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Basic Fantasy That My Wife Had About Black Men!
White Women Sold at Auction To Black Men

This is another of my wife's fantasy's about black men and most of her girls, the ones in her fantasy's get themselves into situations that require them to things that a proper lady would never do and for her this is how she rationalizes her way around the guilt!

I do not know why it is such a turn on for some couples and especially females when it comes to black men. Is it just forbidden fruit? or is it their reputation for being big and providing prolonged rough sex. I think some black guys have a hard time living up to their reputation and the expectations on the other hand many of them are easily able to make most women cry uncle.

The story takes place at an underground auction in one of the depressed areas of a big city. The girl in question who's name is Diane has taken a large amount of money from a questionable black loan shark in order to help her her aging parents and is now unable to pay it back. She had agreed to be auctioned off to the highest bidder for sexual favors and will be used as a sex slave toy for the period of at least one month if she is unable to pay the money back.

She had secretly fantasized when she took the money and knew at that time, she would never be able to pay it back and that all kinds of sexually abusive things could and would happen to her. The auction is to be conducted in the basement of old hotel. She has been told to be there on a certain date and time. She was also told to make arrangements to be gone for at least a month. She has never been to this part of the city and especially at his time of night, and has heard that a pretty young white girl could be in big trouble if caught there especially after dark, she is quite scared, but is very turned on. She had worn little under her coat as she thought that the more she exposed at the auction the better price she would bring, and continued to fantasize about being nude in front of a large group of black men, after getting off the bus she had to walk some distance to the hotel.

This in itself was quite a turn on as she was the only white woman to be in this section of the city after dark and was getting quite a lot of attention. at first she had gotten a number of rude and sexually suggestive comments but as she got closer to the hotel she had attracted a number of rough looking men and a dozen or so had been closely following her and several had been grabbing her bottom as she walked along.

She had finally, and just barely gotten into the hotel, only to be greeted by more men along with the ones that had followed her into the lobby all of which seemed to be, more than interested in her. The fact that she was very pretty and even the coat she was wearing was hard pressed to cover the shape of her beautiful buxom body and 38"DD breasts. Also the fact that she had green eyes pale white skin and incredibly long radiant red hair added immensely to their interest. Along with the men in the lobby were several black women, she had asked the desk clerk, "who was quite surprised to see a pretty middle class young white woman in this hotel", where the auction was, and how to get there, he slowly shook his head, while looking her up and down, saying to just follow the hallway down to the end and to take the elevator or stairs to the basement.

As she started down the hall it finally dawned on her that this was a hotel that catered mostly to black prostitutes and that the rooms were rented by customers, and that she was the only white woman in the place. As she passed each room most of them had at least one man, and in some cases several men standing along the hallway, most of them made rather blunt and disgusting sexual comments about what he or they were going to do to her!!!...

The excitement, uncertainty and anticipation was making her panties wetter by the minute. She was almost to the elevator when several of these black men grabbed her one held his hand over her mouth while the others pulled her coat off, she had worn a very thin flower printed dress no bra and only panties, all were quickly gone leaving her naked and wearing only heels, as she was pulled into one of the rooms. The abrupt and forceful manhandling coupled with how quick she was helpless and naked had taken her breath away, she was bent over and a very large black dick quickly entered her now dripping pussy, followed by another equally large dick being stuffed in her mouth, omg omg omg this was almost exactly what she had fantasized would happen, as she quickly and very pleasurably cummed, the results of this made her even hornier and urge to suck on this big black cock was even more over powering as several more cocks appeared dripping with anticipation. She had easily forgotten about the auction and was unable to do anything about it anyway. The guy that had his dick in her mouth was quite surprised at her ardent and aggressive sucking especially with her hands held behind her back, and could not help, but blast off his cum load in her mouth as he held the back of her head with her nose up against his kinky pubic hair. She had been fucked hard by several guys and was just starting to suck off another of many black cocks that were waiting, when the loan shark appeared along with several of his boys, breaking up this little session as Diane was unceremoniously pulled loose from these dripping black cocks.

