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The story of how this dirty little girl started a nasty affair with her step dad
Brandi and Her Step-Dad: Freaky Friday

It hadn't taken very long. Just three months after her new stepfather had moved in,
and Brandi was having an illicit affair with him, and all right under her pretentious
mother's nose. She would have never imagined such a thing possibe; For one, she had despised the
intrusion Jason and his young daughter Stephanie had brought to her home. Her mother was a
workaholic, rarely at home, and that had suited the dirty-minded preteen just fine. It gave her all the free time she needed
to explore her tight young body, look up any nasty thing she wanted on her computer, and then finger-fuck herself to
oblivion, spending hours cumming without interruption or fear of getting caught.

And two, the things she and Jason did...they went far beyond anything her young mind would have imagined on its own. When she
thought about what she was now capable of, her tiny pussy leaked like crazy.

Jason had changed everything by marrying her mother and moving into their home. At first it was annoying; there was always
someone around, and Brandi had had to start sneaking her fingers into her ever-dripping cunt late at night or just before
school. For one, there was only one computer, so her acces to the porn she loved to watch as she worked herself over was limited.
Her new step-dad always seemed to be hovering around, or hogging the thing himself; yet another reason she used to despise him for living here. Then there
was little Stephanie. She was a sweet, very cute little 4 year old, always so full of energy, which annoyed her to no end. She never left
Brandi alone; always wanting to play dress up whenever she got home from school, or asking irritating questions, or sneaking into her
room as a game, just as she was about to make herself cum grinding against her hand under her covers. There had been moments Stephie
drove her so crazy, she had wished she could just slap her or abuse her in some way, to really show her which girl ran this house.

Needless to say, it had been a very frustrating first 3 months.

Then, 3 weeks ago, it had all changed. Brandi had been up late on a Friday night, waiting impatiently for everyone to go to bed, trying
to ignore the "itch" between her legs. School had sucked that week, and at home, there hadn't been a whole lot of oppurtunities for her to get in
some "quality" time on her computer. During that long week, Brandi remembered how her mind had spun up constant fantasies, driving her crazy,
until she was ready to explode. She had been so desperate to watch a cock plunging into some wet juicy pussy, to see it throbbing in a
grown mans hand as he pushed it into some innocent looking teenager's mouth...The urge to finger herself had been overwhelming, but she
had stayed determined and waited until everyone had gone to bed that night.

She sat alone on the couch, wearing only a tight blue Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt that only came down to her belly button, leaving her smooth, flat stomach exposed,
and a pair of flimsy pink pajama bottoms. When she was sure everyone had gone to bed, finally, she found a ppv adult film that sounded filthy on the satellite,
and after confirming the purchase, excitedly pushed play. Her mother would never know; she was always in such a rush, she usually just wrote the checks
and paid the bills, never bothering to really look at any of them.

The film began with a young 18-year-old redhead with light freckles, dressed in a cheerleader uniform, wearing no panties, fingering herslef on a playground swing.
Brandi's small cunt was instantly wet, as she imagined what the scene had in store for her. She stood and peeled off her pajama bottoms, revealing her own naked,
bald slit underneath. As she watched a large man with a huge, engorged cock enter the scene on the screen, Brandi sat back on the couch and spread her legs wide.
With her eyes never leaving the screen, she felt underneath the couch cushions where she had hidden her favorite hair brush. All week, Brandi had been teasing and
driving herself crazy, horny as fuck, waiting for the moment she could let loose. She glanced briefly at the fat handle of her brush, and smiled wickedly to
herself. "This is gonna be fun", she anxiously moaned, tapping the handle against her swollen clit.

Turning her attention back to the screen, she watched as the little teen stopped fingering her very small, very pink gash and reached out with one hand, grabbing hold
of the muscular man's cock. Brandi slowly pushed the end of her hairbrush past her pussy lips just as the girl on screen smiled and brought the fat cock to her mouth.
Brandi shivered as she watched, thinking to herself "There's no way that thing will fit," but knowing it would. The man wasted no time, as he groaned and, grabbing hold
of a clump of the girl's red hair, began forcefully face-fucking into the teen's small mouth. The pink lip gloss that had been so carefully placed onto the teen's lips
smeared and came off, as the thick dick in her mouth pushed in and out, over and over, stretching the young teen's lips to the maximum. Brandi lost all control, pushing
her toy into her pussy a little more, before pulling
it back out again, then plunging it back inside a few inches, listening to the wet sloshing sound it made as it re-entered her cunt. On the screen, the young girl was gagging
and slobbering spit all over her juicy meat stick. It dribbled in long strings down onto her red and white uniform top.

