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This is a tale about me when I was a Little Girl and how I was introduced to sex.
My name is Anne and I am 33 years of age. My husband presuaded me to write
this as I told him my story not long after we were married and now he
believes this is the right time to tell all of what happened to me when I
was a Child.

It all started when I was 10 years old. I had been invited to a friends
birthday party, Gillian, and I went with my mother as she did not like me
going on the Bus alone.

We arrived at the party and there were lots of other children already there.
I gave Gillian her present and I ran into the main room to join in the Fun.
We palyed all sorts of games, Statues, Musical Chairs ect ect. It was great

We also had a great Tea Party with lots of gooy cakes and lots and lots of
Lemonade to drink. So much so that all too soon I needed to pee bad.

I left the main room and I looked around to see if I could find a toilet.
It was a fairly big house and every door I looked into was either a Bedroom
or a Cupboard. Eventually I opened a door and it was a small study and
inside was Gillians Dad.

I had only seen him a few times and had not really spoken to him at all. He
looked up when he saw me at the door, smiled and said,

"Hello little girl can I help you"

I smiled back and told him that I was looking for a Toilet as I needed to
pee Bad.

Nodding and Smiling Gillians Dad stood up and holding out a hand to me he

"Come with me and I will take you to a Toilet you can use"

I took his hand and he led me into the hall and then led me upstairs. On
the next floor he took me through a door that led into a large Bedroom and
then over to another door. He opened this and led me into a Big Bathroom.
He pointed to the toilet and at the same time pushed the door closed behind
him with the 2 of us in the Bathroom. He said,

"There you go Anne" he had learned my name as we walked up the satairs, "You
can have a Pee in that toilet."

I just looked at him and he just smiled and pointed again at the toilet.
"Come on" he said, "I need to pee as well andif you dont hurry up I will wet

Not knowing really what to do and seeing I Was about to wet my Pants I
walked over to the toilet and put the seat down. I reached up my skirt and
I tugged down my Panties and I quickly sat on the toilet seat. Not a second
too soon for as soon as I sat down, WooSH, the pee poured out of me and made
a noisy splash in the bowl. This went on for some seconds and when I
finished I tried to get a piece of toilet paper to wipe myself but the roll
was just our of reach.

Gillians Dad came over and said,

"My you did need that pee, here let me help you I'll get some paper for you"

So saying he reached the roll and tore off a few sheets. He was about to
give them to me when he stopped.

"HMMM" he said "I tell you what you open your legs a bit and I will wipe
your litle Pussy for you"

At first I did not know what he meant as I had never herd that name before,
pussy. I just sat there and he knelt down and put one hand on each knee and
push my legs apart. I was so surprised I never tried to stop him and then
he lifted my skirt and I was fully exposed to his gaze. He looked between
my legs and he must have had a clear view of my Pussy. With his other hand,
the one with the toilet paper, he reached out and patted my Pussy dry.

He then dropped the paper into the bowl and said.

"Better make sure your pussy is quite dry, don't want you to be
uncomfortable with wet panties, now do we"

So saying he ran a finger up and down my pussy and had a good feel. I gave
a shudder, not because I was frightened or scared but because it gave me a
funny feeling and a nice one at that.

All too soon he stood up, I wanted him to keep on playing with my pussy, and
told me to pull up my panties as he need to pee now.

I did as I was told and he then lifted the seat of the toilet and unzipped
his pants. He reached in and pulled out his penis, it was not till later on
I found out to call it a cock, and he aimed it at the bowl and started to

I really could not see much as he mostly had his back to me. I was curious
and I wanted to see him pee so I stepped round and I could see his penis
clearly and the pee pouring out from it. I had seen my brothers once when
he showed it to me but this one was much bigger. He soon finished and he
shook off the last drips of pee. He looked down at me ans he asked me if I
had seen a cock before. I shook my head saying no. He smiled at me then
and asked if I would like to hold it a Bit. I Nodded and he then took my
hands and placed them on his Cock. He showed me how to hold it with 2 hands
and to rub it up and down. He said that he liked little girls doing that to
him. His cock started to grow in my hands and he told me not to worry and
that the bigger it got the better he liked it and the better I was doing it.

I kept on rubbing his cock, it was fun, and it grew bigger until it was way
too big for my tiny hands. I kept on Rubbing and Rubbing and all of a
Sudden his cock spurted out, what I thought at that time, some extra thick
white pee. It spurted and spurted and Gillians Dad groaned. His cock went
all soft and he looked down at me and smiled.

"That was lovely Anne, you are a very good girl doing that for me I think we
should wash our hands and go back to the party"

So we washed our hand and we went downstairs. He showed me where the party
was and I ran back in just in time to be given a Big Lucky Bag as the party
was just finishing. I was given my coat and I walked back home, which was
not far at all.

The next day at school I saw Gillian and we played in the School Playground
for a while and then we sat down on the Climbing frame and we chatted. I
told her that I had met her Dad and that he took me to the toilet. I also
told her about playing with his Penis and she was really interested in this.
She said she had seen him playing with it once. She said he was standing
in the Bathroom and the door was open and she cold see him playing with it.
She said it was all hard and it suddenly spurted out gooey stuff, just like
it did when I played with it. She said that he knew she was watching as he
smiled at her and then closed the door.

