Peggy makes her brother James life a living hell. He takes his revenge.
My little sister, Peggy Anne is a pure and unadulterated bitch; she makes my life miserable. I’m her big brother, James Smith, I’m fifteen and Peggy’s twelve, she’ll he thirteen in a couple of weeks.

Peggy is cute as a button with a trim figure, small but firm, high breasts, long blonde hair and a dazzling smile. She’s just about perfect to everyone else, but she’s a monster to me. I don’t really know what she’s got against me; I guess I’m just an easy mark for her to take things out on. I confess I’m unremarkable in any way. I’m not athletic and, although I do look a little nerdy with my glasses and unruly cowlick, I’m not a particularly good student, I get by but that’s all. Oh did I mention, Peggy carries straight A’s in addition to all of her other attributes.

Typical of the way she treats me is what happened last week. I’d completed my homework and put it in my back pack. When I got to class it wasn’t there so I received an incomplete grade and detention for three days after class. I ride the school bus but because of the detentions I missed it for three straight days and had to walk the two miles home in 90 degree heat. I was not happy, particularly when I found my homework wadded up and thrown in the waste basket in my room. I confronted Peggy about it. She smirked at me then said, “You’re crazy, I wouldn’t do that,” and ran down the stairs.

I chased her and caught her just outside the kitchen door. I grabbed her arm and spun her around shouting, “Peggy I know you did it.”

She didn’t answer, instead she screamed, “Mom, James is hurting me.”

My Mom came in from the kitchen. “James, let her go. What’s this all about?”

I released Peggy’s arm and told Mom that Peggy had stolen my homework. Peggy denied having anything to do with the missing homework saying, “Mom, I didn’t take his homework, it’s in his waste basket beside his desk. He probably got frustrated and threw it away.”

I made the mistake of grabbing her arm again. I screamed at her, “Dammit Peggy Ann you’re lying.”

Mom took her side saying, “James, I told you to keep your hands off her and I don’t want to hear swearing in this house. You’re grounded for a week, now go to your room.”

I was seething as I went to my room. Nothing in life was fair. I was the injured party and now it’s me being punished. This wasn’t the first or even the twentieth time Peggy had manipulated my parents against me. They always took “Miss Prefect’s” word over mine. I was sick of it but there didn’t seem to be much I could do.

Mom called that supper was ready so I went back down stairs.

After dinner I went back to my room. My parent’s bedroom is next door to mine and I’d made a little peephole so I could see and hear them when they thought they had privacy.

I was lying on my bed getting madder and more frustrated about how I was being treated when I heard them go into their room, I went over to the wall and listened.

My Mom told Dad what had happened between Peggy and me then she said she didn’t know what she was going to do about me.

Dad said, “I know honey, Peggy’s damned near perfect and James, well, James is James. We’ll just have to keep him on a tight leash and hope he graduates. Maybe he’ll go in the service then.”

Mom said, “Bob, you know, the service would probably be a good thing for him. Maybe he’d learn some discipline.”

Mom’s name was Mary and my Dad was Bob. I’d heard the rustling of clothing while they were talking so I peeked through the hole. Dad was in just a pair of boxers and Mom had on a shorty night gown, she was standing in front of her mirror combing her hair.

While I watched Dad as he came up behind her, encircled her with his arms and started massaging her breasts. She kinda pressed her bottom back against him and let him hold her. I watched breathlessly as Dad moved his hand down over her belly and rubbed her between her legs. She spread her legs a little so he could touch her better.

Mom was breathing kinda funny when Dad led her over to the bed. I watched awestruck as he lifted her nightie off. She was standing in only her panties when Dad knelt in front of her and rolled them off. Mom stepped out of the panties and spread her legs. I watched Dad as he licked her pussy then Mom helped him up and pulled him into bed on top of her.

I’d never seen anything like this before. Oh I had some magazines hidden but this was live, the real thing. I saw Dad pull off his boxers. Mom lifted her legs and put her feet flat on the bed. Dad got between her legs and I watched as he pushed his cock into her pussy and start pumping in and out. Damn it was hot and so was I. I wanted to jack off but I didn’t want to miss anything, I didn’t take my eye away from the peephole.

