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Introduction: this work of fiction describes a young teenage boy’s introduction into the sensual word of uninhibited sex. It occurs during his first summer working on a small North Carolina farm owned and operated by his aunt and uncle. Although the names of the participants have been changed, the characteristics and personalities of the family members are based upon real people. Likewise, the setting and environment described are true as well.
In the early 1970s, I was a young teenager growing up in Greenville, North Carolina. However, my mother was really a down-home “Carolina country girl” at heart. She felt strongly that I “shouldn’t lose touch with the soil.” Consequently, starting when I was seventeen, she would send me off every summer to the old family farm in Cassel County between Yanceyville, North Carolina and Danville, Virginia. This had been my mother’s family homestead for generations and at that time was operated by her brother, my uncle Bill, and his wife Dorothy. I didn’t realize it that first summer when my mom and dad dropped me off at the farm, but a major change was about to take place in my life. I was about to dramatically expand my knowledge of sex … and it wasn’t only from observing the animals.

I guess it would be wise to first tell you about the farm and my uncle and aunt. The farm was small, but typical of the family farms in the Carolina piedmont during the 60s and 70s. In those days, before the considerable attack on the tobacco industry, the growing of bright leaf tobacco, rotated with soybeans and other crops was particularly important to the economy in that rural county. In addition to tobacco, Uncle Bill grew wheat, oats, and forage for the livestock, as well as maintaining a large garden that produced vegetables for the family table and sale to the public. Unfortunately, the family couldn’t solely live off the profits derived from the small farm. Uncle Bill was truly a farmer at heart and farmed as much as he could. He even had rented out part of the acreage to a neighbor, but the income from all farming sources wasn’t enough to sustain his family of five. Consequently, in order to make ends meet, Uncle Bill was a part time farmer and would drive into Yanceyville early most mornings to a meat packing plant where he worked as a butcher. Bill was in his late 40s and stood several inches less than six feet tall, but had a powerful physique. His chest and arms were particularly well muscled from his hours of both laboring on the farm and in shoving sides of beef around the packing plant.

Aunt Dorothy did her part both on the farm and in bringing in money to the family. She was perfectly capable of getting on the tractor and disking a field almost as well as Uncle Bill. Even so, she worked part time away from the farm, working three days a week at Dr. Wilson’s office while his wife worked the other days. Although she wasn’t a nurse, she did a lot of the preparatory work with the patients, taking temperatures, checking blood pressure, and doing other necessary jobs around the office. Her work outside the farm helped make ends meet and occasionally provided the supplementary money to buy additional farm equipment.

My blond-haired aunt was most people would assume a farm wife should be: she had a pleasant personality, cheerful and full of life, and always seemed to have a smile on her strikingly pretty face. She was in her mid 40s at that time, five foot six and perhaps 125 pounds. Physically she was what my mother politely called “buxom,” but with a surprisingly slender body. Although slender, with the exception of her ample breasts, she was physically strong and fully capable of the hard work associated with farming.

My uncle and aunt had three children: Bill, Junior … known as “Junior,” his twin sister Susan, and Sally. Junior and Susan were seventeen that first summer I worked on the farm, and Sally, the youngest, was sixteen.

Sally looked like a typical young teenager: a slim body
with slender arms and legs. She was five feet tall and weighed no more than 100 pounds. Like her mother, she had a cute face and bubbly personality, while her “dirty blond” hair was usually in pigtails.

The attractive Susan had shoulder length light brown hair, while her slim body was just beginning her feminine growth spurt. She was slightly over five foot in height and maybe 100 pounds that first year, but was developing a nice pair of tits and distinctly womanly curves to her body.

Junior had close-cropped dark blond hair and was fairly stocky for a young teenager: five foot eight and 165 pounds. However, his strapping appearance came from the muscles he developed because of his strenuous farm labor. Like his father, he generally could be expected to be dressed in bib overalls, a sturdy shirt, and work boots.

Me? Well, I had passed through puberty when I was twelve and had been steadily growing since the middle of that year. By the time the summer of my seventeenth year rolled around, I was slightly taller than Junior at 5’ 11” or so and weighed 165 pounds. I had lived through all the usual adolescent changes and traumas, but the one that was most mortifying to me was my penis growth. My penis was exceptionally large for a boy my age and that meant that I was cruelly targeted by the other boys in junior high. I absolutely dreaded showering after gym classes, since I knew that I would be unrelentingly teased about my dick by the guys. They laughingly labeled me as “baloney dick.” I guess that the name was fitting, when my penis was compared to the size of those of my classmates. In later life it was something I took satisfaction in, but as a teenage boy lacking in confidence, it was a devastating humiliation.