He was yelling at them, saying that they owed him money and that they had somehow lowered her value. On the way down to the basement in the elevator she was now totally nude and surrounded by five black men, one held her hands over her head while the others enjoyed exploring her naked helplessness and all were quite surprised when she experienced several more orgasms one after the other as they expertly manipulated her. As they got off of the elevator they practically had to, at first hold her up, after a short distance she was able to walk by herself, she was again quite surprised by the amount of people in attendance, and that most were men, she now started to become terrified at what she had allowed herself to be involved in, as they were some of the biggest and most ill-tempered mean looking men that she had ever seen apparently they were pimps looking for some Classy women to buy.

She was brought up on the auction block along with several other women who were on display two younger and one older and all were white and like her, were totally nude, several of the bidders were amusing themselves by fondling and sampling their charms.

The older woman was getting the most attention. She was probably in her early forties, was a bit over weight and quite buxom. At one time she had been very beautiful, and was still quite attractive. The person who was going to auction her off was a big and very hansom black man who had been trying to convince the crowd of bidders that she was really special in that she had not only a most gorgeous full bodied shape, but also had incredible nipples, as well as an extremely large and very sensitive clit they had been forcing larger and larger very life like imitations of sexual male organs into her dripping pussy, several of his assistants held her arms and legs. As each dildo was forced into her they would spread her legs even wider, she was hollering very loudly and begging them to stop, but was not very convincing as her enormous clit was pinched and pulled, this coupled with these enormous male tools would produced a rather sensational and animal sounding orgasm from her lips each time, as the two methods of erotic abuse were inflected on her.

The sight of this along with all the attention that Diane was now starting to get made her flush with excitement and was an experience she could never have imagined. Several men from the auction had guided her over to a display fixture and had started to fasten her to it with leather straps the device held her arms and legs apart and was also fastened at her waist, this device allowed her to be placed in any position and that any part of her body could be viewed or abused from a very close and personal angle, and their was nothing at all she could do about it.

The two younger girls both skinny blue eyed blonds and both in there early 20s, they were also nude and had been told to put there hands behind there heads as they were being lead through the crowd. This was so the bidders could have a close up of there sexual charms before the bidding started. Diane felt the fixture she was attached to move first to a horizontal, and then to a vertical position so that she was now hanging upside down.

She then heard one of the bidders assistants say I think the red head need some stimulation, she could not see, but heard several people walk up behind her followed by a rather large diameter but very short dildo that had been coated with some really slick lube easily slip past her very wet and stimulated opening, and all the way into her unprotected cunt, her legs were spread so wide that this along with slick lube and her wide open cunt offered little resistance.

She then started to freak as she soon discovered that this was no ordinary dildo!!!.. Apparently it was a majestic cross version of an electric stimulator and velvet wand. The slippery lube not only helped it to slide in, it also enhanced the current to flow directly to the most sensitive part of her gentiles. When it first came on it was at the max setting this condition immediately started to produce multiple convulsive orgasms the pleasure for Diane was almost unbearable.

Those that were watching were quite impressed with the sight of this gorgeous red head that was nude and hanging upside down. She was reacting uncontrollably to the stimulation, she two was making strange orgasmic noises as her breasts ass cheeks and thighs would contract, jiggle and tremble especially in her pubic area, and hanging upside down as she was made these beautiful sexual organs of hers stick out and hang down in a very erotic way, as the device did its work. The men that had control of the device were laughing and joking gleefully about the predicament that Diane was in, as they sadistically turned the controls up and down. Being upside down only made these parts of her body react in ways that she had never felt and that no one had ever quite seen before. The crowds attention was now on her and not on the other girls that were to be auctioned off.

