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My fortieth birthday, one that I’ll never forget.
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My Fortieth Birthday

My daughter thinks that she has me wrapped around her little finger but that is only because I let her think that. I let my wife think that too.

So when my thirteen-year-old daughter Suzie asked me for my credit card to make an Internet purchase, but wouldn’t tell me why, I let her coax it out of me. I played twenty questions with her but didn’t get much of an answer to any of them. She was quite resistant to telling me anything directly related to what she wanted to buy. Finally, I asked her if it was for sex toys. Suzie blushed and said, “Yes.” I asked how much she was planning on spending and she replied about a hundred dollars. I told her that she would have to coax me a lot more to get that much out of me.

Suzie did me one better…she said that she would make a sex movie with her girlfriends and give me a copy. I was very familiar with her girlfriends. The other three girls were probably even prettier than my daughter was…and built too.

Now at thirteen my daughter Suzie was too developed for her age. She got that from her mother. She had an hourglass figure, a protruding butt, and B-cup breasts. Her hair was milk chocolate brown and hung down to just above her waist. Her mother had taught her how to use makeup, wear tight revealing clothes, and to smell good at all times…exactly what had drawn me to her mother in the first place…only this was my teenage daughter.

The thoughts of getting to see a porn movie staring my daughter and her three girlfriends caused a lump to form in my pants.

Suzie giggled and said, “I can see the answer is yes, so give me your credit card.”

I just handed it over saying, “I need the total so I can deduct it from my bank account. That’s a debit card, not a credit card, but it works the same. Oh, and by the way I don’t want you to use it again without my approval. Don’t make me close out that account and punish you.”

Suzie smiled and said, “It might be nice to be punished. Mary said that she has an orgasm whenever her father spanks her bare butt in front of her two brothers. I wish I had brothers instead of a baby sister.”

I replied, “She is not a baby she is three years old and it was a mistake. Well not a mistake but an accident that I corrected a month after she was born.”

Suzie giggled and said, “Yeah I know, Mom got you spayed.”

I replied, “Neutered. A vasectomy to be exact.”

Suzie giggled again and said, “She has you paper trained, big boy.”

That was funny because my wife did call me big boy but not for the reasons that my daughter might think, my cock is rather thick although it is of normal length. She tells me that size does count, however she doesn’t like it in her ass, she says that it hurts. So I have been reduced to anal sex just twice a year, on my birthday, and on father’s day. I make up for it with nice gifts on her birthday and on Mother’s Day.

About an hour later Suzie brought back my debit card along with the statement of what she had purchased. I didn’t need to know the specifics but what to hell. As I looked it over I saw a one and a half by five-inch silicone dildo, a two-inch by six-inch silicone dildo, and a double-ended eighteen-inch silicone dildo. There was a medium butt plug, anal beads, and a butterfly vibrator. The total was one hundred and thirty dollars.

When I saw the total and looked up Suzie said, “I whet over so I guess you need to punish me.” She raised her short miniskirt up above her waist, lowered her yellow Miss Piggy panties to her ankles, and then she lay across my legs as I sat on the couch.

I asked, “How many should I give you?”

Suzie replied, “One for ever dollar that I was over. Thirty! And don’t be too gentle. My ass is supposed to burn afterwards and cum is supposed to be flowing out of my pussy. Mary said so.”

As I looked down at my daughter’s perfectly smooth ass cheeks I raised my hand and stuck her quite hard on her right cheek. She jumped, shouted out ‘fuck me’ then she wiggled her tummy into my erection. I struck her left cheek just as hard. She jumped and shouted out ‘cock sucker.’ After each subsequent strike I heard, cunt, ass wipe, cherry buster, hair pie, whore, and an assortment of swear words that I didn’t even know that she knew.

When I had applied all thirty I asked, “What was all the swearing about?”

Suzie said, “Mary said that is what she is supposed to do when she gets spanked. Now you are supposed to finger my pussy and make sure that I am dripping wet. If I’m not then you need to spank me more until I am.”

She stood up and faced me before opening her feet up wider for me. I reached out and slipped a finger into her pussy slit. She was just as wet as her mother is after sex. When I told her so she just smiled and said that she was looking forward to her next punishment. Then she asked me if I would like to spank her in front of her friends for her porn movie. Sure I would.

It seemed to take forever for her package of dildos to show up. When it did she disappeared into her bedroom for over an hour.

Finally she came out and whispered into my ear, “I can’t get the big one in.”

I smiled and handed her the tube of K-Y Jelly that I keep around for anal sex and whispered back, “Maybe it isn’t supposed to fit.”

Suzie looked confused and whispered, “Then how is a real man like you supposed to fuck me?”