Dad must have fucked her for ten minutes, I could hear them both, breathing hard and Mom was making little mewling noises like a kitten when she started to quiver and she wrapped her legs around Dad’s waist. She was bouncing her butt and wriggling all over the bed and she got louder. Now I knew what the sounds were that I sometimes heard coming from their room late at night.

Mom settled down a little and I heard Dad ask her to get up on her knees saying, “Mary Baby, I want you from behind.”

Mom got on her knees, her back side was pointed toward me and I could see everything then Dad stuck his dick in her hole and pounded into her. Dad was thrusting into her hard. He pushed her forward until her head was on the pillow and her back was arched like a female cat in heat. I saw Dad reach around under her and start playing with her pussy while he was screwing her. She started breathing harder and making low sounds in her throat then she pushed her ass back against Dad and just held herself there. She got louder rasping out, “Yes Bob oh yes Bob, ooh, oh, oh, that’s perfect then she seemed to relax a little.

Dad held her up on her knees and I saw him take a jar from the night stand and take something onto his hand.

I heard Mom say, “Bob what are you going to do?”

“Honey, you know what I’m going to do; you’re gotten two and I’m still waiting for one, I’m going to have a little piece of your bottom.”

“Bob please don’t do that, you know it hurts me, just fuck me some more.”

“Mary Baby, you’ve got such a nice fuckable ass and I am going to fuck it.”

I watched him rub whatever he had on his hand on her asshole and then put some on himself.

When he rubbed it on her I heard Mom, almost begging, plead, “Please Bob don’t do this to me.”

Dad ignored her. He lined up his cock with her bottom hole and pushed into her. I watched as he buried his cock in her bottom and then I heard her cry out in pain.

“Bob stop please stop, oh Bob you’re hurting me, take it out, please, please take it out of me. Oh Bob you’re splitting me in half, stop damn stop.”

Dad just kept pounding her ass; I could see he was really enjoying it. I think her crying and begging turned him on. I know what it was doing to me. I wanted to be in her, too.

Mom was starting to run down, she wasn’t as loud any more but I did hear her moan, “You sadistic bastard, take it out of me, oh take it out.” Then she quit saying anything, she just buried her head in her pillow and cried, sobbing sorrowfully and painfully.

Dad thrust into her hard for about ten or fifteen more times then he held her hips and grunted as he emptied his balls in her ass. When he pulled out he slapped Mom’s bottom pretty hard, I could hear the smack and said, “Mary that was great.” Then he took his boxers, wiped himself off and lay down to go to sleep.

Mom was still on her knees. I could see that her asshole was gaping open and I could see Dad’s cum oozing out of her. Finally she got up and went to the bathroom.

I’d seen enough, Oh Sweet Jesus, had I seen enough. My cock was rock hard. I grabbed a handful of Kleenex and pulled my dick three or four times before I blasted off. Wow still couldn’t really believe what I’d witnessed. She’d know what was coming and she’d begged him not to do it. It couldn’t have been the first time he’d done it to her. I wondered how often he put her through all that pain; I knew I’d heard things before.

The next morning at breakfast you’d never guess what had gone on the night before. They were lovey dovey, especially Dad. He patted her bottom and gave her a kiss before he left for work. I saw Mom sorta wince when he patted her butt like she was a little afraid of what he might do there. Maybe Dad wasn’t the sweet guy I thought he was.

After the breakfast dishes were done Mom said, “Don’t miss your bus, I’m going upstairs to take a hot bath, I’m a little sore.”

I bet she was sore. Damn Dad had really worked her over last night. And that gave me the glimmerings of an idea. If it could hurt a grown woman like Mom what would it do to Peggy? Just the thought of ramming my dick up her stuck-up little ass gave me shivers.

I started planning. Mom and Dad were going out of town this weekend for some convention or another. They were away a lot. Dad make great money, he was a top salesman and won trips to all kinds of get-a-way weekends and conventions in places like Hawaii or Telluride, Colorado. It was Thursday, come Saturday Peggy’s ass was mine.

