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(So apparently people liked the last part, here’s a small installment. Sorry it took so long I have been busy with school. It’s rather short but I think I’d rather write in small installments. I will continue it if this gets positive reviews like part one did.)

Kathy Becomes a Human Breeding Slave p.2

According to the computer, today was going to be the day that she would meet her cell mate… or just mate rather.
She thought again about what he might look like but then realized about what he might think about her. The fact that she has a bunch of dildos, vibrators and other various sex toys lying in puddles around her room which may effect his judgment of her…
She had the computer take the toys away and then she summoned a towel to clean up the areas she was always squirting on like the bed, floor, walls, ceiling, and bathroom. Actually she been fucking herself everywhere in the room she could reach.
A thought just occurred to her which she hadn’t really thought much of for the last few weeks, that she would really need to put clothes on. This is the first person she would be meeting in about a month after all.
She would go through the computer’s catalog of clothes and her first choice was considerably modest like the clothes she used to wear when she was just a nerd down on earth: just a baggy hoodie with jeans, high top sneakers and a loose fitting shirt along with her black framed glasses. However she thought it wasteful that she wouldn’t be able to show off her new body (tits/ass/sculpted toned body) to the only other person here who could appreciate it besides herself. On the other hand she didn’t want to pick out the clothes from the catalog she was wearing before just so she could strip them off in front of the mirror, fucking her imagination for hours. She would settle on a middle ground: A small thin striped hoodie with an open zipper front/ tight white cotton shirt outlining her new fat heavy tits/tight light blue jeans which squeezed her muscular legs and round ass along with sandals.
Underneath she was wearing black cotton boy pants and normal black bra which made her breasts look more prominent. She was enjoying her new jeans, they were so tight they were rubbing her over sensitive clit and pussy lips when she walked around but for now she couldn’t rip her clothes off to reach that pussy since her new roommate is bound to arrive soon..
According to the wrist computer her roommate will arrive at 1 PM, which was only in 5 minutes. She became nervous as the minutes began to count down.
In a flash something appeared on the bed. She took steps closer and it became clear that it was someone lying on their side away from her (clothed) and sleeping apparently, she could see his chest slowly rise and fall with the faint sound of breaths. She was glad that he was human as she breathed a sigh of relief…
She walked around to the other side to get a better look at him, to see his face, and she was shocked at what she had found. He was young, about her age, and had somewhat long straight light brown hair which parted around his which she thought was extremely cute looking. He had a boyish face, with a little acne but still very cute. Upon further expectations she found that he must have also been subjected to forced exercise; his arms which were hardly hidden by his blue T-shirt were strong and toned but not beefy like some sort of body builder. He was also wearing jeans which didn’t really reveal anything about his legs other than that his butt was well proportioned. He wasn’t wearing any shoes or socks, he was going bare footed which made her feel kind of stupid because its not like she really needed these sandals walking around this place. He sported a wrist computer as well.
Even though he was muscular and toned he still maintained a natural slimness, even though he had his legs curled up she could tell that he was probably only about 5 foot 8, giving him a good 6 inches on her.
She was so obsessed with seeing another person besides her own reflection that she hardly noticed that she was lubing up her panties by looking at him. She kneeled down to the floor, looking his face and then his crotch and then his muscles and then back to his face. She jammed her hand into the waist of her tight jeans and began to rub circles around her engorged clit and then run laps up and down her slit with her digits. She eventually gave rather loud involuntary moan which caused him to turn and she bolted up and quickly pulled her fingers out of herself and wiped them on the ass part of her jeans. As he gave out a small yawn she thought about how it was a good idea to wear the dark blue jeans…
He finally looked around the room, wearied eyed, until he spotted Kathy standing there with her arms crossed looking around as if she had just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar (so to speak).
She did eventually settle down and take a look at him and attempted to say a friendly ‘hi’ which ended up sounding more likes a whisper which gave away her obvious shyness. He gave her an innocent look which showed that he was just as nervous as she was. His eyes were blue, beautiful blue and they were looking up right at her and then quickly at her huge tits and shapely body , widening slightly, before looking away and sitting up in the bed.
As he wiped the tiredness from his eyes he said an odd sounding ‘hi’ followed by a slur of what seemed like gibberish to her. For fuck sake, she didn’t even consider that he might not be able to speak English and now she couldn’t even ask him what he knew about this place or what was going on. It sounded like some European language. She sat down on the foot of the bed, he felt her sit down and then looked back up to her.
“Do you speak English?” Kathy asked.
He stared blankly at her without even a nod of the head.
“Great.” She exclaimed before looking down to the floor with a feeling of disappointment.
The boy acknowledged her look of disappointment and began to feel like he let her down somehow but then he looked down towards her heaving breasts and shapely frame while she wasn’t looking and all of a sudden he felt much better. Now he would need to hunch over a little to hide his appreciation of her body.
He threw his legs over the side of the bed and sat next to her and then softly said something in his language towards her which sounded as though he was trying to cheer her up. She looked at him again and this time without any pause began to become turned on again. After all she finally has what she has only been pretending to have before he arrived, a guy to fuck.
The thoughts arrived again, of being fucked, used, milking cocks with her crotch but now there was a inner battle between her new found horniness and her old social awkwardness she had on earth. Then she had a thought, “Maybe he is just as horny as I am”…
