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School had just ended for the summer of 1976 a couple of weeks previously. I was less than two weeks shy of my Sixteenth birthday, but more importantly,(to me at least) was getting my drivers license. My girlfriend Toni had recently just given me my very first BJ. I had a pretty decent job lined up as soon as I had my license, so all was right in the world.

I had high hopes once I had my license, Toni's blowjobs would turn into losing our virginity. I would learn a little later a real blowjob was more than just placing her mouth and tongue near the head while getting a hand-job. Toni would learn I had no clue what I was doing when I was fingering her tight little pussy and getting my tongue somewhere in the vicinity of her clit.
Right before school ended, my Mom had announced her Sister, my Aunt Tammy is going to come and stay with us until she could relocate from Georgia. I found out later she was in the process of getting a divorce after catching him playing around. She drove his car to work while he took her car to be serviced and she found his condoms in the dash. (Guys can file that one in the dumb file). He also thought stalking was the way to win back her affections and that prompted a restraining order on him and her relocation to our house. Aunt Tammy (I will drop the Aunt from here) is a schoolteacher who at the time was 29.

I had only been in my upstairs bedroom for a few months because my Sister had moved into an apartment with her girlfriend. There was only a study, bath, my bedroom and storage upstairs so I had a complete, relatively private area to read my Penthouse undisturbed. OK the choices at that time were limited; Playboy or Penthouse, no cable at the time. Now my only concern when I learned about her visit was the parents would move Tammy into my new room. They didn't because She was only going to be here a couple of months, but after seeing her again and especially with my mid-teen raging hormones, she could have moved in my room forever.
The last time I saw her up to now had been almost two years before at a family reunion. I remembered then she was short, cute, and wore a hot looking black dress. I remembered that dress because it, and Tammy was responsible for several masturbatory experiences. I also remembered because my Granny (her Mom) bitched about the dress all the way when we took her home.
The dress was very short, about mid-thigh, but all the commotion was caused because it really had no back, just halter type straps at the neck, and was open to the base of her spine except for some see thru material. The front was cut in a V-shape all the way to just above her navel.
I knew something about the way she looked was different from the last time I saw her when I realized her boobs were much bigger. She has since told me it had been a self esteem issue for her ever since she was a teenager because she was so petite and had A/B cup tits She said that along with the same kind of issues right after she separated and she had finally said "The hell with it" and had traded them in for 34 D’s. I asked her if it might also be a little payback for the EX since he was a "Boob Guy" and she just gave me an impish grin and told me I was mature for my age. Tammy had moved in and had been there a few days. I went about my pre-license summer job doing yard work with my best friend. I had left early in order to get a couple of cutting jobs nearby out of the way because it had been so hot. I got a lot hotter when I pushed the mower around to the back yard. I had decided to go ahead and get our yard out of the way also. Tammy was in a folding chaise chair next to the back door so she could hear if the phone rang. Nope no cell phones then either. Damn I am starting to feel old….Anyway…
She was wearing a bright yellow bikini that tied around the back of her neck, and the bottoms were cut really high so they rode up high on her hips. They were tied together where they met at the top of her hips. The rest of her included a height of about 5 feet tall, 105 to 110 #, She already had a naturally dark skin tone because she is half Cherokee but tanning made her even darker.
She had dark Brown hair almost to her shoulders, and really sexy bright green or aqua colored eyes. I told her I had to cut our grass but when I started to get closer I would get her to move the lounge chair for a second so I could mow around it. I then got this brilliant idea and said if she wanted to move it now I will go ahead and get it out of the way so I would not have to bother her. She said she would just take the time to go inside and make some iced tea and asked if I wanted some. I of course said yes and then began cutting the back yard. I had been wearing just a T-shirt and cutoff jeans but I had taken off my T-shirt to add to my own tan and cause it was so damn hot and humid. I finished cutting the grass and walked over to the garden hose to cool off and to rinse off the grass clippings. She came out of the house with the tea as I held the hose over my head and stood underneath the spray. She brought the iced tea over and said that looks like fun, will you hold it for me. I said sure and she walked over to the hose. She didn't want to have to dry her hair so she just bunched it up and held it high with both arms pulling her hair back. This caused her to stick her chest out and those Big (almost brand new) Tits to be displayed even more.