I had to think this out real well. I needed to find some way to be sure she didn’t tell after I’d done it. Bribery wouldn’t work; it would have to be threats and coercion. The threat would be that she’d get it again if she told. The coercion would be the possibility of the pictures that I was going to take being pasted on her Face Book page.

When he got home from school Mom was out and Peggy was in her room. He snuck in to see what his Dad had spread on his cock and on Mom the night before. In the night stand he found a jar of something called Astro-Glide. He opened the jar and dipped in a finger, it was real slick. Maybe he’d use a little of this when he was ready.

Friday, all day and Saturday morning dragged by, he was anxious to set his plan in motion. After breakfast his parents left for the airport telling them to be good.

It was time to put his plan into action. He knew Peggy would take a shower after breakfast. When Mom and Dad were away she’d walk from the bathroom to her bedroom naked. She did it just to tease James. He knew she’d do it this morning, too.

James asked Peggy if she wanted to do something later, he asked just to bug her a little. Without a word she flipped him off and went up stairs.

James gave her time to get to the shower. When he went upstairs the bathroom door was closed and he could hear the water running. He went to his bedroom and stripped then went to his parents room, got a little of the Astro-Glide and rubbed it on. Then he went to her room.

When Peggy came out of the bath she flounced by James’ room but he wasn’t there, oh well, she’d figure out something else to get him going. She walked to her room.

Just as he’d anticipated Peggy was nude when she came into her room. James was hidden behind her door. When she entered James grabbed her from behind and threw her face down on her bed, jumping on her back and pinning her.

Peggy was startled and a little scared, she screamed, “James, what the hell are you doing.”

“What do you think I’m doing?”

“Are you going to rape me,” Peggy asked in a quivering voice.

“No Peggy, your sweet cherry is safe. I’m going to fuck your tight stuck-up ass.”

He forced his legs between her thighs and opened her. He tried to pry her cheeks apart but she had clenched them, they wouldn’t budge. He slapped her ass hard, thwack, thwack, and thwack. Peggy started crying, it hurt. But it did serve his purpose. Her little butt cheeks came apart.

James didn’t hesitate, when he exposed her tight little rose bud he guided his cock to it and pushed in. As Peggy felt him start to penetrate her she screamed and bucked her hips, trying to throw him off. It didn’t work; instead of dislodging him she drove him deeper into her. She tried to swing her fist back to hit him but he just pinned her arms down over her head. Peggy continued to buck but all she was accomplishing was to give herself a rough fucking.

Peggy was screaming, “No James don’t do this, James stop, Jaaaames, no, no please. Oh you’re tearing my guts out, stop damn you, nooo, nooo, no more, please no more. Peggy continued to plead and beg. James may not have been tearing her guts out but he had torn her fragile inner membranes. Her pain was agonizing and she was wailing and sobbing through her screams.

“Oh James why are you hurting me, please stop, please, please stop, leave me alone.”

James was enjoying himself. Her screams and tears were a turn on. James had never had sex with anything but his hand. While she was bucking as he slipped deeper and deeper into her, he thought, if this is fucking it’s fantastic.

Finally Peggy gave up trying to throw him off; she just lay there on her stomach and cried into her pillow. James grabbed each cheek of her ass, spread her open as wide as he could and started thrusting. James wasn’t all that big; only about 5 ½ inches but he was giving her all of it. As he pounded into Peggy she started a low moaning; her injuries reflected in the mournful sound.

James was making his own sounds. Each time he jabbed into her he grunted with his effort, “Ugh, ugh, ugh, take that bitch.” He felt like he owned her, her tight little ass was his.

Finally, James felt his orgasm coming on, he pounded her a couple more strokes then grabbed her hips and pulled her to him. He thought about pulling out and cumming on her but decided he’d rather fill her. He blasted his load into her but just kept on pumping her sore bottom until every drop was expended. He slipped out, stood up and wiped his cock on her sheet. He looked at her asshole, blood and cum were oozing out.

Picking up his cell phone he snapped five or six pictures of her bottom then said, “Turn your face so I can see it.” Slowly Peggy turned her head. He snapped some more pictures showing her face then with a smirk he said, “You may want another shower,” as he walked out of her room.