Anyway, I was sexually typical of most teen boys having passed through puberty. I seemed to be constantly horny and aroused by virtually any situation or incident, causing my dick to stiffen. I had frequent wet dreams and interestingly, I frequently focused my fantasies on my busty aunt Dorothy.

Now, my jobs on the farm that first year were what you would expect of a newcomer. I would drive the family’s four cows to the meadow behind the house and then, later, to the barn to be milked. A dairy farmer is totally committed to the farm’s cows and even a part-time dairy farmer like my uncle needed to be committed. He could never miss a milking time and there were no exceptions for any injury or illness in the family. The cows had to be milked twice a day at twelve-hour intervals. Although Uncle Bill and Aunt Dorothy only had the four cows, they participated in a county farmers' co-op, where farmers pooled their resources to sell their milk to a producer.

Normally, Uncle Bill did the milking, but the rest of the family was fully capable and filled in when he was at the packing plant or at other times that he was not present. Even though I was a novice at milking, I had to also learn the techniques required, as well as the other chores related to the cattle. I was expected to throw down the silage from the loft, add the feed supplements, and do whatever else was necessary to feed and care for the cows.

Most of the time, however, I spent doing a lot of the never-ending weeding in the tobacco field and the large vegetable garden. I usually could find enough fresh vegetables in the latter for dinner and supper. I would also work the roadside stand that the family had for selling fresh produce straight from the farm to the customers. There was enough traffic on the route to Danville that the roadside stand was a worthwhile endeavor. Then, I was also was expected to be a jack-of-all-trades repairman, capable of repairing just about anything on the farm. I was pretty good with this responsibility, thanks to the wonderful experience of working alongside my mechanically-inclined dad growing up.

Well, that’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about a small farm in North Carolina during the 1970s. As I said, my sexual awareness was about to grow dramatically during that first summer. The first few days after I arrived passed fairly quickly as I learned about the farm and my chores. Now, I’d visited the farm many times while growing up, but this time was different, since I was to be a worker and not a visitor. Even so, there seemed to be something “out of kilter” and I just couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong. I just had the strangest feeling that something was just slightly awry in this family. Junior and I shared a double bed in his room and we would talk at night, but he said nothing that would help my resolve my doubts.

Several nights after I had arrived, Junior and I had been in bed some time when he quietly slipped out of the bed and went out the door. I was a little puzzled, but assumed that he was only going next door to the bathroom that we shared with the girls. I gradually drifted off to sleep and when I woke up some considerable time later, he was just slipping back into bed. “Hmm,” I wondered, “What has he been doing?” I thought about it for a few minutes, came to no conclusion, and went back to sleep.

Then, the second Saturday afternoon after I got there the situation exploded. I had been working in the barn when I realized that I needed several additional tools to finish the job that I’d been assigned. I walked over to the tool shed behind the barn and entered through the side door. Once inside, I came to an abrupt halt as I stared in amazement at what was transpiring in front of my eyes.

Sally was wearing a jumpsuit, a style that was popular for girls and women in the 70s, and was on her knees in front of Junior. Junior had dropped his bib overalls to his ankles as Sally was forcefully sucking his hard cock. The tiny girl was rapidly jacking on the base of his dick while her mouth frantically worked at the head. I was speechless, completely dumfounded by the sight. Every few moments Sally would stop her masturbation and draw the full length of the boy’s dick into her mouth. Watching this lascivious session before my eyes, I felt my own dick reaching a full erection.

Junior seemed to rapidly approaching his orgasm as his stomach quivered and his whole body shook. Sucking purposefully, Sally’s head was bobbing up and down on his shaft in a steady piston-like movement. I just stared in amazement as I watched my tiny cousin gulping down Junior’s whole cock. At the extreme depth of one final penetration, Junior firmly grasped his sister’s head by her pigtails.

“Oh, fuck, Sally! I’m gonna cum!” he groaned with his cock deep in her mouth as he held steady. “Oh, fuck! “Oh, fuck! Fucccccccck! I am …! I’m cumming!” he wailed in a surge of climactic gratification as his sperm obviously spurted into his baby sister’s sucking mouth. Sally gripped his pelvis with both hands as he continued to shoot until his supply was exhausted.

As Junior’s climax subsided, Sally let his dick slip from her mouth and she sat back on her haunches. “Oh, that was yummy!” she exclaimed and turned to me. “Tommy, would you like me to suck your dick too?” I hesitated staring in amazement at my cousin and trying to grasp her offer in my mind.