She gave out a great relaxed sigh as she slowly laid her back down on her end of the bed an rested one of her hands in-between her breasts and the other flat on her abs. Her stretching out revealed a sliver of skin between her pant waist and cotton shirt. Gravity was having a great aesthetic effect on her chest showing off the perkiness of her still natural looking tits. She kicked off her sandals and brought on her legs straight up and landed her foot right behind where he was sitting as the other still lay hanging over the bedside. He was still hunching as he turned to observe his position between her beautiful legs and then looked her in the eyes and saw her dreamy expression of longing, it was becoming more and more obvious of what was going to happen next but still he held his ground until his wrist device lit up and said something in his foreign language before beeping.
He sat there looking down at his wrist computer with a apprehensive look before looking back at Kathy who raised her eyebrows at him wondering what the device had just done and without hesitation he practically jumped on her and brought his face close to hers as he pressed his torso against hers.
She noticed a few things during this time. The first thing she noticed was that his torso was rock hard; she could feel the hills and valleys of his sculpted muscles. Another thing she noticed was that when he brought his face to hers she could sort of smell him and it was a strange smell, it was something like the smell of body odor but sweeter, pleasant and most of all sexy as all fuck.
The last thing she noticed was that there was something pressing up against her thigh as he brought his weight down on her and even though it was rock hard and considerably large, it was definitely not another one of his muscles.
Assuring she had time to object, he slowly brought his wet salivating mouth to hers, she did not object. Not before long they were taking turns exploring each other’s gums with their tongues. He felt amazing; not even fucking herself with all those toys could feel as good as grinding her against him with his tongue exploring her mouth does now.
He broke their kiss which apparently was so wet that he had to wipe his mouth on his arm quickly before brushing his hair out of his eyes and looking deep into her eyes with his big sparkling blue eyes. They looked lustful and raunchy yet innocent. He didn’t seem like the type of person who would actually try to rape another person; this must be the result of the hormone treatment they have both been subject to. She wasn’t complaining, she wanted to fuck just as much as he did. He repositioned himself straddling her legs just below her crotch as she lay on the bed with her hands on his knees anticipating his next move.
Now that she could see his crotch she could see how impressive the bulge in his pants really was. It seemed really large for someone as slim as him even if he was muscular he was still rather on the skinny side. It was about the size of one of the dildos she was using for the past couple of weeks which even she knew were of unrealistic size especially on his slim frame. The end of the bulge had a large damp spot like he had already cum himself but then he began to undo his fly.
Kathy had stopped him which made him looked somewhat distressed since he was so sex crazed but then she lightly pushed him back and started to take his pants off for him. She undid his fly and grabbed the waist of his pants and boxers and pulled then down at the same time, he lifted his butt a little so they would come off more easily. She brought his jeans and underwear down just below his butt and she grabbed the exposed base of his dick and attempted to work the rest of it out of his pant leg. It eventually popped out with a long thick string of precum going to where it was resting in his pants; he gave out a little moan from the friction against his pant. She thought it looked magnificent, it like it could be eight inches long and quite thick with a prominent dorsal vein that went down to a unusually fat pair of balls. His pubes were short like they had recently been shaved and soon she began to smell its pungent aroma of precum and male crotch which she found quite arousing. He looked tense now and she realized that even though she wanted to fuck like crazy, he looked like he was losing his mind and decided that she should give him a quick blow job to give him some release and relieve some of his sex drive.
She pressed his dick to the side of her face and stuck her tongue out all the way so she could lick it from the front of his balls all the way to where his precum was leaking out like a faucet and then shot him a sharp look which made him writhe in pleasure. His dick was so really warm, hot almost. He placed his hands on the sides of her head. She then began wrapping her lips around the head of his dick and bobbing up and down on his shaft lubing it up and gaining more ground with every motion. She began sucking down his copious amounts of precum which she thought tasted good, sweet and salty. She decided that she would give him a surprise and began to use the deep throat techniques she practiced on her sextoys. She went down so far that her nose was pressing hard against pubes and her chin was rubbing against his huge nuts as she began looking up to see his reaction. He wasn’t looking at all actually he was convulsing and grunting and his back began to arch which could only mean one thing…
She began to feel his hot cum pour straight into her throat. At first she thought she could handle it but then it began to seem like he would never stop cumming, he was on his 8 spurt and they didn’t seem like they were getting any weaker. They were hard spurts, she could feel them pounding the back of her throat and before long she couldn’t handle it any longer. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and began to cough and gasp for air as his dick continued to shoot his cum all over the side of her face that was still facing it. Soon enough he did stop cumming but he was still breathing hard and his dick remained stiff as a rock. She could only lay there between his legs in shock of how much he came, it covered half her face and she was almost feeling nauseous from how much she had swallowed. It seemed like she gave off a good 20-25 potent shots. The room soon filled with the pungent aroma of sex and cum.
He soon regained himself and pulled himself up and she sat up as well. She began wiping the copious amounts of now cold cum off the sides of her face and they landed on her sweater and pants. He pulled her close to him and wiped a bit of cum away from her lips and even though she was doused with his cum began to kiss her deeply.


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