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I decided as it was so long between story chapters I'd put up some of my earlier work. This is, for lack of a better word, a lust letter to a friend of mine. It is even part of my journal that I put my erotic thoughts in.
My lust journal bound in red. That's why I call myself RedLust. I'm quite protective about the more personal entries in the journal, but my lust letter entries I am willing to share. Enjoy.

You answer the door and I kiss you, lift you and slam you into the wall. Your tongue tangles with mine as your body slowly slides down me.
“Mmm. I have a surprise for you.”
I usher you to the bedroom. “Not the bed.” I toss my toiletry case on the bed to a quizzical look from you. “We need a towel or a blanket for the floor.” You hand me a blanket I fold it and lay it down so we have a mat.
I turn to you as your eyes wander back to the case on your bed. “No.” I get up kiss you again. You’re wearing a skirt (you know what I like so well) and I feel panties underneath, a hot little top with no bra. I groan pressed up against you. I almost want the skirt to stay but no not today.
“Strip” I tell you. I know you like the power held over you; I want you in that mindset too.
You start to take off your clothes I would tell you not to rush but I’m excited too.
As you strip I peek in the bag. I packed it right so you can’t see what’s under each layer till the top few are removed. I had four old neckties; two pairs of two tied together like two big Xs. They are odd colors and too old to wear but still silky enough to feel good.
Your eyes bulge as you see them. You don’t know what’s going to happen, but you know you’ll like it.
“Stand on the mat, grab your ankles.” I tell you. You face me as you do. Your breasts drop down and your ass pops up behind you. I step forward your face is forced to look down in this position but the crotch of my pants brushes your cheek. “that’s a temptation,” I whisper quietly to myself though I know you can hear.
I walk around you after quickly cupping your boob and giving your nipple a tiny loving pinch. Your pussy is visible between your legs and your ass is up in the air. What a sight.
“Spread your legs a bit more.” It’s difficult to keep my voice demanding. I do, this part of the game is a treat for you, my own treats come later.
I get on my knees just inches away from your beautiful sex. My mouth waters as I lean in. I am so close. Then I resist the temptation and take up the ties.
The pairs of neckties are tied together at their centers. The knot I slip over your wrist and tie the first V to your left calve; then the second V to your left wrist. I repeat on the other side tying your right leg and wrist together. I sit up into a kneel looking at your pussy and ass pucker before my eyes. I’m trying to gauge whether I should have had you spread your legs more, it’s good enough, for now, if you try to spread anymore now you may lose your balance and topple over without support.
I see you looking through your legs at me your eyes are wide with excitement and a bit of confusion. I look at you then lean forward to the bottom of your ass where the cheek meets the inner thigh and give a nibbling wet kiss.
“Mmm,” I say standing. I quickly push your hips back against my pants bulge. Then I go to your front and start to undress. You try flipping your head up to see but you can’t at the angle you’re bent at.
I go back to my bag and next remove another necktie, a single one. Blindfold.
I stand by you again my cock tip against your cheek and ear as I tie the tie over your eyes. As I step away a tear of precum beads on your cheek.
“Ties as blindfolds aren’t great. You can still see through little cracks at the bottom but it won’t matter. You can see this bit if you want.”
I step to the front of you “Ah.” I was planning to stick my cock in your pretty little mouth. The angle you’re bent at won’t let me. “Genius it seems couldn’t have accounted for this eventuality.” I think Wile E. Coyote said that.
I lean down bending my knees and lift your chin up. I slide into your mouth, oh the heaven. My knees go week and I try to stand up more. This causes you to lean back, rocking on the balls of your heels alone.
You’re breathing gets shallow and your lips tremble around me. You know if I cum or jerk you could go down with no legs or arms to break your fall while blindfolded in the near blackness. You’re scared. I keep you going a second longer then stop.
I go to my knees and kiss you I whisper in your ear “I got you, don’t worry.” You whimper but smile. “I wouldn’t have let you fall.”
I kiss you again this time upside down similar to that Spiderman scene. “I have an idea,” I whisper.