I replied, “Maybe you should wait until you are older and then fuck boys your own age.”

Suzie got a dead serious look on her face and said, “Mary’s father fucks her. Joyce and Tina’s fathers fuck them. I’m the only one left. You gotta fuck me, Daddy. How else can we finish our porn movie?”

There was a short silence followed by. “The reads…you catch me and my friends naked fucking each other with the dildos, then you spank us all on our bare asses, and then you fuck us all starting with me...taking my virginity. We got it all worked out. Even Mom thought it was a great idea.”

I asked, “Your mother knows about this?”

Suzie said, “It was her idea. Next Saturday is your fortieth birthday. It’s a really special occasion, you get my virginity, you get to fuck three of my girlfriends, and then Mom gives you anal sex. And it’s all recorded on digital. How cool is that.”

I smiled and asked, “Would you like me to help you get that dildo in or would you prefer your mother to help?”

Suzie smiled and said, “I would really like for you to do it, but Mom said that you can’t be trusted around my virgin pussy. That is only for another week, then you can have it all you want. I’d better let Mom help me with this one.”

She was absolutely right, I could not be trusted around her pussy now that I had smelled it, fingered it, and tasted it. Damn another week to go.

That week I got more sex than usual. When I asked my wife about it she just said that she was building up my stamina so that I wouldn’t get a heart attack.

On Friday the three girls arrived for the weekend sleepover. About eleven o’clock my wife took me to bed. Then just as midnight struck she said, “You better go check on the girls…they are too quiet.”

Well I knew what was up and played along with her. Since we were both naked I slipped on the short silk robe that she had put out. We got matching robes for Christmas one year and her robe was much shorter and sexier than my robe. However, the silkiness made it hard to keep together and she knew it as well as I did. I was being set up pretty good.

I slipped down to the first floor and then down into the basement family room unnoticed. The four teenage girls were all naked and lying in a circle. The fat dildo was in my daughter’s pussy and the other dildo was in Mary’s pussy. The other two girls were sharing the double-ended one.

I waited a while and enjoyed the view. I knew I was supposed to catch them, spank them, and then fuck them but the show was just too nice to stop.

Instead I dropped my robe to the floor and held my hard cock in my hand. Eventually Mary looked over and shouted out, “Fuck! It’s your father.”

Each of the girls turned to look at me.

Suzie said, “Now I’m in for it.”

Joyce said, “Look at the size of his cock.”

Tina said, “He’s bigger than my father.”

Mary said, “He is bigger than any of our fathers. I’ve never seen a cock that thick before.”

Joyce said, “He’s going to stretch us all out.”

Tina said, “I can’t wait.”

Mary said, “I can’t wait to laugh at my brothers and tell them how tiny their little peckers are.”

I sat down in a chair right in front of the video camera. Suzie came over and lay across my lap. I gave her a dozen strokes, six to each cheek alternating. Mary took her turn next followed by Joyce and Tina. Each girl snuggled into my hard-on, took her punishment, and then let me finger them.

When I was done I placed Suzie on her back on the rug as Mary tilted the camera down at us. I looked at her beautiful smiling face then shoved my cock into her moist virgin pussy as she shouted out, “Happy Birthday Daddy.” There was a chorus of Happy Birthdays. My nude wife was standing on the bottom step smiling at me. Then she walked over to the video camera and picked it up. The next thing I knew she was on the floor between our legs getting a really good view of my cock sticking in our daughter’s no longer virgin pussy.

When Mary asked her how it felt, Suzie replied, “Full, stretched, and just plain wonderful. You’re going to love it.”

Mary replied, “I can hardly wait.”

Tina the smallest girl said, “It’ll never fit in me. He’ll kill me.”

My wife replied, “Oh it’ll fit honey. If it can fit in my ass then it can fit in your pussy.”

Just the thought of fucking that little miniature girl made me cum in my daughter. Suzie thrashed about in her first cock-induced orgasm. We lay there cuddled for a few minutes as she recovered.

Mary got right down there and started sucking me hard so that she could climb on and ride me. The view was better with her sitting up like that and her breasts bouncing around as she tried to get me to cum right away. Apparently she wasn’t used to an older man that was in no hurry to cum a second time very quickly. I reached up and grabbed onto her nipples. She cooed, then started bucking faster. She had her orgasm and got off leaving me still hard. Joyce climbed on next and had a little trouble getting onto it. That is until Suzie slapped a gob of K-Y up into her pussy. When Joyce sat down hard and it slipped all the way in, her eyes opened up wide.

Suzie laughed and said, “You should have felt it in my virgin pussy. At least your father fucks you.”

Joyce said, “I lied. I’m a virgin too, or at least I was.”