Just as Brandi started to feel her first cum creeping up her thighs, her eyes widened as another man with an even larger cock came up behind the girl as she sat on
the swing, gobbling the first man's dick as if it were her last meal. He pulled gently on the girl's waist, until her cute little ass hung over the swing, and the
camera switched angles to show her pert little butt and small pink slit exposed and slightly stretched open from the way she was sitting. Brandi's first orgasm
overtook her, and she ground the brush against her wet clit, her pussy drooling her cum all over her hand. She bit her lip, and kept her hand steady, until the
amazing spasms subsided and the sparks cleared from her eyes.

But as was always the case, her first cum was just the beginning. Brandi had discovered, over the course of her short but extensive experimenting, that
the first orgasm was just a warmup for the many more she could bring on. She looked towards the wide screen of the television again, just as the camera focused on
the second man's fat cock pushing slowly onto the young teen's tight, barely exposed gash. He tugged back on the swing, pulling her up and back so that he could
get a good angle on her as he fucked into her, and she groaned, still bent over at the waist, her mouth stretched wide around the pistoning cock of the first guy.

Brandi wasted no time, plunging the hairbrush handle roughly back into her sopping wet slit, grunting almost too loud at the intensely pleasureable intrusion.
On screen, the men were hammering away at the freckled-face redhead, slamming her back and forth on the swing as she moaned and screamed between breaths, whenever
the first cock was pulled from her drooling mouth for a breif second. Brandi began thrusting her hips up to meet her hand, ramming the brush handle into her cunt
again and again, so excited and horny now she didn't care if anyone heard her gasps and moans. She had never been so turned on; but the combination of prolonging this
moment of ecstacy all week, and the hot movie on her televsion ( and maybe even the slight possibility that she might get caught, fucking her teenage pussy in the family
living room ) was proving too much for her young body to take. Her pussy clenched tightly onto the handle again, soaking her fingers and palm with more sticky
juices, making wet splattering sounds when they squeezed out from around the fat black handle stuffed snugly into her small vagina.

Her climax continued for what seemed liked minutes, and her spasms were so great she almost fell to the floor. Looking up, just as the screen went black for a moment, she
thought she saw the reflection of her stepfather Jason in the kitchen dining room, looking in. But then the screen was again filled with images of the small redheaded teen,
now straddling the first guy's cock as he sat on a park bench. Brandi froze for a moment, wondering if she had seen what she thought she saw. Too afraid to turn and look, she
crawled back against the back of the couch, closing her legs, feeling her creamy juices puddling between her smooth thighs.

She reached around with her right hand, searching for the remote in a vain attempt to maybe stop the movie and possibly hide what she had been doing. But the remote was
nowhere to be found, having slipped between the cushions or under the couch during her frantic movements. So Brandi sat there, not sure what to do, as the scene on her
television continued to play out. The redheaded young girl had removed her top, and her small but firm tits moved up and down with the motion of her riding the first man's
cock. His dick looked enormous at this angle, and despite herself and the fear that maybe her stepfather had seen her ( and was possibly still watching ), she felt
herself getting worked up again, and slowly let her hand fall between her legs. The brush had disappeared, probably to the same place as the remote control, but at
this point, Brandi was so worked up, her fingers would do just fine.

She slipped first one, then two long fingers completely into her tight preteen pussy. Without thinking about it, she again spread her legs, just a little at first, but then
all the way as she began to work her fingeres in and out faster and faster, deeper and deeper, just as the teen on screen slowed down and, looking behind her, motioned for
the second guy to come over. Raising her red and white cheerleading skirt, she told the second guy to put his cock in her tight teenage ass. Stroking it furiously, the man
wasted no time fulfilling her request, and without even so much as a spit-lube, shoved his fat dick into her small brown star, filling both of the teen's tight holes
at the same time. The men then proceeded to double fuck her small body roughly, grunting obscenties at her, calling her "a little whore", "a cum slut", and "a cunt who was
addicted to cocks".