I roll your desk chair over, as Wile E. Coyote also said “sheer unadulterated brilliance.” I sit down and guide my penis back to your mouth the tip is below your lips and you know that there isn’t danger now. I’ve never gotten a blowjob on the side of my cock before. Your shoulder is against my navel and the side of your face is what I see sucking me. Oh Christ your tongue, your tongue from this angle is able to reach the side plus a bit of the top and bottom. I am within easy reach of your tits; I pull your nipples down when you suck me in deeply. I start teasing you, brushing your pussy lips with my fingers. Bent like you are, I am able to touch all of you at once. I breathe heavily I know I should stop soon but it’s so good.
I stop you once I remember my bag. I slide out of you again. And get up from the chair more unsteadily than I would normally, pushing the chair out of the way.
The next thing is to stop your sensations I want you only able to feel. I take out two cotton balls and push them into your ears. I pull out an Ace bandage and start wrapping it over the inadequate blindfold blocking out all light from you I wrap it over your ears holding the cotton in place. I pinch your nose with my fingers. When your mouth springs open I wrap into your mouth as a decent gag. I do want to hear your noises but you won’t be speaking for the rest of the activities. Now you can only feel and smell. I’d block that too if I weren’t a little worried about your breathing around the gag. Oh well... I lean down to look at my handiwork. I never liked gimp masks especially on women but this flesh colored make-shift one looks cute on you. I decide to lean in and kiss and nibble at your neck for a moment then rise again.
I remove the rest of the items from my bag. No chance of you seeing them now. And I step around to the blanket mat placing them between your spread feet. I walk around for another minute taking in the sight of you and letting you wait. I circle again, this time I run my fingertips down your spine.
Then I give you a playful smack on your ass.
Then I brush my hand over your brow pushing back a stray hair.
Then I tickle behind your right knee.
Then I softly cup your left breast.
I circle till I’ve tired of teasing, so… a long time. Then I settle in to work.
I kneel behind you; your beautiful pussy is now damp. I lean forward and kiss those lips. I take one lip between mine and run my tongue over its length. Then I do the same to the other lip. I lean back and kiss your pussy’s opening sucking in your juices as I do. I lean back pausing I let the moment lengthen. I lean forward again licking up your slit’s crease, my tongue flat and my nose being tickled by your hair. I reach the clit and stop. I pause briefly and lick your slit again from hole to clit and again and again; then another pause and again.
I see your scruntched nipples. I can and do easily reach out and massage them. “I really like this position,” though I know you can’t hear me. I lick up to the clit again and circle it, at the same time pinching the right nip quickly. I lick up to the clit and circle and circle again and again and pause then slap my tongue up against it.
I can feel your heart pumping faster with my finger tip over your breast. I circle your clitoris twice more with my tongue and then stop. The pause last longer…longer…I give another sucking kiss to your hole and draw more of your liquid onto my tongue.
I don’t want you to come so easily. I release your breasts reluctantly.
Your asshole is visible since your spread legs separate your ass cheeks. That little button is my next target. The pause between the last kiss to your pussy is growing. I see the bottom of your lips that cover your pussy trail back to perineum and then the wrinkled hole of your ass. I’m planning my tongue strokes like a painter at a canvas plans brushstrokes: tongue tip draws a line from your pussy lips almost to the perineum; another tongue stroke around the outside of your lips to the curve of the inside of the butt cheek; another from the bottom of the right pussy lip onto the perineum to the left pussy lip. And then I suck at your pussy again. I then lick an almost figure eight, a ribbon bumper-sticker shape, starting from your right lip over the perineum firmer this time teasing a wide circle around your pucker licking around to your perineum and kissing the bottom of your left pussy lip.
This time I had to pause for myself. Sitting back I take your nipples and softly twist them between my fingers. Then release them and all but dive into your sphincter with my tongue.
I lick it: One broad tongue’s lick up your entire ass crack. Fuck! That’s almost better than your blowjob. I lick again and again and again and again forgetting to pause and tease. I regain control, lean back, take a deep breath and release it.