I guess it was the cold water but when she stepped out of the spray her nipples were standing straight out and it looked like they were a big as my thumbs poking against that material. That bright yellow top made them stand out even more.
We went back over to her lounge and she sat down in it and I sat down on the back steps beside her. My cock had gotten rock hard while I was spraying her and then I noticed the bikini material had become a little transparent and you could see the areolas around her nipples and you could see the perfect outline of her pussy lips thru the wet bottoms. When I had sat down on the steps my cut-off jeans had ridden up some so I was really embarrassed when she said well you apparently like what you have seen and nodded between my legs. The head of my cock was visible sticking out of my cut off jeans. I had chosen not to wear underwear because it was so hot and a combination of setting on the steps, along with really short jeans caused that to happen.
She could tell I was embarrassed and I was about to go inside when she asked me to put some oil on her. I laughed and said I probably should not be doing that considering what had happened and she just told me not to worry because that was a natural reaction and if it needs to poke out of my shorts that would be fine. She said it was flattering and exciting to know she caused that.
There had just recently been one of those teacher-student scandals in the news and the conversation got around to that as I was rubbing coconut scented tanning oil from her shoulders down to her lower back. Then she just reached back and pulled her bottoms up and made it kind of like a thong and told me it was OK to put oil on her butt and also her legs. She had a tiny ass but it was heart shaped and matched her sexy legs perfectly. That prompted me to say that I thought those guys who were fooling around with their teachers were stupid for running their mouths about it. She asked me why and I said well a guy starts trying to find a girl from the first time he ever gets a hard-on, so why when he is getting even more than he can handle does he have to tell everyone what he is doing and mess up a good thing.
She then laughed and told me she had fantasized about a couple of guys that had been in her classes before and one in particular. She told me he sat in the last row of her government class and as she was walking around the room she would occasionally see him rubbing his crotch and that one day she just sat down on top of her desk facing his row and gave him an up the skirt shot. I was getting more relaxed as we talked and was massaging the backside of her legs when she asked if I had a girlfriend. I described Toni to her and she asked if we fool around. I really didn't have much (any) experience to speak of that it was mostly hand jobs and me playing with her. I told her I recently had received my first BJ. Tammy asked me to describe how she did the BJ. I started to describe what Toni had done when she turned over on her back and asked if I would like to show her what I had done to Toni. We went inside where she spread out the towel and we sat down on the couch. She reached up and untied the straps and her top fell off showing those beautiful new tits. I asked her if the felt different and she said see for your self. I cupped first one then the other and gently squeezed them and pushed them together. When I did that my thumb brushed over her nipple and she took a short breath and that nipple went rock hard. They were pretty long but what I liked they were about the size of my middle finger in diameter. Toni was taller and slim and was a B cup, so I was spending a lot of time with Tammy’s. I then put my mouth own on one and sucked in that big, hard nipple. I had virtually NO experience so I just started doing what I did with Toni. I bit down gently on it and she just whispered harder, harder until she moaned and I let the pressure off her nipples and flicked my tongue back and forth over it. I started over on the other nipple and she reached over and ran her hand under the leg of my jeans shorts and wrapped her hand around my cock. I almost came right there. Every time she would pump my cock a few times I would have to make her stop. Then she said she wanted me to cum. She unsnapped my jean shorts and pulled them off. She got on her knees in between my legs and took my cock in her right hand and cupped my balls in her left. She then moved her tongue up underneath my cock and around the crown until I told her I was about to cum. As soon as I said that she sucked it deep into her mouth and started moving her lips up and down on my cock while she was massaging my balls. Toni had never taken my cock that deep in her mouth before and the feeling was incredible. I started to shake and came really hard. I watched her looking up at me while she swallowed every drop, but she didn’t stop like Toni did when I came. She started slowly moving her hand up and down my cock and started to lick and suck the head while she squeezed my cock really tight right at the base. She then leaned forward and rubbed her hard nipple over the head of my cock before sliding it in between those tits. I was hooked on titty fucking like crack to an addict from that point on. It did not take very long with her doing that until my cock was rock hard again.