Junior was still breathing heavily, but he turned to me and said, “Come on, Tommy. She’s a real good cocksucker.” Now, I’d jacked off since I was eleven and even had a girl play with my dick several times, but I’d never had anyone suck my cock. The bulge in my jeans was obvious as I hesitantly walked over to the workbench in a trance and stood next to Junior.

“Aww … I think Tommy’s horny,” Sally giggled. She wiggled to the side on her knees, positioning herself in front of me. She reached up unbuckled my belt and quickly pulled my jeans down. My rock-hard dick instantly popped out through the opening in my boxers. She looked up at me with a huge grin as she slipped the boxers over my shaft and let them slide down my legs. “Oh my,” she squealed, “look at the size of Tommy’s cock!” She moved her head toward my dick, immediately taking half of it into her mouth. In my still confused state, it took my brain a moment to grasp what was really happening.

As I snapped back into a sense of reality, she began to suck and tongue the head of my dick as her small hand started to work the base of my shaft. I soon began to moan and responded by thrusting my hips forward. By now, Junior had pulled his bib overalls back up over his shoulder and was intently watching as his sister brought me ever closer to a climax.

After a few more moments Sally pulled away for a minute looking up again. “I want you to cum, Tommy! I want you to shoot in my mouth!”

“Oh man,” I thought “What is happening to me!” I couldn’t believe it, but I was growing ever harder as Sally put her mouth back on my cock, bobbing her head back and forth very quickly now. My body began to twitch as I reached out and grabbed her head, moving it and making her go faster on me as I thrust forward. “Oh, fuck! … Oh, fuck! … Oh, fuck!” I groaned. Suddenly, I reached my orgasm and felt myself flooding her mouth with my own load of cum. My eyes were closed, but I could still faintly hear the small girl swallowing every bit of it.

After a few moments, I looked down at her as she pulled off, allowing my dick to slip from her mouth. She had a satisfied smile on her cute face as she looked at me. “What the hell just happened?” I asked myself, as I felt my body still shivering in sexual excitement. I had just received my very first blow job from my 12 year old cousin!

All of a sudden, I heard the sound of the shed door swinging open. “Oh, no!” I froze in terror as I looked and realized that it was my Uncle Bill. He abruptly stopped in the doorway to take in the scene in the tool shed.

After a brief moment, a smile traced across his face. “Well, well, well,” he said, “It looks like Sally started a cocksucking party without inviting her old Daddy.” What? Now my mind was completely spinning out of control.

“Oh Daddy,” Sally squealed, “I just sucked off Junior and Tommy! It was delicious!” Uncle Bill walked though the shed to join us at the workbench . Once there he unsnapped his overall straps, dropping the overalls to his ankles. He slipped his jockeys over his rapidly rising cock and shoved it toward his daughter. He gathered his shirttails behind his back as Sally’s hand quickly went to work on his fat shaft.

I’m not sure exactly how big Uncle Bill’s cock was, but as it became completely engorged it was quite long and thick. She lifted her head slightly and slid the tip of his dick into her mouth. Slowly she took it as deep as her small mouth could accommodate and then tried again going deeper each time. In spite of her efforts, she didn’t seem quite able to fit her father’s cock all the way in her mouth. However, his moans suggested that he found nothing in her actions to complain about.

Her hand continued to work hard at the base of his cock, while she briefly slipped her mouth off. I watched the girl in astonishment as she gave his entire shaft a long, slow licking. After several moments, she quickly sucked him back into her mouth again. As she resumed her sucking, her father slipped his hands behind her head and gently grabbed her pigtails. He started thrusting his hips forward in an ever increasing tempo, fucking his daughter’s small mouth.

Reaching his own orgasm, he firmly held his cock in her mouth as he climaxed, spewing his cum past her sucking lips. “Aaarrrggghhh!” he moaned in satisfying sexual release. As twice before, the slender girl accepted all the sperm flooding her mouth without losing a drop. Moments later, her father had finished his orgasm and she gradually let his softening dick slip from her mouth. She opened her mouth to proudly show Uncle Bill the puddle of warm, white semen on her tongue then she closed her mouth and I watched in amazement as she eagerly swallowed.

In a matter of minutes this slight girl had sucked off her father, brother, and me. Uncle Bill pulled up his jockeys and then arranged his shirt as he re-snapped the straps of his overalls. “Well, Tommy,” he began as he looked at me; “I think you’ve discovered that this family is a little different from most” I stood there unable to respond, as I continued to try and process what I had just experienced. “Don’t worry about it right now,” he continued. “I’ll call a family meeting after supper and we’ll talk about it.”

