Timmy loves the special frosting
“Hey kid you want a cookie!” A boy from the high school yelled.
My older brother always told me to ignore whatever the high schoolers said. That they would only try to make fun of you and play jokes on the younger kids. But the offer of a cookie made me ignore all the warnings John gave me. I slowly walked over to the picnic table where all five teenagers sat. They were covered in sweat and three had their shirts off and all of their jeans were unbuttoned.
“Okay.” I said in a quiet voice.
I must have looked scared because the one who called me over said “Don’t worry kid. The cookies right on the table if you still want it. We ate too many and we’re full. Its chocolate chip but we put a special frosting on it. My names Bashar by the way. That’s Peter, Jerry, Pat, and Andy.” Bashar pointed to each boy as he said their name.
The boys with their shirts off had nice abs except Bashar. Bashar had a flabby tummy and man boobs which looked funny because any boy I ever saw never had boobs. Bashar had nice olive skin and short brown hair that was spiked up. He had deep brown eyes that looked my seven year old body up and down. Jerry picked up the cookie which was covered in a gooey white frosting. The frosting was everywhere, on the table, on the cookie. There was even some on a couple of their hands.
“I’m Timmy.” I said with a smile on my face as I reached for the cookie. “It looks so tasty.”
“Trust me it is.” Andy said. He giggled a little and Pat pushed him.
I took the cookie from Jerry and sniffed it. “It smells weird.” I said moving the cookie away from me.
“Oh that’s okay. It’s like garlic it smells bad but tastes good.” Bashar said scratching his tummy.
I brought the cookie to my mouth and stuck my tongue out licked some frosting off. It was really gooey but it tasted so good. I opened my mouth and bit half the cookie off and savored the taste of the frosting and the chocolate chips. I swallowed and ate the rest of the cookie quickly.
The boys started laughing. “What?” I cried and started to sob.
“Nothing. Nothing.” Bashar said pulling my head to his tummy and rubbing my hair. “Relax. We were just surprised you liked it most kids don’t. You must be really mature.” His hand ruffled my hair and he squatted down by me so we were face to face. “If you want more cookies come by tomorrow me and the boys will have a whole batch coved in our frosting just for you.” He stood up and slapped me on the butt. “See you tomorrow?”
“Okay” I yelled and started walk back home.
“Alright boys make sure we all bring out special boy juice tomorrow.” Bashar said as I walked away.
“B how are we supposed to bring it here?” said one of the boys.
“Ziploc dumbass.”
The next day when I showed up they had a Ziploc bag a quarter of the way filled with the frosting and a Ziploc of cookies. I sat down between Peter and Bashar. He held the frosting bag open for me while I dipped the cookies in. They all huge smiles on their faces which made them look amazing. Peter had short black hair both ears where pierced. He had light green eyes and pale skin. He had a tattoo on his chest which was written in script so I couldn’t read it.
“What does the tattoo say?” I asked eating the last cookie.
“Keep ya head up. It’s a song by Tupac.”
“Okay.” I took the bag from Bashar and started dipping my finger in and sucking the frosting off. “What’s this stuff called?”
“Choc?ic milk. Or CUM for short.” Andy said.
“Ooooh well I sure do love this CUM.” The boys burst out laughing and when I start to tear up again the clammed down and made me relax. “When can I have more?” I tilted the bag up and let the rest of the frosting slid into my mouth.
Pat giggled and rubbed his crotch. “I don’t know little buddy it takes a lot out of us to make it.” Andy laughed and shook his head in agreement.
“Okay but whenever you make it can I watch?”
“I don’t know. If we do let you watch you gotta help okay.” Bashar said.
“Yea of course I’ll help.”
“Okay come here tomorrow and we will go to Jerry’s house and make it. You can even eat it when it’s fresh. It will be all nice and warm.”
“YAY.” I yelled. “I can’t wait.”
“Me neither.” Jerry said rubbing himself like Pat.
“Okay you can help but you gotta wear this blind fold.” Pat tied the blindfold around my head tight and made sure I couldn’t see. “Okay little buddy. All you have to do is grab onto the stick and make sure you hands are nice and wet with spit and you move them up and down really fast and when I say ‘now’ you put your mouth on the top and get ready to swallow.”
“Okay” I spat into my hands and they were guided do a hard warm stick. I started pumping my hands up and down really fast. There was some kind of hair on one end and something hanging from the other end. I went faster and faster but the spit started to dry up.
“You gotta add more spit little buddy.” Pat said. I leaned over my hands and stuck out my tongue and let the spit drip off it. “Now!!” Pat screamed. I lowered my head and clamped my lips on the top of the stick. Five shots of the CUM flew out and I swallowed each one. They all clapped and cheered.
“Okay next one.” Bashar said. “How about you just use your mouth this time.”
“Okay. I’ll try.” A hand was place on my head and it guided me to the new stick.
“Play with the things hanging down. Pull on them but not too hard cause then the frosting won’t come out. Try not to scrape it with your teeth either.” The hand pushed my head own on the stick and I gagged a when it hit the back of my mouth. I started to pull off but Bashar said. “Sorry” I started to go back down and soon I was doing it without the hand on my head. One of them moaned for some reason and then the frosting filled my mouth.
I must have done it ten more times before taking the blindfold off while I was sucking the stick. I finally saw what I was sucking on. It was a wiener. I tried to back off. But then the frosting willed my mouth. I swallowed and backed off.
“EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.” I cried. Tears started rolling down my face and I went to leave. Bashar grabbed me before I even got off my knees in front of him.
“Why eww? You did it at least ten times already and you’ve had the cum before.”
“You didn’t tell me it came from your wiener.” I sobbed and hid my face in his tummy.
“What does it matter where it comes from you love it and we love giving it to you. As long as you don’t tell anyone we can do this whenever you want.”

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love this story super hot

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Make the boy older -.-

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2010-05-23 21:36:35
Love it, Hot Stuff! more more, i like frosting to

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How old is this kid that he didn't know? Even a 5 yr old knows. A big Negative for this poorly written & set-up.

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