This is a Story I was asked to write.
Hello my rabid readers, I decided to write this instead of writing the rest of the plane crash mostly because I am still on the fence as to where to take it. Hopefully I will finish this in two or three installments. I had to stop where I did because it was making my head hurt. So here you go hope you all enjoy it.

Michael looked up at himself in the mirror; he played with the long bangs in front of his eyes. He really didn’t understand why girls always looked him in the eyes they were nothing special to him. They had been described as dark blue or electric blue, he had to admit that he often found power by staring someone down with his intense eyes. The door opened and Angie walked in. “So what are you up to now?” she asked

“Well if you must know I’m studying”

“What are you studying now?’


“Why bother its complete bull crap”

“Is it really?”

“Yeah its all pre staged and stuff”

“Care to make a bet on it?”

“Sure what do you have in mind?”

“If I can prove hypnosis to you then you have to get me a date with Cynthia”

“Why her?”

“Why not her?”

“Oh please she has the body of a young boy”

“I think she’s quite nice”

“Well you should go after women with some T and A” she said jiggling under her top”

“Fine then who?”

“How about Gloria?”

“Why Gloria she has tits and all but I’ll worry she’d smother me?”

“Fine how about this then if I win you go out with Gloria and if you win I’ll get you a
Date with Cynthia.”


“Okay what do I do first” she asked
“Sit down there in that chair and try and relax”


“Now just relax I want you to look into my eyes, don’t speak just focus on my eyes, relax, take a deep breath and let it out slowly” She did “Now I want you to breath slowly keep your focus on my eyes, feel yourself drifting becoming more and more detached. Imagine yourself in a cool pond floating. Drifting, slowly sinking into the warm water. Feel your eyes getting heavy and closing slowly, breathe, your drifting deeper and deeper into unconsciousness your arms and legs are feeling heavy you can’t hold them up. Breathe, your eyelids are heavy they are closing now.” And they did, “now I’m going to count backward from 10 as I go backward your going to fall deeper and deeper into a hypnotic state 9 your deeper now you feel like your floating in clouds, 8 when I get to one you will be totally open to suggestion, 7 you feel your will drifting away. 6 your feeling very relaxed, 5 your breathing deeper now slow deep breaths, 4 you will do whatever I tell you 3 your almost there you want to be there 2 you are letting everything go, 1 you are not completely hypnotized. “Angie can you hear me?”


”Angie I want you to get down on all fours and bark like a dog”.

Angie got up from the chair and got down on her hands and knees and said, “Bark ruff ruff”

“Good Angie now I want you to relax and stand up” she did “you feel very warm now Angie your starting to sweat”

“I’m hot”

“You should take off your shirt, that will cool you off” Michael suggested, Angie peeled her shirt off her body exposing her medium sized melons still encased in a powder blue bra. “You still feel hot Angie maybe you should take something else off.” Angie then shucked her shoes. “You’re starting to cool off now” She peeled off her pants to expose a matching pair of panties. “Cooler now” Angie unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. “Cooler” she peeled off her socks and panties exposing her shaved little muff “You are comfortable now”

“I feel better now, it’s very comfortable”

“Now Angie when I say the words Hot as Ice you will go back into this trance do you understand”


“Now when you wake up you will find that no matter what you do when you’re around me you will feel hot and only removing your clothes will make you feel comfortable do you understand?”


“This will embarrass you at first but you will want to see me every day if not more often”


“You will believe that it is because you have feelings for me”


“When you feel comfortable with these feelings you will kiss me”

“Kiss you”

“After you do this you will do whatever I ask you to do?”


“Now I want you to pose for four pictures for me”

“Okay” she struck a pose and he snapped a picture on his cannon

“Something sexier” she stood sideways and with her hands on her breasts she looked at him and licked her lips he snapped the picture “Something naughty now” Angie bent over and looked back at him her hand in front of her mouth. He snapped the third picture now something Raunchy she did the splits and parted her pussy lips with one hand and with the other pushed her nipple up to her mouth her pink tongue snaking out to touch it” Michael snapped the fourth picture. He plugged the camera into the port on his computer and set up to print. “Now I want you to get dressed, but first when I wake you up you will not remember any of what has happened”
“Yes” Angie said as she started dressing,
“Also you will try and convince Cynthia and Gloria to let me hypnotize them.”
“Yes” Angie said.
“Good now I’m going to count from one to five and you will wake up, when you hear the printer start printing you will have an orgasm you will keep having orgasms until it stops printing. One your starting to wake up your feeling good and refreshed, Two its as if nothing has happened at all, Three your feel your arms and legs and they feel good. Four you feel like you have no trouble in the world. Five your awake” and he snapped his fingers.

“Well when are you going to start?”

“I’m done already”


Michael pressed the print button on the computer; the printer hummed “No I’m done

“Oh, OH!” Angie said “Oh god” the printer finished the first picture “Oh shit” she tried to stand but collapsed on her weak and trembling knees. The printer finished its job and Angie looked up at Michael “What the hell was that?”

