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What happened when I forgot to do my homework.
I was nearly 12 years old when I moved up into secondary school. My
New school was called the Morgan and was in Stobswell area Dundee.
OIt was an old building and it had large towers at the front, it was
quite imposing. Fortunately most of my friends changed school at the
same time so I knoew a lot of the new commers. It was a busy time of
my life for I had only recently discovered the wonders of sex. I
visited my uncle about once a month and we usually had some form of
sex. And at home my Dad would often come into my room at night and
wake to have his way with me. Although I was having fun I was at
times feeling very tired.

Anyway at school we had mainly male teachers, and for maths we had a
Mr Cook. He was quite a nice teacher but he was quite strict when he
came to marking your papers or homework. After I had been at the
Morgan for about 3 months we were given this heavy losd of Maths
Homework which had to completed over the weekend. Well that
particular weekend I had arranged to go to Monifieth to visit my
Uncle as my Aunt was to be away. I couldn't miss have my Uncle all
to myself so instead of doing my Homework I went to Monifieth. I had
a fantastic time and seeing as my Aunt was away I slept in my Uncle's
bed with him. I loved waking up in the morning to find my Uncle
beside me all naked, specially when I found out he usually woke up
with a hard on. That weekend we had sex all over the house and by
the time I went home my pussy was feeling well fucked.

Monday morning came and it only then dawned on me, OOOPS Maths
Homework. Everybody handed in their work except me. Later on Mr
Cook stopped by the class I was in, English Lit UGH, and said that he
wanted to see me after my last class with regard to my missing
homework. OH OH I thought I'm for it now.

The rest of the day dragged on and 4pm came and I found my self
wainting in the classroom of Mr Cook. He didn't keep me waiting long
and he prodeded to lecture me about the importance of doing
homework. Now I was tried and very uptight with all the suspence of
waiting to get shouted at by Mr Cook. Now that it was hapening I
couldn't stop myself from bursting into tears. At First he never
noticed but whrn he did he just stood there with his mouth hanging

"W W Whats the matter Susan" he said " Ididn't mean to make you cry"
Looking around he saw a box of tissues on his desk. "Come over here
and let me dry your tears" So saying he walked round his desk and
sat down, reached for the box and pulled out a few tissues. I went
and stood beside him and he gently wiped away my tears. I am qiute
small and even when he was sitting down my head was level with his
head. I had to stand quite close to him as he wiped my face. He
used his right hand to stady my head and his left to pat my tears
away. I sttod there sniveling and Mr cook started to stroke my hair
while at the same time saying things like "There there, its all
right, thats it you'll fine"

I shuffeld even closer and I lent my head foreard and rested it on
his shoulder. This made it impossible for him to continue wiping my
face so he did the only thing he could, and was to put his arm around
me. There we were with Mr Cook Stroking my hair with his right hand
as his left arm around my body. I must admit I felt comforted.
Suddenely I realised that his left arm had dropped a bit and his left
hand was now resting on my bottom. I never moved or said anything
but I did push my face deeper into his neck. After a bit he became a
bit bolder and squeezed my bum gently. I remained quiet and he must
have taken this a a green light for his hand slipped down my bum and
onto my leg below my skirt. Once there he started to slowly slide
his hand up my leg under my skirt. soon he had his hand on my bottom
again, but time under my skirt and on my panties. T encourage him I
gave a little Moan MMMMMMM. Mr Cook then pushed his fingers under my
Panties and ran his fingers up and down my bum crack. I then put my
arms around his neck and I lifted my head and looked him in his
eyes. I leaned forward and kissed him on his lips. I opened my lips
on contact and I pushed my tongue out and let it play with his
tongue. Mr cook hesitated at first but he quickly started to kiss me
back. His right stopped stroking my hair and with it he pulled my
shirt out of the waistband of my skirt. When he had managed this his
hand dived under my shirt and start to squeeze my little a Cup
breasts. He pushed up my Bra and played with my nipples. OOOOOOO I
moaned in his mouth. His other had been busy as well. He had
brought it round to the front and he had pushed his hand down the
fron of my panties. To help him I opened my legs and his fingers
found my little hairless pussy. It was qiute damp by this time and
with a little bit of effort he managed to slip two fingers in my
cunt. OOOO How I love to be finger fucked, but now I wanted to be
fucked for real, that is with Mr Cooks Cock. I dropped my hand down
to his trousers and unzipped him. I put my little hands inside and
pulled down his under pants. His Cock was straining to get out and
it did. It sprang out into my hands. It was so big My tiny hands
would not go all around it. It was all hard and warm and the outside
skin was lovely and soft, I couldn't wait for Mr Cook to get this
lovely cock inside me. I rubbed his Cock up and down for him and he
groaned with real pleasure.

Mr Cook the grabbed my arms and pushed me away and as he looked into
my eyes he asked me

"Susan do you know what is happening, Do you know what I want to do
to you now"

I Smiled at him and I answered, " Yes I know what you want to do, you
want to fuck me. Thats OK for I want you to fuck me too. Dont worry
I am not a virgin and I really want your Cock in me"

So saying I bent down and tried to get his Cock into my mouth, but it
was too big. Mr cook reach under my skirt and pulled my panties
right down and I willingly stepped out of them. He then Stood up,
making me let go of his big hard Cock, took me by the arms and lifted
me up. He then sat me downon his desk and with one movement flipped
my skirt up past my waist. I opened my legs wide which then made it
possible for him to get a clear view of my hairless cunt. (by this
time I did have a few hairs growing but I kept it shaved as my uncle
liked it this way).

As he stared at my cunt he slowly undid his trousers and along with
his underpants pushed them to the floor. Taking his Cock in his
right hand he guided it towards my dripping Cunt. I felt it split my
cunt lips open wider and wider. His Cock was so big that I never
thought it would fit in me. Mr Cook took his time and very slowly
pushed his way in. As he did so I pulled him to me hard while
breathing deeply and gasping all at the same time. He stopped for a
bit then pushed in some more. He kept on doing this until I had all
of his 9 ins in me. (I know he was 9 ins for I measured him a few
weeks later)

Slowly at first then with increasing speed he started to fuck me in
and out. OOOOOOOH I sighed as the monster Cock rammed in and out of
me. I squeezed my Cunt muscles and he moaned out loud. His thrusts
became quicker and all too soon I felt him go ridged and his cum
spurting at the neck of my womb. I pressed down hard on his cock
as my own orgasm was almost there, then just as he was about to slip
out of me I came. I just sat there shuddering and shuddering as
waves of fantastic pleasure rolled all over me, right down to my
toes. This was one of my most explosive orgasms I have ever had, I t
went on for simply ages and Mr Cook had to hold me otherwise I would
have fallen of his desk. I slowly came back down to earth and Mr
Cook was very sweet, he cuddled and kissed me all over. He got down
on his knees and licked and kissed my Cunt. He sucked all his cum
out and went on to give another orgasm, LOVERLY. By the time he had
done this his Cock was all hard again so I asked him to fuck me
again. He was quite happy to do so and this time he fucked me for
much longer and I had a loverly orgasm just before he did.

After that day Inever had a problem with Maths and when I went on to
French lessons I never had a problem there either. Even if I never
actually did the work. But that is another story.

I hope you liked this story !!
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