked and kissed me there before but this time it was covered in virgin blood.

She said now I know what a vampire feels like.

Quick she said get the camera and we took photos of the three of us and our bloodied bits. My hairless bloody cunt and legs, daddies cum and blood covered cock and balls and mommies blood covered face. My virgin deflowering was now on record – nobody but us would ever see the photos but we would have a record of the three of us on the day I lost my virginity to my daddy – and in some ways my mommy. I was so happy.

We all had a spa together and cleaned ourselves up and mommy made coffee for us and we all sat together naked and had cake to celebrate. Daddys cock was now all soft and hanging down – it looked sad but I now looked at it in a different light. I had seen it soft and hard for years I had tasted it many, many times and I had seen it inside Mommy so many more times. It had now been inside me and I felt so proud. Girls used to skite about having sex at school – I never let on that I had done most of it or more, I had now done I all. I now knew what they were talking about, but their experiences would never ever get close to what I have done and enjoyed.

I couldn’t stop talking about what Daddy and I had done and how good it was. They both talked to me about it too and Daddy was telling Mommy how good I was and how wonderful it was inside me and I would be a wonderful lover to some lucky boy in years to come. He made me feel so proud of myself. I knew I wouldn’t be doing that with boys till I was about 16 so I had years of practice to come having sex with both Daddy and Mommy. We had been having sex of sorts for years but this was the culmination of years of sex play. I was now a woman in every way. The next big step would be pregnancy.

I said to Mommy can my daddy make a baby inside me.

She said no – not him – she told me after she had me the doctor said it would be dangerous for her to become pregnant again so in order to make sure I didn’t – daddy had an operation which stops the sperms from going into me – now us. That sounds funny now……Us. The both of US are now his lovers.

When he cums the sperms cant mix with his semen to make us pregnant. I will show you next time where he has had the operation – its in his balls and the doctor cut a tube and now the sperms go into his balls sac now instead of US.

I asked mommy what her first time was like – was it with daddy.

No she said – but I will never forget it either.

As I got older and more understanding of what we were doing I wanted to know more about their earlier days and their experiences.

Our relationship became more loving and I developed a much better understanding of making love rather than just the thrill of physical sex with them. It became lovemaking. They were both wonderful with me. We discussed the ramifications of our intimacy as I matured and I became aware of what we were doing was morally wrong – and the consequences. Once I could really understand the moral issues of my sexual relationship with my parents I could see no reason to stop so long as nobody outside the three of us was aware of it. To me it was physical pleasure with two people who loved me and I loved them.

As I grew older I wanted to avoid the mistakes they made. I gradually decided how I was going to live my life in future. Sex would be a serious consideration as I thoroughly enjoyed the physical and emotional side of it. When we discussed this my mother told me that I would have to find a man in a million to replace my father. I knew that already.

I am 18 now and believe it or not I am not very promiscuous. I do have sex with the occasional boy if I like them and I feel I would enjoy being with them, providing they treat me with respect and not just as a conquest. I am unaware of the fact my experiences with them became talking points as some of the other girls performances have been. I have admitted to very close female friends who I have slept with, and sometimes compared notes.

I have had sex with two older men whilst I was travelling overseas. I enjoyed both affairs and were more or less the result of a little teasing/seduction by me. They were mature men I respected – not one night stands. They treated me perfectly – almost as a daughter - until we went to bed. I did it because it would be almost impossible for us to ever meet again. Their treatment of me in every way was very much like my father. Perhaps I agreed to engage with them because I was missing him. They were excellent in bed and both complemented me on the way we have enjoyed our sexual union together. One told me I had been extremely well educated and I must have had a great teacher. If he only knew.

I still live at home and have sex regularly with both my mother and father and enjoy it as much as I have grown to know lovemaking. They are also aware of who I have slept with and why. There are no secrets between us.

As I have said my parents have old me of their life history and their sexual exploits – possibly I will write about them one day.

Keep watching for them

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Probably this should never have happened but it seems too true to be a story. A girl I grew up with was fucked by her father before every date she has so she wouldnt feel like it with the boy later. She ended up pregnant to him and he was sent to jail.The baby was aborted. They left town so i dont know what happened to her.

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This is illigal and so wrong

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