“Oh just more proof that I hypnotized you”

“You did not?”

“How about this picture?” He held up one


“Or this one?”

“Okay I guess you got me I mean does this mean that I’m like your little sex slave now?”

“I really hadn’t thought about it you just wanted proof”

“That’s true, but I still think that you should go out with Gloria”

“Maybe I will we will just have to see?”

“Could you hypnotize Cynthia too?”

“I suppose”

“I’d love to see that”

“We will see”

“Well I guess I should get on the phone and call Cynthia over or at least talk to her about going out with you”

“Take your time”

“Okay well let me go do that”

“All right” Michael said leaning back in his chair now.

It was late in the afternoon a few days later, Michael looked up from his homework. “Hey Angie said sticking her head in the door.


“I am going out with Gloria tonight Cynthia said she would think about it, I may have to come up with something better to talk her into going out with you.

“Like I said take your time”

A few hours later found Michael in bed watching TV when Gloria and Angie came stumbling in the door. He got up to greet them, “Hey how are you?”

“Fucked up” Angie said

“She really is” Gloria confided

“Well lets get her into bed” Michael said

“Okay,” Gloria said as the two of them struggled to maneuver their semiconscious friend. They got her to her bedroom and laid her out on her futon.

“Um, should I undress her?”

“Why are you planning on taking advantage of her?”

“Oh please you know what I mean”

“I do, I was just teasing.”

“I mean do you and Angie, you know?”

“No I don’t know” Michael asked

“Well are you like intimate with her?”

“Truth be told, no we are just room mates, I did take some pictures of her in undress.”

“You did?”

“Well yeah you want to see them?”

“Well I don’t know we are friends and all but I don’t know”

“I could take some of you if you want?”

“No I couldn’t possibly I mean look at me I could never be sexy” Michael surveyed Gloria she was a little over weight, but really not totally unattractive. She had long red hair and rather large breasts, green eyes and a cute little nose.

“Don’t sell yourself short” Michael said

“Oh come on I could never be like Angie or you know?”

“Why not?”

“Well I mean I have a horrible sweet tooth and I don’t really like to work out that much”

“But you could?”

“I suppose I could”

“Then what’s stopping you?”

“I have no desire or will power”

“I see”

“Hey Angie said that you hypnotized her, I mean could that work for you know weight loss or something?”

“I don’t know I could give it a shot if you want?”


“I don’t see why not if you really want me to”

“Seriously do you think it will work?”

“I don’t know I mean as far as I know it’s just a parlor trick”

“Well would you try?”

“Sure” Michael went through the procedure again slowly dropping Gloria’s conscious level down one step at a time. “Gloria can you hear me?”


“Do you want to get thin?”

“Yes very much”

“Okay, Tomorrow you will enroll in an aerobics class, you will go every day until I tell you that you are finished.”


“Where do you live?”

“With my parents”

“Would they object too much if you moved in here with me and Angie?”

“No I don’t think so.”

“When you wake up you will talk it over with Angie or when she wakes up”


“Are you attracted to Angie or myself?”




“Okay I want you to act on that attraction”


“You will fall into a hypnotic state when I say the words keystone fairies”


“Okay good you will remember none of the instructions or questions I asked you on the count of three I want you to wake up and feel rejuvenated and refreshed one… two… Three”

“Are you going to start?”

“I’m already done”



“Cool do you think it will work?”

“I don’t know I guess we will see.”

“Hey I mean Michael do you think well I”

“What Gloria?”

“Well I was just wondering if you’d like a blow job”

“Um why would you do that? Its kind of weird don’t you think that you would offer out of the blue like that”

“Well you tried to help me and all,” Gloria said sitting down on the ottoman in front of Michael her hands reached out and opened the front of his pants. She looked up into his violently blue eyes as she pulled his from his boxers and brought it to her mouth. She rubbed the tip of his hardening rod against her hips “You don’t mind do you?”

“I...” he gasped as she slurped him inside of her wet warm mouth she could feel him tickling the underside of his cock with her tongue. “I guess I don’t mind,” he gasped

“That’s it,” she moaned around his cock “cum for me” The tight pressure of the ring of Gloria’s lips had its desired effect and Michael gasped and moaned as his cock erupted into her mouth. She took the first few spurts right on her tongue and then let the rest spurt against her bare cleavage. She milked the last drops onto her big milky mamaries and then carefully peeled out of her clothes. She then got up and walked in just her underwear into Angie’s room. “You don’t mind if I stay the night do you?” she asked looking over her shoulder.

“Not at all” Michael said getting up and going to bed him self.

In the morning Michael was up early, eating a breakfast of champions’ fruit loops and a glass of milk. Angie walked in wearing a blue chemise and apparently that was all. She poured two glasses of Orange juice and walked back into her bedroom without saying anything to Michael. Michael got his things together and went to work.