That night, supper was quite subdued as I ate quietly, not sure what would transpire at the family meeting. Once everyone was done and the dishes washed and put away, Aunt Dorothy said to her husband, “Bill, it’s time for the meeting.” We all silently walked down the stairs into the family room and took places on the couch and chairs.

“Tommy” began Uncle Bill, “I’m sure what you saw and experienced today caused you to be confused and I’m sure you have many questions. Well, that’s why I called this family meeting. We’re here to answer them.”

“I think we also need to explain how all this happened,” interjected Aunt Dorothy. “Now, your uncle and I have always been very open about sex. We also taught our children all we could about sex by explaining things and letting them see books and other materials that provided necessary photos and details. However, that never seemed to be enough to satisfy their curiosity, particularly Junior.”

Uncle Bill again picked up the narrative, “One particular night when Junior was twelve, your aunt and I were fucking.” That direct statement brought giggles from his children and a naughty smile from his wife. “At first we didn’t notice that Junior had come into our room. He just quietly stood there, watching us fuck until we both had orgasms.”

I just stared at Aunt Dorothy and then Uncle Bill trying to grasp what was being explained. I then looked at Junior, Susan, and Sally. All three just sat in their chairs and smiled back at me. Confused as I was, I was surprised that I had achieved a firm, full erection listening to the story and visualizing the licentious scene.

I shifted uneasily on my chair as aunt Dorothy continued, “Junior had an erection watching us and then asked if he could watch us do it again. Not that your uncle Bill ever needs any sort of encouragement!” giggled Aunt Dorothy. Uncle Bill chuckled and nodded in agreement. “He immediately rammed his dick back into my pussy,” she continued. “Junior stood beside the bed, anxious to see what his dad was doing to me. It was so erotic; Tommy! I got so hot knowing that my son was watching his father and me fuck!”

While Aunt Dorothy related the story of that momentous experience, I looked back to Junior, Susan, and Sally. I realized that the narrative had excited them, as well. Both girls were rubbing their pussies through their clothing and Junior had a full sized erection. He had slipped his cock out of his pants and was stroking his shaft as he reminisced about that first experience. “Uncle Bill told Junior to get on the bed so he could get a better view of his father’s cock plunging in and out of his mother.”

Uncle Bill took over the narrative at this point. “Junior did as he was told and there he was … just inches from her soggy pussy as I fucked her.” Leaning forward towards me, he asked, “You can just imagine that, can’t you, Tommy? There I was fucking hard in and out of your Aunt Dorothy’s pussy while your cousin watched! Tommy, I’m sure you can guess what happened next.”, asked Uncle Bill.

It took a while for me to comprehend that Uncle Bill had just asked me a question. I was still absorbed visualizing my Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Bill fucking, while Junior intently watched. I hesitantly responded “Aahhhhhh … well …” my eyes shifted to the others as they stared, anxious to see what I would say. “Ummm, no, Uncle Bill.”

“Junior wanted to get in the action and fuck his mother!” he laughed. “I pulled my cock from your aunt’s cunt and pushed Junior towards his mother. Tell Tommy what you did, Dorothy.”

“I had Junior get between my legs,” she began. My pussy was sopping wet from Uncle Bill’s cum and was perfectly positioned directly in front of Junior’s hard dick. ‘Fuck me, Junior!’ I said ‘Fuck your mother!’ Junior was so excited that he never hesitated. He slammed into my pussy and started to thrust in and out. Oh it was wonderful!” she delightedly squealed, remembering the vivid experience.

“He gave her a great fucking for an inexperienced twelve year old boy,” proudly continued Uncle Bill. “We decided then and there that we would teach each of our children the joys of sex when they each turned twelve.

Susan was next to pick up the narrative. “Tell Tommy what you did first, Susan,” directed her father. As she began to speak my mind was swirling in sensual, sexual overload.

Susan was continuing to rub her pussy through her clothing as she looked at me and said, “Well, Tommy I was taught to suck cock. Mom had shown me several times exactly what to do to satisfy Daddy. When it was finally my turn, mom started off by sucking his cock, but she stopped before he came.” My mind was swimming and I could not believe my ears. My 13 year old cousin was describing a sexually explicit scene in which she participated with her parents.

She continued her narrative, “I grabbed the base of Daddy’s big, hard cock and slid my mouth over it. Oh, Tommy! it tasted wonderful! Daddy pushed his cock into my mouth and started sliding it in and out, very slowly at first. I couldn’t take very much that first time because it was so big and hard; but, I can do it now!” she turned and proudly smiled at her father. “Mom had brought him right up to his orgasm,” she continued. “I could feel his dick as it pulsed and throbbed, then he came and he squirted his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all that first time! I loved it!”

