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What I really want,
Is a man to fuck my cunt.

To pin me down with his hands and knees,
To make me feel, to make me see.
See his steel cock rise straight as a sword,
To watch him tie my limbs with cuffs and a cord.

I want to be forced to suck his thick cock,
To smother my mouth as he roughly rocks.
Rocks back and forth deep into my mouth,
As I gag and squirm, his hands heading south.

Dry dirty hands used to stir the flow,
To make me wet as I continue to blow.
Blow his hard cock that still fucks my face,
Wondering if he'll ever let me leave this place.

He'll move his body and I'll try to block,
But just smacks my pussy with his big throbbing cock.
He'll shove his big cock violently in my slit,
Pull it out again to make it wet with his spit.

Then fuck me hard and strong as never before,
Calling me names like "slut" and "whore",
A whore that screams loud in conflicting pleasure,
My pussy being fucked so hard, a feeling not meant to be measured.

His hands clenched around my neck,
Leaving gray wounds I won't soon forget.
Forget being force-fucked and tied to a bed,
Not today, not tomorrow, not ever in my head.

He's done with me now, my cunt all creamy,
I'm dazed and confused, my mind dreamy.
Dreamy and used is how I now feel,
I'll endure this again, that was our deal.

© Erin May 2010

Copyright 2010 by Erin ( All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without written permission from the author.


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