When Michael arrived home Angie was waiting for him, “I called Cynthia she said and she said she would have coffee with you but that was all.”

“Did she say where?”

“She said she would come here she said she felt safer about it, she thinks your pretty weird”

“I see”

“Um Michael you didn’t happen to see Gloria and I come in last night?”

“Um why? Did I miss something?”

“Well I woke up this morning and well…”

“Well what?”

“I think I made out with her and I think we might have done some… Oh never mind its none of your business”

“Hot as Ice, What were you going to tell me about you and Gloria Angie?”

“I woke up this morning and I could smell cum on both of us, and I had three fingers in her pussy like I had fallen asleep fingering her. I was sucking on her nipple or at least I think I was. We were both naked in bed together. I think I had sex with my best friend”

“How does this make you feel”?

“Um nervous I guess what if she didn’t want me to and I took advantage of her”

“Have you called her?”

“Not yet I mean she seemed pretty okay this morning but I don’t know after she left I felt kind of weird.”

“When I count to three you will feel awake and refreshed and feel happy about this little conversation we had, you will feel good that you trusted me with your secret, One… Two … three.”

“Wow I’m so glad I can trust you and tell you these things Michael”

“I’m glad you can too”

“I’m going to call Gloria now, Cindy said she would be by in about an hour or so”

“Okay well then I guess its coffee and cookies then”

“And we are out of cookies”

“All right I’ll go to the store then.”

45 minutes later found Jeremy walking into the Two-bedroom apartment that he shared with Angie. He walked into the kitchen and started the coffee maker. “Michael are you back”
“Yeah Angie what’s up?”

“Well I called and talked to Gloria and she asked if it would be okay if she moved in here with us?”

“And you said?”

“Well I told her that I would have to check with you but I’m cool with it if you are?”

“Sure as long as she pays her part of the rent”

“Oh thanks Michael I’m so happy she didn’t seem weird or anything, I’ll go call her now and leave you alone when Cynthia gets here”

“Thanks Angie I appreciate it”

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, it was Cynthia she stood almost as tall as Michael, which was about 6 feet she was wearing a tank top and skirt, with high-heeled boots. “Look I said I would come and have coffee with you as a personal favor to Angie so don’t get any idea’s”

“No idea’s here”

“Just come and have coffee, here,” he said sitting the mug in front of her as they sat down at the tiny kitchen table. She looked up at him and he caught her with his piercing eyes, “Just relax nothing is going to happen, relax, breathe slowly” she followed his instructions precisely, your feeling very relaxed just look into my eyes feel your self falling deeper and deeper into a trance. Breathe slowly when I count down from 5 you will be completely relaxed and completely hypnotized. 5 you feel your will falling away 4 you are getting more and more relaxed 3 your arms and legs feel like lead 2 you are almost there 1 your completely relaxed and completely hypnotized.” He stood up “Cynthia do you shave?”

“My legs and my Armpits, I trim my bush mostly”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Not really”

“You want me to be your boyfriend”

“I want Michael to be my boyfriend?”

“You want to devote yourself to Michael”

“I want to devote myself to Michael”
“You want to be his love slave”

“I want to be Michael’s love slave”

“You will do whatever he asks without question”


“It turns you on to see Michael with other women”


“You want to eat all of Michael’s cum”

“Yes” She said licking her lips

“Doing anything I ask you will turn you on, each time you do something I ask you you will get closer and closer to cumming”

“Mmm Yes”

“You will come and visit next week to see if I will go out with you”


“Your too embarrassed to act on your feelings now.”


“When I say the words Hot as Ice you will fall into a trance like you are now”


“When I count down from three you will come out of your trance you will remember none of my questions or instructions but you will act on them you will act as though nothing has happened at all”


“Three… Two… One”

“Whoa sorry must have spaced out for a second what were you saying?”

“Nothing just it’s nice of you to stop by even if you were doing it as a favor”

“Its no problem really I mean your not really my type is all”

“What is your type?”

“You know the kind of bad boy”

“Well you hardly know me how do you know I’m not a bad boy”

“Look at you Michael you’re a geek mostly”

“Its okay, care for a cookie?”

“Sure” She shivered visibly as she took the cookie and ate it

“Still I just wanted you to know I think you’re hot and if you want I’d like to see more of you”

“May… Not right now Michael, maybe another time, I’m just well like I said you’re not my type”

“Think about it please?”

“I will” she said another visible shiver.

The two of them talked while they finished their coffee. “Well I’ll see you later” Michael said finally at the end of one of those comfortable silences.

“Yeah maybe I’ll call you” Cynthia said

“Sounds good to me” Michael said. Cynthia got up and walked out the door, as the door closed Angie walked in.

“Well” she said “Gloria is going to start moving in tomorrow isn’t that cool?”


Somehow Michael survived the move of Gloria into the house, the girls started wearing less and less in the house and both Gloria and Angie started wearing too tight spandex leotards around the house, they both went to work out every day.

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