I just stared in awe at Susan. She was younger than me, but seemed so much more sexually aware. I knew for certain that she was a whole lot more aware than I was right then ... although that situation was soon change.

“Sally,” said Uncle Bill, “you just turned sixteen a few months ago. Tell Tommy what you did first.”

Turning to me, she excitedly said, “Daddy fucked me! I was ready. I’d watched both him and Junior fuck mom and Susan, so I knew exactly what to do.”

“Oh, yeah, she was perfect” continued Uncle Bill. “I’d started by eating her pussy until she was super excited. Oh, yeah! She was groaning and moaning and writhing all around, so I knew that she was ready. I just rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy lips a couple of times and then gently slipped it in. There was some pain when I popped her cherry, but I was gentle and that soon passed. Soon her hips were thrusting upward, bucking her pelvis upward, meeting my thrusts, fucking me as good as any adult woman. Before long she was completely excited and said, ‘Oh, Daddy, that feels so good! Oh, yes! That’s so wonderful!”

He continued, “I knew that Sally was close to reaching her orgasm and I also knew that I was sure going to blow a serious load into her tight pussy, as well.” I looked over at Sally as she vigorously rubbed her pussy, her eyes closed in remembrance of her father fucking her for the first time. “Do you remember what you said, Sally?” asked her father.

“Oh, yes, Daddy. I said that I wanted you to cum inside of me so could feel your dick shooting into me! Oh that was wonderful!” The sexual tension in the room was overpowering and my dick was as hard as it had ever been in my young life.

“Well, Tommy,” continued my uncle. “I can tell you that these stories may sound little different for most families. Maybe even extreme, but they are perfectly normal for this family.” I certainly knew that it wasn’t normal for most people; but, I also realized that I was most definitely excited and turned on by the explicit details that my relatives had explained. “Now the time has come,” Uncle Bill continued, “to further introduce you to the complete sexual joys of this family. You received an early introduction from Sally this afternoon, but it’s time for your aunt and me to welcome you to the family … that is, if you wish. Well, do you? Are you willing to join the family in this experience?”

Again I stammered out a “Yes,” but this time my hesitancy was caused by my sexually-charged enthusiasm. “Alright, family,” he summarized, turning to the others. “I’m calling for a family time tonight. Tommy will spend the night with your mother and me. Junior, do you think you and your sisters are capable of amusing yourselves while we are concerned with Tommy?”

Junior and the girls giggled and nodded their heads, “Yeah, Daddy,” said Junior, “You’ve taught me everything I need to know.” The three enthusiastically scrambled up and left the family room. Turning to me Uncle Bill asked, “Well, Tommy, are you ready for a little action? Would you like to fuck your aunt or maybe have her suck you off?”

A short time later I found myself in Uncle Bill and Aunt Dorothy’s bed. We had all stripped and Aunt Dorothy had begun gently masturbating me as she prepared me for my instruction. “Well, Tommy,” she murmured in a quivering voice, “While I’m caressing your dick, would you like to feel your auntie’s big tits? I silently nodded that I would, thinking about the times I had masturbated, dreaming about her luscious breasts

As my fingers began to caress her firm breast she let out a sustained sigh. “Oh, that’s it, Tommy,” she said as she continued to stroke my cock. “Play with your horny aunt’s big tits.” I began caressing and massaging her huge breasts as Uncle Bill watched the proceedings, leaning on his elbow while his other hand leisurely stroked his shaft. As I caressed her massive, pendulous breasts, Aunt Dorothy sighed. “Mmmmmm,” she excitedly murmured. “Tommy, do you know what your horny auntie would like you to do now?”

“Ahh, well, nooooo,” I said hesitantly.

“Oh, yes you do,” giggled Aunt Dorothy. “She wants you to fuck her! Wouldn’t you like to fuck your horny aunt?” I paused and then eagerly nodded ‘yes’ as Aunt Dorothy leaned over slightly to kiss me. She then slipped her arms around my neck and pressed herself tightly against my body. I responded and wrapped my arms around her. “Oh, Tommy,” Aunt Dorothy quietly asked, “You do want to make your poor auntie feel really good, don’t you?” I nodded and at her direction scooted on my knees up between my aunt’s thighs with my rock-hard dick fully erect. Aunt Dorothy leaned back against the bed and further spread her legs, giving me the most intimate look at a pussy that I’d ever experienced in my young life. I kept thinking that it seemed to offer the perfect target for my cock. “Come on, Tommy,” whispered Aunt Dorothy, “I want you to fuck me now. Just do what naturally comes to you.”

My uncle stroked his dick and smiled in anticipation of seeing his young nephew fucking his wife. “Go on,” Uncle Bill urged me, “Fuck her, boy!”

