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Computers and the Internet certainly have changed our world in the past 15-20 years. BY OLDPRO

Our first computer was an Apple IIE and with the first modems you could talk in various chat rooms and as my younger daughter found out get slam dunked into a private conversation. That didn’t last long, but I could do my company trip reports which by Tuesday of the following week would be old hat.
Then came the PC’s and Microsoft Windows 95 and on and on and on. Each computer upgrade including Laptops got more and more memory, larger and larger hard drives and faster and faster processors for quicker use.
Chat rooms were quite popular and had quite a following before all the advertisements for everything from chat channels to sex sites.
AOL came along and person could chat for hours, meet people, enjoy conversations and even as 60 Minutes would say, set up an evening of fun sex with someone you didn’t really know very well. About that time I met a young Italian Woman who was in process of devorce from her husband. Her kids were grown up going off to college She was a hot chick, a school teacher. We chatted for about 6 months and then she wanted me call her one evening which I did and we talked for a short time. One evening she called me back on my cell phone. She asked me if I knew what she was doing, I asked her what? “I am lying here naked playing with myself thinking of you.”
I said “Wow!!!” She proceeding to tell me everything she was doing including a vibrator with a large appendage connected to it. Yes she let me listen and she came with screams of vocalized orgasm. After that when I was on the road she would call and talk about her various internet men friends and meeing them, some didn’t want to meet? Most of what I told her was the truth except that I was married and told her I was single. She really didn’t care either way.
Finally I was on a business trip and she (“was on vacation travelling by car”) met me at a Motel one afternoon. She left her box of goodies in her car and we went up to my room. She was short, younger than me and pretty. She stripped down to her bra and bikini briefs. Then said, “oh to hell with it” and stripped naked. She had nice breasts and tits (about 38D’s a shaved pussy with a nice clit. I laid down on the bed with her with my clothes off and kissed her. I kissed her nipples one by one and then pinched them or squeezed them which I knew she enjoyed from previous conversations. She had told me that she “finished myself off” after sex with her husband when he was still around. Being really new at this, I could not get my dick to harden up which was embarrassing. However, I felt her pussy which was dry inside (she lacked any kind of lubricant) so I decided to lube her up with my mouth and boy did I ever!!
She spread her legs and I took both thumbs, splitting her pussy lips apart exposing her clit. My lips went right for her clit which I sucked and sucked, running two fingers into her pussy, she on her back, her butt propped up on a pillow. I sucked her clit like a little prick which my tongue going side to side against her now exposed cherry clit head. He asked me “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, OHHHHHHHHHHHH?”
She screamed and came hard, again and again and again. Finally she pulled back sliding to the head of the bed, and finally after a few long seconds caught her breath. She took her finger and felt her exposed clit head. She looked at me and said “ITS STICKING OUT?”
It was then my cock got hard and I was hoping she would suck me off (which I never have had done) but instead she spread her pussy lips and told me to fuck her which I did. I pulled out of her before shooting sperm all over her. Wow it was one of smy first sexual experiences with another woman.
We went to dinner and I bought a hugh steak and flowers and we went back to the Motel. She wanted a repeat performance and again she came with screams of absolute delight. This time I hung on to her legs and thighs and kept her screaming for a good five minutes or it seemed like it. She was completely exhausted and went to sleep. I had work the next day so had to leave early in the morning to get on track. About 3 am in the morning I reached over and rubbed her back and thighs. She opened her legs and I fingered her to orgasm. Gosh I did not was to leave her but did.
I met her once more where she lived which was not cool and stupid so she chopped it off. However, she had experienced things with me for the first time which I was sort of proud of.

Then came to scammers, the bad folks who took advantage of youngsters both male and female alike.
In the AOL days, I had a Laptop I used for work. Evenings were long in Motel rooms so I would chat in a Chicago Chat Room I believe on AOL I don’t exactly remember. There we lots of interesting folks, male and female, some chatting in the open like me and some in the back rooms setting up rondeviuxs.

(If I were rewriting this I would tell readers yes this is a true story fragmented as it maybe. When I had contact with this lady I never thought I would actually meet her and that was not my intention. But I did learn a lot about my sexuality and she went away with a fuller life I think. And yes I still love her).