The stimulator was turned down so that the auction could begin. The two young blond girls went first and apparently were a matched set, Diane was still upside down and was facing away from them and could only hear the bidding, it was quite hot and heavy to start with and had several pauses so that their sexual endowments could be fully exposed, expounded on, and then the bidding would resume. The bids became less and less and at the last, one of the bidder assistants had got down on his knees had shoved his fingers up into there cunts and at the same time had them both standing on there tip toes while he expertly pleasured them. This climaxed the sale and as the gavel fell they both orgasmed, at the same time the auctioneer yelled sold, sold, sold. they had brought the tidy sum of just over $ 12,000 dollars!..

Some one had turned the fixture she was bound to upright and increased the power. The stimulation in this position was even more maddening. This had resulted in her begging for someone in between the convulsions to please turn turn the dam thing off!!!..., her pleas went unanswered and they too were not very convincing....

The older gal was now the main attention of the auctioneer and the interested bidders. The two skinny blond blue eyed white girls had caused some commotion as the were lead from the auction area and to the elevator they had been chained together with silver chains from slave collar to slave collar and were totally nude, just like slaves of old and were now lead off through a sea of black men to what ever awaited them.

Diane's electric stimulator was again turned down So that the auctioneer could begin the auctioning of the older well endowed woman. The crowd expressed there displeasure as Diane settled down to a much slower and enjoyable sexual release. Diane was now more coherent and was able to watch the proceedings from her fixed and very venerable position. This older white gal had been lead around through the crowd also by her slave collar and with her hands behind her back. So that those interested in bidding could get a closeup look and even a sample of her naked femaleness her nipples and very pronounced swollen and stimulated clitoris was of interest as it was continually abused. For Diane to watch this was not only interesting, but was quite stimulating even with the gadget still in her muff this was an incredible turn on, as she thoughtfully realized, she would be next.

This older buxom and quite attractive woman was now on the auction block and the bidding had started. The bidders assistants were out in the crowd while the black guy that was trying to sell her, had made her get down on her knees and tilt her head back and open her mouth, he then unzipped his pants and produced an enormous penis that was immediately shoved down her throat until his big black balls were hitting against her chin. The bidding started and every time there would be a pause he would ask her intimate questions about her sex life that she in no way could answer with this gigantic cock in her mouth and could only gurgle as she was asked yes or no questions this was done all through the bidding much to the crowds amusement and delight.

The bids got fewer and fewer towards the end and she was finally sold for $7,000 the person who bought her and the guy that sold her seemed to be happy, the new owner unceremoniously jerked her off of the previous owners big black cock just as he came leaving her with a partial mouthful of cum and shooting the rest all over her face and bare tits, as he sadistically pulled her off into the crowd she was still nude with her hands behind her back, he invited anyone to abuse her bare breasts, pussy or smack her bottom. She was now starting to beg her new owner to please not hurt her, but her pleading was still not very convincing as several of the pimps had taken of their belts and were trying to out do one another in whipping her big white shapely bare bottom.

The crowd was now focused on Diane the electric stimulator was again turned on and again to its full strength, Diane immediately started having multiple orgasm's and much to the crowds delight. As the bidding for her started the device was turned off and removed at first it seemed to be a relief but Diane quickly started to realize that the slick lube that had been used to lube her slit also had a very sinister effect leaving it itching for something to be put into her. The bidding stopped for a moment as Diane was turned to a level position, she started to beg and quite convincingly to please stick something, anything in her now very unsatisfied slit, so as to get rid of this terribly awful itch. This plea only brought a higher bid from one of the big mean looking and very sinister black guys, she thought he was a pimp and not someone that would enjoy using her, this guy was capable of really hurting her and by the look on his face she knew if he got a hold of her she would never be unmarked or whole again!. The bid was now up to $8,600 dollars