We talked about this for a long time and we decided to ask her Dad if we
both could play with his penis. The bell rang then and we ran back into
school and we said we would meet at her house that night.

After I had my tea that evening I asked my Mum if I could oer to Gillian's
house to play. She phoned up and spoke to her Mum and she said that she was
going out but her husband would be there and he would look after me along
with Gillian.

So Put on my coat and walked round to Gillian's House. She was waiting for
me, standing in the open front door. We went in and she whispered to me
that Dad was in the living room watching TV and was we were still going to
ask him if we could play with his Penis.

We opened the Living Room Door and stood there. I must admit I was feeling
nervous as I did not know what Gillian's Dad would do or say. He was
sitting on the Couch watching TV and when he realised we were standing in
the doorway he looked, saw us, and Smiled at us. Encouraged by the smile we
walked into the room and stood beside him.

"Well" he said "What are my two favourite girls up to"

We looked at each other and shuffled our feet. I slowly stammered "i er I
mean we were wondering if we could play with you"

"Sure" he said " What game would you like to play"

Gillian looked at me and waved her hands at me as if to say go and tell him.

So I said "No not a Game, we both would like to play with you like I did
ysterday in your Bathroom, you know playing with your Penis"

For a second he just looked at me and then he laughed out loud. When he
stopped laughing he said, "Well why not, I know you Gillian have seen me
play with it and you Anne have played with it, so why not. But first a few
rules OK"

We both nodded our heads i agreement.

"Ok then First this, You never ever tell anyone what we three do, it is our
secret, Right"

We both again nodded our heads

"Second, I will let you play with my Cock but then you must also let me play
with your Pussy, that is both of you, agreed"

At first Gillian look blank until I told her that her Pussy was her Pee Pee.
We then agreed to this. I was happy as he had already played with my
pussy for a short time and I liked it.

"OK Girls come here and stand there" So Saying he pointed in front of where
he was sitting. We sttod in front of him and he continued talking, "Well we
wont have much time today as Gillian your Mother is due back in about 30
Minutes, she just phoned and told me her meeting was postponed, so all we
will have time for is for the both of you to have a play with my Cock and
hopefully you will make me cum as I feel horny now after talking to to you
two. So what I will do is to take my Cock out and then you two can sit
either side of me and you will both be able to play with it at the same
time, Is that OK"

We both said yes together, although I was a bit disappointed that he was not
going to play with my Pussy as I was looking forward to that, so I asked him
"When do you want me to show you my Pussy?" He laughed at that and said "I
don't think we will have time tonight but I tomorrow is Friday and Gillians
Mother is going away for the weekend. So How about if I ask your Mother
Anne if you could stay the weekend here with Gillian and then we could have
a weekend of Fun."

Gillian and I looked at each other and I said "Yes fine with me what about
you" and Gillian agreed.

So we all agreed as long as my Mother said it was OK I would stay the
weekend from tomorrow night till Monday Morning and that way we could have a
weekend of Fun with her Dad.

"OK then" he said "Since we agree lets get on with you sitting up here, you
Ane on my left and you Gillian on my right".

We both got on the couch were we were told and waited. Gillian's Dad
unfastened his trousers and pushed them down to the floor along with his
Underpants. His Cock sprang up and it was already hard and big. It was
lovely and Gillian gasped when she saw it.

I reached out and took hold of it in my two hands and started to rub it up
and like like I did yesterday. I said to Gillian "Here Gill Like this, Take
hlod with your hands and rub it up and down, this is what your Dad Likes."

Gillian reached out and did the same as me and her Dad leaned back and
moaned softly and closed his eyes and said "Lovely Girls thats the way dont
stop keep it and you will soon see me Cum."

We kept playing with Gillians Dad's Cock and he after a bit he stiffened and
said "Here I cum Girls" and his Cock gave a big Leap in our hands and it
spurted thick white stuff in the air.

It kept spurting until it just dribbled and his Cock started to grow
smaller. He graoned and opened his eyes and said "That was lovely Girls,
Thanks I really needed that. " He pick up some of the Stuff in his hands
and then said "OK which one of you wants to taste some of this?"

We both said that we would so he split it into two and there was some on
each of his hands. He put his hands out so that they were in easy reach of
our mouths and we licked the syuff off.

It tasted funny but nice at the same time and we soon had his hands all
licked clean. He then put his Cock away and went to the Cupboard and got
out a cleaner and cleaned the carpet where the other bit of stuff had gone.

Soon after Gillians Mother came in and I went home with a note from Gillians
Dad asking if I could stay the weekend.

The next day me and Gillian talked all day about what happened with her Dad
the day before. We talked and Talked about what might happen this weekend.
Gillian was certain that her Dad would want to do lots of sexy things with
us but exactly what she was not sure. During the afternoon break I asked
Joyce, a girl who was 4 years ahead of us, if she could tell me what having
sex was. So she told me that was how babies were made and that a Man put
his penis into a Girls Vagina, she called it Pussy like Gills Dad did, and
she said that when this happened it was a great feeling. She said she had
done it with her boyfriend and she thought it was great fun.