Brandi had never seen or heard anything like this. Her mind went crazy with lust, and she lost control, no longer caring where she was or if she got caught. "Fuck her stepfather,"
she thought,even if he was still watching. This had been her house first, and if he was such a perv that he was standing around watching his 12 year-old step-daughter finger-fuck her pussy,
then she would really give him a show. She pulled her t-shirt above her small, B-Cup breasts, then spread her legs on the couch as wide as she could get them. As she watched the men in
the movie pound their teenage fucktoy furiously, sliding their cocks alternately in and out of her tiny asshole and tight, wet, pink gash, she plunged three of her fingers roughly
into her slobbering cunt, slamming her fingers just as hard as the men on screen were slamming into their little whore. She bit down on her lip again, hard, as the intense
pleasure coursed through her body, heightened by a sense of fear and determination, and the dirty scene playing out before her on the screen. The men continued calling the girl
names, and she was almost sobbing, begging for them to fuck her harder and harder, her voice high pitched and full of ecstacy.

Then the scene went black again, and Brandi glanced up quickly, trying to see if her stepfather was really there, hiding in the dining room, spying on her actions.
But the screen filled again, a closeup now of the redheaded teen's gorgeous, freckled face, her mouth opened in a small 'O' shape, her little pink tongue slightly out and
over her full pink lips. Brandi could hear the wet 'slap, whack, slap' of cocks offscreen, and the men grunting as they jerked themselves off. Occassionally one of their
bloated, purple cockheads would slip onto the screen and touch the little teen's cheek, and the girl would smile and look over at it.

Brandi's legs quivered, and she felt a huge orgasm racing through her pussy, up through her thighs and down her spine. She had never been so turned on, so absolutely
overcome with lust, and she knew this was going to be an amazing cum. She rammed her fingers ruthlessly into her snatch again and again, her hand covered in cream, watching
the screen intently, curious on how it would end. Without warning, her orgasm exploded, just as the two men on screen grunted and began to blow their cum onto the teen's
cute little face. Ribbons of white, snotty cum rained down over the teen's forehead, then the freckles on her cheeks. Brandi almost screamed, except that the intensity
of her cum kept the scream caught in her throat, and she watched with wide-open eyes as her orgasm racked her young body like nothing else she had ever experienced. The men
on screen continued their deluge of their young fucktoy's face, spraying sticky load after sticky load of sloppy cum onto the bridge of her pert little nose, over her lips
and onto her outstretched tongue. They finished by aiming into her mouth, firing off a few small gobs, filling her mouth with goo.

Suddenly, as if in a dream, Brandi felt a hand on her forehead, and her head was snapped backwards until she was looking up at her naked-at-the-waist step dad. He was
furiously jerking on his fat, long cock, and even though none of it made sense through the fog of her still ongoing orgasm, Brandi couldn't take her eyes off of his
wet, slippery cockmeat. Totally without warning, the slit at the tip of the huge, purple headed cock being jerked just inches from her face opened up, and before Brandi had a
chance to register what was happening, belched forth two successive and thick ribbons of sperm that splattered against her forehead and eyes as if she were being slapped.
Brandi reflexively closed her eyes, and without even thinking about it first, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, just like the girl in the movie. She heard Jason
grunt deeply and say "Yes, you fucking little preteen cum whore!" and then felt more thick cum hit her face, nose, and chin. She could feel it as it ran down in small
rivers over her cheeks, down her nose, only to be replaced with more gobs of warm, snotty jizz. Her eyes were glued shut with the stuff, and she could now taste the salty-sweet
mixture as it rolled down into her open mouth, mixing with the strings that had landed on her tongue and stuck to her braces.

Then it stopped. The hand that had had a hold of her strawberry blond hair let go, and her head hung down in exhasution as she struggled to get her breath. She swallowed
the cum in her mouth, wincing at the strange taste, then waited to see if Jason would say or do anything. After a long moment, she slowly wiped cummy globs from her eye sockets, then
cautiously opened her eyes, only to find that she was alone again in the living room, her t-shirt splattered with sperm, her small tits covered as well. In that moment,
Brandi felt changed, like she had just been used as a cum dump. In the back of her mind she was screaming "My step dad just used me like a piece of meat!", but her pussy
tingled and creamed at those words, at the thought of how much she had turned him on, the power her small body had on a grown man.

As she sat there, a sloppy, wrecked mess on her mother's living room floor, cum dripping from her so-innocent looking face, she couldn't help but think about how
much she liked the feeling, and the nastiness of the entire situation. And she smiled...

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