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Twin brother and sister are sent to a very special academy deep in the woods
I was 15 years old when my father sent me and my twin brother Gabe to Vetriss Academy. I had no idea what was ahead of me, but I did know that I was dreading leaving my home in the city for a place buried deep in the mountains, in the middle of a god-forsaken forest. I mean, what did I do to deserve a year away from all of my friends? I sobbed the day that I left, as the driver pulled up to take me and Gabe away. He just rubbed my shoulder, and said “It will be fine Macy, don’t worry, it will be fine.” So we stepped into the small, black car, and began the climb into the mountains.
After about an hour, the forest around us was so thick that sunlight was completely blocked out by the foliage above. I gazed out the window wearily. That’s when I saw the trees part, and a huge stone building loomed out before us. The driver pulled up to the gate and unloaded our luggage, then left us behind in a cloud of dust. We made our way into the school, going straight to the headmistress’s office.
The inside of the school was polished and grand. The floor gleamed a golden hue and the stone walls were carved into statues of naked men and women intertwined. Gabe and I stood staring at the grandeur around us until a passing secretary ushered us quickly into the main office. The headmistress called from her office
“Bring them in, quickly, quickly. Morning services begin soon, we wouldn’t want to me that.”
So we entered the office and sat in two velvet chairs across from the headmistress. She about 45 years old, dressed in modest clothing that extended from her neck to her knees. Her black hair was fastened in a tight bun. She smiled a thin smile at us.
“I take it you are Gabe and Macy Boundbrook. Welcome to the Academy. From what your father has said, you are both a very talented set of siblings. However, you will quickly find that we require a very special set of talents here at the academy.” She looked me and Gabe over, and kept talking.
“I am going to be blunt. We are here to help you both explore your sexuality. You will learn how to please and be pleased by others. Your bodies now belong to us. Some of the classes here may require a great deal of….discomfort.” She smiled again at us, eyes full of malice. “Welcome to the Academy.”
She crossed over to where Gabe and I were sitting, and skillfully zapped Gabe with an electrogun that immediately paralyzed him, and then she quickly handcuffed my hands together before I realized what had happened.
“And now the fun begins. We are going to start with the first lesson Macy. Oral sex.”
I screamed, “NO! Gabe is my brother! That is so sick, I’m not going to do it! You are sick lady!” She just smiled and moved Gabe’s stiff body in front of me. She pulled down his jeans and boxers, letting his penis spring free. It was about 6 inches long, limp. As Gabe’s eyes darted all over the room, looking for escape. She reached down and started stroking Gabe’s penis, he let out a low moan.
“Hmmm, yeah, big brother likes that doesn’t he? Now why don’t we let sister have a taste?” She cooed. I shrieked over and over, but the mistress just reached forward, pinched my nose shut, and pulled my mouth unto his dick. I had no choice, I began sucking, and bobbing my head on my brother’s penis, trying not to choke or gag. Tears streamed down my face. The head mistress, released my head, and circled around the back of me. “Keep sucking or I will have to punish you in ways you cannot imagine” she said as she slid her hands up my shirt and under my bra. She began rubbing my nipples, rolling them, and pulling on them as I sucked Gabe’s dick. Then, she let one hand slide down my pants, and she found my clit, and started rubbing that too. I began to taste the salty precum as it leaked from Gabe’s dick. I could feel it, as Gabe started to cum in my mouth, shooting load after load of brotherly cum into my mouth, as I swallowed his wiggling sperm into my stomach. He stared at me, eyes glazed over with pleasure, and did I imagine it? Lust. The head mistress stopped molesting me, and moved Gabe back onto his chair. She came back over to me, sitting on my lap, facing me. She drew her shirt over her head, revealing her large breasts, which she shoved in my face.
“Suck them.” She demanded. Trembling, and face wet with tears, I took one of her brown nipples into my mouth and started sucking it. The mistress slipped her hand into her pants and started fingering herself. She sighed, and pulled her underwear down from under her skirt. She rubbed her wet pussy against my bare leg, slicking her juices across me. After a few minutes she stared moaning and bucking, grinding her crotch against my leg. She told me to suck the other nipple, and as I did she screamed, and I could feel her pussy pulsating on my leg. She stopped moving, trying to regain her breath. Once she did, she cupped my head in her hand, and forced her lips on mine, as her tongue snaked into my mouth. Her mouth sucked hard onto mine, until she finally let go, got up and left the room.

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