Aunt Dorothy whispered to me “It’s okay, Tommy. Just come and slip your dick in your old auntie.” Encouraged by her words, I leaned forward and rested on my hands so that the head of my incredibly stiff cock just barely touched the center of Aunt Dorothy’s pussy. Anxiously, my cock probed at the soft moist entrance of her slit. “Oh, man!” I thought, “This is the first time my dick ever penetrated a pussy … and it’s my very own aunt’s pussy!” She rocked her hips slightly so that just the tip of my cock gently entered her moist pussy. She then began to tilt her hips up and down slightly, so that that the head of my cock just barely dipped a little bit more in and out of her slash. “Oh!” I thought, “This feels wonderful!

“Come on, Tommy,” she whispered, “Now, I want you to fuck me.” I gave a barely controlled shove and my hard cock easily slid in. Oh man! I could feel the snug flesh of her pussy lips as they firmly gripped my shaft. Aunt Dorothy backed me out slightly and then began rocking her pelvis in an even, fluid motion which helped my dick penetrate slightly deeper with each thrust. She rocked her hips a bit more, gradually building a steady rhythm and began to moan in her own sensuous pleasure.

I began to build a complementary tempo as my dick slid in and out and our hips thrust to meet. Aunt Dorothy gasped and then squealed in delight as the pace of our fucking grew more frantic and vigorous “Come on, Tommy,” Uncle Bill urged, “Fuck her good! She wants a good fucking!" He was masturbating in tempo with our actions, his eyes burning with unconcealed lust.

By now aunt Dorothy had fully opened her pussy to my thrusting cock, while she bucked her hips upward to meet my thrusts and wrapped her thighs around my waist. Almost immediately she began to squeal as she reached her first earth-shattering orgasm. “Ohhh, Yesss! Ohhh, Yesss!” she wailed. “Ohhh, fuck me, Tommy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, now!”

I was ecstatic, banging away at my aunt’s pussy and slamming deep with each thrust. Uncle Bill seemed to delight in watching my dick pounding in and out of his wife’s pussy. He sat on the edge of the bed and urgently resumed stroking his own dick in the excitement of the moment. “Fuck her good, boy! “Fuck her good!”

Oh, man! I could feel the cum building in my nuts. “Oh, shit,” I thought “I’m gonna come!” I was fucking my aunt and getting ready to fill her pussy with my cum! She was still howling in her own orgasm when I reached my climax and suddenly experienced the explosion of my cock in her vagina. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” I screamed as I enthusiastically battered her pussy and flooded it with my hot sperm.

Aunt Dorothy seemed to be going from one powerful climax to another, howling in wanton, lascivious delight. Her body arched as each of the orgasmic spasms coursed through her. She persisted in bucking her hips against me, meeting my final thrusts until we gradually lessened our intensity as both of our orgasms began to subside.

My dick slowly withered and eventually slipped out of her pussy, allowing the draining of our combined juices to drench the bed. She clasped me to her ample breasts, my face along side hers. I could feel the hot panting of her excited breath in my ear. I could feel the soft pillows of my aunt’s full breasts pressing against and cushioning my chest.

As I lifted my head slightly, I realized that Uncle Bill had knelt at the head of the bed and slipped his cock in Aunt Dorothy’s mouth, just inches from my curious eyes. As excited as he was, he reached his own orgasm almost immediately as she avidly began sucking on his throbbing shaft. Rewarded, she happily sucked her husband’s dick, rapidly swallowing semen as he spewed it into her waiting mouth.

After he was drained moments later, the three of us struggled for breath as the sweat poured from our bodies. Uncle Bill leaned forward, kissed Aunt Dorothy, and asked her, “Well, Dorothy, aren’t you happy that our nephew will be with us all summer?”

Aunt Dorothy nodded and smiled a naughty smile, winking at me. “Oh, yes, Bill. I’m sure that this will be a wonderful summer.”

Uncle Bill got to his feet and said. “Tommy, this was your first night experiencing our unique family time. There will be many more opportunities, but tomorrow will be a busy day for all of us. Go back to your room and get a good night’s sleep.”

I swept up my clothes and walked through the house to the room that junior and I shared. I went to the bathroom we also shared with the girls, washed up, and put on my pajamas. Moments later I was in bed, still trying to process what had happened that day. I could only conclude that I had found myself in a situation that could only be described as a horny teenaged boy’s “perfect wet dream!”