When I told Gillian what Joyce had told me she said that was what her Dad
would do to both of us this weekend. WOW I thought, I can hardly wait.

That evening I went round to Gillians house with a small bag containing a
Nightie and some clean underwear and a couple of changes of clothes. Gill
was waiting for me and she showed me to her bedroom where we were supposed
to sleep. I put my bag on the bed and we both went in search of her Dad.

He was sitting in the living room and when we entered he smiled at us and
said, "Come over here Girls and give me a Big Hug and Kiss" I went to him
and Hugged him and he hugged me back. I Lifted my head and kissed him on
the lips. Gillian did the same.

"Right Girls" he said, "This weekend no one will need to go outside at all.
What I want you both to do is this. Go aroud the house and draw all the
curtains so no one can see in and then once you have done that lock the back
door and front door and then come back here."

Of we ran and we drew all the curtains and locked the doors and we were soon
back in the living room standing in front of Gills Dad.

"All done" He asked and we Nodded our heads, "Good" he said, "Now this
weekend we will want for nothing. The house is full of all types of food
and drink so we can do whatever we like, OK"

We just nodded and we waited to see what else he was about to say. He stood
up and continued.

"OK for start all of us will soon take off all our clothes and for the whole
weekend we will be totally naked" My eyes open wide but I said nothing.
"We all can do anything to each other as long as it is nice. Like I can
kiss you both anywhere on your bodies and you can kiss me anywhere on my
Body. You can play with my Cock and I can play with your Pussies. OK"

I looked at Gillian and we both then said "Yes OK".

"From now on you both will call me Daddy and nothing else, OK" We nodded.

At that he started to undress and soon he was down to his Underpants. I
could see the shape of his Cock through the material and I couldn't take my
eyes off it. He put his thumbs into the waistband and slowly pulled them
down and his Cock sprang out. He stepped out of them and threw them on the

"There he said I am now all naked and girls it is your turn, come on get
undressed. I was not wearing much Just a T-Shirt a short Skirt and a pair
of white panties. I first took off my t_Shirt and then took of the Skirt
and then I pulled down my Panties and I sttod there naked. Daddy looked at
me and called me closer to him. He pick me up and sat me down on the couch
and then put his hands one on each knee and pushed them apart. I let him do
this and he gasped when he saw my Little Pussy. He reached out and ran a
finger up and down the slit. This sent a shiver down me and I smiled at
him. By this time Gllian was also Naked and was watching Daddy doing this
to me.

He pressed my pussy and found my entrance and slowly pushed a finger in me.
OOOOO it felt funny but is was nice. He called Gillian over and he withdrew
his finger. He showed gillian what he had done and then told her to push a
finger inside me. Gillian ran her fingers up and down my slit and this felt
good too. She found my little hole and she pushed a finger in me. While
she did this Daddy was atching closely and was rubbing his Cock up and down.
He then knelt beside me and pushed his Cock towards my Face.

"Anne be a good little girl and kiss my Cock" MMMM I thought why not so I
gave his Cock a Kiss. He told me to open my mouth and to suck his Cock like
I would a Lollypop. I open my mouth wide and it just managed to get in my
mouth. I closed my lips around the end and I sucked as hard as I could. Al
the time Gillian was pushing a finger in and out of me and I was sucking
Daddy's Cock. Suddenly his Cock twitched and he spurted his white stuff
down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, it tasted just like the
last time and was nice, but most just came out of my mouth and spilled down
my face and on to my legs.

When daddy had got his breath back he looked down at Gillia and tld her to
lick the White stuff off me. Most had gone down between my legs and was
running down my pussy. Gillian got closer and started to lick off all the
White stuff and when her tongue ran up my slit it was like an electric shock
but a nice one. I gasped out and Gillian kept on licking my pussy, it was

Soon I was all clean and Daddy said that this weekend was going to be
nothing but sex for all of us. He asked us if we know what sex was and I
told him what Joyce had told us and he said that was right.

He told us he was going to, over the weekend, Fuck us Both one at a time and
we wold both have a fantastic time. I was worried about babies and he
chuckled at that and he told us we were both too young to have babies and
that all that would happen is that we would no longer be a Virgin but we
would be all grown up.

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such stories are mostly true since most girls usually have such sexual encounters with seniors in the family which is always unforgettable. I too
was only 10 when my uncle (my fathers' sis hubby) kissed my cunt which ultimately became regular feature as I also liked it and encouraged him to lick my hairless but highly juicy cunt for hours when aunty was away at work. I was always crazy sucking his beautiful cock and drink delicious jizz.

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I guess this is a true story. the authors name is darkdad and it says hes a 62 year old male, yet it still proceeds to say "when I was a little girl" lmao

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mmmm that was so hot! Im 11 and want some cock why not give me your phone number!

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There is nothing else in life to enjoy good i to like fu k u girls

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