She slid her bottoms off and her tan lines looked really hot. Her pussy was trimmed really close and she had a landing strip above her clit. That was chic back then. She leaned back and asked me to show her how I did my girlfriend. I started licking her pussy and she started telling me how to lick and suck her pussy lips and exactly how to hit her clit until she was moving her hips faster and her pussy was soaking wet. Se moved her fingers down and spread her pussy lips open wider when she started to cum. She was breathing in really fast short breaths and her hips were moving up and down on my tongue in fast, short, strokes. I did not even know what multi-orgasmic was until then and came several times with me eating her pussy.
She told me she waned me to put my cock inside and swung her legs over and sat down in my lap. She started moving her hips back and forth and rotating them slowly all over my cock as she fed me those tits. She reached down and guided my cock into the tightest, warmest, and wettest place it had ever been. You NEVER forget the feeling the first time. She started sliding that wet pussy up and down on my cock really slow at first but them with those short, jerky movements she did when I was easting her pussy. She did that and then would stop right before I was about to cum until she told me to cum in her pussy. As soon as I felt that first jerk in my cock and that hot cum shot inside her, she started cumming as I was shooting a huge load of cum inside her pussy. She said she had never had a guy cum so much in her pussy before. She then reminded me about what I had said earlier about having a good thing and keeping my mouth shut. Thinking back I really believe saying that prompted her to decide she was going to teach me a few things out of the classroom.
She stayed with us the entire summer, almost 3 months, and I learned a lot about sex. All different positions, finding doggie was my favorite position. She taught me how to eat her pussy and even did anal a couple of times. I can’t forget how awesome it felt when she put some K-Y in her hand and stroked my cock until it was very slick. She turned around with that sexy ass up in the air and dabbed some on her finger and then made me watch as she slid her finger in her sexy little ass. She grabbed my cock, guided it in, and was telling me just how she liked it when the head of my cock first popped inside that tight ass. The feeling was nothing like I had felt in her mouth or pussy before. One of my favorites was when she would take one of her toys and right before I was about to cum in her ass, she would put the vibrator right against the base of my cock on full blast. She said she loved the way it made my cock vibrate inside her. I didn’t mind it much either.
We played several times after that summer until she got remarried. I am sure Toni was amazed at how well I ate her pussy and fucked her. Yep Toni and I started right after I got my license at the only place we could play and not be bothered, an adult drive-in (Damn did I say I was getting old?) in a neighboring town. “Aunt” Tammy still looks as sexy as ever in my book. She along with her Mom and Sisters has an apparent family gene, so she looks 10-15 years younger than her age. She still gives me that impish grin and little wink so I usually have to walk away because she knows it will make my cock hard.

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2011-04-28 10:47:26
Your story made my penis drool.

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2010-05-30 16:47:11
Very good story, just needed more spacing and paragraphs

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2010-05-25 07:56:37
I'm sure this story is great,but I'm sorry, I couldn't read it. I get quite put off by large blocks of text, so if you could seperate the paragraphs more, and add more spacing, as READER(Anonymous) said, that would be nice. You'd probably get a better rating, anyway.

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2010-05-25 02:22:49
good job more whitespace (aka spacing) would be nice.

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2010-05-24 09:35:29
Good story. Sounds believable and probably happens every day somewhere. At 17, I went from playing with the tits to fucking my girlfriend. Never got a handjob from her--Just wanted to fuck. She didn't suck cock either--thought it was dirty. My best blowjobs were from an older woman, married and widowed twice, but I was her first blowjob. She swallowed from the very first BJ and gave me BJ's anywhere and anytime that I wanted one. Sucked my cock many times for over 10 years.

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