In the ensuing days, I became more and more involved in the family’s sexual adventures. It was quite obvious that Uncle Bill was in complete control of the “family time” proceedings. He was particularly strict on the timing of the activities, insisting that all sexual escapades cease early enough so that everyone would have sufficient sleep and be able to complete their chores early in the morning. Further, if he felt that the obligations of the following day were particularly demanding, he would declare that there would be no family time that night. As an example, the night after my first family time, Uncle Bill declared that it would be a quiet time since the entire family was committed to farm work the following morning. Needless to say, I was terribly disappointed by my uncle’s decision.

Family time was usually held three or four times each week. However, there was one memorable week that first summer. Because of circumstances on the farm and the fact that business was slow at the packing plant, we did have one week that was a genuine fuckfest of six family nights! Even after all these years, my nuts ache just thinking about that week.

Since he was completely in charge, Uncle Bill would also distribute family members for the evening’s sexual delights and send us on our way. Most evenings it was a “couples” affair, with participants pairing off. Occasionally, however, he would spice up the evening with a threesome. Initially, I guess as an orientation period for me, I was paired with Aunt Dorothy or in a threesome with Uncle Bill and her.

I remember my second family night, as well. That particular day everyone had indeed been working hard and by the time everyone had washed up and finished dinner, I was still a little surprised that my uncle called for a family meeting. He said that since everyone had worked so hard, we would have family time that night. This was met with shouts of delight by my cousins and a sly smile by my aunt. Turning to me, he said, “Tommy, your training is just beginning, so I’ve decided to have you paired off with your aunt tonight.” Turning back to the others he said, “Susan I’ll be with you. Junior, that means that you and Sally will be paired for tonight’s activities.” The girls squealed with excitement and ran off to their room to prepare, while Junior leisurely followed up the stairs.

My aunt walked across the room and took my hand. Looking into my eyes she said, “Tommy, if you are to become a satisfying lover, I must teach you how to properly caress, lick, and suck a pussy. This is a very important technique for you to learn in order to satisfy your women. Would you like me to teach you how to do that?”

“Oh, yes!” I quickly responded, graphically visualizing the experience and eagerly anticipating this new sexual encounter.

“Tommy,” Uncle Bill interjected, “Dorothy is right. This is going to be a critical learning experience for you. You must learn how to excite and satisfy the girls and your aunt is just the right person to teach you.” I nodded in response as he left to join the others. With that, a smiling Aunt Dorothy pulled me to my feet and led me upstairs and down the hall to her room.

Once we had stripped down on and scrambled onto the bed, Aunt Dorothy rolled onto her back, spread her legs, and pulled me between her thighs. She then explained in precise detail the techniques for satisfying a woman with my mouth. After carefully listening, I crouched between her legs with my head positioned directly over her pussy. Although I was certainly enthusiastic after her careful instructions, I still wasn’t exactly sure what I should do and I guess I must have hesitated a little bit. She gently caressed my cheek and softly said, “Just start licking between my pussy lips and then just do whatever feels right.” With that encouragement, Aunt Dorothy then gently guided my head down to her waiting pussy lips. I noticed that they were already moist in anticipation of my actions.

Still somewhat hesitant, I grasped my aunt’s hips and initially started by kissing the smooth skin of her stomach and then just let my tongue sweep around and caress her pussy lips. Soon I probed her slash with my tongue, pushing through her soft, brown pubic hair. After a few moments of this, I felt Aunt Dorothy’s hands firmly grasping the sides of my head as I varied my licking with plunging my tongue between her moist lips. It wasn’t long before Aunt Dorothy was moaning with undisguised pleasure. Excitedly, I reached down and realized that my erection was rock hard.

Encouraged and growing in confidence, I intensified the probing of her lips, pushing my tongue in as far as I could. I began to thoroughly savor this new experience and the delightful sensation of her warm flesh against my tongue as I caressed her. In moments she started smoothly rocking her hips upward, thrusting her pelvis against my face and my anxiously probing tongue. I continued carefully probing her slit, withdrawing briefly, and then resuming my caresses. I could feel Aunt Dorothy’s excitement building as she eagerly shifted her body back and forth on the bed.

I then began to focus my attention on her clitoris, applying the techniques that she had so carefully explained to me earlier. Almost immediately, she responded as her thrusting movements became more pronounced and hurried against my mouth. She began to shrilly wail in uninhibited lascivious delight as her juices gushed from her drenched pussy. “Oh, man,” I thought, “I’m thoroughly enjoying this!” At the same time, I was thrilled in knowing that I was giving such pleasure to my aunt.