The interesting thing was you could be anyone you wanted to be. I remember one gal I liked named glued sox.
Anyway one evening I was watching the chat going and) one gal named Roxanne was talking in the room. She told her age (about 45) and for several evenings I saw her in the room, watched and learned. When I signed on she would say hello, she didn’t go to back rooms (that I was aware of) and we struck up a general conversation one night. I told her I was 10 years younger than what I was, (I was 55 at the time) So she thought I was 45 or 46 years old separated from my wife who just go back from the west coast after leaving me for about 6 months, etc.. All I was trying to do was get her talking with me, actually nothing else.
She told me she was married and actually had kids, all grown except one in high school and it was a real nice conversation.
Then she did it!!! She gave me her phone number and asked me to call her. That was unexpected but I did call her. We talked pretty much all night, found out we had a lot in common. My first company cell phone came in handy and I paid the bill. She had a beautiful voice and for many days we talked almost every day unless her hubby was home and not working second shift. I believe that was an Instant Messanger by that time. Roxanne was one of several I was talking to by then. The Italian Teacher was one and a gal by the name of Kathy. I got mixed up one night and sent the wrong message to Roxanne and I found out not to do that again! The younger woman was in fact in love with me or my image I had planted in her mind. However I did not meet any other woman that I was messaging. Kathy was married, a waitress and wanted me to come to her city and do everything to her.