Peggy curled around her pillow in the fetal position. Her pain was unimaginable and her humiliation even greater. She couldn’t move, all she could do was cry.

It was over two hours later before Peggy could bring herself to move. She did want to shower; she wanted to wash his filth off. She limped to the bathroom, holding her stomach; she thought she might get sick. When she sat on the toilet to pee she could feel his nasty cum leaking out of her, she started crying again. Finally she was able to make it to the shower. She washed her bottom, she was sore there but she wanted to try to scrub away the memory. When she finished she wrapped herself in a towel and went back to her room. After putting on a pair of panties and her nightie she crawled under the covers. She didn’t want to see James; she’d stay in her room all day.

James was down stairs. He watched some TV and listened to some tunes. He felt great, almost like celebrating. He had abused, abashed and humiliated Peggy aside from the pain he’d inflicted on her and from his point of view she’d deserved it. Revenge felt wonderful but one ass fucking didn’t seem enough to make things even for all the things she’d done to him.

James had a sandwich at lunch and fixed some canned pasta for dinner but Peggy never came down.

Around eleven o’clock James went up to his room. He tried Peggy’s door as he walked by; it was locked. That would be no problem; he could open it with a paper clip. He went on to his room and undressed. Standing naked he stroked himself several times thinking how much he’d enjoyed butt fucking his sister. He got himself hard thinking, to hell with it, he wanted seconds; he got a paper clip.

When he opened her door Peggy seemed to be asleep. Turning the covers down he could see that all she was wearing were her nightie and panties. When he uncovered her she woke up.

“What do you want James,” she asked in a timorous voice.

He sneered as he said, “Seconds.”

“You don’t want to do this James. You’ll already be in enough trouble when I tell Mom and Dad what you did to me, so just go away.”

“Peggy, I don’t think you understand, you’re not going to tell Mom and Dad.”

“The hell I’m not.”

“No Peggy you’re not because, if you do two things will happen. First, those pictures I took of you leaking cum and blood will find their way to your Face Book page and be e-mailed to your complete e-mail list. Second, even if you tell I’ll still be around. The next time I’ll tear your little pussy up; no cherry for your husband, just a ripped up cunt for your trouble. No, I don’t think you’re going to tell anybody. Now, take your panties off.”

Peggy seemed to deflate right in front of him. It was evident from her body language that she knew she couldn’t tell. She just continued to lie there looking at him before saying, “Please don’t do it again James, you hurt me.”

“Well, Peggy you’ve hurt me too, the way you sneakily do things to make me look stupid, the way you work to embarrass me. You think the things you do to me don’t hurt?”

“Is that what this is all about James, revenge?”

“You bet your sweet ass; literally, now take off your panties.”

When Peggy didn’t start to pull her panties off James tugged the waist bank and pulled downward. Peggy tried to kick him but he grabbed her leg and flipped her onto her tummy. He started to spank her again but her felt the fight go out of her. He pulled her panties off and rubbed her bottom commenting, “Nice ass, sister.”

He got between her legs and lifted her saying, “Get up on your knees.”

Almost zombie like Peggy complied. James grasped each of her cheeks and opened her up. Her asshole was red and swollen; he directed his cock to her opening and rammed into her.

Peggy wailed in agony, screaming for him to stop. Having already been torn it hurt even more that the first time but she realized that begging and pleading wouldn’t help. She just buried her head in her pillow and sobbed as he rutted her like a wild animal.

God, she hurt, her poor rose bud had been ripped open and her guts ached from his intrusion; she just took it, there wasn’t anything else she could do. He just continued to pound her harder and harder; she could feel his balls slapping her pussy. He was grunting from his efforts as he thrust; plumbing her depths.

Peggy was crying and wildly throwing her head from side to side, her long blonde hair was whipping her back and shoulders as she writhed under his assault; finally, at long last she could tell James was swelling. She collapsed as she felt his hot cum flooding her bowels. She just lay there as he finished and pulled out.

James said flippantly as he left her room, “Looks like you might need another shower Sis.”

Peggy didn’t move she didn’t clean herself up; she didn’t even turn over or pull up the covers. He’d left her broken. He’d taken her self-esteem and self-pride as surely as he’d taken her anal virginity. Realizing that she had no defenses she drifted off to a troubled sleep.

