..... I smile as I think; and yes, sometimes stair wells have alternate purposes.
I believe it was about two months before Jess's wedding. I was in the office checking on arrangements. Everything seemed in order. The office party should go off without a hitch.
.... .... ...
I spin my chair around looking toward the window; feet up, coffee in hand; reflecting back to the party that night. Office parties are notorious for bad behaviour; this one would be no exception.
We hire an outside security Co. to look after the building for two nights, the night of the party and the following night. This allows our own people the chance to party.
I bring in my nephew Jimmy to look after the security cameras; Jimmy loves a good show.
......... .......... .....
This night we held our office party at our downtown location; we own the building and kept the top floor for entertaining. The view of the city from this location was a favourite of mine, and many of the staff. The fifteenth floor is where we are partying. There is a roof top garden located beside the ball room; all in all a great place to party.
I stopped by to see Jimmy a couple of times, Jimmy’s in heaven. He had captured several indiscretions and downloaded them to his disc.
I could’ve brought a date but I did not, instead I helped with the party.
Jacqueline is our office manager and is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the party; no fun for her; so I pitch in and help.
Jackie’s husband, Paul, has a reputation as a bit of a sot; quite frankly so do about two dozen other members of our very large aggregate staff.
Jackie and I were the last to leave; we stayed and chatted for over an hour, sitting in the garden mostly.
I had forgotten that the elevators where locked after 2:00AM. ...... Jackie and I would be forced to walk down 15 floors plus two more to the garage where are cars were parked. We left everything behind except out personnel belongings.
We had gotten to the seventh floor when I jokingly suggested a seventh floor rest. Jackie’s feet where killing her so she accepted and we sat on the stairs, bums on the landing, legs stretched out; resting. It’s approaching 3:00AM and Jackie and I are sitting in a stairwell of an office building joking and laughing; we even joked and laughed about that.
I get up to start our descent: “Ah, do we have to go, my poor feet Bob.”
Turning, I look at Jackie; “Here, I’ll give you a foot massage that might help.”
Jackie sticks her legs out, stretching her toes, thinking that I am teasing her. I move my right foot up one step, taking Jackie’s left foot and placing it on my thigh, just above the knee; I begin to massage her foot.
“No Bob, you don’t have to do that. I was joking.”
Continuing with my less than professional massage of her foot, kneading, pressing and squeezing her foot with my thumbs and fingers; Jackie reacts: “Ohhhh .........., that feels so good.”
I lift her foot off my thigh; dropping to my knees two steps below the landing, facilitating my massage therapy. I bring Jackie’s other foot to my other thigh and commence massaging her right foot.
“Ohhhhh .... Don’t stop.”
Continuing to massage Jackie’ feet, I look her over. Jackie; Jacqueline, is in her early thirty’s. She’ worked for us for four years as Office Manager. She has a reputation as a hardnosed bitch.
Jackie has dark brown hair; she is French ethnically; she stands about 5’4” tall. Jackie’ face has a few wrinkles on it, but she is quiet attractive actually.
Jackie dresses professionally. Tonight, or this morning, she’s wearing a mid calf length dress; buttons up top, open to her cleavage. The dress is short sleeved, a light blue with flowers. Dark blue heels and hose with a fancy pattern on them; also of a blue hue. It works well with her dark hair.
Jackie’ shoes and purse are sitting beside her on the landing. Jackie is sitting on my coat, which I brought along ‘just in case’. In the four years that she has worked for us I have never seen Jackie in a compromising position; until know.
Having both her feet up on my thighs allows me the benefit of massaging both feet at the same time. It also allows me to look up Jackie’ dress and see her legs; up to knees and partial thigh exposure.
I run my hands up her legs to mid-calf, gently massaging her legs.
Jackie looks at me and smiles: “Bob, you’re getting adventuresome.”
“What kind of a boss would I be if I wasn’t interested in the well being of my employee’s, Jacqueline?”
“Oh, its my well being you looking after is it Bob; I didn’t realize my well being was located between my legs...”
Smiling at Jackie as we exchange quips: “From what I can see Jackie, your well being is in good shape, but perhaps I should look further.”
“Perhaps you should Bob; ........... I like the health plan you have in mind.”
I stood up, taking off my suit coat and handing it to Jackie to put behind her head. Putting my knees on the step one riser down from the landing I bring Jackie’s feet back to my thighs. Jackie’ knees are bent to a great degree with our new position. Jackie’s dress covers her knees, but to a lesser extent than in the previous position. I lean forward and kiss Jackie on each knee through her dress. Her dress has fallen away from the back of her thighs, and is lying on my coat on the landing; exposing some of her thighs.
Squeezing Jackie’ knees together; pressing my lips against the tight space between her knees, and kissing her while hugging her legs; “Ohhhhh!” the euphoria of holding a new woman, of touching her.
My hands move to her knees, slowly I open her legs: “I like blue panties ... and thigh hi stockings”; my face dives toward her crotch, burying itself in between Jackie’ legs. The softness of a woman; her sweetness, the thrill of being where I am; light headed at the thought of what I am doing; burying my face between the legs of another man’s wife; sniffing and mouthing Jacqueline’ pussy.
“Fuck me Bob”!
I push back to take down my pants; Jackie hikes herself up and slips her panties over her legs and off, throwing them into my face. I sniff her panties for a few seconds and drop my pants.
Jackie smells nice; I like a clean smelling woman.
Moving ahead, my cock presses against her hole. Jackie brings her legs up and Bobbie slips into Jackie all the way. Jackie wraps her legs around me pulling us tight together; the fucking starts.
Jackie has total control of our sex. I move she counters. Jackie governs how deep I go, she loosens her grip so I can pump her; she holds me tight; Jackie rotates her hips, Jackie pumps with her hips, squeezing me with her thighs. Jackie changes the angle of our fucking, I start to cum, she holds still, she twists, she squeezes, and she bites, killing my orgasm. Jackie starts us up again; on and on we fuck.
Several times Jackie has halted our fucking, only to reignite it.
“Cum inside me Bob”
She slows us, her ass pumps, grinds, and twists; her legs pull me tight to her.
Jackie arches, strains, stiffens, squeezes my neck and pulls my hair as she cums. Jackie locks her lips on mine ...... kissing me, her moans are muffled; I hold her tight.
I cum in her at the peak of her passion, volley after volley shoots into Jackie. Her cheeks clinch time and again during her orgasms.
Jackie’ mouth breaks from mine, unable to control herself any longer.
“Oh God, I want a baby Bob.”
God her cunt feels so, so good; it seems to thrive on my orgasms.
We stop crashing into one another.
“Jackie; ..... You are one fantastic lay, your good. ......, and I think I drowned your clitoris.”
Jackie laughs a little.
That is how a beautiful 8 month, very discrete, affair began.
Jackie and Paul broke up. Jackie had her baby. She quit work so she could look after her little girl. Yours truly, Bob Smythe, is a dad, although we keep it quiet.
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