One day I got a trip to Roxanne’s area of the country. Wow I could not believe it. I told her about it and where I was staying, also asked her to lunch if she wanted to do it. She replied yes she would like to meet me and could be at the motel the next day to meet me. I had to check out by noon and she drove into the back parking lot got out smiling and walked toward the back door. I met her there, we got in the elevator (since it was not lunch time yet) and went up. I kissed her in the elevator and told her “I got my kiss” which was all I really expected. I did previously get a haircut, cut my fingernails, put on nice clothes and cover up with a sweat jacket with hood. I never took any of my clothes off during our first meeting.
We went into the room where I had a pot of coffee prepared, sat on opposite beds and talked until the coffee was gone.
Then the unexpecd happened, she starred into my eyes came across from her bed to mine pushing me down and got on top of me!!
I was blown away because this was absolutely unexpected. I laid there and we kissed and kissed, I rolled her to her side facing her and continued to kiss her stroking her back. I told myself, this is a mature married woman making out with me. She had on men’s jeans and a red or maroon pull over knit top which accented her 34C breasts which were encased in a silk bra. Her medium blond length hair smelled really good. I rubbed her mid drift and moved my hand up to her breasts several times. Finally I went under her top feeling her breasts and nipples through the bra which she definitely enjoyed. Finally she sat up and removed her top and bra. God her breasts and nipples were perfect, sucking perfect and I devoured them. She was moaning and moving her hips. I ran my hand down under her buttoned pants and felt under her panties. My hand moved down over her public mound, I felt her bush or pussy and my left hand index finger slide into her pussy slits. She was wet, and almost gushing wet. I pulled my hand back up then unzipped her jeans but I could not get my hand in. She blew me away again when she lifted her hips, stripped her jeans and panties down, kicked her shoes off and the she lay with naked except for her socks. My penis got hard as a rock and wanted out. I moved my hand down rubbing her clit and two fingers entered her easily. I felt her G spot which I rubbed and then alternately slid my fingers out which were wet and rubbed her clit and then in again. I kissed her on the lips, and she slid her tongue into my mouth and then I sucked her nipples. Putting my free hand and arm under her back, I was able to fondle her nipple and suck her other breast/nipple. All the while working her pussy over. I pushed two fingers past her G spot and felt her cervix. She was panting and all of a sudden came with a shudder shacking all over. I continued to rub her clit and she pleaded with me to stop which I finally did.
She jumped up and put her clothes back on quickly. We talked a little bit then she came back to bed obviously wanting to do it again and the whole process was repeated almost exactly as the first time. She came harder the second time and pussy juice ran out of her canal.
We then cleaned up, she took a shower and we went to lunch. I did not feel bad about not getting anything as I had never really expected that to happen. We had talked about sex on the phone several times and she said she was looking into the big O with some curiosity.
After lunch she did not want to part ways but I knew for her sake we should call it a day. That evening I talked to her by phone and she asked the same age old question, “what did you do to me?” My God this woman had five kids and had never had a really good orgasm, Lord almighty. I figured at that point it was time to quietly go away and leave the beautiful creature alone. Maybe she could teach her dumb stupid husband who only wanted to fuck, go off and go to sleep. I find it really sad that there are women in this world who never had had a good old fashioned orgasm.
We talked occasionally after that, instant messaged and kept in contact. She was an artist and sold her paintings locally. She was very popular with her clients. She decided to take a lot of her work to a large city close to where I lived (about a week before Christmas), set up a booth, hang her prizes and see if she could realize any profit.
Before that happened, we met again at a local art show (in her area) and she emailed me, “Will you meet me there, I will book two rooms.” I told her that two rooms was stupid because we would just end up in one (probably talking all night - - NOT) anyway so it was her choice. She booked oneroom and after she showed me her paintings in the back of her van, we had dinner and went to the room. I at this point was very excited but I think I really enjoyed giving her pleasure more than receiving my share so to speak. It was obvious she had one thing on her mind in the motel room and that was sex.
She laid on the bed with bra and panties on and I stripped down to my skivvies. We layed together, side by side and kissed slowly, enjoying every precious moment. She shed her bra so that I could suck those wonderful tits and nipples. My hand rubbed her stomach and down under her panties. I reminded myself to go slow and let her enjoy it as much as possible. She was still a little apprehensive and so was I for that matter.
After all, I had lied about my age, size of dick (it was 6-8” in length with a foreskin that when pulled down made me look like I was circumsized). I had told her before we met I had a 10” member which was also a lie, however, you must remember I never did believe I would ever meet her back then. Also, her husband according to her was a good sized 8” and if she ever did it doggy style with him she was sure it would tear her apart. I did give her my real name, home address and all the phone numbers.
So I decided to take my time with her on the bed (god she was/is beautiful) and please her anyway I could. She took her bra off and got rid of her panties. I very slowly rubbed her tummy and kissed and sucked her nipples. My fingers went down and rubbed her mound and the I ran two fingers down and up her pussy lips, not penetrating her. She spread her legs as wide as she could with a sigh of pure need and anticipation. I slowly worked my two fingers between her pussy lips and her vagina was wide open, very wet and waiting to be fingered. My two fingers (and I could have added another finger) slid into her and I slowly continued to penetrate her deep down to her cervix which I realized was tilted down at that point. I could feel the indented cross on its end. I rubbed it in circular motions but did not try and penetrate it.
God she was hot, wet and ready to get off. I finger fucked her for quite a while, rubbing her G spot and alternating between it and her clit. She finally came, shacking and pushing her hips up into my fingers which by now were wet from her juices. Pussy juice ran down the sides of her pussy down her butt cheeks and she continued to orgasm, breathing hard. She was not very vocal but I knew she had enjoyed my pleasures. I was very excited but still apprehensive. I wanted to get off too but I was not going to take advantage of this luscious creature unless she really wanted to do so.
She rolled over and rubbed my penis through my under ware pants for a while. My dick was limp, not real big so she pulled my under warwhe pants off and started squeezing my dick with her hand. It started to get hard (my testicles were ready to explode anyway).
I told her we did not really have to fuck if she didn’t want to. She said yes “we might as well at this point” and slid over and straddled my body with her legs sitting up. She proceeded to rub and squeeze my dick until it was semi-hard the slide her pussy over it and I felt my penis slide into her and god it felt GOOD. She moved her hips forward and back which made my dick rub the insides of her pussy walls. It got hard, really hard (I was relieved) and she started really going up and down and pushing front and back. I pulled her hips with both hands, getting as far into her as I could. I could feel her cervix hitting the tender end of my dick (knob) until I came hard into her. I was also rubbing and squeezing her nipples and pulling her tits while she fucked me.