Tina said, “Oh I’m so glad. I thought that I was the only one lying about not being a virgin.”

Mary looked at me and said, “My father and both of my brothers fuck me almost every night but they have tiny peckers compared to yours.”

My wife asked, “What about your mother?”

Mary replied, “She don’t let the boys fuck her unless Dad ties her up first. I don’t like to be tied up so I just let them do it.”

About then I felt Joyce start to shimmy and twist about driving my cock deeper into her. She said, “Oh I’m so glad that I tried out those dildos first but you feel oh so good in me.” Then she shuttered and orgasmed around my cock.

I was still hard when Tina asked, “Will you do me on my back like you did Suzie?”

How could I resist a request like that? She got down and I got up. I looked into that little girl. For being almost fifteen and the oldest girl there she was the tiniest one by far. She was not five feet tall and not even close to a hundred pounds. Her tiny A-cup titties flattened out against her chest, her tummy caved in almost to her backbone, and her pussy mound protruded well above her hips. She was completely hairless but I assumed that it was just natural, as the other girls didn’t shave their pussies.

Tina looked up at me and said, “Please be gentle?”

I said, “We don’t have to do this.”

Tina smiled and said, “Yes we do. It’s your birthday and we are all your present. Instead of just one virgin though you get three. Now do me…but be gentle. That is one big monster between your legs and shortly to be between mine.”

I smiled and reached over for the tube of K-Y. I squirted a good size gob into her and used my fingers to make sure that she was thoroughly coated inside. I looked down into her smiling face as I sank an inch in her, a second inch, and a third inch before I kept still and waited for her pussy to get used to my size. When she smiled again I slipped in a fourth and a fifth inch and kept still again. That time when she smiled I thrust the last inch in and started fucking her slowly as she got used to it. When I felt her thrust back at me I knew that we were home free. I proceeded to fuck into the miniature woman as if she were the most precious thing on Earth.

Somehow I felt that fucking this innocent virginal Tina was even more of a self-sacrifice than fucking my willing daughter that had planned her deflowering party.

All I know is that when I was cumming in Tina she was thrusting up at me with her orgasm just like my wife does. It was full of passion and the desire to drain me of every sperm in my body…well in my sperm-free body anyway. Tina clung to me afterwards not wanting to let me go.

She leaned into my ear and asked, “Can we do this again in a couple of days after my pussy stops throbbing?”

I smiled at her and kissed her on the lips. I whispered, “So you want a sleepover with my wife and I?”

She smiled and kissed me as her answer.

The girls wanted to watch me butt-fuck my wife but I needed a real rest before I could go again. I suggested first thing in the morning and they said okay reluctantly. My wife smiled knowing that she getting a reprieve. She was also relieved to know that she would not be third in line and that I would most definitely cum quicker in the morning.

We kissed the four girls goodnight and then we went to bed.

In the morning the girls woke us up. They wanted a show and had the camera recording as we got up and went to the bathroom first. My wife administered an enema to clean it out in there first and then she squirted a half a tube of K-Y in there before coming back to bed with me.

She offered to let me do it doggy style but she knew better. I always like to see her lovely face as I enter her knowing how much she disliked it. But she gave it to me anyway. I also like to take a picture of my cock in her asshole with her holding her pussy lips open for me to prove that that hole is empty.

So with her on her back and me in position my daughter aimed the camera right in. All five girls cringed as I entered her backdoor. It was tight but no tighter than Tina’s pussy had been. Something was different though that time, she was completely relaxed and not fighting it. She was practically enjoying it for the girl’s sake. She didn’t want to frighten them from ever trying anal sex. In the process she started enjoying it and thrusting up at me as if I were in her pussy. Just before I came she did, crying out, “Oh God that’s so fucking good. Fuck me deeper honey. I can’t believe it. I’m going to cum with your cock in my ass.” She had one of her best orgasms ever. Afterwards she vowed to give it to me more often, like every week. I was just overjoyed that she finally enjoyed anal.

Throughout the day I fucked my daughter Suzie again and then Mary and Joyce. I took Tina to bed with my wife and me. We went to bed early and we made our very own porn video. Tina was able to fist fuck my wife with her tiny hand.

That was the start of a great sex life. I had a daughter, a wife, and three girlfriends. Tina was always my favorite but no one seemed to care. Mary liked telling her father and brothers how tiny their peckers were. Eventually her brothers stopped fucking her and her father backed off considerably, especially after her mother grew a set of balls and told her husband off. He woke up one morning tied to the bed with his cock in one of her hands and a big butcher knife in her other hand. He knew that she meant it. Mary gave it to him on his birthday and Father’s Day with her mother’s blessing.

The End
My Fortieth Birthday
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