At around three in the morning she dragged herself to the bathroom. She didn’t shower but she did use a wash cloth and wipe herself off then put on fresh panties and her nightie and tried to sleep.

It was early Sunday morning and Peggy was having a nightmare, she dreamed James was pulling her panties off. She opened her eyes, it was no dream. James was at her bedside and had her panties down to her knees. As she looked at his face he just grinned, “Thirds,” then he pulled her panties over her feet.

Peggy didn’t even try to fight him off, it was no use and she knew it. James pulled her legs over the side of the bed until her feet rested on the floor. She was on her back with her bottom half way hanging over the side; James lifted legs over his shoulders and leaned forward forcing them down to her breasts, exposing her to the maximum then pushed into her.

Aside from the lingering soreness this time wasn’t as painful; he’d used a lot of lubricant and slid in more easily. Once he was fully in her he paused. Reaching forward he raised her nightie and admired her breasts. Although she’d been naked the first time his attention was elsewhere. Now he wanted to see all of her.

He took a small breast in each hand and squeezed them until he hurt her. When she moaned he pinched her nipples and twisted then hard evoking a shriek of pain from her.
He tugged on them and watched them swell. He released her titties and looked down at her crotch. She had a light dusting of fine light brown hair and he could see her pink slit. He ran a finger along her inner core saying, “Just remember to keep your mouth shut and you can protect this cute thing.” He gave her little clit a vicious twist then went back to fucking her ass.

James couldn’t have been having more pleasure; he felt his revenge was complete. Watching Peggy’s face made this the best ever. When he caused her pain he could watch her grimace and wince. When he’d touched her pussy he’d seen genuine fear; she was scared that he’d stick her there. Best of all was watching her squirm when he thrust into her and pumped her bottom.

He was buried deeply in her but he again stopped pumping saying, “Peggy, for the time being I’d say we’re about even. If you want to keep it that way I expect to be treated better,” as he pulled almost out and thrust back even deeper causing her to grunt. “Are we agreed?”

She nodded yes.

“Good, I’m glad we understand each other. Now there is one other little thing; I love fucking your ass and I’ll probably do it again, just so you’ll know.”

Peggy didn’t say anything, she just lay there.

James held her by the hips and fucked away, getting as deep and hard as he could, he could tell from her expressions he was hurting her; he wanted to and he was.

James knew he wasn’t going to last very long but he still wanted some more fun at her expense. He took her hand and placed it on her pussy saying, “Why don’t you bring yourself off and have some fun?” She jerked her hand away as if she’d touched a hot stove.

James laughed then pounded her even harder. Just before he climaxed he pulled out of her and directed his cum over her body. Squirt after squirt of his ropy, creamy jizz covered her tits and belly and down into her fine pubic hair. He only regretted that he hadn’t hit her face. He took her hands and made her rub it in, coating her from breasts to pussy. He thought it was spectacular.

“Get cleaned up, Mom and Dad will be back pretty soon,” was his parting comment as he went to the bathroom to shower.

The folks got home in mid-afternoon and Mom started supper. When Peggy came down one would have never guessed what she’d gone through. She was dressed in a cute shorts outfit and her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Aside from shifting in her seat a little gingerly as she sat down she seemed like her normal self.

After dishes were loaded in the dishwasher and some TV was watched it was bed time.

About an hour later James heard his Mother moaning, “No Bob, please not tonight.”

He didn’t bother to look, he knew what was happening.

The next morning after breakfast was over, as his Dad was leaving for work he saw him kiss her and pat her bottom. As he thought about it, it dawned on him that Dad didn’t pat Mom every day when he left; usually it was just the kiss. It wasn’t a good bye pat, it was Dad reminding Mom, this ass is mine. James smiled at the realization.

When it was time for him to leave for the school bus James looked over, his Mom was in the living room watching the news and Peggy was unloading last night’s dishes. She was bent over the dishwasher and her short nightie had ridden up exposing her panties. James walked over to her and patted her bottom whispering, “Remember, I’ll be back.” Peggy just slumped against the sink.

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