When I shot into her she shuddered, I found out she did not want to waste any sperm but wanted it into her whenever possible. She had her tubes tied so she could not get pregnant but I am sure we could have had the most beautiful babies in our younger days.
She told me earlier when we were just talking, that she would give me a blow job sometime but that never happened. One time she sat in a chair, unzipped my pants, took my cock in her mouth and it was pure heaven. She was a great cock sucker, however, as soon as she tasted or detected pre-cum, she was done and wanted to just fuck. She tried chocolate surrip, whipped cream, strawberrys, etc. to no avail. I got a few condoms at one time and she sat on my face. I sucked a finger fucked her off and she sucked my dick with a rubbe on. I came hard but she would rather have the “wasted seamen” deep in her pussy.
She did send me an email with attachment entitled: “How to eat pussy.” This was before blow job I got from her on the one occasion.
After she fucked me, we went to sleep in the Motel Room and she curled up to me with her back to my chest. I held her like that until early in the morning when I rubbed her stomach and played with her nipples until she literally flipped over face to face. She stroked my cock which was hard and said “come up on top of me.” She rolled on her back, lifting both legs spread open held at the knees by her hands. I got my knees between her legs and kissed her, sucked her nipples and felt one of her hands slide my cock inside her hot wet pussy. Gosh it was nice, so nice. I rode you slowly, all the way in to her cervix, out almost to my knob, then slightly in and out, a little deeper to where I felt my testicles hit her pretty ass. I repeated this process and she started moving under me until she came hard. At that point I fucked her in long stokes (yes I know 6”-8”) until I exploded and both testicles cut loose with sperm I didn’t know I had in me. She verbally repeated what I had done during the intercourse as though she was trying to memorize it so I guess she was impressed.
At that point both of us had no further inhibitions and we fucked twice more like rabbits and for the weekend and next couple of week days we fucked at least three to five times a day until the last morning she was “sore” and I was spent. We still had a final partial fuck and I concentrated on her clit with a pre-wetted finger from her pussy, rubbing the head until she almost screamed.
She wanted me to follow her part way home and then say goodbye. She lost me however and I told her goodbye by cell phone.
At that point she was calling herself “the scarlet letter woman” and I told her everything was OK as long as she didn’t confess to her husband (why hurt him –according to Dr. Laura’s radio show) and what harm had been done. (I was aware she was the instigator of the whole affair by that time). She did remind me often that she had given me everything she had to share in reference to her body. She often said also that 10 years earlier she would not have looked at me twice.
I headed home to my Mother’s house (it was in December) and Roxanne and I had known one another for about 2 years. She contracted a yeast infection from her hubby I believe and thought she was going to die. She worried about HIV, etc.
I went to a local Doctor I knew from growing up in my home town. He did all the tests, blood, urine, and checked everything. I got a clean bill of health and somehow sent a copy of the results to her (in an advertisement pamphlet) which relieved her guilt. She got some yeast save which she used and put it on her husband’s red dick and got rid of the yeast infection.
At first when she talked of her husband and their sex life I was jealous but not for long. I became his invisible friend and protected his wife.
While we were together for about 10-12 years off and on she also got a rash on her pussy lips. It turned out to be the toilet paper she was using at the time.
Through her guilt, I told her no matter what I would stand behind her which I did.
She was a terrific artist, painted with a brush and she gave me several paintings during our time. I know I am and sound like a real ass hole but I love my wife of now 43 years and treat her special. She has no sexual drive except for about once a month I purposely help her feel good and have a good orgasm. She will not give me a blow job which I have never had, although I have met women that “love to suck cock.”
I never dated or ran with any other woman while I had the on going affair with Roxanne. I truly loved her, spent quite a bit of expense check money on her, on motels, food and helping her with her on the road painting gallery.
I met her on the road one time and she closed her portable gallery and came up to my motel room. She came in flushed and said, “God I have been thinking of this all yesterday and today, I am so ready!” And let me tell you she was really ready. We fucked doggy style and she came, her pussy felt like a funnel when she came hard and I swear the knob of my cock penetrated her cervix. I shot into it and she said later that no sperm came out? Wow that was great.
Finally one evening near a major State University, we had dinner, got almost drunk on wine, booze and beer and ended up in the sack in the motel room. She had me straddle her head and she suck on my cock for quite a while. She than said “you promised me the ultimate orgasm.” I moved her on her back down to the bottom of the bed, got down on my knees between her legs. I rubbed her pussy and inserted two to three fingers and rubbed her G spot. Then I took my lips and sucked her clit rubbing the end side to side with my tongue while I sucked and pulled it between my lips. She went off hard and I believe she actually squirted some girl cum which tasted sweet. I then fucked her about three times making sure she was totally satisfied.
Her business sense was not good and her money spending decisions were terrible. She got into me for more than a few bucks but it was worth it as long as she was on the road and wanted me.
However, toward the end which happened several years ago, the last time I was with her, I told myself, that’s it, its over.
So I declined to meet her on the road anymore. About two years ago she called me and said, “never put your personal information on the Internet. She had looked and found a resume that I had made on line. Found out I was 10 or so years older “which explains a lot” and said nothing I had told her was true, that I had taken complete advantage of her and it was like I was a pedafile. I kept saying “oh no” through the entire one sided conversation. After that we emailed a couple of times and she said she could not talk to me anymore she wanted to do nothing but take care of her husband. She still have my cell phone number and I still have her information. Maybe someday she will call?
I told her ‘you wish is my command” and it was over. I do miss her and still love her dearly but I am not stupid and feel lucky to have known her at her age of sexual awakening! She could have done a lot worse, lets face it, she was lucky too.
The next question is: Why did I write this true story – names places changed to protect everyone involved- Because it is important that middle aged and older women celebrate their own sexuality, not waste their feelings or suppress their feelings but to have good healthy orgasms and keep their female parts useful. I Love all you babes.

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2010-05-24 17:37:52
Your story didn't make much sense. In the old Apple IIE days, there were no "chat rooms" just BBS, kinda like facebook. Also, the story jumped around and I gave up trying to follow along, mostly I just wanted it to be over. And do you know the difference between "Seaman" and Semen"? Big difference. Also, I think she would have found out that you lied in your profile when you said you had a 10" dick and you didn't...honestly, if this is a true story...keep it to yourself.

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