Between my knees is the treat I brought in my bag for you. I pick it up and turn it over. “hmm.” I look up to your pussy and ass. I don’t resist temptation but quickly flick my tongue tip against your anal pucker. I hold it in my palm, it’s so small, it’s called…it is… an egg. A love egg so the vibrator box said. It’s in my palm and I hold it up to my mouth sucking it in wetting it. Waterproof as the box said. Spitting it back to my palm I hold it under you my fingertips against your pubic hair. Just so it’s out of reach. Low power flipped to on, and I press the egg lightly to your lips. I hear a high pitched gurgle around the gag that delights me. I roll it down to your hole then up to circle your clitoris. You start humping back against the air.
I let my hand move the egg to take care of you pussy while my tongue returns finally to licking your ass. I kiss your anus pressing my lips to it. A lovely smacking sound kiss, I can feel a bead of precum roll down my cock, fuck, this is exciting me so much. I suck in one side of your sphincter getting it between my lips and sliding my tongue over the wrinkles and tasting the inside. I suck the other side to repeat. I pull away to see your asshole opening I dart my tongue out before it can close and poke at your hole. My mind thinks it can keep it open this way but really my tongue just bends under the tight muscles as you keep humping back against it.
I know I can’t take anymore and switch hands so my left holds the egg to your pussy and use the right to spread your ass cheeks. My index finger is at your sphincter keeping it open as I tongue fuck you. My tongue worshipfully dives into your ass over and over, spearing it, piercing it.
“Oh God this is driving me crazy.” I slump back both arms drop to my side and you almost fall over. I keep you up by bumping your butt with my forehead. I cup your face through your legs “one sec, my sweet,” though I know you can’t hear me. You’ve slumped too, so your face is within easy reach.
I’ve got to cum soon. I have no control over this situation. I’m slumped looking at my cock twitching, then at my hand caressing your face. “hmm. Super-genius.” Bumping against your butt with my forehead I am able to spread your legs a bit more. Now your pussy and ass are visibly spread open. I scoot up so that my cock can reach your face if I kneel. “Man, I love this position.” I pull the gag from your mouth to under your chin.
You say some words though they’re unintelligible. I caught “more,” and “…me,” as well as the ‘ohs’. I put the egg to your nipple as an after thought. And you said “Ah,” which was my cue to stick my dripping cock into your mouth. You’re bent nearly in two which is a very strange angle so you can’t get more than the tip and two inches down from it, but that’s enough for you to work your magic. I put the egg back in my mouth to rewet it then set back to rolling over your pussy: hole to clit, clit to hole. My right hand then turns the eggs power to the higher setting, and sets about pulling on your nipples one after another.
I lean back as far as I can and see your gaped asshole and need to tongue it again. One circle around then another, then…
“Fuck it!” My tongue tip drives inside you. It’s diving into your stretched hole over and over and over.
Your tongue is circling my cock head, sucking hard and then your patented little nibbles that drive me insane. I take my hand from your tits and start stroking my cock’s base hard while you suck the end. I’m going to cum. So are you. I take my tongue from your ass and suck your pussy as I press the egg to your clit rolling it in tiny circles. Because I’m not reaching to tongue at your ass you are able to reach another inch of my cock. You suck down hard knowing I’m about to cum.
You come first. My mouth gets a shot of your juice as you twitch. Your legs are unsteady but your ass is balanced again by my forehead.
Then I come. You make an “mmm” sound as I fill your mouth. That humming makes the orgasm twice as intense. Seven huge spurts and I can’t believe I came that much. I can’t believe you swallowed it all.
I hold your face in my hands, having dropped the egg when I came. I unwrap the Ace bandage and unplug your ears. You look at me and smile.
I untie you and carry you to the bed. You’re a little weak after that, so am I, but we are recovering quickly I toss the egg to you as I climb on the bed and hold you. “We’re going to have some fun with that later.” You kiss me and snuggle your cheek down onto my chest.


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