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She had never even thought of cheating before.
Kat was your usual 19 year old girl. Thin, C cup breasts, 5 foot 3, Long brown hair, and Green eyes.
She had been living with her new boyfriend for about six months. Their sex life had started getting boring, she began wondering if his cock was the only one she would ever feel inside her ever again.

Late on night she was talking to her friend Nate over MSN, he had been in a relationship for quite some time now as well be he had always had a desire for Kat. They were having their usual conversations about how college was going to the both of them when Kat told Nate her dirty secret about wanting another man. Nate felt the bulge in his pants grow almost interesting as he read the words "I just want to be with someone else" on his IM screen.

He asked Kat to send him some dirty pictures, and before he knew it his cell phone lit up. On the screen was her beautiful body reflected in a mirror posing sideways. He needed to have her- he returned his attention to their MSN conversation.

Nate: Are you doing anything RIGHT now.
Kat: Fuck, I hoped you would ask that- no I am not and Conner is at his parents house until Monday
Nate: Can I come see you?
Kat: You can come pick me up ;)
Nate: I am on my way right now.

Nate left his computer, and closed the conversation making sure to leave no evidence of the racy plans or his girlfriend to find. He grabbed a pack of condoms and a blanket. Luckily his parents weren't home so he could borrow his mother's van. Along the way to Kat's apartment he grabbed some lube- in high school he had heard she was really tight,

Kat's heart was racing as she paced around the apartment getting ready to leave. She put on a black corset and matching panties and tights underneath her jeans an t-shirt. She also grabbed a few of her toys, if she was going to have some fun with another man she wanted to blow his mind and make it a night he would never forget. Just as she finished her hair and makeup the buzzer rang.

She raced down the stairs and didn't waste anytime pushing Nate back to his mother's van.

"Do you know of any places we can go to be alone?" She asked Nate.
"Yeah, we can go into this field behind an old run down barn" Nate replied.
"Well hurry up because I want your cock in me right now- don't think I haven't heard all the rumors about how huge it is" said Kat as she ran her hand up Nate's thigh. She groped his package "It seems like I am right"

Nate sped through all the back roads then pulled through the old broken down fence.

"Mmmm, so now we are all alone" Kat whispered seductively as she crawled into the back seat. "Do you want to see what I have for a surprise for you?" Kat took off her shirt and jeans to reveal the lingerie then dumped out her purse and showed Nate her G-spot vibrator and smaller red vibrator.

Seeing all this just threw Nate over the edge, he threw himself into the back seat on top of Kat. He started to kiss her everywhere, biting her neck and pulling her corset off. His mouth watered as he looked at her perfect breasts and fully erect nipples. He bit them and she moaned.

"Oh fuck Nate I want you hard giant dick in me now please!"

But Nate wasn't about to take orders from her he wanted to take control he wanted to make her hurt for him. He started teasing her clit lightly with his fingers while he kept biting her neck and breasts. She was dripping wet, luckily he had laid the blanket down before he left. Her juices were dripping down between her ass cheeks- then he began to wonder. Was she still an anal virgin?

His hand slipped down between her ass cheeks.

"What are you doing!?!" She said startled.
"You will see just let me do it, it will feel good I promise." He swooned.

Soon his finger had slipped past her tight virgin hole. It felt so good to him to know he had taken a part of her. He then grabbed her little red vibrator, and started to rub it all over her, rubbing it from her clit, across her little pink lips then down to her tight ass. He eased it in her hole then turned it on.

"Soon I will" Nate cooed.

He didn't want to use a condom he wanted to take all of her, but he knew she had a boyfriend. That's when Kat whispered in his ear-

"I am on the pill, I also have some foam in me, just fuck me already"

The pill was all Nate needed to hear, he tried to shove his enormous cock into her but she was so tight, he pushed harder and harder. Kat was screaming

"Just get it in me hurry up pleaaaasee!"

Nate grabbed the lube and squeezed as much of it as he could onto her aching pussy then tried again, after a little fight he was in. He started pumping her harder and harder, he felt the vibrations of the vibrator that was still in her ass. Her pussy started to swell it squeezed his cock harder and harder. He put all of his length into her again and again. Then one last time he pushed every centimeter in as hard as he could. Then he blew his load. It was hot and filled Kat's pussy right up.

They both rolled onto their sides. They had gotten what they wanted. Kat then knew the excitement of sneaking around. Would once be enough?

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it (L)
p.s This is my first erotic story please comment


2010-06-12 21:51:31
More shall certainly be on the way. I had some awesome role-playing sex with my partner last night that has given me some wonderful inspiration.

xoxo Thank you to everyone who has read so far.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-11 05:36:16
I hope once isnt enough for Kat, i want to hear about her getting more cock

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