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Its called LOVE for a reason people!!!
Ayden Hart was a nineteen year old boy with messy shag-cut dark hair and deep green eyes. He was built, and tall to match. His skin was tanned, like he had been working in the sun all summer long, giving his hair a bronze like sheen. He worked at the local Coffee House. Ayden was literally, gorgeous. And he was all mine.

My name is Foxy Sanders. I am eighteen with long dark hair down to the small of my back and green and blue eyes, they change from time to time. I’m not fat by all means, but I definatly do not look like one of those anorexic chicks, a rank bag of pathetic skin and bones. I am a 48 C, in bra size of course. I’m not pale, but I’m not as tan as Ayden, though I am only half a foot shorter then my 5’11 boyfriend. I worked at the lingerie store a few blocks from mine and Ayden’s apartment called Sexy Sarah’s. And with hat job, came some unbelievable, amazing perks.

It was a normal Saturday morning, or so I thought. I went through my normal rutine. First on the list was wake up. Second was . . . I grinned, my eyes still closed as I lie beside my shirtless boyfriend. I knew what came next. Slowly and gracefully, I slid under the bed covers while Ayden slept and positioned myself on my hands and knees in front of him. I slid his boxers off slowly, careful not to wake him up just yet, and gazed down on his huge, thick cock. My tongue glided across my lips slowly, thinking of how much I craved it in the morning and slowly lowered my mouth down in his cock. My mouth moved up and down slowly and sensually, his large cock already hardening and enlarging in my mouth.

A quiet, sleepy moan escaped Ayden’s lips and traveled to my ears, causing a shiver to roll down my spine. My lips wrapped firmly around his now rock hard cock as it’s head grazed the back of my throat, sending a bunch on convulsions throughout Ayden’s body. He moaned again, sending more shivers down my spine. “Vix . . .” he moaned. I was just guessing he was still asleep, because usually he would have grabbed my hair right about now. But awake or not, he was enjoying this. I felt his hot cum spray down my throat, some even leaking out from my lips down his shaft. But I just as soon licked that off when even more sprayed into my mouth, his moaning egging me on. After a few moments, Ayden had quieted down, his breathing becoming steady as I lifted the sheets and crawled out of the bed. I recovered him with the sheet, and his cock was completely visible from under the sheet. I smiled and stroked it softly through the cloth and yet another sleepy, pleasured moan left his lips. I giggled and took my hand away, heading towards the bathroom for my shower.

I stepped into the warm and steamy shower room big enough to fit two people. The removable shower head was spraying warm water all over my soft breasts, my shoulders, belly and tight ass. My nipples were swollen and red from the blowjob I just gave my lover. It really turned me on, my pussy was wet even.

Suddenly I felt two strong and familiar hands cup my breasts and squeeze just slightly, but enough to make me gasp. A tongue glided across my bare neck and I felt a knee grinding me slowly between my legs. “Thank you for that amazing blowjob this morning . . .” Ayden whispered, squeezing my breasts alittle harder. “It is my specialty.” I grinned. Ayden moved his index fingers and twirled them in circles around my stiff, red and swollen nipples causing me to moan softly, my eyes half closed. “Let me repay you for it, love.” he whispered, his lips connecting with my neck. I moaned again, his hands cupping my breasts, index fingers playing with my nipples, his knees grinding had into my bare wet pussy and his hardened cock grazing my ass. All the while we were getting soaked, him on the outside and me on the inside and out.

Ayden’s right hand left my breasts and traveled slowly down to my slit. Soon, I felt one finger slip in, then another, then another. I gasped, my head tilting back as one of his fingers probed at my throbbing clit. A suckling sound came from my wet pussy as his fingers grinded in and out, his knee now grinding my ass.

I was turned around and backed up against the wall of the shower. Ayden’s lips found my right nipple and he began to flick it with his tongue. With each flick, I moaned. It felt so damn good. His hand massaged my other breast, probing and circling my nipple slowly. His other hand was atop my ass. One of his fingers slid into my rectum and I gasped, loudly. His finger felt awkward, it was the first time Ayden had ever stuck anything up my asshole. But I couldn’t say I didn’t like it. The head of his rock hard cock was grinding, poking into my clit and slit. I was so close to an orgasm, I wanted him to fuck me then and there.

And he did.
Within seconds of my thought, Ayden probed his hard member inside of my pussy hole, causing a mix of pain and pleasure for me. We had fucked before, but his cock seemed bigger and I felt my tight cunt muscles consume his cock when he lifted my right leg up off the ground, then my left so I could sink down onto his cock slowly. My head tilted back and I moaned in tremendous pleasure. “Right there.” I moaned. He pushed his cock in harder, grinding in every spot he could. “Right there!” I screamed. With the encouragement of my scream, Ayden began to thrust his hips forward, bumping me against the cold blue tile walls of the shower room. I squealed with every thrust and moaned every time he grinded his cock inside of me.

“You feel amazing, Fox . . .” Ayden moaned when he could, his thrusting having sped up and then slowed down, then fast again. Pain was no problem anymore. It had been replaced by indescribable pleasure. I flet my orgasm closing in, no matter how much I tried to hold it in. “Your even better. Your cock just feels so fucking good like this Ayden.” I moaned breathlessly.

Moments later, I couldn’t hold it any longer. “I-I’m coming!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. My head tilted far back, my eyes closed, my nails were digging into Ayden’s back, and my juices collided with his, leaking out from my cunt down his red, hot and throbbing shaft. My belly felt hot and really good. Our bodies were convulsing as we both let out more of our juice into each other. We were connected. In the shower. And it had felt amazing.

Ayden slowly and gingerly slid his cock out of my pussy, pulling out with him a long strand of sticky cum. He looked down at his cock and smirked up at me. I gave him questioning look and he said, “I’m still hard and horny babe. Wanna try somethin’ new?” How could I possibly resist that adorable Kentucky accent and those gorgeous green eyes?

To be Continued . . . . . . . . .
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