The solution to satisfy her itch was to use, one of the many gigantic dildos that had been used on the previous older gal, they were still on the auction block and had been stuck into a large tub that had been filled with a warm oily liquid, one of the bidders assistants grabbed one and stuck it into Diane,s wide open pussy she then moaned with relief and started thanking him for this wonderful relief as he worked it around saying that she would do anything for him. The bidding that had been going on had stopped while this had taken place, and had now resumed and was now at $ 10,500 dollars. no sooner had this happened another bidders assistant had grabbed a bigger one of these life like imitation penises and pulled out the first one which made a very loud sucking sound and quickly forced a slightly larger one into her. This game continued until one after the other and between the bids stopping and starting until the last one of these gigantic rubber cocks was about to be thrust into her, up until this time her itch was so bad that they and she had little trouble with inserting any of the other dildos but this one would not go easily it was bigger than any of the others, pulse it had a gigantic head, as the bidding came to an end her price was now up to almost $ 15,000 dollars, the auctioneer was now trying to persuade the two bidders that were left to increase their bids and was encouraging the bidders assistant to plunge this very large cock into Diane's, now very wet and well stretched cunt.

It took both of the bidders assistants to accomplish this task both were young black guys who were working with the auctioneer and had never seen this kind of an auction before and were very happy to see all these beautiful naked white women being degraded along with all that had gone on. But this event was really something, and required one of them to pull and hold her cunt lips as far apart as he could, while the other put all of his weight and both of his hands on this very large dildo he had deviously spread several large gobs of slick lubrication as he forced it in. To Diane it immediately made her forget about the itch as it would go in no farther, this stretched her pussy opening and cunt lips to their very limit. She was quite surprised that it went in as easy as it did, but she thought there was no way that anything else that big would ever fit in her. It didn't really hurt it just filled her up and was quite uncomfortable.

The bidding ended at $ 18,000 this was almost the exact amount that she had borrowed from the loan Shark. She was now owned at least for several months by a big hansom black guy he was the one that had previously owned and had just sold, the older very buxom white woman that had been auctioned off earlier, and had just out bid a very good looking black woman, and by only a few hundred dollars this gal was quite upset to have lost and had been giving both of them some rather questionable looks.

Diane was quite relived that she had been bought by him or would not have minded at all if the black gal had won the bid. She had been quite scared that some of mean and awful looking pimps that had earlier bid on her would indeed be the one who might be her new master, and what they could or would do to and with her, over the next month.

The bidders assistants were taking her loose from the movable frame she had been attached to and her new temporary owner was instructing them as to how he wanted her to be presented to him. Diane was still totally naked and wearing only high heels her wrists were cuffed behind her back and a wide black leather slave collar was tightly fastened around her neck, the gigantic Dildo was still up inside her. One of the assistants was placing a black leather belt around her waist that had a thong type of thick stretchy rubber and had pulled it up very tight between Diane's legs and through a buckle on the front of the belt, tightly buckling it to the front of this harness that now held the big dildo up in to her wet and dripping pussy. Diane only now started to realize that this big Dildo which was up inside her had been liberally coated with the same lubricant that had been on the stimulator, she almost immediately started to experience a burning and uncontrollable desire to fuck someone , anyone and as the lube became more and more effective her desire increased, omg!, omg!, omg!, as she softly started to blurt out please, anybody fuck me!.. OMG, anybody please, oh please!!!.. her pleas became louder and louder!!... Oh it was awful, this incredible desire, and no way to satisfy it, she was now almost screaming fuck me anyone!!!...when her new owner told one of the bidders assistants to put a gag in Diane's mouth, it was a big red ball, he had to slightly force it in and then buckled it tight, gawd the sensation now was so erotically maddening most of the crowd that had come to bid were leaving as the auction was over. She did not care about anything and only wanted something in her pussy to pacify this unsatisfied desire, Diane could not say anything and could only groan and moan with saliva dripping from her mouth, as she was lead through the remaining people and out into the elevator, she barely realized in her condition she would now be lead through the hotel lobby and at this time of night it would be full of prostitutes and customers she could only hope that her new owner would keep her their and let them or anyone use her so that her unquenchable desire would be satisfied!!!... to be continued.....


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The deion of the auction was one of the best events I've ever read described in a sex story. The sudden rape in the hallway was exciting. Great story!

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Please make a new chapter!!

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Great story! Please continue it. I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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Great story! Please continue it. I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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