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My learning curve continues
My legs felt like jelly as I slowly dragged my feet towards uncles, still scared of what I was about to do, make no mistake about it I definitely knew what was to happen was very naughty. I appeased my conscience by telling myself that it was at least family and would after all be kept very secret but still nearly turned back a couple of times before the front door loomed large. They were both full of beans and laughed and joked for a while and my cousin showed me a lot smaller camera than he had used at my house, no tripod, as he said he did not want me realise when he was snapping me so that I would be natural and relaxed. It was alright for him to say that but I had butterflies the size of jackdaws floating around in my stomach and was very glad there did not seem to be a rush to get started. It was half an hour before uncle gave me a big smile as he told me to undress and they would get started and I froze and just stood in the middle of the room under their intense gaze.

Things changed rapidly as it was he who advanced and started to remove my clothing and I was weakly protesting and struggling slightly, beetroot red by the time he stepped back to look at my very immature looking body now I just my panties on, no need for a bra even now so I was all but naked at last. Cousin took a few shots and I relaxed a little but still gasped and squealed when uncle slowly and deliberately slid my last skimpy covering off so that my sex was exposed to their view. The demeanour of them changed, cousin, a typically spotty adolescent, not taking particular notice of my nudity and I supposed it was because at his age he fancied looking at a more shapely body, uncle on the other hand was almost drooling as he took the sight in. His hands roamed all over my body in the guise of posing me for the shots, my bottom and vulva getting the most attention and by the time the film was finished I had to confess to myself that I was tingling and my love tunnel wet with excitement at the attention he had paid me.

I was curious now as even though the cousin packed up and was ready to leave uncle resisted all my attempts at dressing, asking me for a little longer to look at me and as I was still tingling all over with the excitement of it all did his bidding. He was smiling and heaping praise on me as he sat on the settee when we were alone gesturing for me to sit on his lap, I giggling when he loudly kissed my neck and then one of my small breasts, gasping though when he fleetingly sucked on its now hard but little nipple. He spread my legs wide and softly caressed the inner part of my thighs, slowly working his way up to my pouting slit and soon noticing how juicy I was as he only just rubbed a finger up and down it, stopping with a long deep sigh that matched my own. He softly said he wanted to see what the camera had missed and I did not protest as he sat me next to him and opened my vulva very wide, chuckling as he could see my swelling button nestled in the flesh of my inner lips and taking particular notice of my now fully exposed small glistening wet hole. He slid a finger in it and pushed it in and out, waggling it gently for a while before seeking out my now fully swollen clitoris, working on it so that I rapidly got towards a peak of pleasure marvelling at the extra special feeling I got in the pit of my stomach from knowing it was a man doing this thing to me.

I supposed afterwards that it was his experience taking a hand when he stopped just short of the ultimate, I was not disappointed though as he went between my spread legs and for the first time I had a tongue eagerly working at me. There was no time to wonder over what new thing was happening to me and no respite this time and I suddenly exploded and as my body contorted I shouted and screamed in pleasure, almost falling off the seat as my first ever orgasm consumed every fibre of my being. He must have watched me closely and as I slowly come down from somewhere a thousand miles higher than heaven he pushed two fingers into my depths this time, waggling them round the soft juicy flesh as he used his thumb on my clitoris. A second explosion of my senses took place even before the first had finished and I almost feinted as I cried tears of joy and as he kept his onslaught up my body was racked with the continuing sensations. I had to beg for mercy and, thankfully, he ceased and allowed me to writhe and moan as I panted and drew deep breaths in for ages before I eventually floated down to some kind of normalcy, having to stop him from using his tongue again as I could take no more.

We sat for ages, both a little embarrassed at what had taken place and he eventually broke the silence by saying he would never have guessed that one so young as I would have multi orgasms, I in turn confessing that they had been my first, feeling elated at the proud look on his face. I rushed home, making sure that my mum did not see me and closeted myself in my room so that I could relive this new and wonderful thing that had been done to me, knowing I was hooked and needed a repeat as soon as possible, oblivious to the fact that he was my uncle knowing only that it would be kept a close secret. I visited him as often as possible and was soon experiencing three or more multi climaxes over a couple of hours, having to be even more careful on returning home, drained and needing a good nights rest to recover for my next session and even had to limit my work schedule to be able to keep up with my own new needs and his now regular demands to give me orgasms. My mums prediction came true and at last my vulva took on the proportions more akin to the rest of my body, making my clitoris appear even larger and my feelings were more intense even though I was disappointed that my breasts stayed small and the rest of my body shape did not alter.