Aunt Dorothy continued moaning and was thrusting her pussy up and down in an ever increasing tempo as I carefully separated her lips with my tongue and continued to lick and suck her clitoris. “Oh, Tommy!” she moaned. “Oh, I love having you eating me! Oh! Oh! Oh! I love this! Oh, please … Oh, please don’t stop!” I thought to myself, “There is absolutely no chance of that, Aunt Dorothy. Eating your pussy is just too exciting and too much fun!”

After a few moments of caressing the clitoris, I begin again to probe her slit, stroking in and out with my tongue. “Oh! … yes!… yes! … yes! Oh, Tommy, that feels so good!” she squealed in lewd delight. It certainly felt good to me as well, as I realized my dick was rock hard and quivering. By now Aunt Dorothy was rapidly tossing her head from side to side on her pillow while her entire body quivered and writhed, sensing her approaching orgasm. She quickly reached her climax, “Oh!… yes! Don’t stop! Keep eating my pussy, Tommy!” she begged. “Oh … yes! I'm cumming!”

I was now purposefully probing her with my tongue and sucking at her clitoris “Yes! Yes! Oh, just like that!” she squealed. Aunt Dorothy’s whole body was now thrashing about on the bed, rocking back and forth as she bucked and thrust toward my mouth. While her pussy was frantically fucking my face, she eagerly wrapped her legs over my shoulders, trapping my head between her powerful thighs. My aunt was in a complete frenzy by now, as her thighs firmly squeezed my head. Her hands determinedly gripped the back of my head, pressing my face against her thrusting pussy.

Just then, Aunt Dorothy achieved another towering orgasm. She shrieked “Oh! I’m cumming Tommy! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Her legs tightly clutched my head while her writhing body bounced up and down on the bed. I continued to caress her hypersensitive clitoris with my tongue, my mouth firmly clamped on her slit. She seemed to be experiencing a whole series of orgasms until her body made one final violent shudder and she collapsed back into the bed.

Gradually she began to relax, but her legs were still wrapped over my back and her firm hands seemed unwilling to let go of my head. Finally, she dropped her hands to her sides as I lifted my mouth from her pussy and looked into directly into her face. “Did I do okay, Aunt Dorothy?” I asked anxiously, “Did I do it like you wanted me to do?

“Oh, yes, Tommy, you were wonderful! You are a natural and can lick my cunt anytime you want!” Her hands grasped the sides of my face, momentarily overcome by the intensity of sensations that I had created for her. “Now, Tommy,” she said pulling me back on top of her. “I want you to fuck me! Fuck your horny auntie!”

She reached down and started to rub the head of my straining cock against her sopping wet pussy lips. I was more than ready. I lifted my hips a little in response, my dick solid and throbbing. She forcefully grabbed it, firmly guided it right up to her pussy, and then slipped my cockhead between her lips. I instinctively pushed forward and slid my cock completely into her. Her ample breasts were firmly pressed against my chest as she hugged me to her body, her hips thrusting upward as she bucked her pelvis into me.

I began enthusiastically fucking her as we soon settled into a steady, regular rhythm. Aunt Dorothy rocked her body in concert with mine, thrusting her hips up and down to meet my own thrusts. She moaned and then whispered, “Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Tommy, that feels so good!” As excited as I was in bringing my aunt to orgasm with my mouth and as hard as my cock was, I knew I was quickly approaching my own orgasm. Aunt Dorothy seemed to be reaching yet another orgasm … or perhaps it was just a continuation of her earlier series of climaxes. Her upward thrusts were becoming faster and faster as her groans and squeals became ever louder and more frequent.

I almost immediately reached my orgasm. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” I groaned in final release as I spurted my milky semen deep into my aunt’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck me, Tommy! I love your cock shooting into me! Oh fuck me! Aaarrrggghhh!” Her head was firmly pressed back against the pillow as she grasped me tightly and screamed as her entire body trembled beneath me.

Our orgasms eventually subsided as I lay on top of her. Not surprisingly, it took quite a while for our breathing to return to normal. Aunt Dorothy held me tight and she whispered in my ear, “Oh, Tommy! Oh, that was wonderful! Oh, I’m so glad that you will be here for the summer!”

My shrinking cock eventually slipped out and I gently rolled off of her. I marveled at these most recent, overpowering experiences as I returned to my room. That night I slipped into a dreamy sleep with thoughts excitedly exploring what was to happen in the succeeding days of this unique summer.

To be continued ….

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very good but the tommy thing kinda contradicts a couple of your other storys but i certanly can't complain!


2010-06-16 01:04:01
Wow and wow again. That is an amazing story. I can hardly wait for the continuation. There are so many possibilities here with the cousins fucking each other, threesomes, man you are a great erotic writer. Of course I gave you a well deserved positive rating. I would love for you to let me know as you continue this awesome story.


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