I suppose on reflection it was inevitable that after a few more weeks he did not go to my love button as soon as I was naked but gazed at my body before slowly undressing to give me my first look at an adult man’s prick. I was astounded as I watched it swell and grow under my gaze until it stood out from his body with the sack that I knew contained his balls hanging down below it and he pulled back the loose foreskin to reveal a dark purple helmet shaped end that looked huge to me. He spent time showing me how to handle it and then I tentatively took over, giggling as he gasped and moaned as I slowly masturbated him and it pulsed and jumped in my hand. He soon stopped me with a warning that he was getting too excited by it being my first time and so he spent the next hour bringing me to exquisite one after another orgasms. He did not disappoint me though for as I languished in my last climax he presented a still engorged penis to my grasp and it was my turn to give him satisfaction.

I could not take my eyes off of it as I repeatedly stretched the spare skin down the shaft, thinking that the bell end would surely hurt a woman with a small hole like mine as it went up and down inside her body. I marvelled at how stiff it stayed with no bones in it yet was still pliable, feeling quite soft on the outside as he kept slowing me down every time I felt it pulse and swell even more, knowing that both of us wanted this first time to last as long as possible. His body suddenly stiffened and with a long low growl he let his held breath out as spears of his thick white sticky seed sprayed my body for what seemed like ages. I still watched it as it miraculously started to shrivel until it was quite small as we both flopped out on the settee breathless but smiling each with our own satisfaction and although I played with it for ages it only grew slightly. The floodgates were now open and our regular fun sex sessions were always as intense as the first time anything new had happened and I secretly prided myself in how quickly I learnt to handle his cock, a labour of love I can assure you all!!! It was again inevitable that on one occasion he asked me to have it in my mouth, did I flinch and baulk at the idea, Ohhh Nooo not on your life.

Eager and willing from the word go and really wanting to try it I started off licking and sucking the deep purple helmet shaped end while gripping the flesh of the shaft quite tightly feeling the unevenness caused by the blood pumping through the surface veins until he asked me to see how much of it I could take in. Greedy me pushed on to it and made myself gag and had to release it as I coughed and spluttered and when I was in control again did it slowly, bobbing my head so that only an inch at a time disappeared. As I got more used to it I sucked harder as well so that all of the lovely shaft was treated equally, stopping now and then with just the head in and this made him gasp as I could suck hard on it. It was not too long before it started to pulse and twitch so he pulled it out and he asked me to finish him off with my hand and I made sure that even though it jumped as he ejaculated his mans milk squirted all over my small breasts and belly.

Well not knowing how long each post should stretch and as to not want to bore readers and my growing number of friends I will stop and post the next one in a few more days. Silly me!!!! Just figured out how to add a nice image to a post even though I had already read about it, shows you all how dizzy I am!! And now I have to try to get it to the size for the avatar. A woman’s work is never done, they say!!!!!

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2014-11-09 05:46:16
I still remember when I had my first big O,,,,, and the first cock I sucked.!! The power i felt by pleasing a man !!! I can't get enough cock now!!! I can come just by felling a cock shoot in my mouth!!! My BF knows i can't help it If I see his friends get a hard on after looking at my tits .. I now suck them every time they come over!! He video's me !!! I love being a dirty cum slut that he wants!!!


2011-08-19 08:48:22
Thanks for sharing....Mmmmpfh!

Brother ProphetReport

2010-08-11 14:29:25
Had to read it again, still gets me very hard!!!!


2010-06-10 19:09:23
I dream of a young woman like you........I envy uncle very much

Brother ProphetReport

2010-05-30 11:52:27
Very well written and I can't wait to read more. I love the verbage and pleasnatness of it all, made it that much more exciting. My cock is hard and throbbing wishing I truly was your Uncle.

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